Naruto and the Unconventional Sealing

Naruto minor crossover with discworld.

Summary: AU What if when Minato tried to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto, he managed to summon not the Shinigami, but instead Death?

"Normal person speaking"

"This means someone is thinking these lines."

Flashbacks will have a break before and after.

Death, demons (or in some cases Inners) speak and think like this.

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Chapter one: The unconventional sealing and a deal

There was only one option he had left. He didn't like it one bit at all. But as the Hokage he had no choice. He had to do all he could to protect Konoha. Even if it meant sacrificing himself and making his son, Naruto, Fatherless and a jinchuriki. Surely if he wished it, the village would see his son as the hero he was and not the demon itself right?

He finished up the hand seals required for the Shiki Fujin Seal. It took some time but it seems that time has stopped while the god of death was summoned into this plane of existence. The experience was horribly terrifying. Darkness bleaker and blacker than any other form of darkness surrounded the area. He was overwhelmed by it all, he may be feared among most (if not all) shinobi, but this was the God of death! There wasn't much 'Konoha's Yellow Flash' could do to the Shinigami. Finally, the darkness that surrounded him was at its blackest when a blue light formed and in front of him appeared the Shinigami!

Or at least it was supposed to bring the shingami to him. Instead Minato saw a bony fellow wearing a black cloak that covered his body. The bony fellow in front of him was well... bony and had in place of eyes two cold but bright blue fiery orbs and carried with him a blue bladed scythe.

Minato figured that maybe all the paintings and drawings just used a popular image from an artist that wanted to make a living doing what they loved the most. "Yeah that has to be right. I mean no one would come face to face with the Shinigami and live to transpose the image on to a canvas for others to see". Minato thought to himself. He was confident in his thoughts then he heard the being in front of him speak.

"I am Death." After a brief pause the bony man in front of him continued. "Well? What do you want? I was having a rather enjoyable time singing with some of the other gods. Until you brought me here." Death said all of this in a flat but powerful echoing hollow voice.

At first Minato thought that he had made a mistake somehow. Then he decided no, he hadn't made a mistake there was no way he could make a mistake this was too important! Everything counted on this! He would not let his beloved village be destroyed by a creature of anger and rage! The fourth Hokage then said," I wish to seal the Kyuubi into my son so that this demon won't destroy my village. I am willing to sacrifice myself so that Konoha will survive. Also, even though I hate doing this I have faith in my son that he won't succumb to the fox's hate and anger and become a great shinobi for Konoha! Not only is he the only option for becoming a jinchuriki but he is the best option!" Minato just knew that his son Naruto would be a better ninja than even himself one day given time.

"What is your name?" Death asked flatly.

"Minato Namikaze, Konoha's Yellow Flash and Fourth Hokage." Minato answered confidently.

Death nodded then pulled out three hourglasses from his cloak. Minato saw his name along with both his wife's and son's. He also noticed that the top half of all three hour glasses had a lot of sand in them. This surprised him. He figured that Naruto would have years left. However he and his wife wouldn't have much left. Having the birthing interrupted like it was by an orange spiral masked shinobi had been really bad for his wife's health mentally and physically. However he was surprised more by what he heard next.

"No." Death simply answered. Minato couldn't believe this and before he knew it asked in a rather forceful voice, to him at least. "What?" Death looked at him and responded. "I said no... I will not take you as a sacrifice. You and your family have decades left."

"Maybe we would if this all hadn't happened." The fourth Hokage said and then continued. "However, I have summoned you to sacrifice myself for my son's and the village's future. Kushina's health is failing her after all the trauma she experienced. The two of us, unfortunately are nearing our end. So you should do as I have requested because, I have done all that is required to bring you here and I am giving myself as compensation for this request."

Death stared at him and then answered again with a "No."

Minato wasn't happy with this. He then tried to call the 'shinigami' in front of him out. "Are you really the Shinigami? I mean you aren't following the rules of this at all." Despite being usually calm and collected this 'Death' guy was really trying his patience. His village was being destroyed by this demon fox and several of his loyal and strong shinobi have already died along with many civilians. He wouldn't let some lazy sorry excuse of a death god ruin everything for him.

Death stared at Minato, causing Minato to tremble in fear. This was a very powerful being from another plane of existence after all, even if he was preventing the sealing from completing. After rolling his eyes (or well orbs really) and sighing while rubbing his forehead, since having so many different aspects changing depending on the culture was a rather 'troublesome' feature, responded to the spiky blonde haired Hokage. "Yes I am the 'Shinigami' along with many other interpretations across several cultures of death. My answer is still no. I don't care about 'rituals' or your 'rules' I am Death. Such things mortals come up with have no meaning to me. I mean sure, I have to appear when summoned. But I can grant your request, deny it, or do something completely different." Minato was confused hearing all of this and he was a bit disappointed. After all so much was riding on this, everything depended on it succeeding.

Death continued. "The only thing that matters to me is that the schedule is met and my duty. Your time is not up yet." Death was holding his chin as he seemed to be lost in thought. Minato was about to lose hope. "Why are you not answering my request?" Minato asked almost desperately.

Death looked at him and would have raised an eyebrow, if he had any to rise, as he answered, "Because it would cause too much DRAMA! and I hate Drama. Think about it. You leave your only son that few know exist. Change his last name to 'protect' him. Leave him without any parents, and as a demon container. Most of the village would know that he was used for 'sealing' the 'Demon'. So even if it was to be kept a secret, they would find other ways to get back at the 'Demon Brat' for killing the ones they love and their beloved Fourth Hokage."

Minato stood there with his mouth open and after a few seconds said, "But surely they would follow my request of treating him like the hero he is. Every day he survives he is keeping this demon locked away from the village."

Death sighed again and then shook his head, well skull, at Minato and stated, "When will the living learn that their will doesn't matter after they die. All that matters in the living world is what the living want. If they want to treat your son like the 'Demon' itself they will."

Minato couldn't comprehend this. Konoha was a wonderful place it was not only the strongest of the shinobi villages but also had some of the nicest people you could meet. The fact that they wouldn't do as he wished, in his would be dying breathe really shocked him.

Death then turned and grinned at Minato. The thing is that since he didn't have any flesh or muscle he was sort of stuck with a perpetually ginning facial expression. In this case, if Death had flesh and muscle he would actually be grinning. The grim reaper realized many things, which happens when time has no meaning to you and you can see the past, present, and future all at the same time. Even if you couldn't always know what was happening and what would happen right away. After all seeing everything all at once like Death does, makes it impossible to keep track of everything, however one gets insights often about situations.

The things that Death realized were that he could actually have a bit of a vacation and still do his job really well at the same time, a lot of powerful people that he would want to meet in person were in this universe. He was also sure that Albert, his servant, wouldn't have to worry too much since there were plenty of his 'stand ins' to take care of matters. He would still meet his appointments he had to meet as well, after all time and space meant nothing to Death.

While he was grinning at Minato he stated the following, "Tell you what. I will be the 'sacrifice' this ritual, I mean 'sealing' requires. I can still preform my job in a punctual and professional manner while being 'sealed' along with this so called 'Fox Demon' in your son. I only have one request if you are willing to take this offer."

Minato wasn't sure but decided to hear this request or rather requirement but first wanted to know one thing. "If I take you up on this offer will both my wife and son survive this ordeal?"

Death looked at Minato with an emotionless expression and said. "I am Death. I have no reason for trickery and I can assure you that neither you nor your family will die before their time. I am always punctual. It would upset my schedule if I wasn't. As for my requirement…. All I ask is that you be a good husband and father to your family. Being a father myself, I know how important children are."

Minato heard the requirement and would have said 'Yes!' right then and there but couldn't help himself from asking. "You have a child?" Death answered, "Yes. I have a daughter. Well adoptive daughter. However, I have bent the 'rules' for her before so she could be happy."

"What do you mean? Bent the 'rules' for her?"

"I flipped her husband's, At the time lover's, hourglass. It did lead to a rather... Embarrassing situation. However, knowing she was happy, more than made it worth the trouble." Death replied grinning to Minato.

To say that 'Konoha's Yellow Flash', most feared ninja in the elemental nations, and fourth Hokage of the Land of Fire's hidden ninja village was surprised would be an understatement. He had thought that he would summon the Shinigami, and then sacrifice his life to seal the nine-tailed beast into his son, to save his beloved home. While his wife unfortunately died cause of all that had happened this night, leaving their son without a family but with a future, even if it was uncertain. He had not expected to be denied his request and then given a chance to have a wonderful life with his family. He also didn't think that Death would be a family man and in all actuality not too bad of a person, even if he wasn't actually a person so to speak. So he naturally responded like so. "I would be an idiot to refuse such a deal but I have to ask why would you do all this?"

Death rubbed his chin before telling Minato. "Like I said I have a daughter. I like seeing her happy." Death replied giving a grin and continued. "Also it will be kind of fun seeing these 'Immortal' ninjas, who think they will never die and have 'beaten death' when I come to harvest their souls. It is entertaining how people think they can escape me when so many have already tried and failed before them."

Minato hearing Death say this smiled, before asking "What do I need to do for this to work?"

"Nothing. By agreeing, you have done all that is needed." Death looked thoughtful, for a skeleton at least, at Minato and said, "Be sure your son and his classmates get a lot of training in their career. Even though one will leave to search for more power. He will actually inadvertently help your village out some."

Minato then agreed to this deal not sure what to make of that last bit. Death then continued with the 'sealing' and completed it, sealing the Kyuubi and himself into Naruto. Minato looked on in amazement. Then it finally hit him, and he laughed out loud. "To think! The reason I am gifted with such a wonderful opportunity is all because Death hates 'DRAMA', wanted a bit of a vacation, and it would upset his schedule if I were to die now." Minato continued to laugh out loud so that the entire village heard him. The villagers figured it was a laugh of relief that his plan worked and they had scored a victory on the Demon Fox!

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