~O0o-Voting Finale-o0O~

Thank you all for your reviews and PMs voting for my stories and I guess you can…guess (lol) that as of today the voting is over and a winner is chosen. Before I go into to details let me say that vote #3 will continue for a few more chapters, but there will be a few minor changes to them. More on that later though.

Anyway the winner of which story I continue with is…Harry Potter: Prisoners and Walkers.

Yes, I know some of you are upset, but that's how the voting went. I will say that it was a close vote though.

Now onto what's going to happen from here:

Harry Potter and the Wolves of the Nevernever

This story will be put up for adoption so that it can be continued by someone else who may do it justice. That being said if you want to adopt it I would like for you to send me a PM so that I may talk to you, review some of your other work, and ask a few questions of you. I will then choose who to continue this story. I also ask that you not copy and submit this story without getting my permission. I've worked hard on this story and I want to pass it on to someone of my choosing.

Vote #2.

The voting for whether or not there will be a third girl in Prisoners & Walkers has also be decided and there will be a third girl so congrats for those who voted. Who will it be? Well…

The Third Girl.

This vote will be on going for a little while longer. Most likely until the summer break after third year (3-5 chapters). Four of the girls that were up for vote have really gotten a following, but I'm going to reset the vote this one time and add 2 more girls since I'm going to put my other story up for adoption and I've gotten several requests to let them be up for vote and it's the only fair way to allow them a chance. So here are the choices:

Tracey Davis

Daphne Greengrass

Fleur Delacour

Hermione Granger

Susan Bones

Luna Lovegood

Let your vote be heard y'all! (lol)

Other Stories.

As some of you may remember I wanted an opinion about which story I should work on next, but no one really gave me much feedback. I'd like to put this out there again with some modifications.

Twilight/World of Darkness Xover. Jacob/Bella OC/Leah OC/Seth

Harry Potter/Dresden Files Xover. HarryP/Tonks/Molly HarryD/Murphy

Harry Potter/Twilight. PostDH. Harry/Leah Hermione/Seth Jacob/Bella

Harry Potter. Harry/Tonks. TimeTravel.

I thank you for your time in this and I hope to have the next three chapters for Harry Potter: Prisoners and Walkers finished in the month of August.