AUTHOR'S NOTES (9/19/2011): *coughs due to the abundance of dust in this account* Well, howdy ho, people! It's been a while, hasn't it? I really want to get back into this fanfiction-writing groove, and, basically, I'll be starting out slow. This is a little poem centering around the 1983 cult classic, Rock and Rule, and is told from the point of view of the brash, but noble main hero, Omar. Elements of Prince's 'Purple Rain' and more so, Cheap Trick's 'The Flame' are present in this story, as I tried to get across Omar's feeling during his and Angel's ordeal...she misses him, too...

Now, sit back and enjoy...whilst I take care of some...well, Fall cleaning...*sweeps up a cobweb*

Interstellar Love Song, A Rock and Rule Poem
Becca David

I want everything, too, Omar...
It just takes time.

I hear the music of my own creation
It's sound echoes harsh in my ears
I remember all the good times...

...I remember when you were here...

We dreamed of such a life together
Achieving fortune and fame
I raged to be up there with the big guys
But your patience lessened that flame

Now, you ride in that fancy spaceship
Cruising through the spheres and stars
Lucky you, little miss rock star
Leaving me to fester here on Mars

The guys tell me it isn't your fault
But, after seeing you fawn over that clown
With his too-much hair and his too-much makeup
He's not the guy with which to go to town

Maybe they're right, I just miss you is all
I have rocks for brains; that I know
But if it wasn't clear the first time...

...I don't want to see you go

If I acted stupid, please forgive me
I think it's just the nerves
I'm just so God damned scared
Without you here to soothe the hurt

Do you still want to make it
Or am I just a memory?
Please, my Angel, tell me...

What's it gonna be?

Rock and Rule and all properties © 1983; Nelvana, Inc.