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Chapter 1

Failed Assassination

It was just after sunrise as Draco began to stir. It had been a rough night, filled with nightmares of the war. He hadn't witnessed his fathers death but that didn't stop his imagination from filling in the gaps whilst he slept. He had brewed himself dreamless sleep potions during the five years since the war but he'd run out the night before and decided he'd try to sleep without one. He was regretting that decision.

Suddenly he heard a thump. Opening his eyes slowly, he looked towards the window from which the noise had come. There, a man was lying on the ground as if he'd just fallen in. With lightning speed, Draco was standing on the other side of the room with his wand in his hand, a fake version of him lying in his bed.

The figure on the floor slowly climbed to his feet with a groan. He carefully checked the fake-Draco to see if he'd awaken. When the man saw the sleeping illusion, he confidently walked up to the side of the bed, his wand pointing at fake-Draco.

Silently, the real Draco Malfoy crept up beside the man. He saw a faded dark mark protruding from a rolled up black sleeve and sighed inwardly. The remaining Death Eaters had been trying to assassinate him since the end of the war. This seemed to be an even more hopeless attempt than the last hundred or so.

He waited a few seconds for the fake-Draco to fade. It was only a temporary illusion and he wanted the man to realise his mistake before he was captured. The fake-Draco already seemed a bit more transparent and a few moments later the Death Eater noticed that something was wrong.

With a small 'poof' the illusion dissappeared and Draco immediately hit the man with a body binding curse. He sighed as he rolled the man over. He didn't recognise him but that didn't mean much. He hadn't known very many Death Eaters and he'd forgotten those he had met.

He walked over to the window and searched the grounds. They usually came alone but a few had come in small groups to try and get the upper hand. He didn't see anyone but he cast a quick protection spell before he believed he was safe. Turning around, he levitated the almost-assassain out of his bedroom door.

It took him moments to reach the next room, his study. He waved his wand and a spare cloak that he left on a hook in case of situations like this was immediately covering his bed clothes. He walked over to the fireplace and floated the man in before stepping in beside him. He threw some floo-powder down into the firplace and they were whisked off to the Ministry.

The guard seemed to be getting ready for a change in shifts as Draco walked over to the large desk. This had happened so many times that he knew the man quite well.

"Another one, eh Draco?"

"This one fell in as he was climbing through the window. He didn't stand a chance." Draco answered with a smile.

"They're getting worse!" The guard exclaimed as they transferred the spell so that the guard was levitating the stiff man instead. Draco followed the night guard to the elevators and they travelled up to the aurors offices.

Finally stopping outside the door labeled 'Shacklebolt', Draco knocked. Kingsley was always in before dawn so the two men weren't surprised as the door opened in answer to their knock. The night guard levitated the Death Eater into the office and Draco followed them.

The legal proceedings took a few minutes and then the guard left with the newly dubbed prisioner in tow. Draco got up to follow them but was interrupted before he reached the door.

"Just wait a minute, Draco. I'd like to talk to you about something." Kingsley said.

The blonde turned around and studied the auror closely. This hadn't happened before and he was mildly surprised. Settling back down into the chair he'd only just left, he waited for the other man to explain himself.

"The minister has agreed to allow me to send a group of aurors to the manor to begin repairing the damage that was done during the final battle. I was told that I needed to get permission from you first, so all you need to do is say the word and I will dispatch a team."

"Why? Why now?" The blonde was confused.

"Well, with the destruction that was caused by You-Know-Who spread out over the whole wizarding world it has been hard to convince the minister that one private manor was important enough to use up our much needed resources. I'm only allowed to do this now because I'm using my own aurors and not members of other departments."

Draco smiled. He and his mother had been living in the eastern wing of his once great manor. Before the final battle that part of the house had been the guest quarters, so it was filled with bedrooms and bathrooms. It and the kitchens, which were underground, were the only rooms that hadn't been destroyed.

"My mother and I would be honoured to be thought of as important enough to deserve this wonderful service. Of course I give my permission for you to help me fix up the manor."

"Wonderful," Kingsley emphasized this with a small clap of his hands, "I will send a group over at midday so they can begin straight away. I'll organise the local inn to house them so that they will have no need to apparate."

"They could stay at the manor. We have plenty of spare bedrooms. In fact it would fill the house up a little. Even just the eastern wing is very big for two people." Draco suggested.

"Ah, good! That would be much easier, especially on my budget. You'll have to feed them too, though. I will send a group of five aurors later today." The other man said.

"Thank you so much Kingsley. You really don't know how much this will mean to me, and even more to my mother. She hasn't really been the same since the war. Our lives changed a lot, and this will return at least some part of our past." Draco said with a grateful smile.

"I am very glad to help you. After all, if your father hadn't been a spy for our side and you hadn't led the aurors and Order members in to Malfoy Manor, we would never have been able to catch You-Know-Who by surprise." When Draco didn't say anything, Kingsley continued.

"I'm very sorry that you lost your father when You-Know-Who finally found out that he was our spy. He was a good man, and didn't deserve what happened to him."

Draco left soon afterwards and was back in his study in no time. Glancing at the clock on his wall, he ditched his cloak and headed straight down to breakfast. As soon as he entered the dining hall he was greeted by a disapproving look from his mother.

"You didn't deem breakfast worthy enough to change for, Draco? Did you sleep in, or did something happen?" Narcissa Malfoy inquired calmly.

"Another Death Eater climbed in through the window this morning." Her son explained.

Narcissa laughed. It was a clear bell-like sound that Draco loved hearing. It cheered him up easily enough and he was smiling when he settled down to breakfast and informed her of Kingsley's plan.

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