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Chapter 1


I stood on the bow of the ship, and contemplated whether I should or shouldn't throw the bottle in the water. What if no one responded to my letter? What if they did? I heard all the stories from my grandfather about him writing a letter when he was sixteen years old and how he found my grandma that way. Would fate be that kind to me? I silently made a wish that my grandfather would guide this message in a bottle to the right girl. The girl of my dreams, my soul-mate. I kissed the bottle and then let it fall into the ocean.

After kissing the bottle that contained my message, I turned around to find Emmett staring at me.

"Whatcha doing Eddie?" He had this smug smile on his face.

"Nothing you'd be interested in."

"Well I saw you throw that bottle with what seems to me, like a message in it. Do you really think you will find the right girl like that? That's just poetic bullshit that grandpa's stories made you believe. It doesn't happen, bro," he scoffed and then walked off.

Whatever, maybe in a way Emmett was right. But who knows, right. It might end up in China or Butt-fucked Egypt. It might be a waste of time, but like I said, it doesn't hurt to hope!

I walked back to my room, at least I didn't have to share with Emmett. I loved taking vacations with my parents. They always spared no expense. I'm not a spoiled rich brat, even though I'd never want for anything. Grandpa Masen made sure of that, but my parents raised us to know the value of a dollar and that it's best to work also. Even though Emmett has a harder time with that. I want to follow in my dad's footsteps and be a doctor.

Grandpa Masen was a shrewd businessman, Emmett tends to take after that side of the family. But he doesn't believe in all the fate crap that Grandpa always talked about. That is where Emmett and I differ. I believe in fate. That's why I decided to write the message and put it in a bottle. If it worked for Grandpa, it might just work for me.

I know Emmett was probably laughing all the way back to his room but whatever, if I find the girl of my dreams that way, I will be the one who has the last laugh.


I was walking along the beach in Portland, Maine. We were on another family vacation. I hated these things. My parents would always fight and I'd feel upset.

That's why I was out here now. They were in the hotel room arguing over something, so I had to get away. I hated it when they argued. Sometimes I think it would be better if they separated. I know that is a horrible thing to say, but the only reason they stay together is me.

I continued walking letting the warm water rush over my feet. I loved the feel of the sand between my toes, if I could live on the beach I would. I live in Forks, Washington, a little blip on the map. It rains there so much, my mother hates it there. But that is where my father is from. He was born and raised in Forks and he'll probably die there.

As for my mother, well she's a free spirited soul. She always wanted to travel, but being the wife of a police chief in a small town, yearly vacations somewhere, anywhere, was the best it got. We've been all over the United States, this year I chose Maine. I liked the quaintness of Portland and the lighthouses were beautiful.

My dad and I actually toured several of them, while mom went shopping. I'm more like my dad, thank God for that. I loved just reading or taking in the sights. My mother would die of boredom if she sat and watched the ocean.

I looked out at the ocean and saw a bottle floating toward the shore. I walked out in the water and picked it up.

I looked at it and there was a piece of paper in the bottle. How cool, a message in a bottle. I wonder how old it could be.

I walked back to where I was and sat down. I carefully opened the bottle and shook the piece of paper out.

I unrolled it and read the date. It was dated for about a month ago.

The letter said:

Dear Whoever Finds This Letter:

My name is Edward Cullen and if you believe in soul mates and love, my address is

Edward Cullen 15001 Fullerton Drive, Chicago IL. 60622.

I am looking for my soulmate. Could you be the one? Please contact me.

I just stared at the piece of paper in my hand. What beautiful penmanship. I walked back toward the hotel thinking about Edward. What an old fashioned name, and really who thinks about soul mates anymore. Besides those who read the classics and believes in them, like I do.

Could there be another person out there who believes that there is one perfect person out there for everyone? One that was made just for them. I pondered this as I walked to the hotel.

What should I do? Write Edward back or not. What if he was some crazed sicko? What if he was an axe murderer, or worse a really old man?

What could it hurt to write a letter and see where it goes? Maybe he could be the one, or maybe not. But love is worth giving it a shot.

Once I was in my room, I took out some paper and began to write my letter. I know that my parents would think I'm crazy but I felt good about my decision to write Edward Cullen.

I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

He may just be the perfect one for me.