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Breathe Me, Drink Me
Chapter 8

Before Sarah opened her eyes in the morning, she could hear a melody of different things happening all at once. It was like a sonnet playing beautifully in her room. She could feel the warmth of the sun glow through the blinds, softly tickling her skin.

There was a breeze flying through her hair, that made it sway across her forehead. She could hear the shower on, in the bathroom that was adjacent to her room, which led her to believe that the door was ajar since the noise of tiny droplets hitting the floor was loud and distinctive.

Slowly, her eyelids rose just a hair, to let in a view that she most certainly was not expecting.

There, in all his glory, stood Ethan, facing the shower head as droplets of hot steaming water landed on his creamy skin.

If there was any air in Sarah's lungs, it had all been sucked out, and slowly her head was becoming light from staring at him as he took a shower completely exposed.

She felt her face flush, and for a moment she could have sworn that her stone cold, dead heart had actually began to beat.

It was utterly un-paranormal for that to occur, deranged and out of the realm of possibility because she was eternally damned. Yet it had been a feeling that only an undead teenage girl could have experienced.

She swallowed what was saliva instead if venom a couple times, and really tried to stand up or avert her eyes away from what she shouldn't have been looking at, but it became increasingly impossible as he spread soap across his chest, and began to clean himself with his head tilted back and his eyes closed, in a way that screamed sensuality past anything she could ascertain.

The whole time, she realized that her vinyl player was on, and playing 'brown-eyed girl'. It all felt like some type of over the top joke that the universe was playing on her. Who else would wake up to such a perfectly arranged performance in their room?

Somehow she tripped over her duvet and landed on the floor, face down in a thud, which was near to impossible considering her current state of being, it was hardly a fact that the undead were clumsy. Sarah knew even Rory as awkward as he may have been, would never trip. So what was the ultimate variable that was causing the bipolar behavior in her body?

She sat down on the floor in an Indian style, with her legs crossed, as she massaged her knee that had bruised itself upon the landing on the hardwood floor.

her mind had been so wrapped up in her body's peculiar behavior that she had missed the fact that the water had turned off in the bathroom, and only came to when she noticed a pair of pale looking legs in front of her.

Her eyes slowly made their way up, taking in all the details of the size 9-10 male feet, perfectly manicured toes that seemed to go hand in hand with his lean yet muscular calfs, which she was positive he moisturized considering their near to perfect looking state.

As her eyes kept their steady way up his torso, which was covered by one of her white towels, they came to a slight stopping point when they hit his lean, toned stomach with just a hint of abs forming. She was surprised to see the shape of a tattoo right over his heart, but could form the shape fast enough before she swallowed and finally met his eyes.

Ethan's eyes looked not amused but curious, and a tiny smirk spread on his lips, "What are you doing on the floor?"

"I-uh...I fell." She quickly stood up, clearing her throat and put a strand of her hair behind her ear, "I see you're getting comfortable."

Ethan gave a singular laugh, "Well you gave me no choice after your less than on point flying skills last night. I woke up with dirt in my hair, and other places."

He smiled and walked to the other side of the bed, where he grabbed his briefs, and slowly started dropping the towel-

On queue Sarah turned around, "Ok, well-look, stay as long as you need. I need to go- do some errands, I mean- run... run some errands."

The lie would have been full proof, was it not for the fact that she rushed out of the room still wearing her costume from the night before, however she wouldn't realize that until she was out of her apartment and two blocks away.


All of the irregular events that had taken place over the past three weeks that she had been back in White Chapel, had led her to the only person who she'd knew would be able to shed some light on what was progressing.

Evelyn Weir.

Although, upon her first day back in the town, when Sarah had initially visited her, she had been less than forthcoming with any information about what was occurring in the town, Sarah believed that it was now time to finally coax some truth out of her.

Her knocks on the wooden door were a bit frantic, but there was so many things running through her scrambled mind that she didn't really care.

Inside she heard the creaking that the Victorian hardwood floors made, as footsteps made their way to the front door. The person stopped momentarily to look through the peephole, then took a moment before opening the door.

Grandma Weir smiled at Sarah at first, but then her expression turned to horror, when she saw Sarah's panting an current state.

"Dear, you're panting- vampires don't do that. What's the matter?"

Sarah swallowed, "I was hoping you'd be able to tell me. Everything is fucked up- uh sorry, messed up. Can I come in please?"

Grandma Weir nodded, and moved out of the way to let Sarah in, who began pacing in the living room with no intention of stopping.

"I came back because I was worried Jesse was planning on doing something bad again, like raising the dead, you know? And then I find that Ethan's a blood lord who deals to all the local high school and community college kids, in return for their blood to give back to vampires. Not only that, but that he's the exact person that Jesse called ambrosia and the very reason he came back. Because Ethan has this bizarre ability to get bit by any vampire now and not turn into one himself. And then Jesse goes and tells me that we will rule when the prism falls, and it forever will be night, whatever that is. An on top of it all, last night I was flying with Ethan in my arms and in the middle of it I simply just loose my ability to fly, and we fall into a pool, and the craziest part of all of it is I could have sworn that my heart started beating."

Sarah took a breath and looked up at Mrs Weir, "I think I might be suffering from a nervous breakdown."

Grandma Weir stayed silent, and frowned, eventually letting out a sigh, "Sarah, are you certain that Jesse said 'Prism', could it had been anything else? Did he mention anything about it, other than the word?"

Sarah shook her head, and placed her hands on her knees, exhausted by everything.

"What is a prism? I don't get any of it."

The old woman started pacing faster than Sarah usually saw her move, and she followed her down into the basement that doubled as her lair. She stopped at a bookcase and lightly tapped her fingers along the spines of the books until she found the one she was looking for. It was a very thick black leather bound book with gold writing on the cover, and a geometric looking shape that Sarah didn't get a chance to really examine, since Grandma Weir was quick to open it.

She ran her hands through the thick gold trimmed pages, until it seemed that she found what she had been searching for.

"I was afraid this may have been it, I just never believed it could be true."

Sarah frowned, "What could be true?"

Grandma Weir looked up at Sarah, "The tale of the Prism, which brings the end of day on earth, is a folk tale even in the supernatural world. Which is why no one really knows too much about it. The tale goes like this... Ah here it is- And it has been foreseen that the tainted soulless hand will grasp the prism from its haven to bring forth the end of day, so that the undead may rule upon earth and cast down the living souls into eternal darkness. In the darkness of it all a single pure beating heart will- um. Hm, there was another page here", Grandma Weir scratched her head.

"That's strange I don't remember tearing it out."

Sarah had been holding her nonexistent breath, waiting on edge for the rest, "Well, don't you have another book? Do you not know the end? What about the beating heart? How could that little paragraph be all you have on it? Gran we google it?"

"I'm sure there was more Dear, I just seem to have misplaced it. As for me knowing the tale, it's just one short folk tale told in the book of Ambiva, who was believed to be a seer a millennia ago. Sarah, the tale of the Prism is believed just to be a tale, nothing more. The probability of this being real is very unlikely."

Sarah sighed in exasperation, "The thing is, Jesse has a pretty good track record of trying to end the world, so I'm betting that this whole Prism thing is probably true, no offense."

The old lady wearing a purple scarf, raised her shoulders and shook her head then nodded it, "You children have a habit of getting into trouble. In my day we never started an apocalypse, I swear this generation will be the end of the world."

That was less than comforting to Sarah, who remembered the other reason she was there, "What do you think about my heart beating, and me suddenly falling out of the sky while flying?"

"I was thinking about that. It could be a couple things actually. For instance, what was your blood intake that day? It's been known that if you hadn't drank blood or were bloodthirsty you could have been weak, which would explain you falling out of the sky, especially if you were carrying Ethan. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but I'll look into it further and see if I come up with anything different. In the meantime I would suggest you properly feed, it's been known that some vampires will loose grasp of their emotions if they do not consume enough blood."

Sarah bit her lip, "I just feel so bad drinking human blood. I wish bunnies and mice were enough."

"I am working on a blood substitute that you can try. To be honest I'm surprised Benny hasn't told you about it, he's given samples to his two blond friends Rory an that girl Erica, I believe is her name?"

Sarah's eyebrows shot up, "Oh is that so? That's interesting. Thank you Mrs Weir for having me, and I appreciate all the information, I'm sorry I just burst in."

"Oh it's ok dear, I have Benny as a grandchild, overreaction is quite normal for me. But I really suggest you feed, I can see that you're weak."

She nodded and rubbed her eyes, "I'm really tired, I think I'm going to go get some rest. But before I go, is there any way to find out the rest of the Prism story?"

"Perhaps I can get my second cousin to send me a copy from Transylvania. The lore is much more popular there as you may imagine. I will have Benny let you know as soon as I speak with her."

Sarah nodded, and said her goodbyes to Grandma Weir.


When she was in front of their porch, she let out a deep breath, because for the first time in a long time she felt like she had a tiny grasp on all the uncertainty that surrounded her.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and then felt the rays of the sun through the heavy clouds prickling her skin, and quickly found shade under a tree on the side of the Morgans' house.

Through an open window, she could see that Ethan's parents had come back early from their weekend away, and that they were yelling at him, as he sat down on their couch, not saying anything back but only staring into mid air.

She had to make an effort, but was able to tune her heightened hearing, so she could eavesdrop on their conversation.

"This is unbelievable, your behavior is so out of character for you Ethan...Not to mention all the extensive damage on your moms priceless vases from Kenya and New you have anything to say for yourself? Anything about all the alcohol that was found all over the house, the lingering smell of marijuana left in the house? Or about your whereabouts last night?"

Ethan let out a tiny sigh and looked down, "I slept over at Rory's."

Sarah frowned, why had he lied?

"Well you better believe that we will be calling his parents. As for you, what is with you Ethan? How can I be sure that this wont happen again? Your mother and I have conferences coming up this month. And I certainly do not feel comfortable leaving you and your sister unsupervised while we're away. I'm sorry son, but you've left us no choice, we're hiring a babysitter."

Ethan's head shot up, "Dad, you can't be serious? I'm seventeen, I don't need a babysitter. I'm sorry, it won't happen again."

"It's too late for apologies, you should have thought about the consequences before having a party. You're grounded, no car privileges, no seeing Hannah, no leaving the house unless its for school until the end of the year."

Ethan's rage had risen, and he stood up, "This is bullshit! It was just a party!"

"That's enough Ethan. No phone privileges either, you will be spending a lot of your time in your room young man, think about what you've done."

From where she was standing, Sarah smiled widely. Sure, she felt a little bad for Ethan,but secretly she hoped that this would put an end to Lotta Latte.