Title: The Damnable Ideal

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kurt wakes up alone in Paris on his and Blaine's five year anniversary. As Kurt slowly gets angrier by his continuing disappearance Kurt has flashbacks to important moments in their relationship where Blaine had been the perfect partner and so easy to love. But where is Blaine, and will Kurt realise Blaine needs him in time?

Based on the prompt: "It is not the perfect, but the imperfect, who have need of love. It is when we are wounded by our own hands, or by the hands of others, that love should come to cure us-else what use is love at all?" - Oscar Wilde

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Ryan Murphy and FOX Broadcasting Company. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

A/N: This story is already written, I'm just editing it again at the moment. The story alternates between present day (around 2023) and the past.

The Damnable Ideal.

Sunlight came streaming through the open window, gently waking him from soft dreams. Familiar noises of a city slowly beginning the day reached his ears as Kurt stretched his arms out sinuously only to encounter cold satin sheets instead of the warm flesh he had expected. Frowning, he sat up and quickly looked around the Parisian hotel suite. Apart from the king sized bed he was sat on there was a large seating area opposite with the remnants of last night's celebrations; two empty champagne flutes, a discarded bottle, various clothes items… but no Blaine. Quickly walking into the bathroom he glanced around expecting to see him having a soak in the Jacuzzi bath or maybe waiting for him in the double walk in shower but he wasn't there. Pouting, Kurt quickly had a shower before starting his daily morning moisturising regime.

Two hours later and with still no sign of Blaine or a note to say where he was, Kurt shrugged before grabbing his phone and leaving the hotel. Blaine was probably off sorting out their plans for later tonight. Hopefully this time it wouldn't involve a full orchestra, two kinky male giraffes apparently in love, a permanent ban from the Ritz in London and several months of counselling. Blaine's romantic gestures had calmed down over the years but every now and then it was as if he couldn't contain himself any longer, particularly on special occasions like today their five year anniversary, and Kurt had learned to just grin and bear it. After all, it proved how much Blaine loved him for the entire world to see which, in Kurt's opinion, was worth any amount of embarrassment. And really, despite his over exuberance when it came to romantic gestures, Blaine truly was the perfect partner.

*******Time shift*******

Finally. Finally he was here in New York. He'd made it out of Lima and the world seemed full of endless opportunities. Dreams of Strolling down Broadway, sipping cocktails in Bemelmans Bar, shopping in Macy's, all the while holding tight to Blaine's hand, raced through his mind as he hurried down 7th Avenue to the coffee shop Blaine had texted him about. Apparently it was exactly equidistant to both their halls of residence, and Blaine had suggested it could be their halfway meeting point just like the Lima Bean had been in their junior year. It had been days since he'd seen him as, although they were moving to the same city, they were going to different colleges. To everyone's surprise Kurt had decided not to apply to Julliard with Rachel and instead had decided on taking Fashion Design at FIT while Blaine was hoping to major in Music Theatre at NYU Steinhardt. The decision had meant Kurt and Blaine had to put off living together for another year, but in the end Kurt knew it was the right decision. Now, after three hectic days apart, Kurt had managed to make his room a fashionable haven, become acquainted with his hipster roommate, hunted down his timetable so he could check it against Blaine's, and had even managed to get invited to several awesome parties this coming weekend. Everything was going so well Kurt should have known it was too good to last.

Stepping through the doorway of the small cosy coffee shop, Kurt had a brief moment to appreciate the strong smell of coffee that enveloped his senses before loud bawling assaulted his ears.

"And, and *sob* he'll find another cheerleader with a perfect nose *sob* and they'll fall in love and get married and have babies with perfect noses and *sob* I'll be alone with four cats heartbroken *sob* and no one will ever want me *sob* and I'll become a bitter Broadway failure!" Rachel then wailed dramatically, flinging herself back into Blaine's arms, while the rest of the patrons of the coffee shop subtlety started to edge away from the clearly deranged young woman.

"Why me? Why! It's not as if I asked for much, just to be a famous Broadway starlet while Finn cheers me on from the side-lines with our two children; sweet little Elphaba and darling handsome Cosmo. Was that really too much to dream for!" Kurt rolled his eyes and started walking towards them just as Blaine started rubbing small circles into Rachel's back while murmuring supporting noises and words into her ear.

"And if that wasn't enough my roommate is awful, I hate her. She's a stuck up diva who thinks she knows everything and she says she's the best singer and dancer in the whole of Julliard and," she blew her nose loudly on Blaine' s offered monogrammed handkerchief, "and that she plays eight instruments perfectly, and she won't shut up! And, and…" Rachel trailed off again to sob uncontrollably as Kurt met Blaine's eyes over her shoulder. He raised his eyebrows and his lips tilted upwards slightly, as if to bring attention to the similarities between Rachel and the girl she was describing. Blaine frowned disapprovingly while clearly trying not to laugh.

"I just wish I'd applied to Steinhardt with you, and then at least I wouldn't be so alone." She raised her head to stare at Blaine with wide Bambi eyes as her top lip quivered. Kurt could see Blaine wavering from his brief amusement, his eyes glinting as he embraced the mantle of knight in shining armour that came so naturally to him.

"You are wonderful Rachel," he said while stroking her hair, "Finn would be an idiot to ever look elsewhere. He loves you. And as for this roommate of yours, she's clearly never heard you sing because believe me darling you have one hell of a voice on you. You're the best singer I've ever heard." He paused and tilted his head to one side, "well, except for Kurt naturally. But definitely the best female voice I know!"

"Really? You really think that?"

Blaine glanced to Kurt, who was still stood hovering over them, and clearly tried to communicate something important with his waggling eyebrows that Kurt had a sinking suspicion had nothing to do with combining Blaine's single occupancy room and a jar of massage oil.

"Of course I do, and Kurt does too, don't you babe?" Rachel turned in Blaine's arms to stare at Kurt, smiling waveringly at him.

"Of course I do," Kurt gritted his teeth. "You're special Rachel. Why, you're the most ambitious person I know." Technically he hadn't lied…

Rachel turned back around, leaning again on Blaine's shoulder. "And Rachel, you're not alone in New York. Me and Kurt are here for you, aren't we Kurt?" He briefly glanced up at him just in time to see Kurt shake his head vigorously. Blaine continued as if he hadn't seen it. "And you know what we're going to do Rachel? We're going to go back to my room, and we're not going to leave until we've gorged ourselves on buckets of ice cream, 1950's romantic movies, scores of musicals and we've sung along to every word and note. Okay?" Rachel smiled tentatively as Kurt's lustful plans faded rapidly.

One incredibly long movie marathon later, six empty tubs of ice cream, two and a half amazing parties missed out on, and Rachel was smiling and acting condescendingly superior again while she criticised the performances of some of the actresses in the musicals they were watching. Clearly, at least in her eyes, she could do so much better. Blaine had finally fallen asleep halfway through their second showing of Gypsy despite Kurt and Rachel singing along to all the songs. And, even though Kurt had only managed to exchange a bare handful of kisses with his boyfriend who was now snoring adorably while curled around a large pillow, Kurt was having fun.

Soon the credits were rolling and Kurt could see the sun rising over the New York skyline and hear the beginnings of people starting to wake up and move around in the hallway outside Blaine's room.

"Thanks," Rachel said so softly Kurt almost missed it before Rachel was talking again. "I know this probably wasn't what you wanted to happen when you went to meet Blaine," Kurt tried to half-heartedly deny the accusation but Rachel just continued. "It's fine, I understand. I'm not as oblivious to other people's wants and needs as you all might think." Kurt bit his tongue. "But I just wanted to say it means a lot to me. Really. I," She turned to look at Blaine who had managed to make himself look even smaller he was curled up so tight, "I needed this. He's truly an amazing person Kurt. He's so perfect. He would literally follow you anywhere." She paused again and Kurt knew without her having to say anything that she was thinking of Finn and his refusal to join them in New York. "Don't ever let him go, okay? He's a keeper. The perfect man." She smiled wistfully.

Kurt could see how serious Rachel was, he squeezed her hand gently before patting it and letting go to lean closer to Blaine and start stroking his hair. He naturally moved closer to Kurt's hand, almost nuzzling into it in his sleep. "Believe me Rachel, I know. He's so kind and optimistic, always seeing the best in everyone. He's perfect. Why he stays with me I don't know, but god knows I love him too much to ever let him go."

*******Time shift*******

By 10am Kurt had arrived at the sparse, ultra-modern warehouse where the fashion show was due to take place. Looking around for Blaine and his distinctive mop of black curls but not seeing him, he quickly made his way to the back room to look over his new collection and make sure everything was in order. Another hour later, three tantrums from various models and a crisis patch up job of a large tear in a pair of trousers and Kurt was making his way to his seat, still on the lookout for his elusive partner. He knew Blaine was angry with him that the fashion show was happening today on their anniversary, even if he had tried to deny it due to wanting to avoid any confrontation. Blaine had wanted to take just one day out, stay at home and watch movies together like they used to that first summer they spent together before senior year. But Blaine had never missed a single one of his shows, even when it meant having to fly from New York, where he was currently working on Broadway, to Paris for only a few hours before flying back. He regularly told Kurt he loved seeing his creations come to life, that it was a vibrant visual manifestation of his amazing personality for everyone to see and how proud it made him, watching the shows, that Kurt was his to love and his alone. Yet all that greeted him when he finally sat down was an empty seat next to him. The lights dimmed as music began to play and the fashion show started.

Four hours later a blank phone greeted him when he turned it back on. No missed calls.