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Back to Normality

Chapter 1

I am sitting at my desk in Lee's apartment writing this. I wanted to keep going, even though our troubles had ended. After I left the children's home, I had the lovely job of telling Gavin about the farm.

"Gavin, I had no choice! And it went to a good home! It's not like we don't know the Young's!" I shouted at him, which probably wasn't one of my greatest ideas.

"You said we would keep it going!" he yelled back and then with that, turned his head so I could no longer talk to him. I hate it when he does that! Me being unusually upset, stormed back in my room, which wasn't much bigger that a bathroom and slammed the door. Watching this whole charade was Lee, Pang and Phillip. After a few minutes I heard a slight knock on the door and standing there was Lee. I didn't bother looking up to know who it was. I knew his figure like the back of my hand. He walked over and sat on the end of the bed.

"Ellie, please look at me." He said softly. I did what I was told and sat up so I was now facing him. Lee continued on with what he was saying. "Didn't you know he was going to react badly?"

I gave a slight nod in return.

"Then, why are you so upset?" he asked with worry in his voice.

"I guess everything has just caught up with me." I answered looking into his brown eyes. Those eyes were always full of mystery, but after knowing him for so long, I knew how to overcome the wall that he always put up.

He moved closer to me. We hadn't had barely a moment's piece with all the kids around. I knew deep down, Lee was glad to have me here with him. Don't know if that was his protective side shining through or if he just enjoys having me cleaning the house. I reckon two of those joined together.

There wasn't anything to be said about my whole fling with Jeremy, but I still felt bad about how it went down. On my weekends, I would go and visit Fi, who I have to say will always be my best friend, closely followed by Bronte. I was only just starting to get used to the fact that she was the Scarlet Pimpernel …and here I was thinking that the Pimpernel was a guy…boy, was I wrong. I also couldn't believe that Lee kept it from me!

Instead of looking for a flat or apartment, we all sat down and decided that Gavin and I would stay here. There were many reasons for this. One was because Gavin and Rosie were starting become close and I didn't want to split them apart. She often came around to play with Gavin. Lee and I sat down and decided that it would be best if we both stayed put.

The second reason was that Wirrawee was falling apart and we didn't want to see it happen. I grew up there and it was hard to say goodbye, but when my parents were killed, I never felt the same again. I bet Mr. Rod was happy about us selling up, the one that tried to sell my property for dirt-cheap. I think I will always hate him.

The third was to do with both Gavin's education and mine. I started to attend Stratton state high school, which finally opened its doors. The bus ride in was always a sad one because the route happened to be past Granny's place. Gavin could see the sadness on my face, but I quickly tried to hide it when he looked. I had to be the strong one; I couldn't give up. That was why; still looking at Lee in my room, I stopped tears from forming and flashed him a smile.

"I missed those smiles." He simply stated and then reached for a hug. I took it gratefully and we then walked out and into the living room; if you could call it that. I shouldn't really complain to be living in this cramped living environment, but I did miss the small country town life. I missed the wide-open spaces that let me have freedom, but here both Gavin and I were safe.

Lee flicked on the TV and we sat together, huddled up on the sofa. It wasn't long before the kids became tired and Lee was off to tuck them into bed. To be honest, I wasn't really used to this tucking in business. With Gavin and I it was always "Gavin, go to bed!" or "If your not in bed in 5 minutes, I'll spank you all the way to the bus stop!"

Remembering these times made me smile and by the time Lee got back, I had a huge grin spread across my face.

"I checked on Gavin for you."

"Still sulking?" I asked him. He gave a nod and we both turned our attention back to the TV. There wasn't really all that much on that night. Just a couple of old sit-com's like 'Raymond' and 'Here's Lucy.' I decided enough was enough and called it quits for the night.

"I'm going to bed" I declared.

"Ok, goodnight." Lee said in return and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and I walked to my room.

I was actually surprised to get my own room. I was half expecting to share with Lee. I got changed into my pj's and flopped onto the bed.

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