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"Hey, Maura, I need you to help me figure out what this crap means," Jane held a folder in her hands as she strolled into the chief medical examiner's office. "I keep asking you to write this stuff down in English, and you keep writing it down in," she looked up to see her friend staring blankly at the her computer screen. "Maura? Hey, what's wrong?"

"I just received a call from the Washington Navy Yard in DC. One of my mentors has asked me to come assist him on a case if I'm able to take time to do so. He seems to think my expertise could be of some assistance to him," the doctor blinked, swallowing as she stiffly turned to her friend. "I told him I would need to check to see that there were no pressing cases that required my presence here."

"Okay," Jane slowly closed the folder, regarding her friend with a trained detective's eye. "So why do you look like that? Wouldn't going to help one of your mentors out be something you'd be all over?"

"Ordinarily, yes, but there are extenuating circumstances regarding this location and this specific group of Major Case Response Team members that I believe my mentor did not take into consideration when he called me." The frown on Maura's face deepened as she opened her desk drawer to pull out her purse. Taking a moment to retrieve her wallet, she opened a small compartment to reveal a photo of her and what looked like another version of her but with different hair and less expensive clothing.

"This picture was taken in 2000 at a conference being held on psychological profiling. The guest speaker was world renowned, and I took vacation time to fly to Washington, DC in order to attend." She handed the photo over to Jane. "As a pathologist, I thought it might be wise for me to understand how another individual might think or behave while committing the crime."

Jane shrugged, "Makes sense." Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the picture, holding it up to the light to get a better look. "Maura, who is this woman? She looks..."

"Exactly like me," Maura's voice was flat, devoid of emotion. "The only differences in outward appearance we shared were hair color and clothing tastes." She mechanically ticked off the similarities. "Same bone structure, same musculature, same voice, same height," she shook her head, "We even shared the same clothing sizes. It was a rather bizarre experience meeting her. We ran into each other at the coffee pavilion in the middle of the conference hall." She held her hand up, silently asking for the picture.

"What's her name?" Jane asked, clearly curious as she handed the picture back.

"Oh my God, I can't believe it," the dark haired woman stared, eyes big. "You could my twin. This is crazy."

"Yes, I could, and I'm not certain I'm not," Maura replied, blinking slowly as she mentally cataloged all the physical similarities between herself and the woman standing in front of her. "Are you adopted?"

"What? No," the woman shook her head. "I'm from a large family, but I'm not adopted." She tilted her head in consideration, smirking, "Though sometimes I wish I was." She chuckled. "Had a house full of brothers."

"I see." Maura tilted her head as her mind worked through the current situation. "My name is Dr. Maura Isles." She offered her hand.

"Nice to meet you," the other woman took the offered hand, "Caitlin Todd, but please call me Kate. You want to get out of these people's way? I think they want their coffee, too."

"Oh, yes, that would be advisable, wouldn't it? I think that table is open. Shall we go have a seat?"

"Caitlin Todd, huh?" Jane leaned against the medical examiner's desk, arms crossed as she listened to her friend speak. "What did she do for a living?"

"She was professional profiler, and, I learned, the head of her field. A few years later, she would be hand picked to be on the United State's Presidential detail." Maura sighed as she put her purse away again.

"Wait a minute, she is in the Secret Service?" The detective was clearly impressed.

"She was. In 2003, she resigned after engaging in an extremely short-lived affair with someone which went against the regulations of the USSS. Within days, she was working for Naval Criminal Investigation Services as a Field Agent for the Major Case Response Team stationed at the Washington Navy Yard."

"Is that the same team that your mentor is working with right now?" Jane pursed her lips as her mind clicked the details into place.

"Yes, though I don't believe he realizes Kate and I knew each other or how strange my presence would be there." Shaking her head, Maura stood, picking the folder out of Jane's hands and opening it.

"Why? Because you two would confuse the crap out of everyone?" Allowing the folder to leave her hand without protest, Jane gave her friend a dimpled smile.

"No, because I have not seen Dr. Mallard in person since 1998, and Kate was killed by a sniper while n duty with the NCIS team in 2004." Maura's eyes ran over the report, finger running over the chart she was considering. "I think, given what I know of the circumstances, which is very little, that the current team may find my presence unsettling," she looked up to meet her friend's gaze, "don't you?"

"Oh, wow," Jane looked as shocked as she felt, "I'm sorry, Maura. I... yeah, I could see your point there. So, what are you going to do?"

"I'm honestly not certain. I know I don't want to go alone, but I do want to help him. He's always been a great resource for me, and I really don't believe we have any pressing cases." She sighed, handing the folder back to the detective. "Cause of death was trauma to the head, Jane. You should be able to understand that."

"Yeah, but what I don't understand is the poison in the guy's system." Jane gave an irritated flip through the folder. "I hate cold cases."

"Yes, they can be frustrating." Maura shrugged out of her lab coat and hung it up in its usual location. "Jane," she said, voice light.


"Have you ever been to Washington, DC?"

"Nope," Jane looked up, eyes narrowing. "Why?"

"Would you like to go?"

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