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Previously on SK and the Keyed Car…

Ms. Kuzkowsi… All of a sudden, the words that she had said earlier played in my head like a movie, "…People attract more attention to their outer selves while the inside of them goes unnoticed..." I gasped out loud. Of course! It makes sense, doesn't it? The other girls seemed to notice my reaction to whatever I had been think of and looked at me with a questioning look. I glanced back at them and grinned at their looks.

"Hey guys… wanna go somewhere else?"


All four of us raced to the police station. I had to see my man. My favorite police officer. The stopper of all crimes. The man. The Borschinator. I know, a bit dramatic, but….eh.

We got to the police station and burst in. To tell you the truth, it was pretty dramatic. I burst in, panting from the run, while Holly came and stood behind me. Marissa and Dot just came in and collapsed on the floor.

A man standing near the front desk jumped and turned around to yell at us, but when he saw whom I was, he stood there and grinned. Then, just because I was nosy, I peeked behind him to see… oh… the secretary? Oh, that's right, Officer Borsch got married a while back and his wife worked as a secretary here at the department. I peeked up at Officer Borsch and raised my eyebrows.

"I see…." I started, but stopped quickly. I had to tell him about everything that I had heard and saw. Standing up to my full height I looked Officer Norsch in the eye and said, "Officer. I have some very important information to tell you." He looked at me and sighed.

"Well… I guess I can spare some time," he replied, looking at his watch. Then, he looked behind me and nodded, "You girls can come in too."


When we got into his office, he shut the door and looked at me expectantly. I started to tell Officer Borsch about everything I heard or seen about the keyed car thing since the last time I saw him. AS I ended, I said,

"See, that's I think it's Taylor Briggs. It's pretty obvious." Officer Borsch looked at me skeptically.

"Sammy… I think it's too obvious. I mean, why sign your own crime? Also, there isn't enough evidence. We need more proof."

"Well-I-." I started, but stopped. It wouldn't be useful to object. "Fine. If you want evidence, I'll give you evidence." I wasn't one to back down, but if I really wanted a good case, I would need proof.

Officer Borsch looked at me as if he were inspecting me. "Sammy… are you okay? You usually put up a fight when I say something that you don't want to hear…"

I glared at him and said, "Well… maybe I've changed." After a moments pause, Officer Borsch started laughing.

"Well, maybe it's for the better. I never really liked the old Sammy anyways."

Even though I knew he was joking, I scowled and turned around to face the other girls.

"Let's go, guys." AS I opened the door to go out, I turned around to face Officer Borsch. "You know, Mr. Borsch… It's not very professional to flirt during work hours." Then, with a wink, I burst out the door after catching a glimpse of Officer Borsch's red face.


As we were all walking back to the park, Marissa turned to me and said, "Well… another day in the life of Sammy Keyes, huh?"

I smirked and glanced at her. "Well… sorry guys. Whenever I'm around, we never get to do what we planned to do. Maybe next time-." I was cut off by all three of them laughing. "What?" I asked, confused.

"Well, I mean, you're Sammy. What should we have expected, huh? It's either, 'mystery!' or 'Casey', isn't it?" she teased.

"Hey…" I smirked as I ran towards her. Holly ran off screaming and what ensued was an awesome game to tag with all of us. After a while, all three of us sat down on the grass, panting and laughing.

"Well, guys, I'm gonna go to Casey's house, okay? See ya!" I cried as I started to get up and walk away. Behind me, I could hear all three of them snickering and whispering. Rolling my eyes, I made my way towards Casey's house.


I walked up to Casey's doorstep and knocked on the door. As my knuckles hit the door, it fell open.

"Hello? Anyone home?" I queried softly. I was about to turn around when I footsteps behind me. Well, actually, there were two footsteps. As I slowly turned around, I gasped at what I saw. (Yes, I gasped.) There, pinned against the wall by Taylor Briggs, was Heather. And… they were making out like there was no tomorrow. As I peered closer, I realized that Heather wasn't kissing him; she was trying to get away from him by trying to push him away. However, Taylor was stronger, and kept her against the wall. After a few seconds of staring and gaping like a fish, I decided to walk away. It was pretty obvious Casey wasn't here. However, as I was about to turn around, Heather's eyes found me. The look in them was one I had never seen before. She was scared, desperate, begging for help. I contemplated: should I leave or stay? However much I hated Heather, I was still a human being; no girl gets taken advantage of like that. So, instead of walking back down to the driveway, I swiftly walked towards Taylor (who hadn't seen me yet) and started pummeling his back as hard as I could. It wasn't much, but Taylor gasped from the sudden pain and surprise. Heather used this distraction to smash her knee up to… well… down under. All of a sudden, he fell to the floor and started groaning. Heather took a deep breath, then flicked her eyes to me and then Taylor. With heaving breaths, she stepped over his body as he started to get up. As he was almost to full height, we glanced at each other and then broke out into a run towards the door. However, before we could get there, Taylor grabbed Heather's ankle, causing her to fall.

"Ru- AAAHHHH!" she cried as she fell to the floor.

"You can't get away from me, Heather. You know it." Taylor tried to smirk evilly, although the look on his face was still contorted into pain.

Once again, I contemplated running out the door… but what fun would that be? Sprinting back to Heather and Taylor, I brought me foot down on Taylor's leg. As sudden pain seeped through his leg, Taylor reached down to grab it. Heather crawled out of his grasp and started to run… upstairs. That stupid girl… but as I looked towards the door, I realized that Taylor was still blocking the way… and I could hear somebody yelling.

"Dude! Wait up!" I heard, as running footsteps got closer to the house… I could distinctly recognize the voice of Jake the "Snake". I had seen Taylor and Jake together before… of shit. Now was not the time to think. Up the stairs it would be.


Running up the last few steps, I saw Heather running down the hallway. As she heard me, she whirled around to face me, holding a bat. Probably from Casey's room. How cliché… When she saw it was me, she lowered it, but I could still see the fear in her eyes.

"Heather… Taylor's still down there and Jake is coming in the house." I whisper- yelled as I saw her eyes widen a bit.

"Oh… dammit!" she cried.

"Shut up!" I whispered again. Then, I glanced to the room closest to us. Oh joy, the bathroom! It would be a great help to us, wouldn't it? No, not really. Looking back at Heather, I realized it was only a matter of moments before Jake and Taylor came up.

"Where…" I faintly heard from downstairs.

As I beckoned to Heather I ran to the room right next to the bathroom…Heather's bedroom.

"In here!" I whispered as I scanned the room. My eyes landed on the window and I ran to it, Heather hot on my heels. Realizing what I was going to do, she pulled up the blinds and pushed open the window as fast as she could. With a gulp, she looked at me. "Heather… we have to. It's the only way to get away." With a nod, Heather peered down toward the ground. As I also peeked out the window, I saw a bed of tulips… Well… better than concrete… All of a sudden, I heard thumping at the bottom of the steps. Looking back at Heather, I realized she had heard it too. With a quick nod, I leaped out of the window.


"OOMPH." I gasped as I tumbled down and somersaulted to a stop. Behind me, I heard another faint gasp, and Heather rolled right next to me. Getting up, we both started running away from the house.

"SHIT! THEY JUMPED OUT!" I heard a yell behind me as my feet pounded against the sidewalk pavement, in sync with Heather.

"Then jump out, you retard!" yelled another voice from the window.

"Man, I'm not so sure…"



I snickered as I heard their conversation getting fainter and fainter. Sissies.

I knew that we had no time to lose, so I pushed myself and started speeding up. Heather caught up to my pace and ran with me. As we ran to an intersection, I saw no good place to hide that wouldn't be obvious, so I took a left. Heather followed and we kept running down the street. People coming home from work looked at us. Well, I guess a crowd was better, but they could easily find us in the light. It was still a little sunny outside since it wasn't too late. As Heather and I ran side by side, I realized that if Taylor and Jake were following us, they'd be able to see us on this straight pathway, so I cut to the left onto a pathway. I kept running when I got to a clearing and I realized I was in some sort of a field. In the middle, some kids were playing baseball. It looked like a team game and I could see some parents in the bleachers. Studying them while I ran, an idea popped into my head. Turning around and yelling to Heather, I cried,

"Follow me! This way!" I started running towards the bleachers. Heather seemed confused, but, nonetheless, followed me. Reaching the bleachers, I climbed up a few rows and sat down next to a man who was yelling,

"Run, Ricky, run! You can do it!" Meanwhile, Heather plopped down next to me, and was panting for air. Sitting there like vegetables, I decided it would be best if I did some thing, so whenever the guy next to me cheered, I would also yell; then, Heather would watch me and start screaming too. We both sounded unsure of ourselves but yelled anyways.

"Hey, are you guys from our team? You're cheering for us, right?" the man next to me asked.

"Uh… sure," I lied. "We were just…late."

"Well, we're winning 4-2. Keep cheering! Oh, here." He said, handing both of us both huge "WE ARE #1" foam fingers. As I grabbed them from him, I spied Jake and Taylor, entering the park. Quickly, I started to cheer, while discreetly positioning the foam finger near my face. Following my example, Heather put on the foam finger and got up with everyone else as a boy, presumably Ricky, ran to home base.

"YEAH! WE WON! THAT'S MY BOY!"" the man next to me, who I had dubbed "Dad of the boy named Ricky, who is extremely sports oriented and will probably make his son, Ricky, go to a major sports college" cried. "We won"? Already? That was a kinda short game… Many around us cheered while others groaned and started to get down off the bleachers. Heather and I followed suit, trying to get lost in the crowd. I peered up above the woman in front of me to see Jake shaking his head and turning around. With one last glance back, Taylor also turned and started to follow Jake out of the park. While parents proudly congratulated the kids and told them they played great, Heather tugged on my sleeve to catch my attention. Pointing towards an area right near the bleachers were a clump of bushes. Unable to tell what she was trying to point out, she said,

"Follow me." We trudged to the bushes and I realized that there was an entrance/ exit there.

"Oh." I commented. It made sense, though. This park was near Heather's house. She had probably already known about this entrance. Exiting the park, we made our way towards the one place that was closest to us. We started heading back to Heather's house in an awkward silence.

"I hope Taylor isn't at my house." Heather said, breaking the silence. In a way, I was glad that she had spoken. The tension in the air had been thick.

"Yeah… when we get close, we can look through the windows and hide near the flowers in your front yard or creep through your backyard to make sure no one is home."

"Okay." She nodded, her lips set in a tight line. When we got to Heather's home, we headed around the back quietly. When we were sure no one was home, Heather said, "We should probably just go around the front. I doubt they locked it while coming out." I followed her back to the front where, sure enough, the door was slightly open. Going inside, I made sure to close the door as Heather locked it carefully. Without making a sound, we both headed to the kitchen where Heather soundlessly gave me glass of water before pouring herself one. She sat across from at the island in the middle of the table.

"I-" I started, but cut myself off. I wasn't sure what to say. Heather looked at me expectantly. She was different than usual. "Are you okay?" I said after thinking for a few moments.

Contemplating, Heather replied, "Yeah." I guess she was absorbing the fact that a guy a grade older than her had almost abused or even… raped her. She seemed to want to say more, so I waited. "It's been going on for a while, really," she started as my eyes grew wide. "The last few times I met him, he had tried to make a move, I always said 'No' and pushed him off, but this time, it was different. He actually tried to do something." She hung her head and started at the ground

"Oh." Was my wonderful answer. Sitting in now what was a comfortable silence, I sipped my water and started to speak. "You know, Heather," I said while her head was still down, "you have to file a-" I was cut off by a rapid knock on the door. Snapping my head up, Heathers eyes locked with mine. Silently getting up, she placed her index finger on her lips to make the universal sign of, "Shhhh." Nodding, Heather headed upstairs and came down with the bat she had brandished at me earlier. Softly tiptoeing back to the kitchen, I grabbed a broom that I had seen sitting in the corner as I heard the knocking on the front door again. I turned it so that the long stick part was in front of me like a witch's broomstick. Glancing at each other, we made our way so that we were on either side of the door, facing it. If the person came in, they'd be able to see me immediately, oh joy, but not Heather. Standing up straight and taking a deep breath, we both got ready as the front door flew open.


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