Chapter Forty-Seven "Homecoming, Part V"

Trixie rummaged through the refrigerator before retrieving a pitcher of punch with her magic and levitating it over to the kitchen counter. Derpy left momentarily to pick up her daughter from the daycare center, and promising to return with Dinky shortly. This left Trixie alone to keep Parker's band of sidekicks occupied long enough for Derpy to return. The mailmare may have been a clumsy pony, but she was a sound mother, proving capable enough to handle the Crusaders with ease. Trixie volunteered to get the fillies a few beverages once they began to grow thirsty.

Normally, the unicorn would have granted them access to the kitchen without supervision, but after the girls destroyed half of the glass clambers in Canterlot Castle, Trixie figured it would be best if she handled all fragile materials. She could only wonder how Parker handled such an energetic lot without tearing his mane out. Perhaps the stallion had parental qualities like Derpy, his sense of right and responsibility echoing that sentiment. Exasperated, Trixie groaned as her tail whipped to the side. It was rather frustrating how much Peter was on her mind now. She had her company to blame for that.

"Trixie?" a soft voice called out from behind. Trixie closed the refrigerator with her hoof before turning around, finding a large pair of emerald irises peering up at her. Sweetie Belle smiled, giggling as the unicorn exhaled a response. The filly trotted over to her side and stood on her hind legs, using the kitchen counter to keep her balance. The top of her light violet mane only reached Trixie's chin, but Sweetie Belle remained on the tip of her hooves, struggling to see the items on the counter. "Do you need any help?"

The request was innocent and delivered through a cracked voice. Trixie's lips curled into a smile, her stoic demeanor unable to resist the filly's immense adorability. "No, but I do appreciate the thought."

Nodding, Sweetie Belle fell back on all four hooves. "Okay." Glancing out of the corner of her eye, Trixie nodded before raising the pitcher and pouring its contents into four separate glasses. Once the mare finished her task, she found Sweetie Belle still standing beside her and shifting her gaze from the refrigerator to a letter in her mouth. Hesitantly, Sweetie extended it to Trixie, the filly's ears dropping into her mane while her cheeks flushed. "W-Would you, um, mind p-putting this on the refrigerator door for me? I can't reach-"

Knowing what the filly was asking, Trixie snatched the letter from her hooves with her magic. "Hmm... just what is this?" Curiosity having got the better of her, the mare quickly opened up the letter and began glancing over the contents before replying.

"O-Oh, it's nothing! Just, um something I wrote for Peter, it's not important or anything special," Sweetie quickly commented. After a few moments, a look of clear disinterest crossed the mare's face, only serving to further add to the filly's reluctance and doubt of having asked.

"I see. Well that was very thoughtful of you." Having lost interest in what the remainder of the message might hold, Trixie deftly levitated it to the fridge; slipping the letter under an attached magnet.

As Trixie returned to rummage through the collection of silverware and supplies, a relieved sigh caused her to once again return her attention to the filly beside her, raising an eyebrow. Out of all the Crusaders, Sweetie Belle was the easiest to read when it came to Peter. She was a naive filly harboring a schoolyard crush. It was harmless, dare Trixie think 'cute' even. However, the mare pondered where those feelings developed from. With Sweetie Belle, Trixie believed there was a concrete reason, as the filly was supportive of Peter beyond comparison in spite of the idiot's mistakes. Trixie sighed inwardly. Her curiosity was getting the better of her again.

The mare placed the tray of glasses on the table and held the letter down to the filly, along with a small magnet. "Sweetie Belle, how did you come to like Peter? Trixie has been meaning to ask you this for quite some time."

Sweetie Belle froze as her eyes widened and tail stiffened. It seemed the filly was ill-prepared for the question, evident by her fidgeting hooves and pink blush. It was an innocent question on Trixie's part, yet it appeared nopony had bothered asking Sweetie before. It wasn't like Scootaloo, who did a good job of keeping her crush on Peter a secret. If anything, Sweetie Belle made it all but clear that she liked Peter through countless hugs, compliments, and swooning. Perhaps it was something that needed no explanation. After all, Sweetie was simply a filly, but Trixie was far too nosey to leave it be. The tiny unicorn looked around, more likely keeping an eye open for her fellow Crusaders, but she nodded, gulping as her emerald gaze met Trixie's.

"Peter taught me to not be afraid when I…" Sweetie's cheeks grew hotter, burning even as her ears disappeared into her mane.

She brushed her hoof against the back of another. Trepidation filled the filly as her lips quivered. Sweetie Belle then inhaled deeply before closing her eyes. Trixie furrowed her brow, befuddled at the filly's demeanor, but her ears perked at a sound escaping from Sweetie. It was a blissful, harmonic tune, delivered through a hum. Her humming morphed into singing, but the delivery remained blissful, even with Sweetie's voice never rising above a whisper.

The filly opened her eyes, and a hesitant smile formed on her face. "Peter taught me to believe in myself whenever I sing."

"We're the Cutie Mark Crusaders…" Sweetie Belle sang, her pitch perfect. She walked through the clubhouse, dusting off everything with her tail. The day had ended early. Her friends ventured to the barn to grab a few things, and Sweetie decided to wait at the hideout. More than likely, Applebloom and Scootaloo would stop by Twilight's to pick up Peter, which gave the filly time to clean the clubhouse. Sweetie was lost in a trance, sweeping the same spot on the table as she continued to sing. It was a guilty pleasure of hers. Sweetie knew she could not sing, but it was relaxing, allowing the filly to drift in her never-ending daydreams. 'We'll never stop the journey…"

"Yo!" Peter cheered, tapping an unsuspecting Sweetie over the shoulder. The filly jumped, releasing a high-pitched squeak, and the stallion chuckled at her pink face. "Sorry! That was mean of me, but you left the door open. I didn't scare you too badly, did I?" Peter patted the top of Sweetie's violet crown, and the filly smiled widely and leaned into his hoof, quickly forgiving the stallion for his prank. Grinning, Peter pulled his hoof away. "What was that you were singing just now? It was pretty catchy."

Sweetie's complexion paled, matching a shade brighter than her sister's fur. "It's just the Cutie Mark Crusaders theme song." She shook her head, dismayed with herself for letting Peter of all ponies hear her. "I can't sing. I'm sorry you had to hear that," she whispered, her voice wavering.

"No way!" Peter honestly replied before placing his hoof back over Sweetie Belle's mane. "You have a beautiful voice," he added, sending a wave of warmth through the filly. He gave an affirming nod afterward. "I would love to hear you sing a little more as a matter of fact."

Ecstatic, Sweetie rose with an open smile. "R-Really? You like it?"

Peter simply nodded, prompting the filly to happily neigh, but a realization came into mind, forcing Sweetie to calm her shivering hooves by planting them firmly against the ground. Peter actually liked her singing! Peter, the dreamiest pony in Equestria liked her voice! Sweetie wanted to sing, more than she ever had before, but her voice shrunk, retreating into the back of her throat. Her fear held her back, forcing the filly to shift her gaze to the ground. Despite avoiding eye contact, Peter could sense Sweetie's trepidation, evident by his knowing smile.

She shook her head. "I want to, but I can't. I've always been afraid to sing in front of anypony. I don't want anypony to laugh at me. Especially, you," Sweetie choked out, her voice wavering.

Peter lowered his head, brushing it gently against Sweetie Belle's. "I promise I will never laugh at you."

The stallion pulled back, holding a genuine smile, and Sweetie found a way to nod, unable to contain a nervous giggle. Peter furrowed his brow and tapped his hoof against the underside of his chin, contemplating something. Once an idea came into mind, he lowered his body until his height matched the filly's, and the stallion kept his face inches from her own. Sweetie Belle's breathing grew erratic, her heart threatening to leap out of her chest, but she remained still, hanging on Peter's silence.

Peter smiled. "I have a way around your nervousness, Sweetie. Do me a favor and close your eyes, okay?" Her mind was frazzled, but the filly did as she was told, and closed her eyes. Sweetie Belle inhaled sharply as something warm fell over her hooves. Peter grinned, seeing the filly bite down on her lip as his hooves caressed hers. "Now pretend you're alone on an island. Nopony is around for miles. You relaxed, feeling the warm sand over your hooves. Can you see it, Sweetie Belle?"

Sweetie nodded, sighing contently as the muscles in her body relaxed. "I can see it, Peter."

Peter massaged the filly's hooves, causing Sweetie's smile to widen. She was lost in a trance, exactly where the stallion wanted her to be. "Perfect. Then let go and sing. The only thing watching you is the sun. Listen to the sound of your voice."

Her hooves were practically melting in Peter's grasp, but she didn't mind, finding the sensation comforting. The stallion was as warm as the sun, and he was watching over her. This should have added to the filly's paranoia, but it didn't. In fact, her confidence steadily rose while she focused on the heat spreading through her body. Sweetie Belle kept her eyes closed, but she instinctively slid closer to Peter with a few scoots along on the floor. She figured her act had gone unnoticed, unaware of how blatant it truly appeared, but Peter humored the filly, leaning forward so that she could nudge against him easier.

Peter kissed the center of the filly's forehead, causing her cheeks to ignite. Sweetie stifled a giggle. There was nothing to be afraid of. She was comfortable with an invaluable heat source consuming her. Sweetie let go of her defenses, if only to truly embrace this moment.

"Look, here, are three little ponies," Sweetie began, quietly.

"Ready to sing for this crowd,

Listen up, 'cause here's our story

I'm gonna sing it!"

She paused, raising her voice to the greatest of her ability, but her tone remained sweet

and surprisingly soft. "Very loud!"

Soon, the filly was singing loudly, comfortable in the stallion's company. For the first time, Sweetie sang for somepony, and it wouldn't be the last. At the very least, there was somepony who wouldn't look at her any differently.

Trixie's gaze softened while her lips curled into a sweet smile. It was strange, but through these fillies, Trixie's admiration for Peter grew. He was already a friend, an irreplaceable one at that, but she was beginning to realize that the effect Peter had on others was contagious, even to fillies. Trixie brought the magnet over the refrigerator door and slid Sweetie's picture underneath. The mare scrunched her nose, grimacing at the filly's crude drawing of two ponies. One was light brown, wrapping his stick-like limbs around a tiny snowball that vaguely resembled another pony, and the sun hovered over them, smiling nonetheless. It was beyond amateur, yet Trixie's eyes grew moist. In blue crayon, a caption had been etched below the ponies.

"To Peter, the coolest, warmest pony I ever met.

-Sweetie Belle."

Sweetie's brow furrowed once a tear rolled down Trixie's cheek despite there being a smile on her face. Uncertain, the filly's ears lowered. "Do you… think Peter will like it?"

Trixie nodded, sniffling as she shared an earnest smile with Sweetie Belle. "Peter will love it. I know he will."

Twenty-Nine Days Remain until the portal closes…

Peter rose from the couch with a blank stare, using a hand to block the room's bright light from his line of sight. He groaned, waiting for his vision to clear, and as the room stopped spinning, Peter felt something warm fall over his shoulder. However, Peter received a contrasting follow up when Twilight draped a cold cloth over his forehead. The young man shivered involuntarily. At least his senses were astute. Peter's eyes shifted about while his mind struggled to recollect what had transpired. He remembered talking with Tony about something, and Peter seemed to recall being paid three hundred million dollars for a few gems. Scoffing, the young man shook his head and rolled his eyes.

It was another of his crazy dreams, but he sighed, grateful he didn't have the nightmare where Green Goblin was his jailmate again.

"Finally awake, sweetie?" an older woman's voice asked from behind. Peter lazily turned, his eyes shooting open at the sight of his aunt. He shifted his head, scanning his surroundings, and it was quite clear they were still within the walls of the Sanctum Sanctorum, prompting Peter to force himself into a sitting position. Aunt May shared a smile with Twilight before taking a spot on the couch. Placing a hand on his thigh, she grinned. "You've been out cold for a few hours, boy. We didn't think you would ever wake up, but I can understand why you reacted so strongly."

Peter arched a brow. "How did you get here, Aunt May? This place is kind of a secret."

Twilight took a seat next to Peter after removing the cloth from his forehead. "I brought Miss May here with the help of Doctor Strange. I had time to tell her what happened between you and Mister Stark."

May nodded. "Stephen's kind enough to allow me to stay here for the duration of your visit. That way, I can spend as much time with you as possible." Her smile grew. "I hope you don't mind, Peter."

Peter scratched the back of his head. "No, of course not. Just don't go opening any random books. I'd hate to have to go climb a beanstalk to get you back."

Twilight giggled, poking Peter's arm. "It took me a minute to compare Equestria's monetary values to Earth's. Now I understand why you fainted! Five hundred million is so much! I had no idea Mister Stark was that rich."

The blood in his head left, but Peter found a way to keep from fainting, using his hand for support. "S-So it really happened? I'm rich?" Throwing his hand high over his head, Peter whooped at the top of his lungs. "I'm rich! I'm filthy rich! I'm not broke for the first time in my life!" He hopped to his feet, pointing his index fingers skyward, but reality came crashing down. Peter lowered his shoulders and chuckled halfheartedly. "That's just my luck. I finally get some cash, and I only have a month to enjoy it. That's the Parker luck, Chuck."

Twilight bounced up, patting Peter's shoulder playfully. "Don't sound so down! I'm sure there's plenty you can do with your earnings during our time here."

Glancing off to the side, Peter furrowed his brow, but a smile formed on his face before he gave Twilight an affirming nod. "Yeah, you're right. I'll start right now." He walked over to the older woman, placing his hand over hers. "The least I can do is give you half of what I got. It should be more than enough for you. Right, Aunt May?"

May's eyes widened before softening. "Peter! I…" her voice choked, making it impossible for the older woman to form words. Smiling, May wrapped her arms around Peter's neck for a warm embrace, and her tears fell over his shoulder. "I won't need that much, but it means a lot hearing you say that."

Once they parted, Peter brushed his thumb over May's cheeks, wiping away her tears. "I'll talk to Tony about wiring a few million into your account. At least I know you'll be able to live comfortably for the rest of your days." May, sniffling, kissed the young man over the cheek, and he turned his gaze to Twilight. "Speaking of which, where is Stark? He's supposed to escort us to the tower."

Frowning, Twilight shook her head. "Colonel Fury called him and said there was a mission at something called 'Mandarin's Palace', I think? It must have been the Masters of Evil again because Mister Stark took off in a hurry, but he told me to give you something before he left." Reaching into her pocket, Twilight retrieved a small earpiece before offering it to Peter, shrugging afterward. "I don't know what it is, but Mister Stark was very specific. He wants you to put it on the moment we make it to Stark Tower."

Peter nodded, sliding the device into his front coat pocket. "Stark's a genius, so it's probably a backup plan." Extending his hand, Peter helped Twilight to her feet and gave the girl a soft kiss on the cheek the moment she was vertical. "Since Aunt May's here, how about we have lunch? That way, we can have the rest of the day to ourselves?" He winked during the latter portion of his suggestion, earning an affirming nod and smile from his lover. Grinning, Peter turned to the older woman. "Please tell me you're ready, Aunt May. I'm starving!"

Twilight shook her head, dismayed. "You're always hungry."

May laughed. "Then it's a good thing I took your advice and cooked everything this morning. Twilight and Stephen were nice enough to help me bring everything here. I even got to meet Spike while you were sleeping!" She placed her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle. "You may not like to admit it, but Spike is like Barney. So sweet."

Peter's hand struck his forehead with a smack. "Don't compare them, Aunt May. " He scoffed, folding his arms. "Spike's more butch, while Barney? He's a bit- Ow!" Twilight glared at him, holding the point of her elbow into his arm. Peter rolled his eyes. "What? I was going to say 'he's a bit more annoying'!"

The dragon stepped into the room upon hearing his name several times, but he belched, sighing contently as he offered May an empty picnic basket. "That was great, Miss May! I really appreciate it!" Spike lowered his head near Peter and brought a claw over his mouth. "Your aunt's awesome, Peter, but why does she keep calling me Barney?"

Shaking his head, Peter placed his hands on his hips and groaned. "You don't want to know. I still have nightmares from my childhood about that guy."

Twilight skidded over to Spike with the basket raised high over her head, gritting her teeth. "Spike! Please tell me you didn't eat everything on your own! This was meant for all of us, not just you!"

Peter scratched the back of his head. "You ate everything in the picnic basket? The ranger isn't going to like this, Yogi." Twilight shot him a glare as her fingers clenched the woven holder. She wanted to throw it to the greatest of her ability, right for Peter's big, stupid head, but she resisted the urge, choosing to surrender the basket to May with a disgruntled sigh. Peter shrugged his shoulders. "I guess this cancels lunch."

May nodded, petting Spike over the nose. "It's not his fault. I offered him some food, but I didn't tell him that was all I brought. It's quite all right." The older woman grinned. "Stephen has plenty, and he's given full rights to the kitchen. How about I fix sandwiches for everyone before you two go?"

Twilight's smile returned, as if her irritation had evaporated. "Thank you, Miss May." Peter chuckled. It was amazing how swift Twilight could change from a no-nonsense drill sergeant to a happy, go-lucky schoolgirl. Women had this ability, on Earth and Equestria it seemed. Twilight leaned closer to Peter, her smile wide even as he took her in his arms and fell into his seat. She stared into her lover's eyes, blushing. One of Twilight's hands fell over Peter's chest while the other wrapped around his shoulder, all while holding his heroic mask. "I can't wait to see the city! Where are we going first?"

A coy smirk formed on the young man's face, despite the crimson stain that formed in his cheeks. Peter tugged at Twilight's skirt and winked. "We'll head for Stark Tower first. There's something I need to go pick up."

Across the room, Spike gagged to himself. "Please go already. You two are making me sick."

Peter walked hand-in-hand with Twilight through the front of the door of Stark Tower. He glanced at the high-caliber interior decorations before exhaling. "Man. It's amazing what someone can do with a few billion dollars."

Twilight placed her free hand over her mouth to conceal a gasp, her mind struggling to take in all of the scientific possibilities at once. "I wish I had a chance to explore this portion of the tower yesterday." Giggling uncontrollably, Twilight pulled her hand from Peter and proceeded to bounce in place. "Come on, Peter! Put on your earpiece so we can get started already!" she whined, oblivious to the stares of those surrounding her.

Peter only smiled as he retrieved the earpiece from his pocket. "You are so cute." The device was placed properly into his ear, and the young man stood still, glancing about as he waited for something to occur. He poked his lips out in a pout, disappointed with the lack of an outcome. "What's this thing supposed to do anyway?"

"It allows you to communicate with me. Good evening, Mister Parker. It has been quite some time," a male's voice calmly called out. "I am JARVIS, We have been acquainted before."

His eyes widening, Peter snapped his fingers. "Oh, yeah! JARVIS! You're the highly sophisticated artificial intelligence that Tony talks to all of the time."

"Indeed. Now if you may retrieve the second earpiece from the front desk for your girlfriend, I will begin to retrieve your valuables."

Twilight tilted her head to the side. "Why are you talking to yourself?"

Peter walked over to the desk and retrieved the device before returning to Twilight. As the young man placed the piece in her ear, he murmured, "Not talking to myself this time, hun. Twilight, I would like for you to meet JARVIS."

"Hello, Miss Twilight. Mister Stark has informed me of your origin and relationship with Mister Parker. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask."

Taken aback, Twilight brought her hand over her ear and peeped. "Oh! Um… thank you." Her brow furrowed, befuddlement filling her eyes, but her confusion dissipated, allowing amazement to take its place. "Artificial intelligence? Wow. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to communicate with artificial intelligence. You sound just as sentient as anyone I've ever met."

"You flatter me, Miss Twilight. I have Mister Stark's engineering to thank for my existence. As per your request, Mister Parker…"

A compartment opened over the top of the desk, and a device rose from a puff of smoke. It's white exterior was sleek and polished, as if it had just been manufactured. A purple star, modeled after Twilight's cutie mark, was engraved on the top. Peter took the device in hand, smirking as he offered it to Twilight. She hesitantly accepted the device, furrowing her brow at the intricate design, but she ran her finger over a peculiar sight, the black spider insignia that rested at the center of the purple star.

"Mister Stark had this laptop custom-made for you. Its battery life relies heavily on solar energy…"

Peter raised a finger. "Shouldn't be a problem since we have a sun goddess in Equestria."

"...and I have been installed within to provide you with any information you may need in regards to Earth. It can also act as a storage of data for you should you need it. Mister Parker informed us last night that you were a librarian and had asked us to give you a laptop. It should prove useful for any future research you wish to acquire."

Peter placed his fingers over Twilight's ear and gently removed the earpiece, following by closing in port and sliding it within the back of the laptop. "I saw how much you liked the laptop at Doctor Strange's. I thought it'd be cool if I found a way to get you one to take home. The keyboard is made for humans, but I know you can get around that using your magic. If you don't feel like typing, just ask JARVIS, and he'll do the work for you." He scratched the back of his head sheepishly and glanced off to the side. "Do you like it?"

Peter was barely able to say 'it' before Twilight dove into his arms and proceeded to kiss him profusely. Every kiss lasted several seconds, growing in passion with each one given. Twilight muttered countless phrases of gratitude between each kiss, and her grip on his tightened by the second. She would occasionally pause to eye her gift, only to immediately resume her smothering kisses, not that Peter minded. Twilight was too far gone, excited like a child on Christmas morning. She squealed before burying her face into the young man's chest.

"I love you so much! I love you so much! I love you so much!" Twilight cried as tears of joy poured from her eyes and dampened Peter's shirt. Not giving the young man time to react, she pressed her lips into his once more before taking her new toy and sitting behind the desk to analyze it thoroughly. One hand pecked away at the keyboard while the other wiped away at her tear-stained cheeks. "This means so much. Thank you," she choked, nearly sobbing. Eventually, Twilight settled her nerves and closed her laptop, stowing it gently in a custom-made bag left by JARVIS before slipping the strap around her shoulders. She wrapped her arms around one of Peter's and purred contently, "I love you."

It should have been impossible for Peter's smile to grow any wider, but Twilight's warmth added to his happiness. She may have become a princess recently, but Twilight was still a librarian, a girl longing to expand her knowledge of the world. By Earth's standards, a laptop was nothing new, but for a girl who lived in a technologically-inferior world like Equestria, it spoke volumes. Twilight was a simple mare at heart despite her quirkiness. The fact Peter thought this much about her was too much to take in. He literally got her a digital, portable library.

Twilight loved Peter. It was all but obvious, but she wanted to express herself, to really show how much this meant from the bottom of her heart. Sadly, it would have to wait, as there were too many spectators around at the moment, but Twilight smiled inwardly, content with the situation. It gave her time to prepare. Standing on her tippy toes, Twilight raised her hand to shield her mouth as she whispered deep into Peter's ear. She went into vivid detail, giggling as Peter's face flushed to a shade of crimson. Her voice was deep, seductive.

"I take it Miss Twilight likes her gift?"

Peter chuckled, barely able to withstand his elevated body temperature. "Yeah… That's one way of putting it."

Peter's stomach growled as his eyes scrolled through the menu in his hands. "You know what's weird, Twilight? We've been dating for a while now. I can easily say I love you more than anybody in this world or Equestria." He grinned, placing the menu down and taking a hold of Twilight's hand from across the table. "So how is it that we're just now going on our first official date?"

Twilight's eyes widened as she freed her gaze from the menu. "So much has happened. Don't forget. You were in the hospital when we first started our relationship." Her eyes softened while her lips curled into a sweet smile. She squeezed Peter's hand, sighing afterward. "I guess we haven't had much time. You came out of the hospital and then Discord appeared. Not too long after that, you were called away to help Cadance and Shining Armor contain Sombra. Then I became a princess, and…" She stopped, biting down on her lip. "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm still learning how love and relationships work. I'm a horrible girlfriend…"

"No, you're not," Peter countered, earnestly and honestly. There was no humor in his voice, and Twilight appreciated that, evident by her loving smile. Peter brought the girl's hand to his mouth before giving it a gentle kiss. "This relationship has been perfect for me. Besides, I'm just as much to blame." Twilight raised her brow at the latter portion of the young man's statement, and Peter felt his face grow hot. Even now, she was the most beautiful creature in existence. He chuckled. "Come on. You said it. Prioritizing and organization have never been my strong points. You're the number one priority in my life, so I have to try my best to make sure you're happy."

Nodding, Twilight giggled. "Well, I'm very happy." Her cheeks bloomed. "I promise I'll make it up to you over the week." The couple shared a smile before Twilight returned her gaze to the menu, only for the girl to furrow her brow at the choices. "There's certainly a decent selection, but I'm not too fond of trying meat. It doesn't help that half of the choices are meats. Are humans this carnivorous?"

Peter shook his head. "Not necessarily. Humans have a very diverse metabolism. While a human can eat only meat, it wouldn't be nutritious for their body." He brought his finger over Twilight's menu, tracing it over pictures in the side order section. "That's why we are encouraged to have a balanced diet. Some meats, veggies, fruits, and dairies can go a long way." Peter leaned back into his chair and folded his arms. "So what will you get?"

Twilight brought a finger over her mouth. "I don't mean to be picky, but I just can't bring myself to eat a meat that's not fish. It would just seem…" she trailed off, shuddering, "wrong."

Grinning, Peter nodded. "Trust me. I understand. How about we get a pizza then?" His eyes widened at an image in the menu. "Oh! Let's get a cheesecake, too! With strawberry topping? I can actually afford it for once!"

Dismayed, Twilight stuck out her tongue and scrunched her nose. "There's enough cheese on the pizza! I don't think we need cheese in a cake, too." Her mind struggled to register the idea of such an absurd dish. She could only shake her head disapprovingly. "Strawberry with cheese? Ew!"

Peter snickered involuntarily, fighting the urge to laugh uncontrollably. "It's not that kind of cheese. I promise you'll like it. It's a rich dessert cake made with cream and soft cheese on a graham cracker, topped with strawberry sauce. It's the ultimate treat!"

Twilight hesitantly nodded, the disgust in her face still apparent. A waitress approached the couple and took their order. After she took their menus and delivered their beverages, the woman left. Peter stared at Twilight for the duration, smiling as she stole glances at the bag holding her laptop. It wasn't much, but he felt relieved finally having the opportunity to take the love of his life out on a date, even if it was to an Italian restaurant.

Peter bit his lip and shook his head. This was still a date. The least he could do was act like it. "So has the day been okay for you so far? Are you enjoying yourself?"

Twilight's eyes shot open, as if she wasn't expecting the question, but she managed to smile, filling Peter with a sense of warmth. "It's been fun so far! There's so much more I want to see, but I know we can't cover everything in a single day."

"Yeah, the world's a big place, but I have the money to show you a good time. Which is why I want to take you to the beach tomorrow! The Bahamas to be exact," Peter stated, earning a stunned expression from the girl. He tapped his finger against the side of his head, smirking. "I talked with JARVIS before we left Stark Tower. They'll have a private jet ready for us to take in the morning. We'll have our own private suite and everything when we make it to our destination. There's enough room on the jet for Spike, too."

Flustered, Twilight brushed a strand of her violet locks behind her ear. "What? The beach? Why?" She was silent before managing to smile. "Of course the experience would be nice. I've never gone to a beach before. Where did this idea come from?"

Peter's blush was visible at this point. "I sort of realized I never saw you in a swimsuit or bikini. Then I thought about it further and realized I never had time to go to a beach. This may be the only chance I have to see both possibilities come through."

Shaking her head, Twilight placed her fingers over her eyes and moaned. "You're so single-minded sometimes."

"You haven't said no," Peter grinned, causing the girl to roll her eyes.

She reached out and flicked his nose, giggling. "Fine. I'll go, but we'll need to buy myself a swimsuit when we're finished eating."

Pointing his thumb to the side, Peter nodded. "Well, there's a Victoria's Secret nearby. You can go there. It's a clothing store for women."

"Really?" Twilight murmured, cupping her chin in her hand. She sorted through a plethora of ideas running through her mind. After a few moments, the girl giggled and clapped her hands together. "Good. There's a few specific things I need to get, and you'll come with me."

Peter cringed. It wasn't a request. He knew her tone. This was a subtle demand. "Me in a women's clothing store? I don't think that's such a good idea."

Her brow lowered and lips poked out. "Well, we're going. No ifs, ands, or buts about it."

Resting his elbow on the table, Peter placed his chin on his hand and groaned. "Fine, you sawed-off, little twerp." Twilight's smile remained firm while Peter sat, dismayed. "Why do I have to come anyway?"

"Because I want to thank you for the laptop," she whispered, earning an arched brow from the young man. A low growl escaped from the girl's stomach, leaving her face to flush to a shade of pink. The waitress returned with two dishes, one holding a pizza decorated with olive toppings and the other with a dessert smothered in strawberry sauce. After Peter handed the woman his debit card, Twilight brushed her hands over her skirt, removing any wrinkles present. Her stomach growled once more, forcing Twilight to wave off Peter's cheeky grin. "We'll talk about it later. Let's eat."

Peter raised his hand. "Hang on." Using a knife, Peter sliced into the cake, removing a piece before placing it on a separate plate. Smiling, he edged the treat over to Twilight. "Try this first."

Hesitantly, Twilight took her fork and cut the front piece away. She raised it, hovering it over her mouth, but she paused, giving her boyfriend a concerned expression. "Are you sure this isn't actual cheese?"

Peter chuckled. "It's cream cheese. Totally different. Trust me."

Twilight sighed. That was unfair. Of course she trusted him. For all intents and purposes, that was why Twilight chose Peter to become her personal knight. She knew he would never lead her in the wrong direction intentionally. Inhaling deeply, Twilight followed her heart and returned Peter's trust, guiding the piece of cheesecake into her mouth. She slammed her eyes shut, maneuvering the treat about with her tongue as it melted in her mouth. It was cold, much like ice cream, but it was more solid, perhaps due to the soft crust.

Her eyes shot open. The cake's sweetness took hold of her senses. It tasted nothing like any cheese she's had before. Twilight sighed blissfully, holding a hand over cheek. She wanted to savor such a taste, but with effort, the girl swallowed her treat, only to immediately take a second bite. The result was the same, the effect just as heavenly as the first. Before long, only a few crumbs remained of her slice, and Twilight's smile was as radiant as the sun. The rest of their meal was just as satisfying, and the couple ate in comfortable silence, sharing a laugh ever so often.

Twilight smiled, patting her hand over her stomach. "Oh, my stars! That was wonderful!" She furrowed her brow for a second, giggling once Peter brushed a piece of food away from her chin. "That was good, but I can tell I gained a couple of extra pounds."

Peter planted his elbow on the table, allowing his chin to rest in his palm. "You just ate five pounds worth of pizza and cheesecake. Where did the extra three pounds go? If it went to your sparkly butt, I won't complain- Ow!" The tip of Twilight's foot struck his shin. One would think that was enough indication to stop, but Peter was not so bright, humming a tune. "I like big butts and I can not lie! You other brothers can't deny- Ow!"

Peter's face burned to a shade of crimson as he stood awkwardly among the selection of women's undergarments. It was his own fault that he was dragged into the store. Twilight wanted to buy a few things for their trip to the Bahamas. While he didn't mind to some extent, this was still an awkward experience, seeing as Peter was the only male in the store. His gaze remained locked on the ground, refusing to glance at the collection of strings and threads that could hardly be considered clothing. Peter brought his hand over his forehead as several women giggled at his expense, and he edged closer to Twilight, who shuffled through a collection of panties. There were some things even Spider-Man was uncomfortable with.

"You sure you need me for this? I can wait outside," Peter whispered, groaning once one of the employees glanced in his direction.

Twilight placed a pair of black, silk panties on her small pile, never removing her gaze from the clothing. "Yes, I do need you. I'll require your input when I try these on."

Peter shrugged helplessly, and Twilight nodded before taking her collection into her arms, handing it to her boyfriend. This was embarrassing. No man should ever be forced to hold women's underwear, but Peter relented, loving Twilight enough to sacrifice his pride. She walked over to the changing room, motioning for the young man to follow with a finger. Peter did as he was told, moaning. Twilight giggled as her boyfriend placed her items into the changing room and took a seat outside, folding his arms and tapping his foot nervously against the floor.

Twilight kissed the young man over the cheek before she entered the changing room, removing her attire once her door was shut. "I'm not used to seeing you like this, Peter. No snappy comeback today?"

Easing back into his chair, Peter slammed his eyes shut as a woman strolled by. "I'm outside of my element, and I didn't have any time to prepare. The last thing I expected to do today was go to a woman's clothing store, let alone one with-" Peter paused, stammering as Twilight's panties fell over her ankles. Even though the door hid the girl's body, it could not stop Peter from visualizing. "...certain goods. This is a first for me, but now I'm curious. What was it that you wanted me to see?"

The door opened, prompting Peter to finally free his gaze from the ground, but his face's tilt rose a few shades the moment his eyes caught a sight. A slender leg snaked its way passed the door, seemingly waving at the young man. Twilight stumbled, nearly losing her balance, but she leaned against the door for support, bearing a hesitant smile. Peter watched, slack-jawed as the sensuous body made its way towards him. Twilight's chocolate skin was highlighted by dark violet.

Peter tried to shake the wave of suggestive thoughts from his mind, but he failed, his stunned expression having not faltered in the least. The lace garments made Twilight look wildly feminine. The girl watched Peter's eyes closely, and a smile crept onto her face once it was clear his sight was locked on her surprisingly ample bust. She slowly twirled in place, giggling with each gentle sound of frustration that escaped from her lover. Twilight's hesitant smile was replaced with one of satisfaction. It took considerable effort on her part, but she was getting better at earning reactions from Peter.

"So, do you think this looks good on me, Peter?" Twilight asked, her voice sultry with enjoyment. Peter, unable to think of anything, nodded blankly as he drank in Twilight's form. Twilight shook her head, smiling. "Speechless. I'll have to tell Trixie about this."

In the dead of night at Doctor Strange's home, mostly everyone was asleep, but Twilight remained awake, pecking away at her laptop. The computer's search engine was impressive, and the world wide web answered every question the girl had about Earth thus far. A soft set of knocks were heard at the door behind before it opened, revealing Peter in his Spider-Man costume without the mask. Twilight acknowledged her lover's presence with a smile, but her head rose at a belated realization. She placed her laptop over the bed, forced herself to her feet, and walked over to Peter, furrowing her brow at his choice of attire.

"Why are you wearing that? Did something happen? Don't tell me Colonel Fury needs you for a mission!" she whined, concern pouring from her voice. Twilight planted her foot down, giving Peter a defiant glare. "No! You haven't fully healed yet! He can forget it!"

Chuckling, Peter shook his head and handed his mask to the girl. "Slow down, Twilight. It's nothing like that. There's just something I wanted to show you outside. Do you have a minute?"

Twilight's eyes widened. "Oh! I'm sorry. I shouldn't have overreacted."

Peter waved off the misunderstanding, allowing the girl to return his smile with one of her own. Taking a hold of her hand, the young man led Twilight to the roof of Stephen's home. Rather, it wasn't the outside, merely a magical illusion to resemble it. The sky was dark, littered with countless milky orbs. Twilight gently took a seat over a crimson mat stretched across the floor, and Peter did the same, placing his head over his lover's lap. She gave no objection, smiling as her finger traveled through Peter's unkempt hair.

"Well, I'm here, Peter. What did you want to show me?" she grinned.

Peter bit his lip. "I'll show it to you in a second. There's something I need to get off my chest." He turned his head so that his gaze would be centered on Twilight. Peter found himself lost in the violet ocean that was her eyes, and his body nearly melted due to the warm, genuine smile she gave him. The beauty of the world was nothing compared to Twilight, at least in Peter's eyes. His face grew hot at the thought, but Peter was content, chuckling. "Today was our first official date. It sounds lame coming from me, but this was the best day I've ever had."

Twilight giggled, brushing her fingers over Peter's blossoming cheeks. "It's not surprising. If anypony got that much money in a day, they would be happy."

"It's not the money that made this day great. Not entirely, anyway," Peter declared, shaking his head. Twilight stared at the young man with a confused expression before Peter took a hold of her hand, kissing it softly. "I could care less about the cash. You're worth so much more to me than Tony Stark's entire fortune. All we really did was talk, shop, and eat, but the fact I got to do it all with you made me so happy. I feel better when I'm around you. Whether we're doing something important or just wasting time, as long as we're together… I'm happy."

The inside of her chest tightened, struggling to contain her swelling heart. Twilight threw her hand over her mouth to choke back a sob. Through simple, honest words, Peter reached through and touched her very core. She wanted to cry. It was unusual, there was an immense warm and fuzzy feeling dwelling in her body, but despite this happiness, Twilight really wanted to cry. Tears fell from her eyes, but she managed to keep her emotions in check. She prepared to retort, to the best of her ability, but Peter extended his hands and fired strands of webbing above their position.

Each strand was shot with acute accuracy, forming a web near a sparkling light. Peter ceased his actions after a few seconds, turning to give his lover a smile. Baffled, Twilight brought her attention to the webbing formed, and her mouth fell agape at a bewildering sight. There was a message created at the center of the gossamer. It was simple, but to Twilight, as her eyes swelled with tears, it meant so much more, if not everything. The light behind the webbing gave the words life.

'I love you,' it read, leaving Twilight to sob before embracing Peter in the firefly lit night.

Today was special, that much was certain, but that joy was brought by their shared enjoyment of each others' company. Placing his hand on the back of her head, Peter pulled in Twilight until he drank her in with a passionate kiss, and they remained like that for a duration of the night, savoring the love they so carefully forged. Even when they didn't say it aloud, Peter and Twilight loved each other, and nothing would change that, not even their altered physical forms. Peter deepened the kiss, earning a pleased moan for his efforts, and Twilight slid onto her back, wrapping her arms from around his neck, and gave into her lover's advances.

It may have been a homecoming for Spider-Man, but as far as Peter was concerned, he didn't care where he lived. As long as Twilight was there, he would always be at home.