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Its been five years since I last saw him, I go to the beach every week looking for him but he's never there then one day when I'm walking on the beach I hear something.

"I wish I was away in Ingo" I know that voice its him "Faro" He's there sitting on the rocks where I first saw him singing the same song that he was singing all those years ago.

"Faro" As I run over to him he looks up and stares straight into my eyes "Hello Sapphy I have missed you so much" "Oh Faro why where you gone for so long it was so hard and I looked for you every week"

"I'm sorry Saphy that I was gone for such a long time but I'm back now" then he leaned forward and kissed me, my first kiss with the boy of my dreams.

I had no clue what to do I was so surprised so I just acted on instinct as I wound my hands into his hair. He pulled me close and I felt his strong tail wrap around my legs.

We only stopped the kiss when we needed breath "Sapphire tell me that you love me" "I love you Faro I want to always be with you" "Would you choose Ingo to be with me" "Yes Faro I choose you with Ingo and all the things that it comes with"

Suddenly there was a bright white flash and I had to shield my eyes when the light finally faded Faro gasped and I looked down to see not two legs but one strong tail.

"You did it Sapphire you are one of the mer now" "I don't know how I did it' "You let your heart choose what it wanted instead of just thinking about it all to much" I couldn't take it I burst into tears.

"Sapphire what is it, why are you crying" "Faro I am very happy that I can be with you now but what about my mom and Connor" "Connor already knows about Ingo so why is he a problem" "Still what will he think of me leaving like this"

"You have chosen Sapphire there is nothing wrong with your choice" "O.K but what about my mom she doesn't know about Ingo, could I tell her" "No I'm sorry Sapphy but to many humans knowing about Ingo could be a disaster"

"Your right she would tell Roger and he might get some of his diver friends and invade Ingo" "Exactly so you understand" "I guess I would be better if I just disappeared, it would hurt her at first but she would eventually get over it"

I spent the rest of the day with Faro playing with dolphins and exploring reefs then we returned to the cove to see what would happen when my family found out that I was gone.

First Connor came down shouting my name then soon after my mom and Roger came down shouting and looking. But it was no use I was gone to them and could never go back, I belonged to Ingo now.

"SAPPHY WHERE ARE YOU PLEASE COME BACK" My mom was crying on the beach and Roger was trying to comfort her. For the next week my mom would come down to the cove and cry looking for me and I would sit there just out of her view.

After two weeks my mom finally gave up and went back to the house. The next day Connor came down to the cove.

"I know that you can hear me Sapphire cause I know that you didn't drown now come out and talk to me" I know that I have to so I carefully pull myself out of the water enough so he can see me.

"Sapphire why haven't you come back" "I can't Connor" "What do you mean you can't, do you know what your doing to mom she hasn't eaten in days and won't sleep" "I know and I'm sorry" "Sorry just come back and make it better me and Roger can't stand seeing her like this"

"I can't Connor" "What do you mean you can't" I slowly lifted my tail out of the water so he could see it. His face went white.

"Sapphy you chose Ingo, how could you do this" "I had to Connor Ingo is in my blood and it calls to me more than you could ever understand" "Your right I don't understand, I don't understand how you could leave your family and hurt mom so much by leaving just like dad"

"Connor please" "I don't want to hear it Sapphire" "Connor please I know you don't want to talk to me right now but if you ever do just come by the cove when it gets dark"

And with that Connor turned his back on me and walked off, I returned to Faro to cry over my family.

As the years go by my mom finally got over me but always came down to the beach on my birthday. Three years after I left Roger got into a diving accident. They managed to get him back into our cove but he died on the beach with my mom watching.

Connor started talking to me again and we would meet once a month to see what was happening. Then one month Connor told me the mom had a disease that even the doctors could not cure with good medicine. He told me that the doctors said she only had a few more months left to live.


"Mom you can't go down there your to weak" "I don't care Connor I think that this may be my last day and I want to spend it with Sapphire and your father" "mom please don't do this to yourself" "Don't try to stop me Connor I'm going with or without you"

"Fine you stubborn woman I'll help you down to the cove" "Thank you Connor I think that they may be waiting there for me to take me with them to heaven"


There she was I hadn't seen my mom in a long time, Connor said that she was to weak to come down to the cove anymore but here she was. She must have nagged Connor into bringing her down here.

He sat her down on the sand and she just looked out at the ocean for a long time. "There's only one thing I would wish for before I die" "What is it I'll try my best to do it for you" "You can't my last wish would be to see Sapphire again, she was just so young when she died"

Hearing her say her last wish broke my heart. I had failed her in so many ways but I could do this one thing for her.

"Mom" my mom looked up and caught site of me floating in the water. "Sapphire is that you" "Yes mom its me" "Are you here to take me to heaven it must be beautiful" "No mom I'm alive and so are you"

I swam forward and grabbed hold of her hand "But how can you" "I'm alive mom" "Connor is this real or am I imagining it" "She's really here mom she is alive"

"Sapphire oh Sapphire" She grabbed me and pulled me tight to her, I hugged her back with all my might crying hard.

"Sapphire if you are alive then where have you been all this time" "I've been right here mom in this cove you just couldn't see me" "What do you mean" It was then that she caught sight of my tail and her face went white.

"Sapphire you have a-" "A tail mom I know I'm so sorry that I left you but my heart chose Ingo" "What's Ingo" "The sea mom I chose the sea and the man of my dreams, but I'm sorry that I left you can you please forgive me"

"Of course I do Sapphy I always will" "Thank you mom you don't know how long I've waited for you to say that" "This is what your father chose as well didn't he"

"How did you know" "He always did love the sea and you have taken after him in so many ways" "He was happy, we saw him on a few occasions" "Is he still alive" "No he died in the great war of Ingo years ago"

"Well I have had all my wishes granted I can now pass on peacefully, and I think they will be waiting for me"

And with that my mom closed her eyes and took her last breath. She looked so peaceful almost like she was asleep. She wished to have her ashes spread around the cottage and the beach and Connor did it. I even got a watertight container and kept some with me in my cave that I stay in with Faro.

A few months later Connor proposed to Rainbow on the beach with me watching from a safe place. Rainbow accepted with so much happiness that I thought she would burst.


"Rainbow is there anything that you really want for this weeding, I want it to be perfect for you" "You know whenever I would picture my weeding Sapphire would be my maid of honour" "Oh" "I'm sorry Connor I know it still must be hard"

"Yeah its okay but you never know she may be watching from somewhere" "I didn't think you believed in ghost Connor" "Well you never know"


Faro and me sat behind some of the rocks in the cove and watched as Rainbow walked up the aisle in a flowing white dress. She looked so happy looking at Connor and all the guests. Connor looked happy as well as he watched her he then looked over to where we were sitting.

I waved back at him then watched as thee weeding started. They exchanged vows and gave each other the rings, then the preacher said kiss the bride.

After the weeding was done Faro and I slipped back into the water and left, I would see Connor in a few nights and talk to him but until then Faro and I had other things that needed to be settled.

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