Title: Love Soon

Rating: M

Warnings: Cursing ,sexual content, and angst

Summary : What happened in Capeside while Dawson and Joey are living out their dreams? Jen and Pacey are left alone in their hometown to discover what they have is may turn out to be more then friendship.

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Story notes: This story is still rough. But I try to reread though it every night to fix all mistakes. Please leave a review to let me know you are reading it. Also I will try to keep characters and storyline as true to the show as possiable. But I clearly will be changing alot of things for this story. I hope you enjoy it. I always thought Pacey and Jen would make a lovely couple.


(Pacey's POV)

December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve, and I am so excited that I can't even sleep. Honestly, I can not close my eyes. Because for once in my life everything is perfect. The tree is decorated with bright colored ornaments, the gifts are beautifully wrapped, and the house smells of wonderful baked goods my wife and sisters had baked earlier that day for our family gathering tomorrow. Family gatherings are something I used to hate going to , but she changed that. Those two girls changed everything in my life. And I know this will be the best Christmas ever because for the first time I have my own family. That's right Pacey J. Witter is a family man. I look over at my little girl and beautiful wife laying in the bed, and I know deep down that I have everything I could ever need. The strange thing is if someone would have told me this is where I would end up I would have never believed them, but that just goes to show you how life can surprise you. I never thought in a million years I would be living in a Capeside, raising a family, and being married to a girl I meet as a teenager. But I am , and it's the only life that I would ever want to have now. Because I couldn't imagine being happier then I am at this moment. These two ladies have shown me the true meaning of happiness, family, and love. As long as I have them in my life I know I could be happy anyway. And my wife is a wonderful woman who surprises everyday. And for once I am with someone who doesn't make me feel like I need to change or become a better Pacey. I can be just myself. However, she makes me better without even trying to. Everyday I find myself doing things to make her and my daughter smile. I have more self confidence, easier to get a long with, and just an all round better man thanks to my family. So this is the story of how I feel in love with the girl next door. It may not be the most romantic story, and I doubt it will ever be a number one movie or best selling novel. But to me it's the best story that can every be told. The story of a girl and boy who grew up in Capeside. They started out as friends, dated other people, and had no plans on falling in love. But they did. It took them a long time, but this boy and girl finally fell in love.

Match Maker 1

(Pacey's POV)

Capeside 2006

"Congratulations, Mr. Witter the bank approved your loan with your brother as your cosigner." Mr. Parker told me handing me the papers.

I looked at my brother Doug and smiled. I knew I would never be reopening the ice house without him.

"Thanks Mr. Parker you won't regret this." I told him smiling. I took the paper work and walked out the bank with my brother.

"I am proud of you little brother. Finally taking a step to making your dreams come true." Doug said patting me on the back.

"I couldn't have done it without you." I said.

"So what are your plans for the evening?" he asked.

"Not much. As you know Rachel and I broke up about a week ago. So I will probably stay home again. Watch some tv and maybe order a pizza."

"No… you've got to stop thinking about that girl and get out the house. Tonight Jack said he wanted to take us out to celebrate you getting the loan."

"How would he know I would be approved?"

"We had a feeling."

"I think someone has a crush…"

"Pacey, please let's not make this about me. This is your night."

"Well, I don't want to me a third wheel at this party." I said giving my brother an all too familiar annoyed expression. I mean I was pleased if he and Jack wanted to start a relationship. But I didn't want to tag along on every date they had in order to avoid the people of Capeside from gossiping. I had gone to the movies with them shortly after Rachel and I broke up. And before that Rachel and I had been going out on outings with them. However, Rachel and I both had a feeling they were double matter how much my brother insisted they were just friends. I wondered how long Jack would be happy with just being friends with someone he was so clearly interested in.

"You won't be the third wheel. There's a girl coming to this party!"

"A girl, huh? Do I know her?"

"Jen Lindley."

"Miss Lindley is going to be free on a Friday night? I am surprised. I figured she have a date with hot shot Boston boyfriend."

" Victor is out of town again, and she is free to hang out with us. She has been so busy lately with having a new job and a boyfriend that she barely gets to spend anytime with Jack."

"Her new job is working as a secretary at Capeside High. She and Jack could have lunch everyday."

"Well, mainly busy with her boyfriend."

"I am glad she is coming. Ecstatic even. But I need to make one thing clear."

"What's that Pacey?"

" I adore Lindley. But I know you never cared for Rachel. You called her a Joey clone. Which she did look a little like my ex. And I'll admit that the girl wasn't the easiest to get along with. I've also heard Jack call this Victor guy a playboy, and say many times that he doesn't trust him. But if you and Jack are trying to play matchmaker with Jen and I it's not going to happen. There is nothing between us. We tried hooking up in high school. No chemistry."

"Pacey things have changed since high school. But we're NOT trying to set you up with Jen. We just thought it would be nice if you two got a chance to catch up. This dinner is to celebrate your new restaurant. That's all."

" Okay. But I get to pick the restaurant."

"Jen already did. We're going to drive to Boston and eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We're going to left around four after they get off work."

"You know Jen has great taste. That's the place I was going to suggest."

"Jen said we had to get Italian. She remember spaghetti and meatballs where your favorite."

I smiled. I couldn't believe she remember that. I shouldn't be surprised, I told myself. Jen had always been a good listener. Still I was speechless.

"We'll pick you at four bro."


"And Pacey don't take any calls from Rachel. She really not good for you."

"Okay." I said only half listening. A night out to celebrate my dreams finally coming true with old friends and my big brother. What could be better then that? Even if Doug and Jack were trying to play matcher maker.

2. Split Screen Sadness

(Jen's POV)

Three thirty and still no call from Victor. No voicemails and no missed calls. I wondered if this time it was really over. I had lied to Jack when I said Victor was going out of town this weekend. The truth was we had another fight. We always fought. Almost weekly. Just couldn't seem to make this relationship work. But we still felt like we needed each other. Our physical desires always seem to bring us back together. The make up sex was always amazing, but the relationship was usually lacking. After a few he'd go for days without calling me, and when he finally did I always took the blame. Always told him the fight was my fault. The truth was the fighting started after we had been dating for a year and a half. I though by then we would be engaged or at least living together. But we were still just dating spending the weekends at his house or some hotel room out of town. He never came to Capeside to meet Grams and showed no signs of wanting to commit to this relationship. I remember when I finally asked him about it, and he asked me just to wait for him. He explained he had been married before, and just had no desire to rush into marriage again. That was a year ago. We had been dating for two and half years and I was still supposed to just wait around on man that was fifteen years older then me to grown up? Maybe breaking up with him was the right decision. But if that was true why did I want him to call me so bad? I couldn't help but feel sorry for the fight. I was ready to take the blame for everything if I could just have him back. I was about to call him again when I heard Jack's voice.

"Jen are you ready to go meet with Doug and Pacey?"


"Everything okay?"

"Normal Victor drama. He's not really out of town. We had a fight again."

"He didn't want you to move to Boston did he?"

"Not really. He likes things the way they are or were."

"Maybe you'll better off. From the one time I meet him I didn't care much for him."

"I know. But let's not talk about Victor tonight. I haven't seen Pacey since I moved back to Capeside and this is his night to celebrate. So let's not ruin his good time." I said trying to smile.

"You're right Jen. Let's get going."

"You think I should change clothes?"

"You have that white sundress at my house."

"Yeah, I can just wear that." I said smiling.

We walked out of the school together in silence. Jack and I usually talk each other's heads off. But he knew I was upset about Victor, and I knew he was nervous about Doug. We got to Jack's house I changed quickly out of my boring work clothes into my cute white sun dress. I was amazed how many clothes, shoes, and personal belongings I kept at Jack's. I was almost living here now, I though with a smile. It was wonderful to have Jack as a best friend. I decided to take my long blonde hair down. My curly hair looked extremely clean and shiny today. I put on a soft pink lip gloss and slipped on white heels. I was ready to go out.

"Jen you look beautiful," Jack said.

"Too bad I just going with you and Pacey," I said with a smile.

We walked outside where Pacey and Doug we in the driveway waiting for us. Jack set in the front, and I hopped in the back with Pacey. I looked over him, and notice how much he changed since our high school days. He still had the same silly smile, and blue green eyes. Yet, something in his face looked different. More mature. Almost sexy even. Almost. But still Pacey had nothing on Victor, I told myself. Then as if Victor just knew I was about to have a good time my phone started to ring it was him. I looked down at my phone and I wanted to answer it. I needed to talk to him, and hear his voice on the other line. However, I reminded myself, this was Pacey's night. And decided to call him back later. As I put up my phone I saw Pacey look over at me and smile.

"Hey, Witter." I said breaking the silence.


(Pacey POV)

"Hey, Lindley." I said trying to stay calm. My brother was right. Things have changed since high school Jen had gotten even more sexy. Her hair was longer, and her face looked soften somehow. And not to mention her body. It was amazing. She had to be working out . Because the way she looked in the sundress was driving me crazy. Luckily, for her she was one of my closest and oldest friends. If it wasn't for that I would be trying to do everything I could to take her home with me. But I had to ignore those desires, I told myself. This is Jen Lindley.

4. Take a picture

(Jen's POV)

The car ride to Boston went by extremely fast. Jack, Doug, Pacey, and I had a great time reminiscing about our Capeside days. Things between Pacey and I were almost like they had been in your youth. Fun, playful, and carefree. Although I could tell there was a small change in our relationship. We both kept looking at each other with this new found sexual desire. Or at least I thought he was looking at me that way. I knew that look. But whatever this new aspect of our relationship was it had to STOP. I didn't want it to complicate our friendship. I mean look what happened between Dawson and Joey. I didn't want that to happen to Pacey and I. So I wouldn't let it happen, I decided. We arrived at the crowed restaurant. Jack and Doug walked side by side. While Pacey walked close to me. And I couldn't help but notice how cute his butt looked in his Calvin Klein jeans. Don't think about Pacey"s butt , I repeated to myself. You should be thinking about Victor. Tall. . Italian Victor who loves you. But I was still checking out Pacey.

"You coming Jen?" Pacey asked holding the restaurant door open for me.

I smiled and walked into the restaurant without a word. I knew I had been caught checking him out.

"Table for four?" Pacey said to the hostess.

She was a gorgeous red head with big green eyes. One look at Pacey, and she was grinning from ear to ear. She looked over at me for minute wondering if we were on a date. Noticing how far apart we were standing she seemed reassured that we were just a group of friends. She led us to a big table in the middle of the room.

"Let me know if I can get you anything else. Anything." She said smiling once again at Pacey.

I was surprised that her statement bothered me. But for some reason it did. I couldn't figure out why.

"Pacey you sure know how to enchant women."

"What do you mean?"

"Such a heart breaker. And to think you once called yourself duckie."

"That was before I learned how to use the Witter charm."

Jack and Doug laughed at the duckie statement, and then our waitress arrived. Another female server captivated by Pacey.

"Hi. My name is Amanda. What can I start you off with too drink?"

"Sweet tea for."

"I have the same." Pacey said.

"Coke." Jack and Doug said.

"I'll be right back with those drinks."

"I know one person my Witter charm doesn't work on." He said reaching over and grabbing my hand.

"Who is that?"

"You. Unless something has changed."

"No. We'd need to use some more witchcraft before you could lure me in Pacey."

"That might could be arranged."

The waitress then came back with our drinks and garlic bread. She placed the bread onthe table closest to Pacey smiling.

" Are you ready to order?"

"I will have Spaghetti Vesuvius and a house salad." Pacey said handing her the menu.

"I'll take the Spinach and Cheese Ravioli and a salad."

"I'll have the Spinach and Cheese Ravioli too." Jack said.

"I'll take the chicken marsala." Doug told her.

"I'll have that right out."

In a few minutes she brought out our salads, and shortly after returned with out food.

"We get our food faster when Pacey is with us." Jack said laughing.

"I can see that. Remind me to take you out with me more often, Pacey." I said smiling at him.

"If we had a male waiter he would react the same way to you, Jen."

"Thanks." I said blushing. I looked over at Jack who was smiling at me. He could see Pacey and I shamelessly flirting with each other. And I could tell he approved. Which is understandable. He would be content if I was dating anyone besides Victor.

5. Who Says

(Pacey's POV)

At dinner everyone was giving me a tough time about the female wait staff flirting with me. Especially Jen. But she had to notice all the guys staring at her during dinner. It was like having Marilyn Monroe at the dinner table. She was sitting there with that amazing body, wavy blonde hair, and big hazel eyes. Through dinner we keep finding reasons to touch every other and flirted back and forth. By the time dessert came around we were feeding each other cheesecake. I thought I could see the lust in her eyes. Longing to go to anyplace alone and give in too all our sinful desires. I could imagine take off her sundress and laying her across my bed. I mean who says to old friends couldn't share an a night of passion together? I was in pain dealing with unresolved feelings I had about Joey, and she had her own boyfriend drama going. So why couldn't we heal each other, and fulfill our sexual desires at the same time? It seem reasonable to me. After leaving the restaurant I asked Jen to come back to my apartment and she said yes. It was a good thing you brought condoms, I told myself grinning.