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Chapter 1

Dean stared at the dinner in front of him. He didn't know why Loki had suggested he come here but he trusted the other god. He walked inside, enjoying the thrum of humanity around him as he looked for the person Loki had sent him for. She was a looker, that was for sure, pregnant or not. Dean walked over and slid into her booth, sitting opposite her, and she tensed. Dean studied her, feeling the demonic marker hanging over her unborn child.

"Relax; apparently you've been looking for help with a problem." Dean told her with a grin and she stared at him in shock. "You gonna say you want help saving yourself and your baby or not?" Dean asked.

"Who….what are you?" She hissed and he saw her bracelet, Loki had left out she was a hunter.

"Someone who can help. So what made a hunter make a demonic deal?" He asked, smiling at the waitress as she approached, ordering a stack of pancakes with lots of strawberry sauce.

"Why?" She asked once his food was delivered.

"Why am I offering to help? Easy, I hate demons and it's not like this will be free. Why do I want to know about the deal? I want to know if you're worth helping. So answer."

"My husband….he was killed, my whole family was. The offer was to bring John back and I….I lost everything, I couldn't….."

"And didn't realise the price would be your child. I know the demon you dealt with. Odds are you'll be dead in eight months when he comes for the child." Dean told her and she went pale, clutching her stomach. Dean made sure no one would pay any attention to them, just in case. "I can save you and your child for a price."

"What price? My soul? My husband?" She demanded and Dean shook his head.

"Your baby." Dean answered and she went to leave. "Hear me out Mary; I'm the only chance you have." Dean argued and she looked at him.

"Who and what are you?" She demanded and he smiled.

"I'm what you would call a Pagan god. Hittites called me Rundas, god of the hunt and good fortune, not my favourite name but it'll do for now."

"What do you want my baby for?" She whispered, protectively shielding her rounded stomach.

"Not to harm. I won't even take it until he or she is eighteen. You'll have eighteen years with your baby unlike the six months you have at the moment." Dean offered and she hesitated. "In exchange no demon will come near your family. I promise I will not harm your child, he or she will be perfectly safe forever." He could see Mary hesitating so he held out his hand, offering a small ancient coin. "Think about it for a while. When you decided hold the coin and call for me." Dean finished his pancakes, paid both their bills and then vanished.

Mary watched as John put the crib together, smiling when he got stuck. The nursery was complete now and it looked good. She rubbed her stomach gently, smiling as her baby kicked. They'd already picked out names. Samuel if it was a boy, for her father, and Alice, if it was a girl for John's Mom. But she couldn't stop thinking about what she'd been told. That in just over six months the demon would be pack for its payment. She didn't know what to do. Le the demon come, risk losing her child and her own life? Or take the deal offered by Rundas and have eighteen years with her child…she sighed and slipped from the room, going to get the coin from her bedside drawer and then going downstairs.

She held the coin and called out for the god. When she opened her eyes he was there, still in the leather jacket, jeans and boots but with a different shirt. Green eyes studied her intently and she shivered but held his gaze, making him grin.

"Guessing you've made your choice?" The god asked and she nodded.

"My baby will be safe with you?" She asked and he nodded, expression softening.

"I promise."

"Then please." She whispered, fighting to hold still as the Hittite god walked towards her. He placed a gently hand over her stomach and Mary gasped as she felt a flood of warmth fill her womb and then the rest of her body. Then it ebbed away and she swayed but Dean caught her, helping her sit down.

"It's done." He told her gently, rubbing her belly and smiling as the baby kicked him. "I'll be back on his eighteenth birthday to claim him."


"It's a boy?" Dean offered and Mary stared at him, before smiling at her stomach.


"This is important Mary." He spoke sternly and she looked at him. "He is to have an altar dedicated to me and is to be kept apart from others except your family. Understand?" He said and she nodded, sad her little Sam would be so isolated but better isolated than belonging to a demon. "Then I will see you in eighteen years." He said, touching her belly one more time before vanishing.


"Downstairs John." She answered. How would she explain the altar or home schooling little Sammy to John?

Mary struggled to push, exhausted from eighteen hours of labour, mentally praying to Rundas for her baby's safety. There was a rush of welcoming warmth and then the wail of a newborn filled the air. Mary collapsed back and smiled tiredly as her son was checked over and then placed in her arms. "Hello Sammy." She whispered, cradling her baby close. When John was allowed in he stared at their son in awe before kissing her.

"He's beautiful Mary." He praised and she smiled.

"Our little Samuel." She said and he nodded.

"Heya Sammy." He put his finger in Sam's hand and smiled when tiny fingers curled around it. They both smiled as their baby slowly drifted off to sleep.

Mary couldn't sleep, Sammy was six months old today, the day the demon would have come for its payment. She sat beside the crib, cradling her baby to her chest as John slept in front of the TV downstairs. She only relaxed when the sun rose and there was nothing. She smiled and kissed Sam's head, getting a sleepy gurgle in reply. "He did it Sammy, you're safe."