A/N: This idea popped into my head when I was supposed to be doing a history project and in Elective History learning about the French Revolution. Oh, well. It's basically the Weasley (Delacour branch) kids all thinking about their role in the family.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognise is not mine…


You were born on a


Where spells flew,

And fear spread-

.:.Your uncle died.:.

When you want to


They mourn the dead

Every time they


look. at. you.

You're just a reminder of

What they lost

It's not your fault,

But you can't make it up to them.

So you become



{its. never. enough}


Not perfect

Not that good girl

your parents don't-

You're not the favourite

[reserve that for Dom & Louis]

(but don't let them see it)

Keep on being

~flawless~, Vic

Be your own personal


(Do it for Teddy)

Don't let your siblings see your



You're just

stuck. stuck. stuck

Right in the mid*dle

You won't (can't) live up to them.

They won their first

Little girl,

(a victory)

You came.


(it's a synonym for Dominique)

They always wanted

(you knew)

A boy

Daddy's little girl


And Mamma's boy


You've always known you've ruined their



She's victory in a person

He's always been the king

You're just there,

Middle child,

Not quite good enough

But don't let it get to you

{even if it is true}

(Do it for…

You know who he is)

Don't let your siblings know

how. much. it. hurts.

Don't let them see behind your



You're just the youngest

The family would have been better

With three (3)

Little girls-


You're just the


Who wasn't wanted:

Daddy's got his


Mamma spoils Dom and Vic

They call you

:*^.^*: KING:*^.^*:

But you aren't one

(Your namesake, after all, was

killed. on. a. guillotine)

A fallen king ...

Crown broken and battered

You're the

Ravenclaw outcast

(Even though your mother went to Beauxbatons)

You're smart enough to know

{they wanted you to follow your sisters}

You aren't brave enough to speak up

{definitely not a Gryffindor}

But even though you're younger

You still have to protect your sisters

(Vicky's getting married soon- just Dom left)

So don't let your siblings see how

Weak, how Flawed

You are

Don't let them see behind your