Happy Birthday Harry #3

Standing in his room, naked, just out of the shower, Harry was getting nervous. Today was his birthday and Severus had something planned. On their bed were a white silk shirt with puffed sleeves, a pair of skin tight white leather pants, a pale gold vest that buttons up the front and a set of sheer white robes trimmed in antique gold. Severus told him that he was to get dressed and wait for Draco to get there. His friends knew what was up but no one would tell him or even give him a clue. Harry took his time getting dressed. Leave it to Severus to get him leather pants that were so tight he could barely get them on. He would have used his wand to make them loose but for some reason he could not find it. Maybe Sev was afraid he would hex him when he finds out what's going on.

When Harry had completed dressing he heard a knock on the door. When he answered it Draco was standing there with a smirk on his face. "I see you are dressed Harry, that's good now we will have time to do your hair."

"What do you mean 'do my hair'. There is no way you are touching my hair, Malfoy!" Harry said loudly as Draco chuckled.

"Come on Harry. If you just co-operate you will be out of this room and get to see what Uncle Sev's surprise is." Draco cajoled.

Crossing his arms in front of his body Harry humphfd... "Alright lets get it over with." Harry said and sat down in the desk chair and let Draco do his hair.

When they were done Draco told Harry they just needed to wait for Severus' signal before they went downstairs. Soon Severus' patronis came into the room and Draco took hold of Harry's arm. "Come on , Harry. It's time to go down now."

This whole thing was confusing Harry. They got to the bottom of the stairs and were met by Ron and Hermione both dressed in elaborate dress robes. Draco handed Harry off to Hermione and he put on a set of Dress robes that matched Ron's then went out the French doors. "Ron, 'Mione what's going on." Harry pleaded "Please tell me."

Ron placed his hand on Harry's shoulder "It will be fine, Mate. No worries." Suddenly bells began ringing in the garden. "Well that's our cue. Just follow "Mione." Hermione walked through the French doors with Harry behind her. When they got to the door, Ron stepped outside and Mr. Weasley walked up beside Harry dressed like Ron and Draco.

"Lord Potter-Black, It would be my honor to escort you down the aisle." Arthur said. Harry looked at him gobsmacked. Aisle ... Dress Robes ... Oh Merlin! Harry thought.

Stuttering Harry took Arthur's arm, mainly to keep from collapsing "Tha...nkk ...you...Dad." Harry said with tears glistening his eyes. Arthur slowly walked Harry out into the garden which had been transformed in a matter of hours into a wonderland. White flowers were everywhere. Ron stood just outside the door and handed Harry a white Lily in honor of his mother. Looking around all of Harry and Severus' friends were there... standing... waiting for him to enter. Ron followed Hermione who had already started out to the gazebo which was draped in white gauze and ribbon streamers. Ron followed several feet behind her and Harry followed escorted by Arthur.

They were almost to the gazebo when Harry looked up and saw his Sev standing there so tall and proud, Draco and Minerva at his side. Ron and Hermione stood on the other side looking down at their friend with love. Tears glistened in Harry's eyes, his whole body was trembling. Arthur leaned over and whispered in Harry's ear "That man really loves you son. Take good care of each other, but most of all love each other and talk everyday." With that they took the final steps to the gazebo stairs where Severus met them and took Harry's arm. Arthur retreated to his place in the first row along side Molly and the family.

Severus leaned in and kissed Harry lightly on the lips. They turned and faced Minister Bones who smiled at Harry and then looked at Severus who nodded his head. "Lords and Ladies, friends and honored guests, We are gathered here to celebrate the love of these two men. They have been through war and it's aftermath, together. They have learned to trust one another and grew to love one another. Harry James Potter-Black and Severus Tobias Snape do you wish for this ceremony to continue?" Harry looked at Severus and nodded, Severus looked to Amelia and nodded. "Please join hands, right hand to right hand, left to left." Severus and Harry did as she said. "The joining of hands is the first step in the joining of your lives. Harry please look at Severus and repeat after me. "I pledge my love to you, and everything that I own. I promise you the first bite of my meat and the first sip from by cup. I pledge that your name will always be the name I cry aloud in the dead of night. I promise to honor you above all others. Our love is never-ending, and we will remain, forevermore, equals in our marriage. This is my wedding vow to you."

Harry looked at Severus, deep into those onyx eyes glowing with the love Severus felt for him "Severus, I pledge my love to you, and everything that I own. I promise you the first bite of my meat and the first sip from by cup. I pledge that your name will always be the name I cry aloud in the dead of night. I promise to honor you above all others. Our love is never-ending, and we will remain, forevermore, equals in our marriage. This is my wedding vow to you."

Amelia turned to Severus "Severus, please look at Harry and repeat after me. 'I pledge my love to you, and everything that I own. I promise you the first bite of my meat and the first sip from by cup. I pledge that your name will always be the name I cry aloud in the dead of night. I promise to honor you above all others. Our love is never-ending, and we will remain, forevermore, equals in our marriage. This is my wedding vow to you."

Severus looked into Harry's bright eyes glistening with tears of happiness. "Harry, I pledge my love to you, and everything that I own. I promise you the first bite of my meat and the first sip from by cup. I pledge that your name will always be the name I cry aloud in the dead of night. I promise to honor you above all others. Our love is never-ending, and we will remain, forevermore, equals in our marriage. This is my wedding vow to you."

Amelia then turned to the guests "You have witness the vows of Harry and Severus. If anyone of you feel that these vows are being taken or given under duress now is the time to speak." No one said a word. Amelia turned back to Severus and Harry "In times past it was believed that the human soul shared characteristics with all things divine. It is this belief which assigned virtues to the cardinal directions; East, South, West and North. It is in this tradition that a blessing is offered in support of this ceremony." Amelia nodded and the four witness stepped forward each holding a candle, until they stood in a row in front of the Alter Candle.

Hermione stepped forward carrying a yellow candle which she lit off the alter candle. Turning to face Severus and Harry :

"Blessed be this union with the gifts of the East.

Communication of the heart, mind, and body

Fresh beginnings with the rising of each Sun.

The knowledge of the growth found in the sharing of silences."

She then stepped to the side facing East. Minerva then stepped forward with her red candle. She lit it and turned to face Harry and Severus:

"Blessed be this union with the gifts of the South.

Warmth of hearth and home

The heat of the heart's passion

The light created by both to illuminate the darkest of times."

Minerva then went to her spot facing South. Ron was the next to step forward and light his blue candle then turned to face the men.

"Blessed be this union with the gifts of the West.

The deep commitments of the lake. The swift excitement of the river.

The refreshing cleansing of the rain

The all encompassing passion of the sea."

Ron took his place and turned to the West. Draco was the last to light his candle of green. Turning to face the men he said.

"Blessed be this union with the gifts of the North

Firm foundation on which to build.

Fertility of the fields to enrich your lives.

A stable home to which you may always return."

Draco took his place facing the North and Amelia stood back in front of the men.

"Each of these blessings emphasizes those things which will help you build a happy and successful union. Yet they are only tools. Tools which you must use together in order to create what you seek in this union."

When she finished the four candles were blown out and the witnesses returned to their respective places. Amelia continued. " Harry and Severus please face me. We have come to the exchanging of rings and Severus has requested a chance for he and Harry to say their own vows. Do you have the rings?" Ron and Draco nodded. "Severus, you may say your vows."

Severus clasped both of Harry's hands in his with a voice just as smooth and sexy as ever. "Harry, You are my best friend for life. I pledge to honor, encourage, and support you through our walk together. When our way becomes difficult, I promise to stand by you and uplift you, so that through our union we can accomplish more than we could alone. I promise to work at our love and always make you a priority in my life. With every beat of my heart, I will love you. This is my solemn vow." Draco handed Severus the silver wedding band which Severus placed on Harry's finger, kissing the palm of Harry's hand when it was on.

Amelia turned to Harry "Do you have something you wish to say Harry?" Harry nodded and looked at Severus.

"Sev, because of you, I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream again. I look forward with great joy to spending the rest of my life with you, caring for you, and being there for you in all life has in store for us. I vow to be true and faithful to you as long as we both shall live. I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow." Ron handed Harry the gold band which Harry slipped on Severus' finger.

Amelia continued "As you have given and received rings and made your vows before witnesses, as a lawful bonder I pronounce you legally married. You may kiss your husband." Severus leaned down and pulled Harry in for a mind-blowing kiss, not releasing him until the cat-calls started. Turning Severus and Harry toward the guests "Lords and Ladies, friends and honored guests I now present Lord Severus Snape for the house of Prince and Lord Harry Potter-Black-Snape."

Everyone stood and Severus and Harry made their way down the stairs holding hands and casting each other side glances. They were followed by Ron escorting Hermione and Draco escorting Minerva. Before they were allowed to go to where the reception was set up they had to stop and sign the marriage parchment along with the witnesses. Once everyone had signed the Parchment glowed blue and disappeared to be filed at the ministry and Gringotts.

Harry was astounded at the garden. There were open tents set up with tables and chairs. One tent was set up with a wooden floor for dancing and a wizarding stereo with music playing. There were tables loaded down with food and the house elves were dressed in Prince and Potter family uniforms. The cake was magnificent, four layers high and covered with icing flowers and birds of all kinds, including a small snowy owl and fire Phoenix. Severus leaned down and kissed Harry on the cheek before whispering in Harry's ear. "Molly made the cake. She wouldn't hear of anyone else touching it."

Harry looked up at Severus "Sev, it's just so ... so. I don't know what to say. How did everyone keep it from me?" Severus smiled at Harry then leaned down and kissed him deeply. Suddenly they heard someone clearing their throat.

"Enough of that boys. You can take care of that after the reception." Harry's face got red and Severus chuckled watching him. "Harry, you have always been like a son to Molly and I and I was so proud when Severus asked me to be the one to escort you down the aisle. May the rest of your lives be filled with the happiness you deserve."

Harry gave Arthur a hug and then turned to Molly where he was engulfed by one of her patented hugs. Severus did not escape one of her hugs either.

Soon everyone had passed through the receiving line and taken their seats. Severus gave Harry a kiss and led him over to the buffet table where they filled their plates and went to sit down. The next several hours were a blur for Harry. There was dancing and talking with friends and family. Lots of eating and the highlight of the evening the cutting of the cake. Molly outdid herself she made each layer a different flavor so she was sure to have both Harry's and Severus' favorites. Everyone was taking the flowers and birds off to keep. (Molly made sure to keep the snow owl and phoenix for Harry).Once the cake was cut the guests escorted Severus and Harry to the apparition point where the house elf met them with their luggage which Severus shrunk and put in his pocket. With shouts and best wishes of all Severus pulled Harry into his chest and apparated away.

When they landed they were on a beach and Harry saw the ocean spread out before him. "Where are we Sev?" Harry asked.

Severus pulled Harry in tight, "We are on a private island somewhere in the Caribbean. It is own by the Malfoys. They are letting us use it for our Honeymoon." Severus pulled Harry into his arms. "Harry, my love, I want to give you this night of passion and a start on the rest of our lives."

Severus pulled Harry into a passionate kiss, leaving Harry gasping for breath. "Sev" Harry panted "need you"

Severus picked Harry up and carried him into the cabin behind them. Severus did not stop until he had reached the king sized bed. Slowly he lowered Harry down onto the bed kissing Harry as he sat down next to him. Without removing his lips from Harry's he slowly began removing Harry's robes. By the time Severus let Harry come up for air Harry was only wearing his slacks, shoes and socks. Harry lay on the bed panting, his arousal clearly visible against the front of his slacks. Severus stood and slowly began removing his own robes. By the time he got to his slacks Harry was moaning. "Sev ... please ... need you." Harry moaned. "Please ... love ... don't tease."

Severus smirked and slowly unzipped his slacks and lowered them revealing the fact that he had nothing on underneath them. Harry moaned even more when he realized that his husband was now completely nude. Harry started to move closer to Severus "No you don't, my love, tonight is for you." Severus said as he pushed Harry back down on the bed and finished removing Harry's clothes. Harry closed his eyes and tried to calm down before he came without being touched. Harry felt the bed sink as Severus climbed on and moved closer. "Harry, my sweet" Severus drawled in his sexiest voice. Softly he ran his tongue along the outside of Harry's ear then sucked the lobe in between his teeth. Harry could hear Severus chuckle quietly as he heard Harry's sharp intake of breath. "What is the matter my love? Do you want me to stop?" Severus continued nibbling his way down Harry's neck to the spot where neck meets shoulder after Harry's breathless 'no'. Licking and nibbling Severus continued down Harry's body until he reached Harry's nipples. Reaching up with one hand Severus took one of Harry's nipple between his fingers and started rolling it around and he took the other nipple in his mouth nibbling and sucking it between his teeth. Harry raised his chest trying to get closer as in moaned in need, his cock leaking pre-cum on his abdomen.

"Sev'rus... um ...please ... I need ... I need ... SEVERUS " Harry screamed as Severus reached Harry's organ in his travels down Harry's body and engulf it in one swallow. Slowly Severus licked and sucked Harry's cock moving his mouth up and down at the same time. Harry could help it. He needed more. He needed faster. Harry fisted Severus hair in both hands trying to get him to do something more. Harry was not even sure anymore exactly what he needed or wanted he was overwhelmed by the emotions flowing through his body. Harry was so into what he was feeling he did not even hear the lube bottle being opened. Severus coated his fingers with lube and taking Harry's manhood as deep as possible he inserted a finger in Harry's pucker all the way in. At the same time Harry screamed "SEVERUS" He thrust his hips up driving his organ down Severus' throat and blasted his load of cum. Slowly Severus removed his mouth from Harry's cock licking the remains of Harry's orgasm.

Severus kept his finger buried in Harry's pucker and slowly worked a second finger in. By the time Severus got the third finger in Harry was becoming aroused again. "How are you feeling my sweet?" Severus whispered into Harry's ear as he kissed Harry's neck.

"Ummm That was fantastic love." Harry murmured, his eyes slowly opening. "Ummm that feels so good." Harry kissed Severus deeply. "Sev ... make love to me ... please? I need you so bad." Harry moaned. Severus removed his fingers from Harry and used the lube on his own organ getting it ready to enter the body of his young husband. Placing the head of his cock against Harry's pucker he started sliding his organ in slowly, watching Harry's face for signs of pain. Once Severus was firmly seated and Harry started moving back on Severus' cock Severus began thrusting in and out slowly at first but gradually increasing in speed and intensity until Harry was only letting out a constant moan. Soon Harry's breathing increased and his moaning got louder, Severus' thrust increased until he was slamming in and out of Harry's body as fast and hard as was possible. With a finally scream Harry came, his cum coating his abdomen and his bowels clamping down on Severus who came after a few more thrusts.

Collapsing next to his completely sated partner Severus pulled Harry close and whispered in his ear "Happy Birthday, Harry" as they drifted off to sleep.

Italicized - these are Celtic wedding vows and a Celtic wedding prayer which I found online. I added the candles which are part of a Wiccan ritual.

There is one more chapter that I have planned it will probably be a week or so before I get it written.