I had an idea it wouldn't leave me alone. So I typed it out. I am hoping for this to be a short story. Who knows though. Please enjoy. This is a heartfelt story. It has some humor but not the main focus.

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Bella POV

It was a Thursday and I was leaving from work. I was an RN at the local hospital. We were quickly at a roadblock. I saw about 5 cars in front of me. I pulled off, got out and walked up to the officer.

"Hello Officer Cullen. I am an RN, is there anything that needs to be done?" I asked.

"Yeah, we have a female and a male victim. 1 is still in the car. The female in the passenger seat is pinned in. The male made it out he has a few scrapes and he is complaining of his arm hurting. But nothing else with him. Would you mind taking a look at them?" He asked. I nodded. "Follow me."

I followed him. The car was an SUV. It looked to be a rollover accident. The roof was smashed in and I could see why she was pinned in the car. They had hit a tree and it bent the front end of the car in a V.

I walked over to the girl in the car.
"I am Bella Swan, a local nurse. What is your name and are you okay, does anything hurt?" I asked her

"Yeah, my legs. They feel numb. My name is Rosalie Hale" She said. That wasn't good. Either they are numb from the pressure and not being able to move or she has a spinal injury.

"Okay, the paramedics are on their way. Stay still and don't try to move. They are going to cut you out with the Jaws of Life, don't be afraid. It will be loud and it may scare you. May I ask who the male driver is?" I asked.

"His name is Emmett and he is my brother." She said. Like she knew I may have wanted to get to know him.

"Thank you, I am going to check him out, and make sure he doesn't have any life threatening injuries. I will be back in a few moments. He was complaining his arm hurts." I said.

She nodded. "It will be okay, they will get you out." I said

I walked over to Emmett.

"Hello Emmett, I am Bella, are you alright. I am a nurse at the local hospital." I said. He got a grin on his face.
"I am doing fine now." He said. I just laughed.

"Are you in any pain? Did you hit your head?" I asked.

"My arm hurts, and no I didn't hit my head." He said. I just giggled. I took a look at his arm. He should be fine.

"You may have fractured a bone in your arm. But I am not seeing anything that is life threatening." I said. He nodded. He seemed just fine.

"If you start to feel anything else let me know?" I said.

"Okay, then you're a fine looking women and want to take you to dinner." He said.

"Right now is not the time to discuss it. When we get your sister in and settled we can talk then." I said chuckling. He did hit his head. I walked over to Rosalie.

"That's my brother for you." She said smiling.

"Is he really being serious, or did he hit his head?" I asked her.

"He's being serious. I am grateful you are here to help." She said.

Oh my this, is going to get complicated. Emmett wasn't too shabby who was I kidding he was fine as hell. This wasn't the place to be discussing this or thinking it.

"Thank you. They should start the process to get you out in a few moments." I said. They started walking over.

"Remember sweetheart, it will be loud and scary but you will be okay." I said. She smiled and nodded. I walked off to the side. So I could monitor her and see if anything changed to tell them to stop. Emmett walked up. I turned to him. He had a worried look on his face.

"It will be fine. The gas has been emptied the gas from the tank to prevent any incidents. They are going to get her out." I said. He had a few tears in his eyes. "It'll be okay."

"I am still serious about dinner. I am worried about my sister though. She was complaining about numbness." He said.

"Well I am not a doctor and wont diagnose anything. It could possibly be 1 of many things. Since she is pinned in there she could have the numbness due to the pressure on her legs or possibly a spinal injury. Like I said I won't diagnose it the doctors will tell you for sure. Those are possibilities." I said.

The sound of metal on metal always killed me to listen too. She was doing okay she just looked at me and smiled. I kept smiling it was comforting her. The EMS showed up during this time. I don't why they didn't get here earlier. I'll have to have a talk with supervisor about this. The time was ridiculous and if it were life-threatening injuries, she would have been dead. This pisses me off. They finally got her cut out. The paramedics loaded her on the board and then took her to the ambulance. She requested Emmett and I go with her. They almost said they could only take one. After the look I gave Eric he agreed. We'd have words after this. It was a short trip to the hospital, it was forks. I don't know what took so long. Eric looked at me apologetically he knew they were in deep shit. The hospital wasn't going to put up with this. She held Emmett and I's hands the whole way there. She was in a small amount of pain.

"What hurts?" I asked.

"My legs." She said. Okay this was good news, they weren't numb. She'll still have some damage done but at least there isn't any spinal damage that is noticeable.

"Sweetheart that's good news, they aren't numb. We will be there in a few minutes, they will do a few tests and will get you some pain meds." I said with a smile.

"Bella, you are the only person she has let touch her in months." Emmett said.

I looked at him.

"I'll explain later." He said. She really wasn't too keen on having Eric and his partner touch her and flat out refused that Jack touch her. She requested I be there. I understand now. I nodded. She squeezed my hand.

"Squeeze as hard as you need to for the pain." I said. She nodded. She had a few tears falling down her cheeks. I wiped them away. Emmett just stared at me in amazement. I looked at him.

"It's nice to see her smiling again." He said with a tear running down his cheek. It must have been bad. I really hope this girl doesn't have to go through much more.

"I am glad I can help Emmett." I said smiling.

"Thank you," Is all Rose said smiling. I smiled back.

"It is my pleasure to help. I will help you as long as you need. I am a nurse here, they know how to get a hold of me if you need me if I am off work, and I will be here as soon as I can." I said. Rose let go of Emmett's hand. He walked over and gave me a bear hug.

"Thank you, you don't even know us, and you have been so kind." He said.

"I would love to help. I am a very motherly type person. Rose I will be there for you whenever you need me. No matter if you are out of the hospital." I said. A single tear rolled down her cheek. We were pulling into the hospital. When they wheeled her out, Jake was right there.

"Hey Bells, you first responder?" he asked.

"Yeah, do you want me with you? " I asked Rose. She nodded.

"Okay, Emmett needs his armed looked at. Rosalie's legs were numb at the scene, now she is having pain in them." I said. He nodded.

"Emmett would you mind going with Eric, and he will get you in a room. We need to run some tests on Rose to see if she has any damage to her spine." Jake said.

He nodded. "Bella, take care of my sister please." He said.

"I will Emmett remember what I told you. We can talk when we get her taken care of." I said. Jake looked at me funny.

"He asked her out on a dinner date when she went to check out his arm. That's my brother for ya." Rose said chuckling. She winced in pain. Jake just shook his head.

"Bells it doesn't surprise me, every man in town wants you and you refuse to date them." Jake said. Rose just smiled.

"She's hot." Rose said. Jake just shook his head smiling.

"How is your pain from 1 to 10?" he asked. "Go figure Bells you go to a scene of an accident and you get a date."

"It's about a 6," she said. Rose chuckled lowly.

"I thought he hit his head. Rose confirmed he didn't." I said smiling. She just smiled. She was scheduled for an MRI to see what damage was done. They took her to X-ray, and got an X-ray of her legs and back to see whether she could get up and move around. When they asked about if she was pregnant, she was about to burst into tears. I squeezed her hand.

"I am right here." I said. She smiled and answered him. The X-ray Technician looked at me funny. I walked where she could see me. I couldn't be in the room when they took them. We got her done with that and in her room. Jake came back in and told her she had minor damages. She had fractured her femur and fractured a vertebrae in her lower back.

"My back fracture was already there. It was a previous injury," Rose said. Jake nodded.

"It will take about 6 weeks to heal I am going to put a cast on it and you are good to go. We will observe you overnight just in case for any injuries that haven't showed up. I still would like to do an MRI to confirm it. It can also show other things the X-ray cant. He explained what it could show. She nodded and she was wheeled away to the MRI. I followed her. I held her hand on the way as they strapped her in and explained it. She would be in there a good 20 minutes. I went to check on Emmett. They knew to page me for any reason. I found Emmett he was getting a cast like I suspected would happen. They were finishing up. I couldn't believe what colors they let him have. They did a black cast and made a pink bow in it for him. I shook my head smiling.

"Isn't it gorgeous," he said. I couldn't hold in my laugh.

"It's lovely. Rose will love it." I said giggling.

"I know, how's she doing. Why aren't you with her?" he asked curiously.

"She's fine, She'll have to tell you or give me permission to I legally can't. She is in an MRI right now and I can't be in there with her, but they know to page me for any reason." I told him. He smiled.

"Can we go in her room and wait until she is finished." He asked.

"I don't see why not. Once you get the papers signed and discharged, we can go. I did promise her I would be back to wheel her to her room." I said.

"That's fine, I'll surprise her when she gets to her room. " He said.

"You're a sweet brother." I said.

"I can be a sweet man too. I am a romantic." He said. I just giggled.

"Okay, I will agree to a dinner date, maybe a movie too." I said.

"Why yes I would love to, I would be flattered to go on a date with you." He said. As if I was the one who asked first.

"You are a sweetheart. Do you live around here?" I asked. I didn't recognize him.

"Yeah we just moved here I start work on Monday, I am the new deputy of forks." He said. A tear rolled down my face, thinking about the accident. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No, my dad was chief of police and was killed on duty by a drunk driver on a routine traffic stop a few years back. It just hit me hard." I said with a few more tears running down my face. He wiped them away and pulled me into a hug. I cried for a few minutes, my beeper went off she was out.

"I need to go get Rose." I said. A single tear rolled down my face he wiped it away. He put his arm around me.
"Let's go get Rose. She will be happy to see us." He said. I just smiled. This was going to be harder than I thought. I was falling for him. Since Edward, I had never really dated. He screwed me up pretty good. I never dated anyone because of the trust issue since he cheated on me. I can say right now that I don't doubt I can't trust Emmett. There is something telling me it is safe. We walked down to the MRI area, they had put her in a wheelchair. She saw Emmett's arm around me and smiled.

"She agree?" she asked. He nodded.

"Yeah, I found out every guy in forks has been after her. You're a lucky man brother." She said giggling. Jake came walking by.

"I told you and you are a very lucky man." He said. I just laughed. Emmett looked at me curiously.

"He told me only I could show up on a scene of an accident and get a date." I said. He just laughed.

"I understand why every guy is after you. You are beautiful and a caring woman." He said. Rose just laughed.

"You're going to scare her away if you don't knock it off." She said. I just laughed.

"Rose you ready to go to your room. I haven't told him what they found out. I couldn't legally. I needed your permission to tell him." I told her. She nodded.

"You can tell him." She said.

"Let's go to your room and get you situated. I'll be here the whole night. I don't have to be home for anyone I have a roommate but she won't miss me too much." I said chuckling. We got her to her room. We helped her in her bed.

"Brother I love your cast by the way. Very manly." She said giggling. I laughed.

"I love it. I got for you sister." He said smiling.

"You realize you have to wear that for 6 weeks. The guys at the station are going to give you shit for it." I said laughing.

"It's okay. I got to meet you. My sister is smiling. That's all that matters." He said. What a sweetheart. I am falling hard and fast. Those eyes are amazing. I better stop thinking about that.

Jake came in just at the right time. Thank you Jake. I could stare in his eyes for hours.

"Is the pain at a 6 or worse." Jake asked.

"It's still a 6 but it is manageable." She said.

"Do you want any pain meds?" He asked. She nodded.

"I can take care of her tonight. Is there any special instructions that I need to know?" I asked him. I knew she probably didn't want anyone else in there bothering her.

"No, just the usual. I do have good news. I found nothing on the MRI. As long as all goes well tonight you will be out midmorning." He said. We all smiled.

"Will you tell me what you did find?" He asked. I nodded. Jake explained what needed to be done and her injuries.

"I will put on her cast for her." I said smiling. Jake looked at me cocking his head.

"Okay, Bella I do need to talk to you for a few minutes outside." He said. Rose smiled. Emmett nodded. We walked outside the room.

"Why are you so adamant about caring for her." He asked. He wasn't being insensitive, he was just curious and not great with words all the time.

"Jake she has not let anyone touch her in months. Emmett told me that I am the first person in months to be able to touch her. I don't know the reason why, he is going to explain it to me later. I don't want her overwhelmed. She is making progress from what Emmett has said. She didn't want Eric to touch her. She had me by her side the whole time when they were putting her on the stretcher and I helped them because she refused for Jack to touch her." I said. He nodded.

"Okay, Em seems really sweet by the way. You have smiled more in the past few hours, than you have in months, I see a sparkle in your eye. I haven't seen since before the accident." He said. A tear rolled down my cheek. He wiped it away.

"I know. He is the new deputy for forks. He starts Monday. He knows about dad. When he told me he was the new deputy, I started tearing up. He just held me. I feel safe with him." I told Jake. He just smiled.

"I have a feeling that you two will work out. I am happy for you Bells. I would have loved to have a shot, but you seem happier already." He said.

"I know being a nurse I help people daily. For some reason I feel that I need to be there for her. Its just a feeling. Emmett is just a plus." I said. He smiled.

"I need to finish up rounds, I will check on you before I leave." He said. I nodded. He went to finish up his rounds. I asked what colors she wanted. She wanted to match her brother. I went and grabbed the supplies I needed and her pain meds. When I came back in the room, I handed her pain meds and some water. She took them I started on her cast. I did the opposite color scheme. She was getting tired. It was late. They hadn't eaten, I ordered them some dinner. Em and Rose ate. Rose fell asleep shortly after she ate. I wasn't going to be able to sleep very much tonight. It would be a typical night and I was happy to do it for her.

"I need to tell you something." I said. He looked at me questioningly.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Well, I have not dated in years. I have only been with a few people. My last ex over 2 years ago cheated on me. I have not dated since. That is why Jake said you are a lucky man." I said. He looked at me with sad eyes.

"I am sorry you had to go through with that I know how that feels. My ex Tanya cheated on me and I too haven't dated for a while. This will be new to me too. We were together for a 4 years she was my high school sweetheart. I found out later that the last guy she cheated on me with wasn't the first." He said.

"I'm sorry, to hear that. I don't understand why she would do that you seem so sweet and such a caring person." I said.

"I don't know, all I know is your Ex is an idiot for losing you." He said smiling. I kissed his cheek he pulled me into a hug and just held me. He sighed.

"I feel safe with you." I said. Might as well get it out, eventually it would come out. I felt a connection and I didn't want to lose it.

"You will always be safe with me. Plus I look hot in uniform." He said smiling. I laughed and shook my head. Police issued handcuffs, this could be fun. I wouldn't be able to get out of those. I got to quit thinking about that. I giggled.

"What are you giggling about," he asked.

"Nothing." I said smiling.

"Right, I know you were thinking something." He said.

"Maybe one day you'll find out." I said smirking. He had a grin on his face you couldn't smack off. I just laughed.

"I know you want to know what I meant at the scene. I will start from the beginning. " I nodded. "About 6 months ago, my sister was a victim in an incident. We were living in Los Angeles. She had been with her fiancé for about 3 years. She was 6 months pregnant with a little girl. They seemed happy but he had two sides. Her fiancé had a bad day at work and he abused her. I didn't know until the incident happened. She never had any marks and he was smart about it. I about killed the motherfucker when I found out. He didn't like what she had made for dinner and he snapped. He slapped her and she fell on her stomach when she rolled over, he kicked her in the back, which is how she got the fractured vertebrae. She tried to get away from him by going upstairs she was going to the bathroom, she called me on the way up. I never heard her say anything. Before she could say anything. He grabbed her from behind and threw her down the stairs. It knocked her out. I called 911 when I heard him yelling at her. I was on the scene first. I was a police officer in Los Angeles also, so I had the authority to barge in and I did. He was gone. We found him a few miles away. When I found her she was bleeding and it wasn't from her head. She had always wanted a little girl. They rushed her to the hospital, but not in time. They took her into surgery and did a C-section to remove the baby." He said as he pulled out a picture of her holding a small baby. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. "The baby was 3 lbs 5 oz. She possibly could have survived but with her blood loss they weren't able to get to the baby in time. Since then she hasn't let anyone touch her with the exception of me. She hardly let the doctors when it happened touch her, since then she would literally go into a panic attack, if a stranger touched her simply on the arm. It was amazing to watch her interact with you. That's why it put me to tears. I don't normally cry, I am just happy she is healing." He said, a single tear rolled down his face.

"She didn't deserve any of that. No one does. She would be a great mom." I said.. Tears streaming down my face. He embraced me, and held me tight. I don't know how people can hurt other people like that . There was a child lost due to it.

"I know. She is afraid to date again because of it. Her ex is in jail for a long time. He'll be 70 when he gets out. it was because he took a child's life and assault. I testified. It was the hardest thing to do, but I wanted him in jail for the longest time possible. She is afraid most of the time. When she smiled at you, it made me happy. It was a true smile from her." He said. I smiled. "She has been putting on a fake smile for months for everyone. It was a true smile from my sister. You are who did it. I don't know why or how. I am just thankful you did. Plus, I have met the most amazing women. She is taking her time, helping my sister, and staying when she could have easily had another nurse on duty do the job. She is beautiful, and caring. I don't think I want to let her go." He said. I was crying happy tears.

"That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. " I said. He kissed me on the cheek.

"It's true sweetheart, don't ever doubt yourself.' He said. I did doubt myself a lot. I leaned into him he kissed me on the forehead. I heard a knock on the door. I got up to see who it was. It was Jake. He asked if I could come in. He saw how red my eyes were.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing's wrong Jake." I said. "I motioned him to come in.

"Hello Emmett, how is the pain on your arm? I have a prescription for you. I couldn't believe the doctor only gave you anti-inflammatory medication. So I fixed it." he said handing him the prescription. Emmett thanked him.

"You are off tomorrow. Tonight is counting for tomorrow, you are on duty only to this room though." He said.

"Okay, thank you Jake. I have a feeling I'll need some sleep after tonight." I said.

"Don't worry, I know you Bells. You can check on her every 2 hours. Her MRI didn't show anything suspicious. Emmett I do need to say something. Bella has smiled more in the time you and your sister has been here than she has since Charlie passed away. Thank you." He said smiling with tears threatening to fall. But he didn't let them. Emmett just smiled.

"You're welcome. Rose has smiled a true smile that I haven't seen in months. To make a long story short. Her fiancé was abusive and went too far one night. She was 6 months pregnant with a little girl, and threw her down the stairs causing her to miscarriage. She hasn't been the same since. Bella made her smile. I will forever be grateful of her for that. She is starting to heal. She would have a panic attack if a stranger touched her." He said. Jake was angry.

"I'm sorry that happened to her. No amount of jail time replaces the damage he caused. I am truly sorry she had to go through that. I understand why Bella has been crying." He said. He didn't put up with men laying a hand on a women. Charlie had to get him out of a few charges because of it.

"I agree no jail time could make up for the damage he caused." Emmett said.

"I am going to head home, I will see you in the morning. Keep her safe," He said.

"I always will." He said. Jake just smiled. He looked at Rose sleeping. She looked like an angel. I nodded. Emmett pulled me into his arms, and held me tight.

"Emmett you have a very special girl in your arms. She'll do whatever you need, and treat you like a king. She'll spoil you rotten. She'll take care of you." He said.

"Thank you Jake. She is very special. She is my angel." He said. He was falling fast and hard too, I wasn't the only one. Jake just smiled and waved goodbye. He was out the door. Emmett turned to me.

"I meant every word of it. You are my angel. If you let me I will take care of you like no one has taken care of you before." He said.

"I would love that. I'll admit now, I am falling fast and hard for you." I said. Hoping he didn't run away scared.

"Me too sweetheart." He said kissing me on the forehead. The beeper went off I needed to check vitals. He let me go, I went and checked on the machines. Everything was good, and I accidentally woke her up.

"Sorry Rosalie, I just have to check your temperature." I said. She nodded. Her temperature was fine. She looked at me and smiled.

"Em will treat you right. I was partially awake for that conversation. May I ask who Charlie is?" She said. I had tears threatening to fall. Emmett put his hands around my waist into his chest with me facing Rosalie.

"He was my dad. He was killed by a drunk driver on a routine traffic stop. It will be 3 years in a December. It was the night of new year's. He stopped a group of kids, who were swerving all over the road. He suspected they had been drinking. Out of nowhere, a car slammed into him, killing him instantly and paralyzed the driver of the car. Seth is now in a wheelchair and he is brave boy. They weren't drinking. They were just driving home and Seth was tired. He is Jakes best friend. They have a few years age difference. Jake is 2 years younger than me. I am 26. Jake did courses in high school to get his doctrine in medicine so fast. He helped rehabilitate Seth after the accident. That was why I was so scared at the scene when you told me your legs were numb." I said tears flowing down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry Bella. I can't imagine losing a parent." She said, with a weak smile.

"It's hard, he will never see his grandchildren or see me get married. My mom and I aren't very close. I was more of a parent to her than she was to me." I said smiling.

"Her dad was chief of Police, I thought I said something when she started crying when I told her I started Monday. He was a good man." Emmett said. I looked at him with a smile on my face. I could see myself being very happy. In his arms I felt like I could conquer anything.

"I can see how happy you make my brother already." She said. He kissed my head. She shook her head smiling. "You have no clue how happy this makes me. I can see a sparkle in both your eyes."

"I am happy. Do you have to use the restroom or are you okay for now. Wake me if you need to if I am asleep." I said to her.

"Yeah, I do. I didn't want to bother you." She said.

"Don't worry about waking me up if you need anything. It isn't a problem if you need anything don't hesitate to ask." I told her. I got her crutches and she went and used the restroom and put her back in bed with help from Emmett.

"Get some sleep sweetheart." I said. "You have 4 hours or so until the pain meds will start wearing off." I said.

"Okay, I will you get some sleep too." She said.

"I will," I said smiling. "Emmett do you need that prescription filled tonight. I can get it filled if you need it." He nodded. He kissed me on the cheek.

"Hurry back." He said smiling "I like you in my arms."

"I will." I said smiling. I was truly happy. I never thought I'd feel like this. I never felt like this with Edward. Things are looking up. I walked down and got the prescription for Emmett filled and Rose's meds so I didn't have to leave again. I picked up a few cups of ice and water bottles for us. I knew she would be thirsty. I was getting thirsty myself.

When I walked back in the room Rose was sound asleep, Emmett was sprawled out on the couch. He was patting the spot beside him. I walked over handed him his prescription and the bottle of water. He took what he needed and I put his prescription up on the counter. I locked Rose's up because it was policy. I knew Emmett wouldn't do anything but I did it because it was my job. He looked at me questioningly.

"Why do you lock them up?" he asked.

"It's procedure. I would get in trouble if another nurse walked in and saw them out. Since the doors aren't locked anyone can come in to the room and take them." I said. He nodded. I kissed him on the forehead and smiled. I laid beside him. He was so warm and I felt comfortable. He put his hand on my stomach and pulled me into him.

"I want you close to me. You were too far away." he said smiling.

"I'm a lucky woman." I said. He nodded and smiled.

"Get some sleep sweetheart, I know you only have about an hour or so until you have to be up again. I promise tomorrow you will be pampered. I will take care of you, as you are taking care of Rose." He said. I nodded. I was tired. He did have a point, I needed some sleep. I fell asleep in his arms. I heard the beeper go off. I got up and checked her vitals and temperature, everything was good. He pulled me into his arms and I fell asleep once again. This continued for the rest of the night. He never once fell asleep when I was checking on her. She only woke up once during the night after that. She saw Em sprawled out on the couch and smiled.

"He's a good pillow," I said. She just laughed.

I woke up about 6 the beeper went off. I was about to get up.
"Don't worry about it Bells. Relax for a few minutes. I see you're comfortable." He said. Em was still sleeping. I slowly was trying to slide out of his grip but I couldn't he kept pulling me back. Jake just laughed.

"He's strong, I need to pee too." I said. Rose had woke up by now. She just laughed.

"Emmett I need to get up." I said.

"No, not yet please." He said. He was talking in his sleep.

"You should hear him some nights. He talks about dragons and how he will rescue his princess." She said. I just laughed; Jake just shook his head laughing with us.

"Please Emmett I really need to get up. I said. He opened his eyes, kissed my forehead.

"Good morning." He said

"Good morning," I said.

"Emmett let her up please," Rose said. He removed his death grip and I went to the bathroom, leaving him covered up. Let's just say he a little bit happy. Jake didn't need to see that. He was still laying down when I got out. Jake looked at me.

"Do you want to take on another few hours you look comfortable and you look rested, but I can tell you need a few more hours sleep. I will come check on her periodically. No one else will come in." he said. He was giving me time with Emmett, he knew I didn't sleep well, I was actually rested today.

"Yeah, I can. I'll continue with the normal vital checks." I said. He shook his head.

"I plan on releasing her about 12ish. I will bring up breakfast for each of you. Don't worry about anything Bells. I have it covered." He said with a smile. "Get some sleep." I nodded.

"Thank you Jake." I said. I went and laid back down by Emmett he pulled me into him closer. He pronounced issue.

"Sorry," he said.
"No need to apologize." I said. Rose just laughed she knew what was going on. He leaned into me and kissing my head. He placed his hand back on my stomach.

"You two are so cute. Em's always been affectionate if you haven't already figured that out. You are both radiating with happiness." She said smiling. I was happy. Jake came back few minutes later with breakfast. He set 2 on the tray by Emmett and I and handed Rose hers.

"Thank you for all you are doing Bella, it means a lot to me to see Emmett smile like he is now." Rose said smiling.

"I have known Bells since I was 3 I have never seen her as happy as she is right now. I want to see that beautiful smile she has shown." He said smiling.

"I appreciate it." Emmett said.

"No problem. I will be back in about an hour. If you need anything have Bells page me." He said. She nodded. He was headed out the door.

We sat and ate our breakfast. I was still tired. After we were finished eating, Em laid me back down pulled me into him I fell asleep. I was so comfortable, I didn't even notice Jake come back in. I was partially awake. Em and Rose were talking to Jake.

"She's worked at the hospital for 4 years, Edward really screwed her up when he left. It was shortly after Charlie had passed away. She was in need and not meeting his needs, he found other ways. He was a selfish bastard. I wanted to kill him for hurting her. Bella and I have been friends for a while. She is truly happy now. I know you two haven't even known each other for 24 hours but I can see a change in her. She is more upbeat. She doesn't sleep well. She gets 3 or so hours a night and pulls 12 hour shifts. She is exhausted most of the time. She actually looked rested this morning. She is a workaholic, I will warn you now. But I also know she understands your hours you will be working since she went through it with her dad. She was at my dad's and I house a lot of the time when he was working or at Edwards." He said.

"I would kill him if I found him for him.. He shouldn't have done that, she was hurting, and he betrayed her. That is unacceptable in my book." Emmett said.
"I know, but how would you be able to take care of her if you were in jail?" Rose asked. "You wouldn't now could you?" Rose said laughing.

I started to open my eyes. Em still had a death grip on me, as if I was going to run away.

"Good morning sleeping beauty," Jake said.

"Good morning." I said., "I feel rested for once."

"Good, I am glad I could be your pillow." Emmett said smiling.

"How are you feeling pain wise? Do you need anything?" I asked Em. Emmett nodded. Rose shook her head.

"I just gave Rose her meds, she was complaining of pain after you fell asleep." Jake said.

"I could have gotten it for you Rose." I said.

"I told you not to worry about it, I have it covered. I just want you to get some sleep." Jake said.

"I know, you looked so comfortable. Jake also told gave me his beeper number if I needed anything and not to wake you. It was doctors' orders." Rose said smiling with a huge grin.

"Thank you Rose, I was. That was very nice of you Jake." I said. I wonder.

"How was she to get a hold of me if she didn't have it?" he asked. I gave him a look. I shook my head. He did have a point though. He walked out of the room smiling. That boy is up to something.

Rose just smiled and stared as he left.

"Got a thing for the doctor?" Emmett asked Rose smiling. She hasn't been interested in months. I think it took him by surprise

"What if I do." She said. Emmett had a grin the size of Texas.

"I'm happy for you sissy. You haven't even thought of liking a guy in months." Emmett said.

"I know, it just feels right. Can you tell me about him Bella?" Rose asked. Em kissed my forehead. I was grinning. Jake hadn't been remotely thinking about dating for a while either. He had been consumed with work. He works as much as I do.

"Well he is 24, he is a member of the Quileute tribe. His dad is the chief. When he passes it will be handed down to Jake if he accepts. He is very loving, caring, and selfless man. He works as much as I do. I work a good 60+ hours a week. It is because I don't have anyone to come home too or expecting to see me. I sleep here mainly. He is the same way, he works long hours and many sleepless nights His dad is in a wheel chair and he helps take care of him when he isn't working. He will treat you like the princess you are and love you dearly. He will spoil, and pamper you as much as he can. He took care of me for a while after the split and losing my dad. I gained a few pounds because of it. He is also an amazing cook. I think you two would get along just fine. Plus we could double date. Jake absolutely loves kids too." I said. She just smiled.

"I can change the fact you don't have anyone expecting you home." Emmett said. Rose was smiling from ear to ear.

"I think you just may. I normally work six twelve hour shifts a week. I work nights once a week. It is nice on the paycheck but I am lonely. Vicki only can do so much. She has been my best friend for years, but she is only that. I have wanted someone to love me for a long time. I have never given anyone a chance. You will be the first." I said turning to Emmett. He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes. He kissed me on the lips. It wasn't passionate but it was filled with love, and care. He didn't push it.

"I have been wanting to do that since you woke up." He said. I smiled.
"I could get used to this." I said smiling.

"He would love that Bella." Rose said laughing. It was about 10 in the morning Jake came back in. Emmett never let me go except to go to the bathroom.

"I think you found a keeper Bells." Jake said smiling.

"I think you found one too." I said laughing.

"That's only if she agrees, but I can talk to her later about it." He said winking at Rose. She grinned.

"I like that idea." She said.

"I can't do it when you are here. Out of work, it is a different story. Bella you want to have house guests at your weekly dinner Vicky and you hold." He told her I nodded my head understanding.

"I would love to. I think Vicky would love to meet both of you. You're cooking though." I said.
"Fine by me. I can make whatever they would like. We can discuss the menu later." He said smiling.

"Okay," Rose said smiling back.

"Bells you look extremely comfortable. He hasn't let you go has he?" Jake said laughing.

"I am and no, he hasn't. his exact words, I like you in my arms." I said giggling.

"I don't want to either. I know I will have to though." He said kissing my cheek.

"She'll be spoiled rotten by him. She'll get anything she wants." Rose said laughing.

"She deserves to be spoiled, she hasn't been spoiled ever by a man except her dad." He said. I just smiled. It was true. My dad spoiled me. Edward didn't. I don't need to be spoiled, I just need to know he cares. He has shown he cared so much already.

"By the way Bells, I had them bring your car to the hospital last night after you told me you were staying. They towed it free of charge," Jake said.

"Thanks Jake, I never even thought of that," I said.

"You're welcome. I will be releasing you in an hour Rose. You are doing great. You will need some help getting around for a few days but I think you'll have plenty of help.." He said smiling.

"I will, Emmett will be there and I have a feeling Bella will be as well." Rose said looking at Emmett.

"I will be back in an hour to discharge you Rose." He said and left.

"I would love to help you at home Rose, if you would like." I said. She nodded and Emmett pulled me into him. I looked at him. He stole another kiss. I just smiled.

"I would love that; I could take care of you too." He said. I nodded and leaned into him yawning. I couldn't help it. We were like 2 pieces in a puzzle. We just fit together. We sat and talked a little while longer. I told them about my childhood, and about my mom. I chose to live with my dad when I turned 6, mom got remarried and I didn't like the guy. They talked a small amount about their family. They had another brother that lived in Seattle. That is what brought them to forks. He wanted to get his sister out of California, and he got the job here. He purchased a house and they are here. His mom and dad ran a business, they wouldn't tell me what though. Jake came in a few short minutes after I asked.

"You ready to go home?" he asked. Rose nodded.

"Yeah I am." She said.

"Jake gets off at 4 this is his short shift today." I said.

"She is right. I will call Bella after I get off and we can set up a menu." Jake said.

"Okay, that is fine. We'll exchange information later." Rose said. He nodded. She signed the papers and she was discharged. Emmett had to let me go to walk out of the hospital. He really didn't want to. Rose just laughed at him.
"She's not going to run away," Rose said laughing. "She has said she would come to the house." I just chuckled and shook my head. I wheeled Rose out in the wheelchair to my Black Escape. It was my present to myself. My truck was literally on its last leg when my dad passed so I bought myself a car. That is really all I spent from his pension. Rose requested to sit in the back. She was letting Emmett sit in front with me.

"Ready to go?" I asked. "I need directions though."

"Yeah, let's get home." Rose said. We were off to their house. It wasn't what I expected though. I pulled into a narrow unmarked area. The driveway was a few miles. When I saw the house. It was beautiful. It was a house mostly of windows. It was very open and bright.

"Wow." Is all I could say. Emmett just laughed.

"I have something to tell you. My mom and dad are the owners of a fortune 500 company. I technically don't have to work, I do it because I love my job helping people in need and getting the bad guys off the streets. Rose has a degree in teaching. She is going to sub at the local preschool. It helps her cope with her loss. She gets to spend time with kids and she loves it." He said. I was floored to say the least.

"Now you know why I said you'll get anything you want." Rose said. My eyes were probably the size of saucers. I pulled up in front of the house. Still in awe.

I was about to get out. Em was at my door opening in it. He picked me up, kissed my lips, and put me down. We helped Rose out of the car. She moved slowly up the stairs. I had my hand on her back to make sure she didn't fall. Inside Em went and grabbed some pillows he placed them on the couch. She elevated her leg as Jake told her. She wouldn't be able to get away with anything.

"How is your pain?" I asked.

"It's okay, I may need to take another one soon." She said. I nodded.

"Would you mind getting me some water Emmett." She said. He got up and went to get water. She motioned me over.

"He has never been as affectionate with anyone as he is with you. He has always been affectionate, but he can't keep his hands off you. He really is starting to care for you. He hasn't even tried dating. He never went out. He was always so quiet no one talked to him. His eyes lit up when he saw you at the scene. That's when I knew he was starting to come back, and when asked you on a date I saw his smile. It made me smile." She said.

"He makes me happy, I haven't been this happy ever." I said as he has brought me back 3 bottles of water.

"What size are you Bella?" Rose asked.

"5" I said.

"Okay, I thought so. If you want to take a shower and change, you can raid my closet. I am the same size. The pants may be a little long though." She said.

"I would love that. I smell like the hospital." I said. "I just didn't want to impose."

"You aren't imposing." Em said. "You are doing Rose a huge favor, and making me very happy. I'm sure I'll get used to the hospital smell."

"Okay, will you show me Where it is?" I asked Em.

"I would love to show you. I will also give you a tour of the house if you would like." He said. I nodded.

He showed me the house. He took me to Rose's room and I picked out a pair of jeans and a blue top. He took me to his room and showed me where the bathroom was. It smelled amazing. He just laughed. I looked at him.

"It smells amazing in here. What is it?" I asked.

"It's Tommy Hilfiger cologne. I haven't worn it in quite a while. I think I'll start wearing it again." He said.

"I would love it if you did." I said smiling.

"I'll let you take your shower see you downstairs when you are finished. Take as long as you need." He said. I nodded smiling. I hadn't smiled in so long like I am now. It feels good. I kissed him letting it linger a little longer than last time. He pulled me close, and kissed my forehead after he broke the kiss. I knew he wanted more but he wasn't going to pressure me to go any farther. He let me go and left the room. I jumped in the shower. Letting the hot water sooth my sore muscles. I sat there for a good 20 minutes. I finished my shower. The smell of his cologne swirled around the room. I didn't want to leave. I finished and got out. I rolled up the pant legs and finished getting dressed. Em must have brought in a few toiletry items for me. He thought of it all. As I walked downstairs, Rose still had her leg elevated. She saw the outfit.

"I love it. It's gorgeous on you." She said.

"I know." Em said. Rose just laughed. Rose's stomach growled. Em turned to us.
"What do you want for lunch?" Em asked.

"Do you like chicken alfredo?" Rose asked.

"Yeah, I love it." I said.

"That's what's for lunch then." He said. He went in the kitchen and started cooking.

"He's an amazing cook." Rose said. We talked about what they liked to do. 20 questions basically. There was a knock on the door.

"Em are you expecting anyone?" Rose asked.

"No, I'll go get it." He said. I walked in the kitchen, in case anything needed to be turned or stirred. He went and opened the door.

"When you guys get an escape? By the way love the cast.," someone asked.

"It's not mine. It's Bella's," He said.

"Who is Bella brother." It was Jasper.

"Come on in and you can meet her. I'm making lunch for the girls. We don't want it to burn." He said.

"It wasn't going to burn anyways I was watching it just in case." I said.

"Thank you." He said kissing me on the cheek.

"My brother is back." Jasper said. He was a tall blonde-haired man with curly hair. He wasn't as muscular as Emmett.

"Yes, I am I asked her out at the scene of the accident. She just laughed and told me it wasn't the time to talk about that." Em said laughing.

"He was never shy, " Jasper said. "He's smiling again, it's nice to see."

I saw Rose trying to get up off the couch. I walked over to her and helped her up.

"Jake would kill me if you got hurt." I said.

"Jake?" Jasper asked.

"He's my best friend also the doctor that treated her. He'll be off at 4. He and Rose are going to plan the menu for dinner at my place. My roommate Vicky and I hold a dinner every week. Your welcome to join also." I said. He nodded.

"I'm glad she didn't have any major damage. I was told she was pinned in the car." Jasper said.

"Bella is a nurse, she was the first responder. She hasn't left Rose's side since the accident. She was headed home from her shift when she came and helped us. She stayed last night and took care of Rose, because she knew about Rose's panic attacks." Emmett said.

"Thank you Bella. Rose let you touch her?" he asked.

"Yeah, I felt she was safe. I wouldn't let one of the EMT's touch me. I didn't feel okay with it. She helped me into the ambulance. They tried to argue that they could only take Emmett. Well the one just caved with an apologetic look." Rose said laughing.

"I'll tell you why. They knew they screwed up it should have taken them half as long as it took them. If you had any internal injuries, I can't say you would have fared well." I said. She smiled and nodded. Emmett walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Calm down sweetheart, everything is fine." Emmett said. I nodded . He had dished up 4 plates. They looked amazing. I thanked him.

"My pleasure. I told you I would take care of you, I fulfill my promises." He said. Jasper just looked at him cocking his head. We ate and talked.

"You rival Jake's cooking," I said. Rose just laughed.

"You should have never said that Bella, now he's going to want to have a cook off." Jasper said. I just laughed. "That's okay, I am sure Jake wouldn't turn it down to show Rose his skills." I said.

We all laughed. I saw Rose start to look uncomfortable.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"I am starting to hurt again." She said. I nodded and got her pain meds for her. We sat and talked some more. Jasper was curious about me. I was doing fine up until I thought about my dad. Emmett came over to me. I started to tear up. "I can finish if you want." He said

"I can do it, if I need help please continue." I said. Jasper was in shock. I don't know why. I told him how my dad past away. Rose finished about Jake. He said he was sorry to hear that. I thanked him. He gave me a hug. We finished lunch. I was ready for a nap. Emmett noticed it.
"You tired?" he asked. I nodded.

"Rose if you need anything let Jasper or Emmett know, don't hesitate to ask. I am here to help you too. If you guys notice anything let me know." I said. Emmett turned to Jasper.

"Don't worry brother I'll take care of her. Spend some time with Bella." Jasper said. Emmett smiled.

"Thank you." He said. "Don't mention it." Jasper replied smiling.

"Get some sleep Bells. You need it." She said smiling. Emmett walked me upstairs. He pulled out a pair of sweatpants for himself and pair of sweatpants were folded on his dresser. He walked over and grabbed them. I figured earlier if you were to take a nap, you would want to be comfortable, so I grabbed them while you were showering. He went and changed in the bathroom. I pulled off the jeans and changed in the sweatpants. He came back in.

"You look gorgeous." He said I just smiled, as he planted a kiss on my lips, he deepened it. I granted him access. He broke the kiss, and kissed my lips a few more times. He looked me in the eyes. He pulled me to his bed and laid me down. He rolled me on my side with my back facing him. He pulled me as close as he could get me, placing his hand on my stomach.

"Get some sleep baby girl," He said kissing my cheek. I drifted off to sleep. I felt safe and secure in Emmett's arms. I felt him running his thumb on my hipbone. It felt good. I slowly drifted back to sleep.

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