Naruto and the Unconventional Sealing

Naruto minor crossover with discworld.

Summary: AU What if when Minato tried to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto, he managed to summon not the Shinigami, but instead Death?

"Normal person speaking"

"This means someone is thinking these lines."

Flashbacks will have a break before and after.

Name no jutsu: this is for jutsus obviously no breaks for them if they are mentioned in flashbacks they will appear as so: name no jutsu, or the English names.

Death, Death of rats and other 'higher beings' along with inners talk and think like this.

I don't own Naruto or Discwold, even in my dreams.

A/N: Here it is the third and final part of the Wave Arc. I actually had this chapter written before I wrote the middle chapter. I am once again sorry it took so long for me update my story. It was tough to play Naruto and Sakura's meeting Haku right and even now I am not too happy with how it went but I decided I needed to just get it over with. Now on to the story.

Chapter 13: The Bridge at the End of Wave

"Well guys we need to get going. Are you ready Sakura and Sauske?" Kakashi called for two of his Genin.

"I don't get why we don't wake up Naruto and drag him there with us." Sakura said with minor irritation while Sasuke glared in the direction of the sleeping blonde's room, sure Naruto could feel it.

"Now now… He overdid it training yesterday and he would only slow us down in his current condition." Kakashi said with an eye-smile.

"Unn" Sasuke grunted as he headed outside and Sakura rolled her eyes as she followed him.

"Anyways Tsunami-san when he wakes up please tell him to go to the bridge." Kakashi said as she nodded and waved them off.

Once they were out of ear shot. Their faces grew serious. They were as ready as they would be for this upcoming fight. Sasuke mastered the fire jutsus he was given and even started on his Lighting chakra training. He knew his Lighting chakra wasn't anywhere near battle ready, but he was satisfied with his success anyways, however he wasn't smirking or gloating about it. After all they were on an important mission.

Sakura made great progress with her training as well. She learned the Genjutsu Kakashi-sensei gave her and could use her earth elemental chakra to reinforce most everything she could get her hands on.

"You two played your parts well." Kakashi said to his two students as they made their way.

"Yah Naruto was smart to think up the idea to have him stay behind, and take care of whoever comes to kidnap them to use as bargaining chips to stop Tazuna." Sakura said. Last night Naruto told them when the team met alone that he figured Gato would try to capture Tsunami and Inari while they would be occupied at the bridge. He also said he didn't want to risk just leaving shadow clones behind in case the would be captors were decently skilled.

"Yah the dobe came up with a good plan. He is still a dobe though."

Sakura rolled her eyes at Sasuke's statement. "Really…. Why can't he just compliment someone normally? Don't answer that Inner…" Sakura thought to herself. "What makes you think dear sweet little me would have said anything?" replied her inner. Sakura just mentally rolled her eyes at her inner self.

"Alright you two. Cut the chatter. We are close." Kakashi said as they approached the bridge already covered lightly in mist. They saw broken tools scattered about and a terrified Tazuna watching as Zabusa cut away Naruto's last shadow clone guarding the bridge that day.

"Lousy annoying clones… Ahhh… So we meet again Copy ninja Kakashi. I was certainly hoping we would fight again. These clones made for a good little warm-up." Zabuza said slinging his giant blade over his shoulder. "He managed to buy enough time for the workers to escape. Though that was only because he made so many. I feel a bit disappointed the kid didn't improve more in the week he had to get ready."

"Well now you can fight me instead. I will prove to at least be a better opponent." Kakashi said. "But where is that fake hunter-nin friend of yours? If they aren't here then we will defeat you together no problem."

Zabuza grinned through his wrapped up face and said, "You heard him. Take care of the dark haired boy and then the girl. Seems the blonde idiot made too many shadow clones and exhausted himself. "

The masked nin appeared by his side, nodded and got ready. The others got ready as well. Kakashi and Sasuke to fight and Sakura took up covering their client. This was how they hoped things would happen Sakura's new skills for the moment were best for defending since she only had one week to train. They stared each other down gauging their strength and planning their first moves.

{-} {-} {-}

Gato's two ex-samurai henchmen were approaching the Bridge builder's house. They gave each other evil grins. "This ought to be fun don'tcha think?" said Zori, a man with white hair.

"Yah I think it will be fun. And if Zabuza does somehow win we get to kill him too." Said Waraji, a man with dark hair and an eye patch.

The two kicked the door in… Well Zori did. Waraji just looked like he did and thought he did, but he was too far back to actually hit the door.

"Hello little lady… We're Gato's Bodyguards and we are here to take your son as bait!" Zori said.

Tsunami dropped the plate she was washing and quickly moved to cover the hallway her son was standing in. "Take me instead. Leave Inari alone! He is just a child!"

"Mom what is going on?" Said Inari from behind her. He was close to tears again he could tell these guys weren't up to any good.

"Inari stay back Mom's going to protect you." Tsunami said with the courage and clam only a parent could have when protecting their child.

The two ex-samurai thugs smirked and Waraji said, "I say we take the mother and have a little fun with her before getting rid of her and taking her son." He quickly grabbed her and put a sword to her throat.

Zori moved fast and grabbed Inari before the boy could run and said, "Now now… Why not take them both that will definitely get the old bridge builder to listen to us. We can then have fun with her there before ending her life. That will get him to give up for sure."

"Nooo… Take me only! Do what you want with me! Leave Inari alone!" Tsunami begged.

"Shut up wench!" Shouted the eye patch man that somehow miraculously and accurately grabbed her in the first place. He then threw her to the ground and was getting ready to slice her with his sword.

Inari was fed up with everything. He was tired of being weak and tired of crying. He remembered what Naruto said to him about making his step dad's sacrifice mean something. He then drew on his courage and bite the man hard and got in front of his mom.

Waraji looked to see what happened and was about to slice down when suddenly a voice called out. "Wind style: Blunt Force jutsu!" Right after that a disc shaped rush of compressed wind soared over Inari and his mother before smacking into the two thugs and blasting them out the door.

"Wow! I knew Gato was a cheap money grabbing asshole… But really?! A one-eyed Samurai as a bodyguard?" Naruto said in a stern voice that really seemed to be wondering the answer to what he asked.

The two Samurai struggled to get up. Naruto then turned to Inari made a cross shaped hand seal and said to the kid. "Good job Inari! You showed them you were strong and brave. I will take care of it from here you check on your mom." The mother and son then went into the side hallway to be out of the way of the impending fight.

Zori and Waraji finally got to their feet and glared at Naruto's back. "Turn around brat and face us!" Shouted Waraji losing his patience. Zori stayed silent but kept his guard up. He didn't underestimate ninja opponents like many others did. He knew Wind style Jutsus were highly advanced, and this kid used one with no problem and controlled it really well. He regretted slacking off for so many years, since working with Gato was an easy job.

"Why should I? You're already dead." Naruto said.

"What are y…. gahh!" Waraji tried to say something but before he could finish there was something that sounded like a sharp object slicing through skin and bone, severing his brain stem. Waraji then fell to the ground and saw no more.

Zori managed to dodge and only took some minor damage to his shoulder since he was already on guard. He engaged the clone behind him since the other had already dispersed. The samurai blocked the kunai and the next attacks. The white haired man then feinted and followed up with a subsequent attack that dispelled the clone.

He smirked for a second but then panicked as he barely blocked Naruto's attack and jumped back. "You killed Waraji!" He said hoping this would cause the kid to freeze up. He was surprised it didn't seem to have an effect on him at all.

"Technically my clone did. But that is beside the point. I am a ninja." Naruto said calmly and lunged at Zori. The Samurai blocked the attack again, jumped back but then immediately lunged right back at Naruto. Naruto shifted his body a little bit, and got in close. He then used the notch between one of the smaller prongs and the main one on his kunai, to push the sword down and to the side a bit, while he twirled and used his other wind enhanced kunai to slice through his opponent's neck ending the other man's life as well.

"You two are safe now. I took care of them. I am going to help my teammates now." And with that Naruto dashed off to the bridge to join the rest of Team seven. He was in a hurry to get there and help them, so it didn't fully register to him that he had for the first time killed someone.

{-} {-} {-}

Things were not looking good at the bridge right now. Kakashi was a bit distracted worrying about his Genin. He couldn't see them at all and he had no idea what this masked ninja could do. He just knew he was strong. He believed in Sasuke, but that was before things seemed to turn a bit sour.

Zabuza charged him again. Kakashi blocked and Zabuza disappeared again in the mist. Kakashi wasn't happy. Even with the Sharingan activated he couldn't make out too much. The elements affected the eye just like they did a normal eye. Except darkness, he could see a bit better in the dark with it. Kakashi also noticed he seemed to still use his eye as a crutch to some extent when it was active.

"Hmph you shouldn't be so worried about your Genin over there. I can tell you now he won't live." Zabuza said in a confident voice.

Kakashi got ready for the next attack thinking of what he could do in this situation.

{-} {-} {-}

Sasuke was glaring at the masked ninja. The fight had started out well enough. He had used the new fire jutsus really well in conjunction with his Taijutsu. However this guy in front of him seemed to be really fast and strong. He even used one handed seals! That was something he had never heard of before.

The two had kept attacking each other despite the enemy saying he didn't want to have to kill him. Sasuke felt something strange happen with his eyes during the battle. It felt as if blood was flowing into them and he noticed everything appeared in some kind of red and black colored scale. He saw things were moving just a tiny bit slower now. He smirked and the hunter-nin said in a wistful voice. "So you awakened your eyes huh?"

Sasuke smirked more and said, "Yah that is right! Things will be going my way now!"

Sasuke could have sworn if he saw this guy's face he would be raising an eyebrow as he said, "I wonder…" He then charged Sasuke again. This time Sasuke blocked the attack with no problem. But the masked ninja made some quick one handed signs, his eyes couldn't make out before saying aloud, "Water Style: A Thousand Needles of Death" With that he jumped back and Sasuke was quickly reminded about one of the main disadvantages to the Sharingan. He was worn out form the fight and the needles came real quickly, but all he could do was watch as they hit him in non-lethal locations on his body. It was like he was seeing his own death before it happened but couldn't do anything about it.

Sasuke groaned and collapsed to the ground on one knee. Sakura who only heard his groan shouted, "Sasuke!" But she stayed where she was. She would do all she could to keep their client safe. She also had faith in him as well. It was the only option she had at this time anyways.

Then before anyone knew what was happening they heard the masked ninja say, "Demonic Ice Mirrors!" Sasuke stood up only to find himself surrounded by ice mirrors in what looked like a dome. Even with his Sharingan he couldn't figure out which reflection was the real reflection of his opponent.

"So you can still stand after all of that… Impressive. But I doubt you can withstand much more." Sasuke glared at him and got ready to defend himself the best he could. Soon needles started shooting from different directions. Sasuke concentrated doing his best to ignore the pain trying to focus. Sasuke noticed something was darting between the mirrors before the needles fired at him.

Sasuke gritted his teeth at the situation. He could almost see the guy switch between mirrors, but even if he was in top condition he wouldn't have been able to do much about it. "I have the Sharingan but it is useless to me right now…" The dark haired boy thought to himself.

The masked ninja was even more impressed. Sasuke was able to withstand a lot of punishment, but he knew he wouldn't last much longer. He threw a needle that hit Sasuke and caused the boy to fall to the ground still awake but unable to move. "This is your last chance. You could give up now and I will let you live." He said sounding hopeful that he wouldn't have to kill even though he could if needed.

Sasuke glared at him and was about to say something when he heard the sound of a large impact from outside the mirrors. "I will get out of here." Sasuke said with defiance.

The masked ninja was a bit surprised by the sound of the impact, but knew nothing could break his mirrors. "Seems your third teammate arrived. Doesn't matter he won't break through. These mirrors are reinforced with my chakra and nothing has ever broken them before." What the masked ninja left out was the fact that his mirrors were connected together through his chakra, and that allowed him to move from mirror to mirror with ease. However, if one were to use enough force to actually shatter a mirror of his to pieces, not just break it, the whole thing would collapse. But like he said no one has ever done that before.

"Sasuke hold on I will find a way to get through." Naruto said from outside.

"Dobe he just said nothing can break them. Can't you hear anything?" Sasuke said angrily. Though his anger wasn't actually due to Naruto, it was due to this whole situation. He had yet to kill his brother for what he did to the Uchiha clan. He had yet to resurrect his clan. He still had things he needed to do before he died.

"Teme… What he said was nothing had broken them before." Naruto said in a calm voice. Sasuke wondered what he meant by that. The masked ninja also wondered what he meant.

{-} {-} {-}

Kakashi heard Sasuke's groan of pain. He made to move to his student, his teacher instincts taking over. Zabuza blocked him and said, "We aren't done yet. Kakashi." Zabuza then heard the jutsu his partner used and gave a demonic grin. "Well that settles it once and for all… It seems He has gotten serious now. You might as well fight me or run with that pink haired student of yours and let me take care of old Tazuna."

They continued to trade blows. There wasn't much going on other than melee attacks though. The mist was too thick to risk using jutsus. After a few more bouts they heard what sounded like a large impact. Zabuza was a bit surprised. That was a powerful hit whatever it was. He began to worry just a slight bit that Haku was in trouble.

Kakashi saw Zabuza's face and smirked before saying, "I don't know about that Zabuza… After all, as the Hokage always says; 'The ninja world is always full of surprises.' Now that he is here I think things are about to change." Deep down Kakashi was still fearful that Sasuke took too much damage earlier and might not fully recover.

Kakashi heard what sounded like a whirling sound and then heard Naruto shout something he never thought a Genin barely out of the Academy would say.

{-} {-} {-}

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted. Everyone was shocked. They knew it was one of the Fourth Hokage's signature moves. Naruto then yelled as he slammed the whirling form of pure blue chakra into one of the mirrors.

As the ball of chakra hit the back of the mirror the whole dome vibrated before the mirror Naruto hit shattered to very fine pieces. Sasuke smirked at the reflection of the masked ninja in front of him before seeing the other mirrors shatter as well and finally giving in to unconsciousness.

The fake hunter ninja was blown back and hit the ground hard cracking his mask. He took some time to recover while Naruto bent down and checked to see that Sasuke was still alive but unconscious. Naruto made three shadow clones silently. Two carried the Last Loyal Uchiha to safety while one hid ready to switch places with him if needed. He knew his opponent wouldn't see him since the masked ninja was trying to recover from the blast.

Sakura saw a group of clones carrying what looked like a body to the edge of the mist. She feared the worst, but realized if Sasuke was dead Naruto would have reacted in some different fashion. She sighed in relief feeling a little bit of hope that this mission would work out somehow despite having taken a turn for the worse earlier.

The fake hunter ninja stood up and said is a slightly astonished voice, "Well I didn't expect that to happen. But this battle is far from over." He then got into a ready stance.

"I would hope not. I owe you for what you did to Sasuke even if he is still alive." Naruto said as he too dropped into a stance and narrowed his eyes. The Hunter-nin actually felt a chill but kept it from showing.

Naruto then charged at him. The masked ninja was taken aback seeing his speed. "He is just as fast as me… Maybe even faster. If only I hadn't fought Sasuke earlier… He used his fire jutsus to great effect even against my water and ice jutsus… It took more out of me than I thought." He thought to himself. Haku barely managed to block the attack. Haku was about to start doing hand signs thinking he had Naruto busy with the block. But he was shocked when Naruto jumped back and then dashed forward once again. Haku jumped back and threw three needles at Naruto. Naruto used one of his kunai to redirect them away from him as he continued charging forward.

Haku jumped again throwing more needles. Naruto dodged them and sent a kunai at him and shortly after two shuriken. Haku jumped to the side of the shuriken and unwittingly right in the direction Naruto wanted him to jump. Naruto give an extra burst of speed and he slashed with a Kunai. Haku blocked it and made three needles ready to throw for when Naruto jumped back. However, Naruto turned with the block and sent a kick right into the masked ninja's stomach.

Haku let out a little "ooof." Before skidding backwards a good bit. Naruto then came at him and sent an airel kick to the side of his head thus sending him flying to the side.

Naruto continued his assault, but this time Haku managed to block and counter while landing a hit on Naruto. Naruto staggered to the side just a little bit and then Haku launched him into the air. Naruto managed to block the next attack but was caught by the follow up hit. That sent him to the ground.

Naruto flipped and landed on the ground and saw Haku charging at him head on. Naruto made hand signs and said, "Wind Style: Blunt Force Jutsu!" That caught Haku completely off guard. He had never seen or heard of this jutsu. He could only watch as the disc flew at him with incredible speed. The attack hit him and sent him flying backwards hard into a tree. His mask crumbled completely at that point revealing his face to both Sakura and Naruto.

{-} {-} {-}

Zabuza was actually getting concerned for Haku. Now he could tell Haku was getting beat badly. Kakashi said in a calm voice, "It looks like your friend over there isn't winning anymore. Tell me Zabuza, what will you do if he loses... Will you give up and save him? Or will you let my student end his life?" Kakashi knew that Naruto wouldn't kill the kid if he could help it. Naruto was the type that would only do that if there was no other option or if his opponent really was scum, but he didn't let Zabuza know this.

Zabuza for the first time in his life wasn't sure himself. He never admitted it, but he had come to see Haku as a younger brother. However, Zabuza wasn't about to let Kakashi know his thoughts on this. "If he dies then it shows that he is nothing more than a broken tool that should be thrown out anyways. All ninjas are just tools."

Kakashi was getting his next attack setup. He figured out a plan hearing Naruto use the Rasengan. However, he still needed some more preparations. He lunged at the direction he figured Zabuza was. He nicked the swordsman's cheek a little. Zabuza had stayed in one location for too long and briefly dropped his guard. Zabuza got away from the attack. "Heh seems I was getting a little sloppy there. Oh well that is all you will get from me Kakashi."

"If you say so Zabuza." Kakashi replied. He didn't say that he had all he needed to set his plan in motion. Now he just needed a little extra time. He summoned his pack of dogs when he heard Naruto shout aloud.

{-} {-} {-}

"Why… Why would you work for someone like Zabuza Haku?!" Naruto shouted in anger, holding an exhausted Haku to the tree. Haku noticed that Naruto wasn't as surprised at seeing his face as he thought he would be. He could tell though the blonde ninja wanted answers and knew fighting to this extreme was the only way to get them.

"Zabuza-sama is my precious person." Haku responded in his soft voice. Naruto's eye widened a bit. Sakura's did as well.

"Why is someone like him one of your precious people…?" Naruto asked, barely able to contain his anger.

"Because he accepted me when no one else would and gave my life a purpose…" Naruto's eyes grew a bit wider again, but his grip on Haku remained strong.

"You know about Kiri's Bloodline hatred do you not?" Naruto nodded to him.

"I once had a family… A Mother and a Father. My mom was from the Yuki clan and had their bloodline, but she hid it and never used it. She and dad were happy. They were even happier when I was born. My mother loved both of us. She was relieved that it didn't seem her bloodline had manifested in me." Sakura listened wondering what could have happened. She liked Haku. She had thought him to be a friend at least, even if they had only known each other for about a week.

Haku continued, "One day however, it did manifest. My mom told me never to use it. Father wasn't home at the time so he didn't notice it fortunately. For a couple more years everything was good with us. But my dad had heard about my mother's clan and grew suspicious. He saw me accidentally use it one time when I was trying to preserve a fallen snow flake. I didn't understand why I had to hide it that whole time. I usually made sure not to use it where someone could see me however." Sakura gasped, she didn't like where this was going.

"The next day my dad came with a group of people. And said, 'Get that boy and kill him. He is no longer a son of mine.' My mom quickly grabbed and sheltered me. He then said they should kill her too since she was a lair and had cursed blood. They killed my mother right there in front of me. I lost it when that happened. My Ice bloodline ability ran wild and made ice spikes everywhere that killed all of them including my father. I cried after that for I don't know how long. I buried my mother and ran. I was forced to live on the streets. Eating scraps from trash cans to survive. No one wanted me and I had nowhere to go." Naruto's eyes softened a bit, but he still kept Haku pinned to the tree.

"Eventually Zabuza-sama found me. He didn't want me at first, but he didn't force me away either. He even saw my ability and said it wasn't something horrible that needed to be shunned. Then one day I followed him and saved him from two unsuspecting hunter-nin. I grabbed a hold of him and used my abilities to cover us in a protective shield of ice. I then used the same ability I did when my mother died. After that he told me I would be his tool to help bring down the current Mizukage after he trained me a bit. We tried and failed to kill the Mizukage. But he told me we would try again later and that I was still useful to him." Haku finished.

Naruto frowned and said, "But ninjas aren't just tools…"

Haku looked at him with a dead expression, "I was accepted for the first time in my life after losing my mom. I didn't care if it was as just a tool. I was finally wanted. It is probably hard for you to understand that Naruto. It is okay though, I wouldn't wish for others to go through what I did."

Naruto dropped Haku to the ground harshly and glared at him, "And yet that is what you are doing by working with Zabuza, who chooses to work with people like Gato! You two are here to kill a bridge builder, the only hope this town has of surviving. There are already kids in Wave going through what you did. What would Inari do? Gato sent men to kill his mother and take him as hostage to keep Tazuna from working while he kills him."

Haku's eyes widened. He had never thought about what he had been doing working with Zabuza that much. It made him a little sick in his stomach now. Naruto continued, "I made sure they didn't get them, but his mother was willing to sacrifice herself for him. Just like your mother did for you. How have you repaid her sacrifice?" Naruto paused for a bit. Naruto didn't like saying this but knew it had to be said, "You are making other children suffer as you did."

Haku's brain was racing a million miles a minuet. "Was it true?" he thought. This was not something he wanted to hear. He said quietly still on the ground, "But I am just a tool… Ninjas are just tools…"

"Ninjas are tools… But we are also human." Naruto said lowly.

Haku kept thinking on what Naruto said. He was also thinking about Zabuza and the goals he had. Haku was confused more than he had ever been before. "If what he said is true… Which it is… Then the things I have done…" he thought to himself. He had conflicting emotions in his mind. He wanted to end his life… He also wanted to live his life working as a ninja that wasn't just a tool but also a person. He partly wanted to be in a place like Konoha. He also wanted to be here and to have used his life to protect Zabuza-sama who had given him something to do and strive for even if it was another's goal. He desperately wanted an easy way out but couldn't find one.

Haku stayed there thinking. Not sure what to do when he suddenly heard what sounded like the sound of a thousand birds chirping. He knew then that his precious person was in trouble. He said one thing. "Zabuza-sama!"

Haku mustered all he had left to get to Zabuza. He knew he would make it just in time. He was getting closer when suddenly he jerked to a complete stop. Haku gasped and looked down and saw blue chains wrapped around him. He looked back and saw Naruto's out stretched hand. He saw Naruto's face shadowed by his bangs. He looked back just in time to see what was happening.

{-} {-} {-}

Zabuza and Kakashi listened to the story. Zabuza knew it all too well. Kakashi was touched by it as well, but they were still on an important mission. All of Wave depended on its success. He was doing what was right. There was only one threat to their mission and it stood right in front of him. He wouldn't let more Hakus be made here in the Land of Waves. He made his move.

"Chirodi!" Kakashi shouted and charged at Zabuza at full speed dragging a ball of lighting on the ground ripping up some bricks as he went. Zabuza barely registered what was happening as he heard Haku shout! "Nooo!"

He moved back just a little bit. It was enough to make the injury he received not immediately Lethal. Kakashi struck him! Zabuza felt the Jutsu hit. He felt blood pour from his new wound as Kakashi pulled his hand out. Zabuza then looked to the side and saw blue chakra chains wrapped around Haku. It was at this time he knew for certain who Blonde boy's parents were. The mother was just as famous as the father, so was her signature move as well. The mist cleared and he saw the dogs he had barely felt bite into him, anchoring him so that Kakashi would know where he was.

A voice then called from across the bridge. "Well looks like I was right not to trust you to finish your job Zabuza." It was Gato with a lot of bandits and other disreputable types.

Zabuza glared at the tiny man. "What are you doing here?!" He demanded.

"I am double crossing you Zabuza Demon of the Red Mist." Gato laughed and then said, "Actually you look more like a cat there since you were attacked by a bunch of dogs." Zabuza glared again.

Death who was watching the whole scene despite its high amounts of DRAMA! Was half tempted to bring about the short man's demise a little earlier. But Death was a professional and always punctual. He was never late and he was never early. He was always on time. The skeleton shook his head and thought "Clearly the man forgot that cats have sharp claws and turn fiercest if you corner them."

"This cat could defeat you even now Gato!" Zabuza then looked to Haku one last time. He knew he was about to die. He would look one last time at the only family he had. A boy who had become a man and was a brother to him. He then said to Kakashi lowly, "Well Kakashi the Copy Ninja, it looks like I have no reason to fight you anymore. I am at my end. Do you mind if I clean up the scum that double crossed me and condemned this country?"

Kakashi gave a smile from under his mask. He dismissed his summons and said, "I don't see why not."

Zabuza gave an evil grin and said, "Thanks. I have actually wanted to do this for a good while now." Zabuza still had some use of his legs and his right arm. His sword lay to the side. He wouldn't be able to use it ever again. He gave it one last look to say thanks to it for having saved him all of those times. He pulled out a kunai and readied it. Gato scoffed, "I doubt you can do anything any more."

Zabuza frowned. He then took off at a faster speed than any of Gato's thugs could keep up with and ran at the little man. Gato's jaw fell open and then in a flash Zabuza beheaded the short man. He then appeared back by Kakashi before falling to the ground breathing hard on his back. He had made amends for one of his mistakes at least.

Naruto released Haku. Haku ran towards Zabuza crying. "Zabuza-sama…" Zabuza gave a wheezing cough and a weak smile at Haku. "Haku… You weren't just a tool to me… I saw you as just a tool at first I will admit. But you quickly had to go and grow on me. I saw you not as just a tool, but as a friend and even a younger brother. You weren't just a tool. You were never just a tool." Haku grabbed hold of Zabuza's hand and said, "Zabuza-sama… don't die yet… You can't!"

They felt a darkness surround them as time seemed to freeze while they made their final goodbyes. A grim figure walked over to them slowly but purposefully. The figure was clothed in all black with a ridiculously sharp looking scythe in his bony hands with blue glowing orbs for eyes and a skull for a head. Haku stared at the figure scared of who this would be, though he seemed to know in a way.

Zabuza looked up to see the figure unafraid. To him he saw the approaching figure as an old friend that he had faced many times before. The bandaged man said, "No Haku… It is time I leave. May I ask who you are sir? You seem familiar." The figured said in an echoing voice casually, "I am Death. I am here for you Zabuza Momochi. You have time for a final goodbye."

Haku's eyes widened and he tried to shelter Zabuza from this being. Haku knew it was useless but he couldn't just stand by doing nothing. Zabuza said, "Haku you heard him… There is nothing you can do… I must go." Haku frowned and then said, "Then I shall join you!" Haku lifted a kunai but froze. He heard the reaper say in a powerful but calm voice, "It is not your time."

Haku looked pleadingly at Zabuza and said, "Then I will fulfill your dream Zabuza-sama! It is my fault you can't… If only I was a better tool… This wouldn't have happened." Zabuza looked sternly at Haku and said, "No… I am dying Haku… My dream and will don't matter anymore… The dead lose all rights to those when they die. Only the will and dreams of the living matter in the world of the living."

Haku still in tears said, "But I am your tool… I failed you. I don't have any reason to keep going."

Zabuza frowned at Haku and said, "It is as the Blonde ninja over there said Haku. You are a tool but you are also a person. Not only are you a person, but you are a good person Haku. If… You need a reason to live from me then I give you my last command…" Haku leaned in closer so that Zabuza could whisper to him.

Zabuza whispered, "I order you to live your life from now on doing what you want and to enjoy your life Haku. You might try Konoha. You aren't a ninja to any village and they seem to understand you. They won't hate you for your bloodline in Konoha."

Haku stared with his eyes wide having shed his tears. Haku seemed to be in thought for a moment. Zabuza had done a lot for him and Haku had done everything he could for Zabuza. However, Haku never had given much thought to what he wanted to do in life. He loved Zabuza as brother if not a father. Haku thought about the words Naruto had told him earlier.

Haku looked down at Zabuza and seemed to have understood something. He seemed to have finally seen the reason why Zabuza wanted to get rid of the Mizukage. It was the reason why he also put a rather violent end to the normal graduation method in Kirigakure. Zabuza smiled at him seeing the understanding in Haku's eyes.

Haku then remembered his mother and her sacrifice. He wanted to make her and Zabuza's sacrifices mean something. He would live his life how he wanted. He would do what he could as a ninja with his friends Sakura and Naruto. He would help them bring an end to the continued hatred and suffering. Konoha was the place where it would start if it hadn't already he knew.

Haku smiled at Zabuza giving the dying swordsman's hand a tighter squeeze as he said, "Hai. Zabuza-sama. I will do what I want. I won't forget you either though." Zabuza smiled as he said, "That is all I would ever want if what I wanted mattered Haku. My friend. My brother."

Death's scythe cut through Zabuza separating his soul from his body. Haku watched as Zabuza's soul stood next to the grim reaper and shouted to him as he disappeared "I will see you again Zabuza-sama!" Zabuza's ghostly apparition waved to the boy as he thought to himself. "No you won't Haku. You are a kind and good person, unlike me. I don't know what pit of hell I will be sent to but when your time comes Haku... You will go to heaven."

Death tired of the DRAMA! But letting the two mortals have their goodbye finally spoke to Zabuza, "You are actually the smartest mortal I have ever seen at their end." Zabuza raised an eyebrow and asked, "Really? How so?"

"What you said. About the living's will mattering in the living's world only. No one else has ever said that. Everyone else thinks their 'will' shall be obeyed and carried out after their death." The reaper said.

"Is that so? You mean to tell me that no one has ever realized this before now?" The ghostly figure asked, "Nope. Not even the Fourth Hokage. He thought that if he scarified himself to seal the Kyuubi into to 'Blonde Boy' back there, His son. The village would see him as something other than the 'Demon' that destroyed their village, killed their loved ones and took the soul of their beloved Hokage immediately and praise him as a hero that protects them from the fox." The black cloak said in a monotone.

Zabuza's eyes seemed as if they were going to pop-out of his sockets in a comical way as he said, "No way… You mean to tell me that I was, in at least one moment of my life, smarter than the most feared Kage in all the nations?" Death merely nodded.

Zabuza smiled for a second before then asking, "So what happens to me now Death-sama?" Death stopped for a second and said, "I don't know. I am merely in charge of bringing the souls of mortals to the one who judges them. I don't think you will be going to nirvana or Heaven or whatever else it is called, but I can tell a certain deity what I know about you."

Zabuza then followed death further into the light at the end of the tunnel. "I have always wondered why they insist on making us walk through such a long tunnel. I do wish I could have you ride on Binky, my horse, with me. It would be much more efficient But you know rules and such. I don't break them usually. Since I am, after all, a professional." Zabuza was about to ask about this horse named Binky but thought better of it. He figured it would turn into a conversation that went over his head. He was tired of conversations at this point anyways. He and Death just continued walking into the light.

{-} {-} {-}

Haku was still mourning Zabuza's death, but his tears had stopped for now. Naruto was now standing next to his Sensei as the mist cleared, staring at the Mercenaries in front of them. Naruto didn't understand this Gato guy at all. He hires about 50 or so mercs to kill a missing ninja and the bridge builder, but hired just two ex-samurai as bodyguards. One hopefully at discount since, he only had one eye. Naruto thought the man a cheapskate, but maybe he was just an idiot when spending his money.

One of the mercs finally spoke. "Hey! They killed our golden ticket! We woulda had the easy life after this…"

Another merc then said, "Yah women with no choice but to satisfy us in every way we wish, wherever we wish without having to lift a finger. Plenty of easy gold flowing in our wallets and good food."

A third merc then said, "Yah now we gots ta do this the hard way…"

One in a green shirt then said, "Though the hard way can sometimes be the most fun. I say we gut the ninja weaklings and then pass the pink haired one around."

Sakura's eyes glowed with distaste and anger hearing that but she stood her ground. These scumbags weren't going to give up. It wouldn't take much to defeat them, but if she joined the fight they might slip around in the confusion and take out Tazuna, Wave's last hope. She gritted her teeth; as much as she wanted to show them where they stood she had to stay put. She decided next time team seven had an escort mission she would force Naruto or Sasuke to stand guard the whole time by their client instead of her.

Naruto's face darkened he knew what had to be done. This time he would have to kill. It was one thing if a clone of his killed, he could avoid the truth a tiny bit, but he wouldn't have any option except to spill blood himself this time and a lot of it. Naruto opened his hand and blue chakra chains shot out of it and wrapped their selves around the closet scumbag near him. The others watched in surprise. Naruto then gritted his teeth and closed his hand.

The chains around the merc constricted, squeezing the poor excuse of a human to death. Kakashi looked at Naruto a bit concerned, but noticed Naruto hated doing this but knew it had to be done. "Think you can take the sides Naruto while I take the center? That way the bridge won't be destroyed." Naruto was about to nod when they heard a shout from behind them as most of the village adults emerged led by Inari. Inari shouted, "We won't let you take anything else from us again you sorry scumbags!" The other villagers cheered as well ready to fight for their home at last.

Naruto smiled. It wouldn't change what had to be done but now Wave was ready to defend itself in the future if need be. One mercenary scoffed and said, "What can an army of weaklings do against us! We will kill you all while enjoying it." Kakashi then narrowed his eyes and said, "They won't have to this time. We were hired to protect Tazuna until the bridge was complete. Naruto these men are threating the life of our client. Sakura be on your guard some of them might try to escape by you." Sakura was ready and said, "Hai Kakashi-sensei."

"Like I said Naruto." Kakashi said just for Naruto to hear. Naruto nodded moved to his position and his clone appeared on the other side of Kakashi. "Looks like Blonde boy has a twin! Get them!" one shouted. The mercenaries then charged. One of the adults knowing what was coming and it was needed, grabbed Inari and turned him away so he wouldn't have to see what followed. Others did the same with the few boys that came with them as well.

Naruto and his clone then started doing hand signs and shouted "Wind Style: Slicing Whirlwind!" While at the same time Kakashi did hand signs of his own and shouted, "Fire style: Dragon's Breath Spiral!" From Naruto and his clone shot what looked like a slicing tornado each. From Kakashi's mouth shot a spiraling flame. Many screams of pain and agony were heard from the mercenaries as they met their end. Kakashi and the Narutos had to concentrate hard so that their attacks wouldn't destroy the bridge.

Sakura felt some satisfaction as she threw a few kunai and shuriken at a few mercs that managed to get around Naruto and Kakashi on the sides, thus ending the cowards' lives. Even Haku, who had recovered, grimly threw his ice needles at fleeing mercenaries, hitting them in vital spots with lethal force.

Once the dirty work was completed Sakura's satisfaction gave way to confusion, panic and a little bit of fear, as she realized what she actually had done. Kakashi noticed this and looked to Naruto. Naruto seemed to be taking it better than Sakura right now. Kakashi figured that Minato-sensei had already had the talk with Naruto. He then asked to be sure, "Naruto. Are you going to be ok?" Naruto nodded and said, "Dad told me about this and mom did as well. But knowing what to expect and actually experiencing it are different. Sakura however…" Kakashi nodded and then went to his pink haired student.

Sakura was staring wide eyed at her hand that threw her weapons. She was still staring when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw her sensei's concerned face. She then said, "I killed… I killed someone. I know they were scum and what they intended to do, but I killed a living breathing human…"

Kakashi looked at her and said, "Calm down Sakura… It would have happened sooner or later… We are ninja. We kill. Sometimes even in cold blood but we can't let it consume us Sakura. I will speak to you more later, but right now… I think the villagers won't give us the time we need yet. You will have to hold on a little longer Sakura." As she looked at him and calmed down just a slight bit she heard the roar and cheers from the villages as they celebrated the end of Gato's tyranny. Many shouted for joy and others ran back to town to share the news with those that stayed behind to watch the children and elders. That night there would be several celebrations across wave in honor of the ninjas who helped them.

{-} {-} {-}

Team seven returned to Tazuna's house where they started treating Sasuke right away. Haku used his medical jutsu to help heal the avenger hoping that maybe it would make things better when the Last Uchiha woke up. Sasuke was in a bed right now resting. Naruto was a little withdrawn but still chatted happily with Inari, Tsunami, Tazuna, Kakashi, Haku and Sakura. The last two were quiet though.

Haku felt like he shouldn't be there after what he and Zabuza almost did to this village. Even if Tazuna had said, "When you are old like me you learn things. One of those things is how to see when someone truly regrets what they did. I can see that in you Haku. Also one learns that holding grudges for no reason only makes things worse. You and Zabuza I know had your reasons for doing what you two did. But I also know that you two hadn't done anything to physically harm me even if you had come close to doing so."

Haku was about to protest but Tazuna cut him off. "If you feel you must make amends then when we start working on the bridge again help us complete it. I am glad that things are over with Gato, and while the damage was minimized as much as could be, repairs are still needed before we complete the bridge." Haku gave in and agreed to that.

Sakura was quiet because she was still dealing with having taken a few lives earlier that day. Kakashi had spoken with her and told her that though she took a life she did so to protect the villagers, herself and the client. Kakashi knew she needed her space now and maybe a few words form Naruto and possibly Haku. Sakura excused herself from the house, and was sitting on the porch watching the last of twilight fade with thoughts running through her head.

She heard the door open and looked to see Naruto standing there. "Mind if I join you Sakura-chan?" He asked with a big grin. Sakura couldn't help but give a soft smile as she nodded and motioned for him to sit next to her. He did so in silence for a bit. Sakura glad for just her teammate's and friend's presence, after some time spoke up, "How are you already able to get over it Naruto? You killed more than me today."

She looked to see a serious expression on his face as he looked to the fading twilight. "I am not fully over it Sakura. I am getting there, but I am not there yet. I am lucky in that respect compared to you. My parents were both ninjas. They told me what to expect. Told me it would be needed sometimes. It still wasn't easy. But when I think about the men I killed today I think about them and the two samurai that attacked here."

He turned to look into her eyes. Sakura could only stare into his intense blue eyes as he said darkly, "They were debating on if they should just kill Tsunami, have their way with her there in front of Inari's eyes, or if they should have their way with her in front of Tazuna before killing her and then Inari if he didn't hand himself over to them."

Sakura was disgusted by that. Naruto continued, "Once Gato was dead I saw the look in those pieces of scums' eyes. I knew they wouldn't leave Wave peacefully. I didn't need to hear what they said on the bridge to know it had to be done. I didn't enjoy it. I didn't want to do it. But I knew it had to be done. Even with the villagers ready to fight and defend their home finally. They weren't in any condition to do so, since Gato has been bleeding them dry for so long. Ninjas are tools Sakura we do what others can't do. We take on the darkness so that civilians can live without that hanging on their hearts. We are strong and are trained to handle it. You too are strong Sakura. I know you will get over this and put it behind you." Naruto smiled at his pink haired teammate as he finished.

Sakura felt a little bit better hearing him say that. She smiled weakly before saying "But I don't think I will ever be the same again…" Naruto said evenly, "No one can be the same after what we did I don't think. I just hope you don't end up running around in 'youthful' colors shouting about your 'fires of youth Exploding!'" Naruto gave a smile as Sakura looked scandalized and retorted, "I think I am a long way off from being like that! I just hope you don't start wearing a mask and reading little orange books." Naruto scowled and then heard from in the house Kakashi shout, "Icha Icha is a masterpiece of literature!" Naruto and Sakura laughed. They knew that somehow Kakashi and sometimes Jiraiya would sense when someone bad mouthed their 'literature'. Their sensei had defended the books a few times randomly while they were training.

Sakura and Naruto both stood up. Sakura leaned over and gave Naruto a friendly hug while saying to him quietly, "Thanks Naruto. I needed that." Naruto said to her, "No worries Sakura it's what teammates and friends are for." Sakura then headed inside as Naruto said, "I think I am going to stay out here for a bit Sakura." She nodded and closed the door behind her.

Naruto watched the last of the light fade thinking about how different he felt about hugs from Sakura and hugs from Hinata. When Hinata hugged him he felt a little funny inside and inhaled her scent. When Sakura hugged him it was nice and comforting but that was it. Naruto then blushed as he started thinking about why Hinata was so much different to him than other girls were. He had a feeling he knew but he wasn't sure. "Guess I will have to ask mom about that when we head back… Hinata…" He said to himself adding a dreamy tone to Hinata's name. Naruto blushed as he thought about the lavender eyed girl that was one of his most precious people.

{-} {-} {-}

The rest of the mission went by fairly fast. Sasuke had woken up and attacked Haku not knowing the circumstances had changed. Kakashi stopped the avenger before he could go too far and explained things. Sasuke was a little annoyed but then asked, "Will you fight me again and help me train to get my fire jutsus strong enough to go against water nature jutsus?" Haku stared at the dark haired boy and responded, "If I can make the time I will. Since it will also help Konoha get stronger as well." With that Sasuke was contented. The Last Uchiha kept mostly quiet for the rest of the trip, but he had accepted Haku nonetheless.

Naruto and Sakura accepted Haku very quickly, the two were glad their friend was still alive and would be joining their village. Kakashi had explained to them the Fourth Hokage agreed with their request on the condition that Haku meets with him in person immediately once they return, and he goes through the normal integration process. Haku couldn't believe his luck. He would never forget Zabuza, but he was happy that he would get to fulfill the mist's swordsman's last request and finally have a place to belong.

Team seven finally left the Land of Waves and returned home. As the left, Kakashi eye-smiled and said to the villagers, "Once the new contract is drawn up someone who speaks for the Hokage will meet with you to discuss payment." Tazuna would have cried and frowned at that but he knew with the completed 'Great Naruto Namikaze Bridge' the country would prosper quickly and be able to pay the bill.

As team seven made their way back, Naruto and Sakura told Haku all about Konoha and how wonderful it was. Sakura spent more time talking to Haku then Naruto did, though no one commented on this. Sasuke even added in a few words from time to time as well.

Kakashi didn't really say anything since he was too busy finalizing the plot for his new Fan fiction while also being aware of their surroundings. Naruto and the others were good, but lacked the professionalism to realize that they were still on a mission until they were debriefed and dismissed by Minato. The Jonin knew they would learn this in time, so he wasn't too concerned at the moment.

They were closing in fast on their home and all of the Genin, even Sasuke, were excited to be returning home. They sped up hoping to get there even faster.

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