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The title Aster is what Xion's name in Japanese means. And according to Japanese floriography, the flower means "I won't forget you" or "remembrance". You'll see why I picked this title for this story XD. (I just love the fact how many meanings Xion's name conveys. But the story itself won't have anything to do with Xion though.)

As usual, the pairing of this story is my favourite SoRoku, and will have a little mention of VanVen as well. The story world sets in Japan as I adopt Japanese school systems and cultures in this story (can't help, I just love Japanese culture XD). And as usual again, sorry for any language mistakes, I'm not all familiar with those medical terms in English.



Aster tataricus
: I won't forget you.

I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was the white plain ceiling, some ceiling that was unfamiliar to me.

Wait, what is this place?

I tilted my head to the side and saw the unfamiliar windows…and the white curtains. Everything in this room seemed to be white. Wait…so is this our high school nurse's office? But wait again, it didn't seem to match the nurse's office in my memory.

Oww, talking about memory, why does my head hurt like a bitch?

I tried to sit myself up, but just one single movement caused a dull pain shoot all my nerves in my head. It was like my head's gonna explode or what. Geez, I've never experienced such killer headache in my whole life. So okay, this must be our nurse's office then. Wait, no, it could be a hospital room? Oh right, now think about it, it did look like a hospital room. Then how the hell I ended up here? And just what the hell happened to my head?

To be precise, it's not some headache you feel when you catch a cold or flu. It's more like I had hit my head on a brick wall or something, yeah, that kind of dull pain from the skull. So, did I hit my head then?

I got into a hospital because I hit my head. Sounds like some possibility.

I finally struggled into a sitting position. Somehow my whole body was kinda aching, but nothing serious compared to my headache though. I glanced around the room again, right, I'm now very positive that this must be a hospital room. But how did I end up here? Why can't I recall anything in terms of why I'm here…

Wait, you aren't telling me…that I lost my memories?

Wait wait wait! Now let's start from the basics. What is my name?

Good, that I do remember. My name is Sora. I'm just an ordinary insignificant normal 17-year-old high school student. We just had our spring break ended and I should be in class right now. Or I should be in my part-time work at Uncle Cid's store. Hospital would probably be the last place I should be in.

Okay, next, what's the last thing I do remember?

Mmmm…hmmm…the last thing…Sakura. Yes that's right, Sakura blossom! It's spring now, the season with beautiful cheery blossom everywhere. And what else? Mmmm…oh! Roxas! Right, right, he agreed to go have Ramen with me after school and then I'll head to Cid's to work. Strange. What happened then? Why my memory just stopped here and I can't recall anything after then?

As I was trying to think hard, I started to feel a little nauseous, it's not like the want-to-vomit-badly type of nauseous, but still, nauseous. Something must be not right with me. So, what am I supposed to do in the situation like this? Call the nurse or doctor? Yeah, I remember from watching TV, they should have some devices in the room that you can call the nurse station. I looked around and found a little red button and a speaker near the headboard of my hospital bed. Oh yeah, so I just have to press the button and some hot and pretty nurse Oneechan would come to check on me!

"Hai, Sora-kun, is there something you need?"

A female voice could be heard from the speaker, wait, it sounded maybe a little bit too old…

"Y-yes, I'm kinda…not feeling too well." I found my voice cracked a bit, throat a little bit dry and sour.

"Just hold on a second, Sora-kun, I'll be right there!"

A few moments later, this short and round lady, probably in her fifties, appeared in my room. Oh noooo, I don't want some Obasan, where's my pretty Oneechan? Errr, fine, beautiful and hot nurses only exist in mangas and animes, never in real life. I got it, I got it.

Well, what's crystal clear by now, is that this place is indeed a hospital. I guess I just have to ask the nurse about what happened to me.

"Thanks goodness, you finally woke up, Sora-kun."

"Well, yeah, heheh." I grinned kinda nervously (and stupidly), not knowing where to start.

"How do you feel? Are you feeling any headache?"

"Y-yeah, it hurts quite bad, I guess." I scratched the back of my head, to be honest, the headache was not that bothering me, it's the fact I couldn't recall anything of what happened scared me. "Err, do you know what happened to me? Why am I here?" I asked, uneasily.

"Eh? So you don't remember why you are here?"

She looked surprised by my question. The serious and shocked look on her face just made me feel even more nervous. Err, Obasan, I'd appreciate your concerns, but don't you think it's a bit over-exaggerated? I just couldn't recall why I was here, I still remember my name, age, past and everything else, it couldn't be that bad…or could it? Gee, now you're really making me nervous.

"Please wait for a while Sora-kun. I'm now going to call the doctor for you."

Watching her leave in a hurry, I have many question marks popping up above my head.

What…the hell happened to me?

"Sora-kun, please keep calm while listen to what I'm going to say about your condition, will you?"

I couldn't help but gulp, and then nodded. The unbelievably gorgeous blonde female doctor in front of me had this most angelic smile that I've ever seen in my life on her face, but at the same time, I felt like she was going to read a death sentence to me or something close. Apparently, this blonde beauty in white coat is my doctor, Namine. She just finished a bunch of examinations on me, like waving a pen flashlight into my eyes that kind of things you see on TV, something she called "neurologic tests" or so.

"According to the results of the examination, it is a very mild concussion you have got from the accident. However, it seems that the concussion also caused a mild amnesia. You are not able to recall part of your memories. To be precise, you have lost the memories of the past four years of your life."

Wait, what? So I was in an accident? A concussion? Amnesia? And four years of memories? Are you kidding me? Is it even possible for humans to lose partial memory like that?

I probably had my mouth slacking like an idiot. The blonde doctor looked at me with a concerned look on her pretty face.

"Can you comprehend what I just said?"

"Uh, okay, so, I lost part of my memories, but not all, is that what you mean?"

"Yes, that's right. According to your birth data and your own statements, you've lost four years of memories."

So that means…? In other words…

"In other words, you are twenty-one right now, not seventeen."

I almost choked on my own spit.

You gotta be fucking kidding with me!

"It is true that your case is a very rare one, Sora-kun. People's memories are indeed the most mysterious thing and we still know very little about how it works. But you don't have to worry too much though. The previous clinical reports have showed that your case of amnesia is often temporary and should not last life long, which means the probability that you regain the lost memories some day in future is quite high."


"Memories are like chains. When you remember one thing, that leads to remembering another and then another. Memories are connected. Many pieces are linked together like they're in a chain. Strictly speaking, it is not correct when I say you 'lost' your memories. Your memories are not gone, they are still there in your brain. It's just the links to them are missing. It's more like the lost memories are the links taken apart from the chain. But giving it time and right stimulations, one day, those missing links could be re-wired back to the chain of memories, and you should be able to recall those memories again."

To be honest, I didn't get all this 'chain of memories' thing the pretty blonde doctor was bubbling about, but somehow it did sound making a lot of senses.

"O-okay...but I still didn't get it. Why I only lost four years of memory? Like not five years or three years, but four years?"

"Judging from the information we have at hand, the concussion is the major cause of your amnesia. Thanks goodness that hit on your head did not cause internal haemorrhage or other traumatic brain injuries. Otherwise the outcome could be quite bad."

Yeah, hemorr-whatever, gee, do all doctors talk like that? I felt dizzy.

"On the other hand, certain psychological factors could also be the cause of temporary amnesia. But in your case, we lack of enough information to diagnose whether or not there is any involvement of psychological factors."

Huh? Psychological factors? What the heck does that mean?

"Sora-kun, you don't have to worry about this too much. Your concussion is very mild and it's nothing to be too concerned with."

She gave me a very gentle and assuring smile, wow, I could feel my cheeks seem to get a bit warm. But again, I was still nervous. How can I not be concerned when you told me I forgot about four years of my life?

"So...you can't fix my memory right away? Is there any way to get me recover faster?"

"I'm sorry. Reconnecting the chains of memories might take some time. I can't really help with that part."


Well, it did sound serious, with all this memory lost stuffs. But I don't know. It kinda felt unreal to me. I mean, they told me I should be 21 instead 17, but from all what I can remember, I'm just a 17-year old boy. I have no single idea how a 21-year old Sora should be. Right, I have no freaking idea about those four years that they told me I have lost. So to be honest, I didn't really feel much disappointed when Dr. Namine said she couldn't help. It's just…kinda…sorta, feel weird.

"Sora-kun, don't lose hope." Well, I didn't, not really. "Even though I cannot help you with that part, but your family and friends can. Many previous reports show that spending more time with family and friends can help to facilitate the memory recovery."


"Uhn. Actually you can leave hospital and go home today. You didn't have any serious injury. It is okay for you to go home now."

Really? I'm okay? Is it really okay for me to go home now?
Wait, but where should I go? I mean, if what she said is true, I am 21 instead of 17 now, where does this 21-year-old-me live then? Do I still live by myself in that cheap tiny apartment? If not, where should I go? Home? That home? No kidding. Ever since my old man kicked me out from that house, I haven't gone back there even once.

So where the heck could I go?

"We have just contacted your friend who should be here soon to pick you up."

W-what? My friend? Which friend you mean? Riku? Kairi? They're coming to get me?

I knew I must look like a complete idiot, all confused and lost in too much shocking information they bombarded on me. Dr. Namine gave me another assuring smile. She looked at her wrist watch and said in soft voice, "Don't worry. He should be here soon."


"Errr, Doctor, the friend of mine you talking about, do you know who…?"

"He is the one with you when you encountered the accident last night. Don't worry, your friend only got a couple scratches from the accident. He stayed here with you all night last night, but left this morning since he has classes at college that he has to go, but he told us to inform him as soon as you woke up."

Last night? "Wait, you mean it's yesterday that I had an accident?"

"That is right. You were sent to ER last night. We didn't find any internal haemorrhage at then, but since you hadn't woken up all night, we decided to have you remain here under observation just in case."

"I see…" Seriously, what the heck is that hemorr-whatever thing is?

Accident. So I had an accident. A car accident? Then should I say I'm lucky that a mild concussion was all I got but nothing else serious happened to me? It could be much worse if it was a car accident, right? And a friend who was with me when the accident happened…who could that be? If talking about best friends, the first person I could think of is Riku, we are best buddies since childhood. Even now it is four years in future (to me), the chance he is still my best buddy should be pretty high, shouldn't it?

And the second person I could think of is Kairi. But the doctor said it was a he. So it wouldn't be her. Well, I don't know, me and Riku and Kairi were really close, I mean, four years ago. I wonder how my two best friends look like now. Are they still the same? Are we still best friends?

Seriously, if talking about my friends, it could be many people besides Riku and Kairi, like, it could be Leon, or Cloud, or even Donald and Goofy. All possible. So, who would that person be that is on his way here to pick me up?

I let out a frustrated sigh. Frankly, there is one person I wish to come here and pick me up, but he's my family, not a friend. It is not possible he's the one coming since the doctor made it clear it's one of my friends.

I didn't even know if he knew that I was at the hospital right now. Would anyone contact him about my accident? After all, I am his brother, well, step-brother to be precise.

Would anyone contact Roxas about what happened to me?

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edits: To avoid any confusion, here's a little extra explanation. It's not that Sora was in coma for four years. He had an accident 'yesterday' and got his head hit, then he lost the memory of the past four years of his life before the accident. Let's say, he was the 21-year-old Sora until 'yesterday' but then psychologically he 'returned' to his 17-year-old old-self because he couldn't remember the in between four years anymore. Does that make any sense?