Chapter 54 Aftermath

Ideas come to Brit's mind as she realizes she can't master her fears no matter what she tries. She believes she is weak and worthless yet again. She has this numb feeling throughout her entire body as she lies yet again in the lab. She has a couple broken ribs and a few sprains. Of course, there are plenty of bruises and cuts all over her body. The majority of her injuries are mental. She knew if the turtles hadn't been there for her she would be dead and she is forever in debt to them.

Brit woke up only to hurt all over.

"Ow," Brit whispers.

"Hey babe! It's good to see you awake and kicking it," Raph replies as he rubs her hand. "What hurts honey?"

"Everything," Brit whispers as she can barely talk. Her throat is so sore and hurts when she talks.

"Honey can you talk any louder?"

Brit looks over at Raph and nods her head.

"I'll be back in a minute," Raph replies as he goes to get Donny.

Brit starts to hyperventilate, afraid of being left again. She is very sensitive at the moment and unsure of what to think about everything. She starts to get the sweats and is looking around frantically.

"Hey sis!" Donny replies as he walks in with some medicine. "Here take this. It will help your sore throat and hopefully by later on you will be able to talk."

Brit takes the medicine as asked to. She looks over at Donny. "Thanks."

"Sis what is wrong," Donny asks.

"Nothing," Brit replies as she looks away.

Donny looks over at Brit and sits down. "Brit tell that to someone who doesn't know you. Please tell me what's wrong?"

Brit just turns her head away from Donny. Donny huffs as he goes in search of Raph.

Raph walks back in to see Brit shaking and crying. "Oh baby. What happened to you," Raph replies softly as he kneels in front of Brit's face. Brit just shakes her head.

"Honey, it's over. Adam can never hurt you again. No one will. I will make sure of that. I know you are scared but I'm here for you. I always will be," Raph replies softly as he engulfs Brit in a gentle yet loving hug.

Will Brit ever fully recover? Will she be able to move on from here? Find out in the sequel "Healing Again".