Chapter 1 – Finding her

Author's note: Splinter is 70, Leo is 28, Donny is 27, Raph is 26, and Mikey is 25. No one is in any relationships yet but this is a story of all the turtles dealing with relationships with hardships and helping others in the process.

Raph and Leo were sparring with each other. Only this time Leo just kept pushing Raph more than he should of. Finally Raph just could only take so much with Leo.

"Leo that's enough for today! I'm going to get some air" Raph said.

"No you're not we are going to finish this!" Leo said. Leo moved directly in Raph's path so he couldn't leave the training room.

"Get outta my way Leo. This is your final warning. Raph said through gritted teeth. Leo still refused to move so Raph took Leo by the arm and threw him across the room. Leo charged back at Raph attempting to jump kick him but Raph caught him in the air by his leg and threw him into the door breaking the door in the process. Finally realizing that Raph was in one of his moods Leo left Raph alone.

Raph decides to get some air. He grabs his cloak and starts walking towards Central Park. As he gets closer to Central Park he hears screaming and crying. He climbs up the latter of the sewer and gently lifts the lid to see what is happening.

What Raph sees astonishes him. A woman about 22-25 is on the ground crying all bruised up and the man is yelling at her and has been beating on her for a while now. Raph is furious for a man treating a woman like this one has. She has curly, black hair down to her shoulders. Just as the woman tries to stand up she stumbles and then the man pushes her forcefully back on the ground.

"You will not divorce me or I will kill you! Do you hear me?" a muscular man says to the woman as he hits her across the face.

"Yes, I will divorce you even if it means dying. Not that I have anything to live for anyways as you set up my family to be killed, " she said as tears rolled down her face and she started sobbing uncontrollably.

Raph had seen enough he threw his sigh into the light and it suddenly blacked out so neither the guy nor the poor woman knew what was happening.

"You put another finger on her and I will make sure you get as much abuse as that poor woman has been through, " Raph says through gritted teeth. He kicks the guy hard in the chest. The guy falls down on the ground hard and hits his head. He is knocked unconscious.

Raph feels so sorry for this woman. He retrieves his sigh and goes over to her to see she is having problems physically as she tries to stand up. She was just about to fall when Raph rushes to her and helps support her.

Raph goes with his gut as he is reaching out to this woman. "How long has he been doing this to you?
" he asks.

"Two years. I don't know what to do or how to even begin to repay you. I have no money or anywhere to go. It will only be a matter of time before he finds me again. He always does and it always seems to be worst each time. Thank You." She says as she has tears rolling down her cheeks.

Raph takes his hand and wipes away the tears that just keep rolling. "I'll protect you and help you through your divorce to that filthy bastard. You deserve to have a life worth living and I'm gonna help you."

"Ok but you don't have to."

"I just want you to know that I will have to take you in the sewers and you can see what I am. I'm not human and it might scare you off in the end."

After a minute of thinking, she replies "just go ahead and show me. It can't be any worse than what I've been through."

He walks her over to the sewer and notices that she is limping pretty badly so he decides to just carry her. He lifts her up bridal style taking her by surprise and climbs down the sewer.

"You do feel different," she replies.

Raph turns on a flash light and hands it to her. She points it to him starting at the feet and going up to his face with it. Raph thinks that she is gonna freak out but that is not the case. She looks at him calmly as if she had seen him before but doesn't say anything for a couple of minutes.

"You're not so bad. I could live with that."

"What's your name?" Raph replies.


"I'm Raphael but you can just call me Raph."

Brittany is putting on a strong face for Raph but deep down Raph knows she is hurting and it is more than what he has ever been through. Raph decides to examine her and see what injuries there has been done to her fragile form. He notices lots of bruising and looks like she needs to eat which wouldn't be a problem with Mikey being at home. Also, her ankle is gonna need to be looked at and she is shivering. He needs to call his brothers and Master Splinter.

"Brittany, I got three brothers like me and Master Splinter which he is in the form of a rat. I am going to call them up just stay here while I call them and let them know what is going on. I will be back in a couple minutes."

Raphael walks just out of ear shot and dials Leo's number.

"Hey, Leo its Raph. Can you put Master Splinter on the phone please?"

"Just a sec," Leo replies.

When Master Splinter gets on the phone Raph explains everything that happen from start to finish.

"Raphael, you have very good intentions but why did you decide to bring her down her with us?"

"I think I might have feelings for her and I want to protect her no matter what."

"I see. We will talk more for now tell Donnie what injuries she has and return home with her."

"Yes Master Splinter."

Donnie gets on the phone and Raph explains all the injuries he believes she has.

"Raph, don't let her walk. I want you to carry her here and I will do what I can."

"See you shortly."

"Bye, Raph."

Raph walks back to Brittany to find that she had sat down on the cold, wet sewer. He goes over to her and wraps his cloak around her as she stands up. He has a soft spot for her and just doesn't understand that yet.

"Brittany, you're going to have to stay off of that foot so to do that I am going to carry you to my home. I told them everything that happened. "

"Ok. You don't have to do this Raph," she said as her teeth were chattering.

He picked her up bridal style and she put her hands around his neck. He sprinted home with a new spirit that he has yet to discover in him as a result of her just being near him. Little does he know he is the key to her healing but it is going to take a lot of time and help from everyone.