"Hurry, hurry...", I mumbled. "Can't be late again..." I rode my skateboard as fast as I could towards William Rose Junior High.

All of a sudden, a foot popped out of nowhere. I mean, literally. SLAM! I smashed into the sidewalk. I looked up, wincing, only to find... Heather.

"How's it feel down there, Ms. Keyes? Boy, you sure look down to earth today don't you?"

"Shut up, Heather, Anyways, it's all your fault. Crap, now I'm gonna be late for school. Thanks a lot."

"My pleasure!", Heather replied. I got onto my skateboard and rode down to the school shaking my head. Heather...

"Sammy, where were you? And why are you bleeding?"

"Marissa, I'll tell you later. Just wait for me to go to the nurse and get a band-aid." I excused myself from class, and went down to the nurse's office. As I waited next to a guy with a bloody nose, I heard someone come into the office.

"Umm... Is Heather here?" Wait, that voice sounds really familiar. Who in their right mind would want Heather? CASEY! I got up and went to the secretary's desk. It was Casey!

"Hey, Casey. Whatcha doin' here?" He looked up, then saw me. His eyes lit up.

"I'm picking up Heather. Anyways, what happened to you?"

"Oh, Heather, That's what's happened to me. But why are you picking up Heather? Are you going somewhere?" Once you mention something to Sammy Keyes, she's not gonna let go until you answer her.

"Yeah, she has a doctor's appointment. I have to take her."

"Well, aren't you supposed to be in school, too?"

"I am, but since dad's gone to Hollywood, and mom in Vegas with her drunk friends, the "nanny" decided to schedule our appointments on the same day, to make it easier for her."

"Whoah, rewind! Your mom is in Vegas? You have a nanny? YOUR DAD IS IN HOLLYWOOD WITH MY MOM?" Mrs. Tweeter raised her eyebrow at me as a signal to shut up or quiet down. "When did all this happen?" I asked Casey. "And how could I not know?"

"Well, it happened pretty quickly, and I haven't gotten a chance to talk to you, so..."

"Oh," I said, somewhat disappointed.

"Why don't you come over to my house after school's out."

"But won't Heather be there, and what about the nanny?

"Well, Heather will be off somewhere with Monet and Tenille, and the nanny will probably be out somewhere with her friends. In case you haven't noticed, she's not very reliable..." At the same time Heather walked into the office. She saw me, then Casey, then looked at me again.

"Casey, let's go. We don't wanna be late do we?" Heather said as she stalked through the door.

Sorry, Casey mouthed as he went after her. I shrugged Heather off, grabbed a band-aid, and went back to class."