"Tell me we're going home soon." Jane shifted from one foot to other as she glanced around the NCIS autopsy room. "The guy's been booked." She threw her hands up in the air in frustration. "The case was closed yesterday, Maura. We could be home by already. I've never been so excited at the idea of seeing Korsak and his donut jelly stained tie in my life." She was ranting as they waited for Doctor Mallard to come back from his office.

Smiling gently at the other woman, Maura slowly moved forward until there was no space between them. Jane stopped ranting long enough to look down in surprise. "Maura, what are you…" she was cut short by a well-timed kiss, which lead to another and another.

"Ah, l' amour," Ducky said as he walked in on the scene. "It is as old as time and has caused everything from the greatest plays ever written to the ugliest of wars." He stood a few feet from the women.

Jane tried to pull away, clearly embarrassed to be caught, but Maura refused to let go. Instead, she held onto the detective's arms and turned in the embrace so that she could lean against the taller woman. "We're on vacation, Jane. At some point, we should be able to act like it."

"I'm on vacation," the detective answered in a slightly stilted voice. "You're here as a consultant, and I'm really sorry, Ducky. We… uh… well, I mean, Maura…"

"It's quite alright, Detective. If I had an attractive young woman as my love interest, I think I would have the same issues." At her confused look, Ducky raised an eyebrow, clearly humored. "I would want to spend as much quality time with her wherever I was able as well." He winked.

Jane took in a deep breath to calm herself down as Maura giggled lightly. "Ducky," the honey brunette began, humor in her voice, "Thank you for your hospitality while we've been here. It's been lovely working with you again."

"The same to you, my dear. I'm sorry the circumstances were not better, but," he shrugged, "such is the life we lead in this line of work. When will you be leaving our fair city?"

"This evening," Maura turned her head back to look at Jane for a moment. "We are going to take this opportunity to visit the Smithsonian while we're here in Washington."

"We are?" Jane pulled back, stepping around to look at the smaller woman. "Really? When were you going to tell me that? Maura, I want to go home."

The younger doctor gave a light pout. "But, Jane, they have a Star Trek exhibit."

"They do?" The detective tilted her head. "Why are we really going?"

"I want to speak with the forensic anthropologist there. She is one of only two in the country, and I have a few questions regarding some issues that have come up in a few of our cases that I think she could help me better understand. Don't look at me like that; I told you about this last night. It won't take long, and we can spend the rest of the day walking about the museum. I promise I'll make it worth your while." She gave a devious smile to her detective.

"You can't possibly expect me to remember anything you told me last night when we were…"

"I believe you two may want to continue this conversation elsewhere," Ducky stepped in, giving a knowing smile to his former student. "Don't you?"

"Yes, that would be wise." Maura nodded. Jane stopped talking, ran a hand over her face, and turned to make a circle around the room so Maura and her former teacher could have a moment alone. "Thank you for asking me to come here. The experience has been invaluable."

"I could say much the same." Ducky paused for a moment to consider something. "Maura, I am sorry that I didn't warn the others. As I explained to Jethro earlier in the week, you and Caitlin are so different that my mind's eye did not recall the incredible physical similarities between you both. I hope you can forgive me for causing an unnecessarily uncomfortable situation."

"I'm not upset, Ducky. I do understand. Think nothing of it. If ever you need my," she glanced over to Jane, who had found something interesting to poke at on one of the tables, "Our help again, please don't hesitate to ask." She offered her hand.

Doctor Mallard took the offered hand, giving it a very warm shake. "Thank you, my dear." He turned to the taller woman across the room. "And thank you, Detective. You've both been very helpful."

"No problem, anytime." Jane returned to her spot next to Maura. "Does this mean we're all set to go?"

"Yes," Maura nodded. "We leave in six hours, Jane. That is plenty of time to do everything I'd like to do at the Smithsonian." They said their final goodbyes to the elder doctor before walking to the elevators. "We can discuss how we're going to address the change in our relationship status with our friends and family on the plane ride back to Boston."

Jane groaned. "There's really not much to discuss. I mean, most of them already think we're seeing each other 'secretly," she held up her hands to do air quotes, "anyway. The only thing that will change is now I can kiss you in public." She gave a classic Rizzoli smirk. "And Tommy has to back off because now I really can kick his ass for 'playing chess' with you all night."

Maura shot her an annoyed look. "We really were just playing chess."

"Don't care." Jane crossed her arms as they waited for the elevator to come to a stop.

"Honestly, Jane, that's all it was. It was completely innocent."

"Nothing with Tommy is completely innocent," the detective growled.

"I should be annoyed, at the very least, but I find this sudden possessive streak rather appealing," the smaller woman said, smiling gently.

"Yeah?" At the nod she was given, Jane reached down, pulling Maura to her and growling in her ear, "Mine," before laying a possessive kiss on Maura's waiting lips.

The elevator doors opened to reveal the scene to the people waiting to board. A click was heard and DiNozzo's voice rang out, "Merry Christmas to me."

Jane pulled back, eyes blazing. "If I find that picture online, it's your manhood, DiNozzo."

"Oh no, this one's going in my personal collection," he smiled, eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Oh, that's it. I am going to," Jane headed toward him but was restrained by Maura's hand and gentle murmur of her name. "Okay, fine, whatever. We're out of here." She looked down to Ziva. "I don't know how you work with him."

"It is… how do you say it? I think you Americans call it a labor of love?" Ziva shrugged.

"You love him or you love the job?" Jane deadpanned.

"The job. Tony is an ass," Ziva responded in kind.

Tony looked offended. The women looked amused. "Thought so. If you're ever in Boston, Ziva, look us up. Just go to the police station downtown and ask for Rizzoli."

"I shall. Have a safe trip home." Ziva waved as she pushed Tony toward the elevator.

Walking out of the building, Maura wrapped an arm through Jane's. "I'm glad we came."

"Me, too." The taller woman leaned over to place a kiss on Maura's forehead. "Best vacation ever."

Okay, there it is. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I'm now going back to my normal Rizzles writing ways. :-)