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Tony was restless, as they got closer to the McGee's house and began glancing around. He turned the radio on and began punching buttons to change the channels. McGee watched as Tony fidgeted in the seat next to him.

"They will like you, Tony."

"Are you sure they will like someone like me?" Asked Tony.

"Why wouldn't they like you? You are nice, funny and caring."

"I'm nervous."

"You have nothing to be nervous about."

"That's easy for you to say. You're their son. The son they wanted. Not even my father wanted me."

"Tony they gave you away not because they didn't want you, but right then they were going through financial troubles. They were doing what they thought was best for you."

Tony looked up at the house that they stopped in front of and watched as McGee stepped out as soon as the he unbuckled the seatbelt. "Come on Tony. It's going to be alright."

Tony looked at him and he too stepped out of the car. He glanced around then followed McGee up to the door. He watched as he knocked and then saw Sarah as she hugged her big brother and then she hugged him. "I'm so glad that Tim found our brother." Tony smiled at her enthusiasm.

He was led into the living room where two people had gotten up and walked towards McGee who both of them hugged their son.

They both turned to Tony and they both gave him a hug. Mrs. McGee whose name was Carrie and Mr. McGee was Nathan. "Our baby boy." Carrie touched Tony's face. "I'm so glad that Tim found you. I always wanted to look for you, but never got the chance. I've wondered what kind of life you had.

"Come sit down, Tony."

"You'll be staying for dinner right?" Carrie asked Tim.



They talked and they wanted to know about his life, but with all talk about his family he easily deflected the questions. He wanted to know a lot about the McGee's and they showed him photo albums of relatives and of when Tim and Sarah were younger.

When they were heading home Tim glanced at Tony once again. "So what did you think?"

"I liked them and they want me to come back."

"See I told you they would like you."

"You were right."

"So why the deflections on what your home life was like?"

"My Mother died when I was younger and my Father is not a nice man."

Tim nodded and then he thought back to Tony came into work looked like he was beaten up.

"It wasn't a girlfriends boyfriend who beat you up was it?" Tony stared at McGee as he said that and then looked around.

"No it was my father and his men. They do that every once in a while. They tell me that I'm worthless and he wished that he would have never adopted me."

"I'm so sorry Tony, you don't deserve that. Gibbs knows doesn't he?"

"Yes, he knows. He knew for a while about a month into working for NCIS my Father came and Gibbs saw him slap me when we were both outside and then the next day I was beat up. He knew that it was my father who did it."

"I'm so sorry, Tony."

"Not your fault, Tim."

When McGee went home for Thanksgiving and Christmas Tony went with him. He liked spending time with a family who wanted him and was nice to him. He not only had a father figure in Gibbs, but now he had a father and mother. They told Ziva and Gibbs that they were brothers and they were happy for them too.

The End