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Chapter 4

Dean lay on the bed and watched Sam sleep. It was so much better to be able to hold him and watch rather from a distance…..and now he sounded like a stalker. But he was a god and Sam was his worshipper so it wasn't actually stalking for him to watch him. He smiled as he remember the chubby little kid Sam had been, he had definitely changed a lot since then. Dean chuckled, figures he'd chose a mortal that was taller than him. Sam shifted restlessly and Dean gently stroked his cheek, soothing him back into a deeper sleep. Of course now that he had Sam, he wasn't entirely sure what to do with him. He knew what he wanted from him but how to get it without making Sam do or want something using his influence over him as his god? Dean sighed and gently ran his fingers through Sam's hair. When Sam began to stir again he did nothing, just watching as sleepy hazel fluttered open. He felt Sam tense in confusion and just waited to see what he would do. Sam focused on him and swallowed nervously. "Good morning." Dean whispered.

Sam's lips parted and then shut uncertainly. What was he meant to say? What was he allowed to say? Praying every day was one thing but how was a human meant to interact with their deity? Sam began panicking until a gentle hand stroked his face.

"Shh Sammy, it's alright, just calm down." Dean soothed, sensing his confusion and panic. "You're safe here." He whispered and smiled as he felt Sam begin to calm.

"I….where are we?" Sam asked nervously.

"My home and now your home. You are free to explore as much as you want to."

"My parents?" Sam asked fearfully, where were they? He wanted them.

"They are safe in the mortal realm. The deal made with your mother has come to its conclusion." Dean told him, not wanting to overwhelm him.

Sam shook his head and moved to sit up and Rundas allowed it. "I don't understand."

"Nearly twenty years ago a demon killed your maternal grandparents….and your father." He spoke softly and gently but even so Sam went rather pale. "The demon offered your mother a deal and she took it to get John back, not knowing that you were what she was selling." Dean paused to allow Sam to process that little bit of information.

"She….a demon bought me?" Sam stared at his god, utterly lost.

Dean nodded sadly. "When your Mom fell pregnant she realised the truth and began looking for a way to break the deal without anyone dying. That's when she met me, I heard of her search and I know of the demon she had dealt with and was quite willing to deny him what he wanted."

"You made a deal with her?" Sam asked, starting to think more now as the shock began to fade.

"Yes. I protected your family from that demon and anything else that threatened it."

"And got me in exchange?" Sam asked, feeling a flash of anger. He'd still been sold, just to the highest bidder this time.

"It was a good deal Sam, the demon would have come when you were six months old and the odds are very good that at least your mother would have died that night. Instead your family had eighteen years together."

"And now?"

Dean smiled and gently stroked Sam's cheek. "Now you are safe here and your parents are living happily in California with a new baby on the way….and no memory of you."

"What?" Sam snapped.

"Would you have them live their lives missing you? Your father searching all the time for you and your mother living with the secret of what had happened?" He asked and Sam's anger fled as he shook his head. No, that wouldn't be fair on them. Dean smiled softly, feeling for the poor confused teenager. There's a bathroom through there, take as long as you like. Down the hall to the left, all the way to the end you'll find breakfast when you're done." Dean stood and left the room, knowing Sam needed time alone to process everything.

Sam sat on the bed, staring at the door for a while after he left before getting off the bed and looking around, running his hands over family photos and his books. All his possessions were there, obviously there as a comfort and to make him feel at home. Opening the wardrobe revealed all his clothes plus ones he had never seen before, obviously gifts from Rundas….Dean, he had said to call him Dean before but why two names? Sam shrugged it off and grabbed some clean clothes before moving to the bathroom and staring in awe at the opulent room. This was a bathroom? Wow. Sam eyed the shower but then went to the massive sunken bathtub and turned the taps on. Sam stripped off and sank into the hot water, just letting it soak out all the stress and confusion. He knew that the go had to ask a payment for interfering and protecting them but why make him that price? Was it because he had been the demons and the price had to stay the same? Or did Rundas want him for some other reason?

Dean relaxed on a chair before the fire, working on some 'paperwork' while Sam sat across from him, head in a book. Over the last six months they'd settled into a relaxed life together, Sam no longer holding back around his god since they were friends now. Time passed differently in this realm, six months to them was only six days to the human world and Sam had found that hard to get his head around at first but now it was just a fact of life. Dean glanced over at his human and smiled before going back to work. They had all the time in the world so he was taking things very slow. When he asked Sam to be his consort he wanted to be sure Sam knew what that meant and wanted it. Since bringing Sam to his home he had come to appreciate and want him all the more since he was getting to really know him. And he found his feelings for him changing in ways that confused and excited him but he wasn't really sure what was going on.


"In here Dean." Sam called and Dean laughed at seeing Sam contentedly floating in his bathtub.

"I'm starting to wonder if you're part mermaid."

Sam stuck his tongue out at him and moved to the side to grab his towel. "What's going on?" He asked as he left the water, not bothered that he had been naked in front of Dean, the god had seen him born after all.

"Well I was wondering if you want to see the little sib being born?" Dean offered and Sam froze, had he really been here for that long? Yes it had been nine months on earth which meant he'd been here for nearly twenty three years and yet…

"I'm not aging." Sam whispered in shock.

"Technically you're aging like you're still on earth." Dean admitted. Sam blinked but nodded. "So...baby?"

"I…." Did he really want to see the birth of a sibling he would never get to know?

"It's up to you Sam." Dean assured him and Sam nodded, biting his lip.

"Okay." He finally decided and Dean nodded.

"Better get dressed then." He grinned and Sam shook his head but went to get dressed. Dean held his hand out to him and Sam took it, trusting him. They vanished from the gods realm and reappeared in a hospital room. Sam stared at his Mom in shock as she cried out in pain, fighting to bring his baby sibling into the world.

"Mom?" He whispered but no one reacted.

"They can't see or hear us Sammy." Dean told him and Sam nodded sadly before moving to his Mom's side. He reached out to gently brush some hair from her face and knew she didn't feel his touch as she continued to push.

"That's it Mom, you're doing great." He encouraged her as with one final push a screaming infant met the world.

"It's a boy Mrs. Winchester." The nurse said as Mary relaxed back and Sam grinned, moving to see his baby brother.

"He's so red and wrinkly." Sam scrunched his nose up and Dean laughed.

"So were you when you were born." He assured him and Sam looked at him.

"You were there?"

"Of course I was. You were such a tiny little thing; you'd have guessed you'd get so big." Dean teased him and Sam smiled.

"Mary?" Sam looked over at hearing the familiar voice and smiled as he saw his Dad in the doorway, staring at his wife and newborn son. John moved closer and stared down at his son in awe. "He's incredible." He choked out, taking her hand and gently touching the child's cheek with the other. "What will we call him?"

"Arthur Samuel, for our fathers." She answered and John nodded. Sam smiled softly at the name, his little brother also carried his name, even if he'd never know it.

"Time to go Sammy." Dean called and Sam bent down to kiss his little brothers forehead before walking back to Dean.

"Thank you." Sam whispered before hugging Dean and burying his head against his shoulder. Dean transported them home, holding him close.