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Tony: 27

Ziva: 26

McGee: 22

Gibbs: 41

Tony stormed out into the parking garage, his breathing heavy.

He found a step and sat down, clenching his eyes shut. He started to think about so many things that it made his head hurt, it felt as if a string of webs had been unleashed, and snapped in his mind. He thought and thought and thought, and wished, even hoped that, that man, the man that they mentioned couldn't be, who they think it is. As he explored the void open space in the dark corner of his memories, and thoughts, he came across one, which he would not wish to relive, but his own self disobeyed.

It was December 1994, thunder boomed and lighting crashed outside, and yet a young Anthony DiNozzo was standing in the middle of the street, staring at his large house, it was about midnight, so the street lamps were on. He had, had a nightmare about his mother; he saw her, hanging limp in the kitchen, the noose tight around her fragile neck. His father's words still ring in his ten year old ears; "DiNozzo's DON'T cry" But tears still stung the corners of his eyes. As his dam was cracking apart, he felt a comforting hand on his shoulder cap.

"You don't have to hold back, you can cry" A recognizable gentle voice said in a soothing voice.

Tony turned around to see Drew Brallen, the one he could call brother. "DiNozzo's DON'T CRY!" Tony shouted, not trying to be mad at Drew, but he couldn't help it, it was burnt into his brain. Suddenly, Drew pulled him into a tight brotherly embrace. As soon as Tony felt the warmth of him, he felt as if many tons were lifted off his shoulders. Their hug was demolished by the sound of Drew's dad; "Hey you little faggot, quit hugging your boyfriend, and get you little fifteen year old ass over here!" Drew obeyed, as usual. But this time seemed different, it seemed like he was going to lose something. Unexpectedly Drew grabbed his shoulder and said something that burned to the bone. "Listen Tony" said Drew, hastily. "I will do this for you." Tony merely nodded. "Your my brother, it's not about the color of your skin, or anything else, it's about the people you call family." He ruffled his hair and walked away, never to be seen again.

He snapped his head out of his hands, he realized his labored breathing and his tears streaming down his, and forced himself to calm down. He gulped down some fear, wiped away most of his tears away with force, and swiftly walked away, he knew he would find out what happen, and prove what needed to be proven. Determined, he got into his car, and zoomed away, leaving the screeching sound of burning rubber behind in the echoing parking garage. Not even once noticing that Gibbs was watching him from the door, the whole time.