Story Name: A Break in the Pattern

Chapter Name: Prologue – Welcome to the World

Warnings: Massively AU, follows some canon, some OOC occasionally, blood gore and murder, slash, het, torture, cursing, monster madness, graphic imagery, general strangeness, and Super! but not God!Harry.

Summary: Dean Winchester is a Hunter. He and his brother, Sam, find monsters and kill them. His job is dangerous and there are times when he doesn't think he's going to make it. Dean and his brother have already died once, and they are the only family they have left. Until Dean goes to Hell, leaving Sam all alone. Enter Harrison James Winchester-Black, formerly Harry Potter, a wizard of extraordinary power and the younger twin of Dean Winchester. Harry hasn't had an easy life but he never expected this to happen. Evil Dark Lords he can deal with easily, finding out that his life has been a sham from the beginning? Not so much. Sam has a lot on his plate now that his new brother has shown up, and just in time for the family reunion. Dean is back and the Winchester brother's need to find out where Harrison belongs in their group quickly. Especially since Lucifer is trying to start the Apocalypse. And without Harrison getting shot for being a wizard…

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May 17 1980

Godric's Hallow, England

A young woman was crying as her husband tried desperately to cheer her up. Her green eyes over-flowed with tears as she clung to him, his own hazel eyes watery and his glasses fogged up from their harsh panting. Their names were Lily and James Potter and they were magical, and they were in agony.

They had just lost their son only months before he was to be born in a horrible miscarriage. Healer Monroe had told them earlier that day that it was unlikely that Lily would ever be able to have children again. This was unthinkable to the young couple who wanted nothing more than a family, even though the timing couldn't have been worse. A Dark Lord was trying to take over England and they had been targeted for being a Light family.

Even though they knew it would be dangerous they still wanted a child. The war was heating up and many people were getting married and having children who would naturally wait because of the ominous cloud that was hanging overhead. Lily and James Potter were no exception. And they had just lost their chance at happiness in such dark times.

They were young, and everyone who knew them said they would be great parents, but now, now they would never know. They would never know what it was like to hold a tiny baby in their arms. They would never feel the unconditional love that comes from that small child that you created, that you raised. They would never see him born, never see him grow and go to school, never see the friends he made or the girlfriends he would have. They would never see him smile, never hold him as he cried, never watch him walk down the aisle to get married.

There was so much that they would never get to do because they would never have a baby. They had wanted it so badly. They had even had the most perfect name picked out: Harry James Potter. James had picked it out proudly, naming him after an old Potter ancestor, Harold Potter. She had decided to go with Harrison, because, honestly, Harold? She had rolled her eyes and said there was no way she was naming her son Harold. James's friend had come in and said that he would donate his name to the cause. She kicked the Black out of the house for that one.

Lily thought later that she would have named him after Sirius as long as she had still had her baby. He would have been the light of her life, and she knew she was breaking the longer she sat in her husband's arms and cried.

It was a cruel and cursed Fate who would give them a baby and take it away.

But maybe Fate had another plan for them.

May 20 1980

Lawrence, Kansas

A young woman was going into the hospital for her checkup. She was very pregnant, only a couple of months away from delivery, and she had been scheduled for a visit with an ultrasound technician to see if everything was okay with her baby boy. This was going to be her first baby and she was so excited, so nervous, and so hopeful. And scared too, can't forget that part. She had grown up in a harsh life, and she was planning on doing everything in her power to make sure her child didn't have to go through the same things growing up as she did.

The life of a Hunter was not an easy one.

Mary Winchester was excited as she lay down on the hard bed with goop on her stomach. She remembered back to the first time she laid down to get her stomach seen with the ultrasound, remembered the tiny little baby on the screen and how it looked more like a misshapen jelly-bean than a baby. But still, it was her misshapen jelly-bean.

The technician, an older woman with kind brown eyes and lots of white-gray hair pulled up into a bun, Amelia Bagshot was her name, was watching the monitor and making soft humming sounds every now and then. Finally, after what seemed like hours but was really only about twenty minutes, she looked over at Mary and smiled. "It seems that everything is going well. Your baby is looking very strong. You should be ready at any time to give birth, I would say." The older lady said kindly, eyes crinkling up in the corners showing off many wrinkles.

"Oh?" Mary questioned. "But I'm not due for another two months. Was the time wrong?" If so she would need to make new plans. Hopefully John, her husband, would be able to take off work sooner. But she wasn't too worried. He worked at a garage and the owner was a very nice man. She didn't see it as being too much of a problem.

Amelia turned back to the monitor, eyebrows pinching together, as she nudged Mary's stomach with the – what was it called again? – probe. Funny name that. "Well, I could be mistaken but you look very far along for someone who still has – oh! Well that explains it! I don't see how we could have missed this." She stated sounding excited.

Mary tried to crane her head to see the monitor even though it was out of her field of vision. "What is it? Is everything all right?" She asked nervously. Her heartbeat sped up a little, she could feel it in her throat, as she rubbed the side of her swollen stomach.

"Oh, everything is just fine. This is wonderful news. Simply wonderful." The technician said as though she was in a daze, her brown eyes gazing off somewhere else. All of a sudden she stood up and strolled to her desk where she dug around in her drawer for something.

"What is it?" Mary asked again. She was concerned with how the old lady was acting. Her green eyes widened in shock when the woman turned around and pointed a stick at her. Her Hunter senses told her that she was in danger but she dared not move for fear of hurting her baby.

"Bathilda will be so pleased at what I found. The Potters will not have to worry anymore." Amelia exclaimed. Her eyes were bright when she looked at Mary. "Do not worry dear; everything is going to be all right. No, no, better than that." And then she smiled, and Mary felt fear like she hadn't felt for a long time. There was something twisted in that smile. It just wasn't human.

A bright light shot out of the stick and struck Mary, knocking her unconscious. The technician, Amelia Bagshot, witch and sister to Bathilda Bagshot, smiled happily. There were two babies growing in Mary's stomach.

Amelia set out to give one of those babies a special gift. And in doing so, she would change its life, and the world, forever.

May 25 1980

Godric's Hallow, England

Lily couldn't believe her ears.

Bathilda Bagshot, her next door neighbor and one of only five people who knew that the Potter's had lost their child, had just told her about her sister who lived across the pond. Apparently Amelia was a powerful witch who had been studying muggle children in hopes of finding out how muggleborn magical's were brought into the world. She had thought of a way to change a muggle into a witch or wizard while they were still inside the womb. It was very experimental and it hadn't been tried before.

Bathilda had sent off a sample of Lily and James's DNA in hopes of her being able to find a way to merge their magical blood with a muggle child to create a baby who had a developed magical core. It was risky for both child and mother but if it worked… then the Potter's would have a baby whose magical core matched their own. It would not be their blood, but it would be their magic. And apparently Amelia had found a test subject.

Lily wasn't sure what to think about that. Didn't know how Bathilda had gotten their blood without them being aware of it. There were so many ways blood could be used, and most of the ways she was thinking of had to do with very dark magic. She was glad that it wasn't He-Who-must-Not-Be-Named who had gotten a hold of their blood. That would have been a nightmare she couldn't even begin to think about.

Especially with the prophesy…

But Lily also didn't want to know if the mother knew what had happened to the child she was going to give birth to. But she could not, in good conscious, take a child from its mother without knowing what was going to happen to the mother. She need not have worried overmuch, though. Amelia had found a woman who was having twins but did not know that she was. She would not be aware of the second child until it was too late, or maybe even then if they could help it.

The plan was already set up for the Potter's to have a child by the end of July, around the same time that Lily was originally supposed to have her baby.

The green eyed woman sighed. It was too late for anything to change. By the time the news had arrived the baby had already gone through the transfer that would allow it to, hopefully, develop a magical core. She looked at the old woman gratefully. It would hurt to take the child from its mother but that pain was soon being overwhelmed by happiness and anticipation. Especially if the mother never had to know. And besides, Lily let herself think later on that night before she told her husband the good news:

At least she will still have one baby.

Lily locked away every emotion but happiness; she would not dare ever feel anything else now. Fate had taken away her child, but was giving her a new one.

July 24 1980

Lawrence, Kansas

Mary Winchester was not a happy woman. Labor was not fun and she was just ready for it to be over with, so the pain could go away and she could hold her little boy in her arms. Or little boys seeing as how one had already been born and she was still in labor with the second one even an hour later. She hadn't known she was having twins until the kindly elder doctor, one Albert Bagshot, told her that very same day that there were two boys instead of just the one that she and John had been expecting. She hadn't been prepared but she was so excited. Two little boys, both equal parts her and John, they would depend on her. Her only regret was that her parents weren't there to see her and her newborn babies. She cast soft green eyes over to the man sitting beside her, her husband and the love of her life, John. In his arms was the blue blanket that held her first child, beautiful baby Dean, who already looked so much like her husband with his head full of dark hair. John was smiling at her and trying to be as encouraging as possible even though she could no longer crush his hand during contractions.

She was blessed to have John in her life, she knew. No matter how it happened… and she cast her mind as far away from it as possible. There were some memories that she would rather do without so she turned her attention to the doctor hoping to distract herself from those dark thoughts of long ago. The old man smiled at her, brown eyes crinkling in the corners in a way that seemed vaguely familiar, and told her to keep pushing.

It took another hour and more pushing and cursing than she thought possible before her second child was born into the world. Right away she seemed to know that there was a problem when the baby didn't make a noise even though Doctor Bagshot had already cut the cord. Baby Dean had started screaming as soon as he was in the doctor's hands. This baby boy was silent and the two nurses were already rushing over as the doctor started calling for them.

John had reached over and was holding her hand as the nurses took the boy away, Dean wrapped up and sleeping securely in his other arm. He stood up when the doctor turned back to them, brown eyes pinched together in worry. "What's wrong with my son?" John asked while Mary watched on, her green eyes wide and scared.

"I'm afraid that there have been some complications with the second delivery." Doctor Bagshot said slowly, hands coming together and nervously shifting. He looked at them over his glasses, eyes dark with emotion.

"Wha-what kind of complications?" Mary asked tiredly while trying to keep down the panicked feeling that was crawling up her throat. She hoped beyond hope that what she thought was going on was wrong.

One of the nurses came back in before the doctor could come up with a response. Her eyes were guarded and, even though she tried to hide it, tears had gathered in the corners of her eyes because of the bad news that she had brought. Mary was still a Hunter, through and through, and she knew heart-breaking news when it had to be delivered. She would recognize that devastated look anywhere. Her father used to wear it when he was too late to save someone.

Tears were already welling up in her eyes and trailing down her cheeks when John turned to look at her. "No." she said softly. John's eyes widened as he realized what was going on. "No." she moaned again in pain. Her baby boy left the world before he even had a chance to live. She hadn't even known about him for a full day and he was already as lost to her as anything could ever be.

"I'm very sorry." The doctor addressed John because Mary was crying too hard to know what was truly going on at that point in time. "Your child did not make it." John turned to his wife and squeezed her hand.

When he turned away he didn't see the look that Doctor Bagshot shared with the nurse. It was a look of relief, the look of a plan that had come to fruition. For that Doctor was none other than Amelia Bagshot under some heavy glamours, and she had just proven her theory.

In another room down the hall, the second nurse was holding onto a beautiful baby boy. He was so small, with peach-fuzz hair the color of chocolate and dark eyes that hadn't yet changed color. A softly spoken silenco from Doctor Bagshot had kept the boys cries silent so that she could hand him over to the nurses and get him away from his parents. It seemed harsh but it was going to be worth it. The child in her hands was magical, a wizard born of muggle parents who had once been muggle himself. The experiment that Amelia had proposed had been risky and the young nurse had not wanted to be in on the fraud when she first found out. But now, looking at the baby and feeling the strength of his core thrumming up from under his skin, she couldn't help but be awed.

This child was so much stronger than any natural born magical child she had ever helped birth. His core was so large for a baby, and she knew that he would be a great wizard when he grew up and learned how to control his powers. This child needed magical parents to thrive; muggles just wouldn't understand how special this little boy was.

She was no longer reluctant. And she looked up at the magical couple with soft eyes. They were the contributors to the child's magical core, and she knew that they would take very good care of this child. He may not be entirely theirs, but all of his magic, all of his power, was because of the man and woman standing before her.

She looked down at the baby with a smile before handing him over to the couple and cancelling the silenco which let the boys cry echo around the room. She didn't wait to turn around and leave the room. She had work to get back to and a mother and father to help with the grief of losing a child.

The green-eyed woman smiled brightly as her husband ran a hand softly over the boys head. "Welcome to the family, Harry." His new mother, Lily Potter said proudly as she looked down upon the baby in her arms. "Welcome to the world."

The boy, Harry, looked at his new parents before falling asleep. Not knowing that they were not wholly and truly his, not knowing that his life was being grieved just a short ways away, not knowing that he had a brother. He was just a baby, but his life had already been changed dramatically, and he didn't even know it.

But come time, Fate would see that things worked out.

July 30 1980

Lawrence, Kansas

"Amelia Bagshot was found dead in her home today." A somber news anchor told the world from her place on screen. "The preliminary cause of death had been found to be old age, as Amelia was 97 years old at the time of her death and there were no signs of foul play. She is survived by her younger sister, Bathilda Bagshot, who lives in England."

July 31 1980

Godric's Hallow, England

Lily and James Potter were lamenting the loss of Amelia Bagshot, the woman who had given them their greatest treasure in the world. Hazel and green eyes both turned to look at the giggling child in the arms of their closest friends. Harrison 'Harry' James Potter was a week old that day, although everyone there had been told that he was just born.

They loved their baby boy, and were not worried with how he was not truly theirs. After all, his magic came from them, and it was almost like blood adopting a child. At the same time, however, it would remain their very own secret, and hopefully no one would ever find out. It also didn't hurt that Lily had laid down some extensive charms to make the child look more like James than the man who was his real father. But they eyes, they didn't have to change at all. A gift from his mother. From both of them, maybe.

Harry took that moment to look at them, green eyes unfocused and bright.

Lily and James smiled. They would grieve Amelia Bagshot, but they would also take joy in the fact that her last act was giving them their son.

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