Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: T
: Language
: None
: Me no own the hetalia of the axis of the powers or Craigslist.
England's Craigslist Ad.

Antique British Items for Sale

Date: 20**-02-03, 4:13PM UTC

Good day, Craigslist! I have up for sale a few antique items that may spark your interest given their history. Collectors rejoice, you won't find my items elsewhere.

I have an extremely old tea-set used by the King of England himself back in his old "I'm keeping the colonies RAWR" days. He'd always have a cup of tea before embarking on his daily rants over the mischievous America. And God did he have every right to complain. Given its age and history I am asking for a bajillion pounds. Too lazy to convert that into US dollars. What? Bajillion isn't a real number? Fool, you can't lowball me.

Next is an antique British chair. Obviously used for sitting. I am unaware of its history; I've used it as, obviously a chair, for my desk but I've grown to realize it is bloody ugly against my new drapes. Asking for a zillion pounds. It's British so that fact itself makes it valuable.

Finally, a typewriter. This is actually a prized possession of mine; I've had it since my glory days of raising my American child. I recorded his daily activity and remember typing up a memo to throw him in therapy in his toddler years. It's portable, old, and rare. But that's not why it's so valuable. The sentimental value it has with me is so great it's priceless, but here it is—a squillion, mamillion, godzillion, yo-momma's-illion and twenty-three cents. Or best offer.

Local pick-up only. Call me at this number [OMITTED TO PROTECT THE BRITISH], my name is Arthur.