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Chapter 18


"Come on." Draco said, aggravated. "We're going to be late."

The blonde was standing in front of a mirror hung in his room. He skillfully looped a tie around his neck, slender hands knotting it perfectly. He'd grown rather fond of muggle formal wear during the year just passed, especially the tie.

"Oh, shush Draco." A masculine voice called from the ensuite.

"I will not shu-" Draco started.

"We have plenty of time!" Harry cut him off, stepping out of the bathroom in nothing but a black towel wrapped around his waist. Draco couldn't help but to admire his boyfriend from head to toe. The man was gorgeous. His lapse in concentration didn't last long, however.

"I'm going to see how mother is going. We'll meet you in the entrance hall. Please hurry, handsome." Draco said with a slight sigh.

"I'll try." Came the answer as the blonde left the room. He hurried down a couple of staircases to the first level of the house. Despite the manor being back to it's previous glory, Narcissa had wanted to stay on the first floor.

"Mother." Draco called as he knocked lightly on her bedroom door. The door didn't take long to open and Narcissa stepped out in an elegant green dress. It had a long, loose skirt, reaching her ankles, with fitted full-length sleeves down to her wrists. The front was high up to her neck but the back dropped away, scooping a little lower than rib-level.

"I'm ready, darling. Where's Harry?" She asked with a smile.

"Late, as usual. I told him we'd meet him in the entrance hall. I really don't want to miss any part of the wedding." Draco grumbled. His mother shook her head with a smile.

"Let us go to the hall then." She replied.

As they entered the entrance hall, a smile grew on the blonde man's face. Harry was standing by the fireplace dressed in a suit that matched Draco's. No words were said as the raven-haired man threw something into the fire and the flames blazed green. The three stepped in together, being whisked away as one.

They stepped gracefully out as they reached their destination. It was a beautiful old church, filled with people. Harry headed for the familiar face of his best friend as soon as he spotted him. Draco made sure Narcissa was okay before following him.

"Isn't this exciting?" Hermione said with a smile. "Look at you two! All dressed up in your suits. You know, before you two got together I'm sure I would never have seen you in a suit, Draco. You guys look wonderful."

"Thanks, 'Mione." Harry said, scratching his head. A slight blush crept up his cheeks and Draco quickly slid his arm around Harry's waist, pulling him close. He kissed Harry's cheek softly, smiling at the other man.

They were interupted as music started from a piano at the front of the room. Everyone in the church began taking their seats. Narcissa joined the group as they moved to the front.

A man walked up to stand beside the priest standing on the podium at the front. Draco and Harry moved up beside him as groomsmen whilst Ron took his place as best man. Hermione joined the girls on the other side as the maid of honour.

The music changed and every person in the hall turned to look at the entrance. The doors opened slowly and out walked a flower girl, throwing petals before her. No one really noticed, though. Their eyes were fixated on the glowing bride.

Luna walked down the aisle beside her father, her eyes seeing nothing but Dean.


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