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Chapter 1

A young woman stepped out of a bar in Manhattan. She was an exotic beauty of Asian descent, standing tall at 5' 9''. Dressed almost entirely in black leather, her clothing fit tight, hugging her hourglass figure and proving that not all Asian's had small breast. Her black hair was cropped short, except for her left bangs which fell into her face. Violet eyes shown from her aristocratic face. O'Mally's was a popular place amongst the locals, known for good beer, good food, and good Irish company. Though her appearance would say otherwise, Kat MacAuley considered herself more Irish than the Japanese she had inherited from her late mother.

Her father, Connor MacAuley, had been born in Ireland. His family had moved to America when Connor was nine. At eighteen, he joined the Marine Corps, and it was during his time in the Marines that Connor had met Kat's mother, Mariko. Eventually the two moved to America, Connor had gotten a job on the N.Y.P.D., Mariko got a job working as a librarian, and they had Kathleen Mitsu MacAuley or, as she preferred, Kat, though her father had a nasty habit of calling her Kathy.

But Kat had never really known her mother, Mariko had been killed in a robbery gone wrong when Kat was two. She had gone to the small grocery store a couple blocks away to get a few essentials that Connor had forgotten on his way home after his shift. Kat's father had been devastated, blaming himself for Mariko's death, but he had done his best to raise her on a cops salary. It was a shame he didn't realize that Mariko had secrets that would come out in her daughter.

Kat pulled out a cigarillo and, sticking it in her mouth, a pack of matches. Lighting the cigarillo, she took a long drag, allowing the smoke from the cigar to fill her mouth and nostrils, before releasing the smoke out through her nostrils and into the air.

Zipping up her jacket, Kat began to make her way down the street, heading for her apartment and shop just a few blocks away. Normally, it wouldn't be wise for a woman to walk the streets of the city alone at night, especially in this neighborhood, but Kat wasn't normal. For one, she carried a .44 magnum revolver in a holster at her waist. She also had a reputation amongst the gangs of the city, both for her work and for the fact that the one time she was attacked, her five attackers had all ended up in the hospital, she hadn't even used her revolver. But perhaps the biggest advantage Kat had was the legacy left to her by her mother.

She stopped walking when she heard a woman scream in pain.

Immediately, she sprinted in the direction of the scream. Running into an alleyway, she came across three Quarrymen, with hammers in their hands. On the ground was what appeared to be a female gargoyle with lavender skin and dark hair.

Kat wasn't afraid of gargoyles, she knew better than to judge things based of off a fearsome appearance, and she resolved to help. Drawing her revolver, she leveled it at the dumpster next to the quarrymen, pulled back the hammer, and fired, drawing their attention. Pulling the hammer back again, she pointed it at the now frozen Quarrymen. She had a feeling that their eyes were narrowed beneath their hoods.

"Step away from the gargoyle," Kat said calmly.

One of the Quarrymen sneered, at least Kat thought he sneered beneath the mask, at her. "What business of yours is it what we do with this demon, bitch?"

Kat's eyes narrowed and she let a bit of her aura out, causing the Quarrymen to suddenly become afraid. They couldn't explain why they were afraid of the slip of a woman in front of them, but they suddenly had the feeling that she had no compunctions about using the canon in her hand.

"I would walk away now, before you piss me off," Kat said in a cold voice, laced with power.

Two of the Quarrymen seemed ready to flee, but the third, the one who had spoke to her, spoke again. "You don't scare me bitch. We outnumber you." He cocked the hammer, causing it to charge with electricity.

Kat chuckled, and gestured her head towards the gun she had extended towards the group. "Yes, I'm outnumbered. But unlike you, I have a gun, and five bullets, that I'm not afraid to use. Don't believe me, I have a reputation in this neighborhood. You do not FUCK with me. So the question is, am I going to shoot you, or are you going to walk away?"

The other two Quarrymen hesitated before turning and running away down the opposite end of the alley, leaving the one alone.

"It looks like your buddies deserted you," Kat said smugly.

"One day," the remaining Quarryman snarled, "you'll regret butting into Quarrymen business." With that final jab, he turned and followed the path his fellows had taken out of the alley.

"I look forward to it," Kat mumbled as she holstered the gun.

Quickly, she ran over to examine the unconscious gargoyle. She was bloodied, bruised, and there were tears in her wing membrane and probably a couple of broken bones. Kat thought quickly about where she was, they were about two blocks from her shop yet. The gargoyle was taller than her, and Kat knew she couldn't take her to the hospital. Being unconscious, while probably beneficial to the lavender gargoyle, would make moving her difficult. If she wasn't afraid of the Quarrymen, or someone else, coming to finish the job while she was gone, she'd run to her shop and get her truck.

Grunting in frustration, Kat wrapped the gargoyle's arms around her neck and hoisted her up unto her back.

Sending a silent prayer of thank to her dead mother, Kat began once again towards her shop, carrying the gargoyle on her back as best she could.


Angela groaned as opened her eyes, she was in pain all over her body. She was laying in a bed, which confused her. The last thing she remembered was Quarrymen hitting her with their hammers.

An Asian woman came into her view, and Angela was stunned at how beautiful she was. Her black hair was cut short except for her left bangs, which fell to cover her eye. Much like Elisa, she was well-muscled. Wearing form fitting blue jeans and a red tee with a black rose design on the right side, she was an angel in Angela's pain-filled and disorientated mind.

Looking into the woman's eyes, Angela could of sworn she could stare into those violet orbs forever.

"Fuuuck," the woman whispered, obviously hoping Angela wouldn't hear it.

She approached Angela cautiously. "Don't move," she instructed. "You were beat up pretty bad, I had to stitch close several holes and tears in your wing membrane and set bones in your left leg, right arm, and both wings. Dawn will be in a couple hours yet."

"The...the Quarrymen?" Angela asked weakly.

"I drove them off. I'll get you some water, but you should rest. We can talk more tomorrow night. You'll be safe here."

"Whe...," Angela gulped. "Where am I?"

"My apartment," the woman responded. "Now rest. I'll go get that water."

"Thank you," Angela said as she closed her eyes.

"No problem."


Goliath gazed worriedly out into the sky from his position on Castle Wyvern's parapets. Angela had yet to return to the castle from her patrol and it was almost dawn.

He knew he shouldn't worry, each of them had been caught away from the castle come sunrise before, but now they had to deal with the Quarrymen. Not to mention that Angela was his daughter.

Hudson came up behind him. "Don't worry lad. She'll be back tomorrow night. She ain't the first one of us that's been caught out before sunrise."

The large lavender gargoyle sighed. "I guess your right. But with the Quarrymen out there..."

"I know what you mean lad, I know you mean." Hudson laid his hand on Goliath's shoulder. "But she is a grown gargess, we must trust that should trouble arise, she could take care of herself.


Angela roared as stone chips fell off of her. The first thing she noticed was music, drifting into the room from somewhere. She then noticed that the room was, aside from the bed she was laying on and a dresser in the corner, relatively bare.

Standing, she made her way out of the room, and came out into a relatively large apartment. The living room was decorated with black leather furniture facing a large screen television and entertainment center. A dinning table with enough room for six sat a short distance from a modest sized kitchen. Noticing that the woman who helped her wasn't in sight and that the music was coming from a staircase which led down, Angela headed down the stairs and reached a closed door.

Cracking the door open, Angela was surprised to see a workshop of some kind. What appeared to be motorcycle frames were lined up against one wall, while two unfinished bikes sat on lifts. A black '46 Ford pickup, not that Angela knew what it was, sat on one side of the garage next to a black and chrome motorcycle. A stripped down '73 Chevy Impala sat in the back of the shop.

But Angela was drawn to the sparks. The woman who had helped her was crouched over a motorcycle gas tank with a grinder. Like the night before, she was wearing form fitting blue jeans. Unlike last night, she was wearing a black work shirt. A fox with nine-tails was sewn on the back in red between two words: Nine-Tail Customs.

After a moment, she set the grinder down and inspected her handiwork. Apparently satisfied, she took of her safety glasses and picked up the tank. Turning around, she spotted Angela and smiled at her as she carried the tank over to one of the two bikes frames on lifts. Angela noticed the name Kat sewn onto the left breast of the shirt. After setting the tank on the banks frame, she walked over and turned off her stereo. "So what do you think?" she asked, "The tanks not too big for the frame is it?"

Angela stepped forward and examined the tank. "No, I don't think it looks to big. But then again I don't know motorcycles that well."

The woman smiled. "I hope you're feeling better."

"I am," Angela assured the woman. "And thank you for helping me. I'm Angela."

The woman waved her off. "No thanks necessary Angela. And the names Kat MacAuley, and this is my shop."

"Nine-Tail Customs?"

"You read the shirt," Kat said amused.

Angela blushed. She didn't understand why the woman was affecting her so much. "So what do you do?"

"You haven't guessed?" Kat asked raising an eyebrow. She gestured to the bikes and the other vehicles. "I build custom motorcycles, as well as modify and restore stock vehicles. I'll also get the occasional repair job for classic cars." She walked over to a rack of tubing. "But most of my income comes from building the bikes."

Angela watched as Kat picked out a tube and took it to a work bench. "Would you like to help?" Kat asked.

Angela pouted. "I'd like to, but I better head home. My clan will be worried about me."

"Of course," Kat said, smiling sadly. "Feel free to stop back in any time. I won't mind if you wake me up. I don't open until after noon anyway. Come on, I'll show you my roof access."

Kat lead Angela back up to the apartment and showed her another set of stairs. She then pulled a key out of her pocket and handed it to the gargoyle. "Here, I normally keep the door locked just in case. You can stop by even if I'm not here, just in case you need anything. I keep the kitchen stocked."

Angela took the key, shocked by the woman's trust. "Why?" she asked confused.

"Why what? Why am I trusting you so much?"

Angela nodded.

Kat sighed. "Let's just say that fate made the decision for me."


Kat chuckled. "Go on. I'm sure your clan is worried. And feel free to come back anytime tonight. Tomorrows Saturday and I don't open the shop up on the weekend, even if I do do some work."

"Thanks again," Angela said before walking up the stairs and opening the door to the roof.


Kat sighed as she watched Angela go.

She'd have to work on her transformations. Her mothers notes explained what had happened, though Kat had never expected it to happen to her. Angela was her soul-mate, she knew that as soon as their eyes met when the gargoyle awoke the previous night. And according to the notes her mother had left her, in case of her death and inability to teach Kat her heritage, it was rare to find ones soul-mate and could take years.

Mariko had been three-hundred and fifteen years old when she met Conner.

What the notes didn't say was how to pursue a relationship with one's soul-mate. Maybe she should visit her father tomorrow.

As Kat walked back to her shop to begin working on the exhaust pipes for her current project, she thought that despite the perks, sometimes being a mythical creature was really confusing.


As expected, Goliath and Hudson were waiting to greet Angela as she landed on the castle's parapets.

"Angela, where were you?" her father, Goliath, demanded.

Angela took a deep breath. She didn't really want to tell her father what had happened, he'd just worry and perhaps forbid her from going to see Kat again. So she figured a small lie wouldn't hurt. "I'm sorry father. I...I lost track of time. When I realized that it was almost dawn, there wasn't enough time to make it back to the castle."

Goliath sighed. "Try not to let it happen again."

"Am I going to go on patrol tonight?" Angela asked.

Goliath shook his head. "No, I've already sent the trio out tonight. But tomorrow and the night after you and I shall go out, it is only fair to the trio as tonight we were supposed to go."

"Of course father. I'm going to get something to eat, then I will be going out again," she said. At Goliath's stern look she added, "And I promise to be back to the castle before dawn."

"Very well," Goliath said.

Angela turned and began the walk to the kitchen. As she walked, she tried to make sense of what she was feeling towards Kat. While she would admit to being a romantic who dreamed about love at first sight, she had never really believed it. But after one look into Kat's eyes, and she was falling when she hardly knew the woman. That was another thing that bothered her, Kat was a woman, a female. And while she had learned that there were humans that were attracted to the same sex, she knew of no gargoyles that were. Not to mention that she had never been attracted to a female, of any species, before.

The lavender gargoyle sighed as she entered the kitchen. What was happening to her?


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