We Are Back

Hi! Wow, I bet many of you have already forgotten about us, but that's okay! I know it's been so long since Bleach Interview Pairings, but after much consideration, Jennifer, Sam, and I have decided to come back to finish what we started, but I'm afraid this story will be discontinued.

We have many reasons as to why we are discontinuing "Interview: Bleach Pairings!" However, on main reason is given the fact that we have gotten a warning about our story violating site rules. I won't go into detail, but our story was threatened to be taken down, and because we did not want to risk it, we backed off.

However, Jennifer, Sam, and I are doing a new approach. We are making a story called, "Interview: Bleach Pairings Remastered!" It's the exact same concept, but cleaner. Readers will still be able to interact with the story, as well as take part in a few chapters, but like I said, it will be cleaner and more refined. In order for it to follow the rules of the story. We hope this will be a success, and I honestly hope you are still with us. Keep alerted and we will post the first chapter of our new story. Don't worry, all of your characters will be back, but this will hopefully have cleaner features. If you have any questions about anything, please message us! They are open!

I hope to hear from many of you soon!