So, my friend and I were reading stories from the site, and we were going over different couples. Then we asked ourselves, "What would they think if they knew they were being paired like this?" so I was inspired to write this out with the help of my good friend. I hope you like! Please read and review!


Rukia141: Hello! Thank you for joining us in this special interview with some of our favorite characters!

Crowd cheers wildly.

Rukia141: Exciting, I know! Now, the interview today is going to be about what the characters think about their fans pairing them up in romantic stories on this wonderful website! But shhhh, they don't know what this whole things is about. Now, please welcome two of the most popular characters, Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki!

The crowd screams as Ichigo and Rukia enter from behind black curtains. They wave at the crowd and take their seats.

Rukia141: Hello! I'm Rukia141, and I want to welcome you to this amazing studio!

Rukia: Oh, Rukia141, huh? I wonder where you got that from." Rukia smirks.

I blush with embarrassment.

Rukia141: Er…hey look! A distraction!

Rukia: What? Rukia turns her head.

Ichigo: Don't look you idiot.

Rukia141: Sooooo, starting with you, Rukia. Your relationship with Ichigo, how would you describe it as?

Rukia: I don't know, I guess we have this friendship-hate thing going on. I mean, when I first met the guy, he was pretty pathetic, but now that I got to know him better, he's a little below average.

Ichigo: Hey, you're no saint either! I mean seriously, this girl has this fine way of butting into people's personal lives like no other. He rolls his eyes.

Rukia glares at him.

Rukia: That is so not true! Name one time, you moron!

Ichigo starts counting his fingers.

Ichigo: Let's see, you invade my room, you wiggle your way into my family, you make my school life hell, you boss me around as if you were my mother, you always have to pick fights whenever-!

Rukia141: Have you ever considered being in a romantic relationship?

Both: Hell no!

Ichigo: Why the hell are you asking asinine questions like that?

I whip out some papers.

Rukia141: Well, moving on to the most important part of the interview. What do you think of the stories written about you two?

They look confused.

Rukia: Stories? What stories?

Ichigo: Just what are you getting at?

Rukia141: Well, most of your fans really like pairing the two of you up in romantic stories.


Rukia141: Well, it's kind of cute actually; since the two of you met, you had this sort of love-hate relationship going on-

Ichigo: We don't have a love-hate relationship!

Rukia: This is crazy, is this why you brought us out here?

Rukia141: Yes, now Rukia, how do you feel about being more popular than Orihime-

Rukia: I'm seriously not going to sit here and listen to-did you say I was more popular than Orihime?

I nod my head.

Rukia141: So far, yes.

Ichigo: What the hell do you mean by more popular?

Rukia141: Well, looking over completed works in the Ichigo/Orihime section, all ratings, English, and romance only stories, the number is roughly 640 give or take a few. Not counting in-progress.

Rukia: And with me?

Rukia141: A little over *cough* 2500…

Ichigo: What the hell!

Rukia: Holy cow!

Rukia141: Yes, and about 280 of those are really, ah, intimate.

Rukia: What do you mean by really-ooohhhh… She blushes.

Ichigo: I think I'm going to be sick…

Rukia: Ichigo, I like you and all-

Crowd: Awwwww!

Rukia: That's not what I meant!

Rukia141: What do you think about the fans' opinion of you?

Ichigo: I think they need to seriously get a life.

Rukia141: Aw, is wittle Ichigo shawy?

Ichigo: I am not shy! I just-ugh!

Rukia141: It really doesn't matter, these people love you two, so get used to the idea of being a couple.

Rukia: Listen people, Ichigo and I are not a couple; we are friends, good friends. So take your writing and take it somewhere else. Don't involve me with Spiky guy over here; he doesn't know the difference between romance and a smelly, wet gym sock.

Rukia141: Ichigo plus love= impossible! :D

Ichigo: I'm not that bad!

Rukia141: That's it for now, stay tuned for the next couple! Rukia, you can stay, there's still more here for ya!

Rukia: -_-' Not good…

Ichigo: Ha! Good luck, midget!

Rukia throws a shoe at him.

Rukia: Shut up, Ichigo! You better stop talking or I'll kick you so far up your ass, you're going to have toes for teeth!

Rukia141: Ah, love!

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