The Heart Grow Fonder

By: Elitemassacre6 aka Britt

A/N: So this is based off an image that was on my dash on Tumblr. It captivated me and filled my mind with possible Hayao Miyakazi like stories. Instead of writing one of those, I wrote this. Eventual Faberry. Please, Enjoy.

She's been gone for five minutes, she notices. Bringing her eyes up and away from the Daffy Duck watch Brittany got her for a graduation present, Rachel gazed around her at the lake that she sits at the shore of. She stands, pulling her feet out of the warm, calm, water and pulls her socks and boots back on. The brunette has to close her eyes and breath deep to push thoughts of a fair-skinned blonde not out of her mind, but deeper down into it.

Thoughts of the hazel - eyed beauty plague her day and night, invading her slumber. If they weren't so undeniably hers, she would say it was making her sick to think about the girl who sits six hundred yards behind her in a clearing and in a chair, ray ban shades on and feet up.

Looking down at the row boat to her right, barely rocking in the placid waters, Rachel thinks a short escape is exactly what she needs. The singer notes the little motor in the back and looks back up and across the water to the little island that been calling to her for ten minutes now. Carefully stepping down into the little boat, Rachel decides to row across to the beckoning island.

When she's halfway across, the beauty of the place has already started to calm her. No images of full lips, pale skin and sharp hazel eyes were flashing past her mind's eye. It felt good, being able to think again.

She was almost there now, it had only taken her about five minutes to get a third of the way there. Her island appeared to be about three hundred yards square, and she was beyond excited to explore it and discover what secrets it held.

When she hit land, she easily pulled the lightweight boat up on the grass and mud next to two tall trees, seven feet round at their bases. Rachel looked back across and saw her hat that read "Glee!" on the front and " '12" across the back, resting on the dock she'd left behind

Looking down at her watch again, she noticed she'd been gone for twenty minutes now. The brunette gazed down at her belt when she felt the wood handle of her hatchet graze her right thigh. Her grandpa had given them to both she and her best frind Michael when he'd learned they'd be going up to Canada for a week before they all headed away to different schools in a couple weeks. Both Rachel and Mike had read and loved the book Hatchet and every book that came after it...imagining this accidental escape to a place untouched and a change in their hearts that made them unlike everyone around them. They'd been enchanted by the books as children, and the first time Grandpa Andrew took the two of them camping they'd been ready to try fishing with a selfmade spear or hunting with selfmade bows.

It had taken an hour of explaining from Andrew about why it was wrong to kill animals for enjoyment or sport instead of for food. So instead of hunting, they'd decided to find and observe that forests wildlife, asking Grandpa Andrew for an information on every new thing they discovered. They'd been nine then, and still reread the books now. When she'd been old enough, Rachel decided that she wouldn't eat any meat or anything taken from animals at all anymore, that hour with her grandfather burned into her memory forever.

The brunette patted the leather of the hatchet's sheath, rubbing over the shallow pitfalls of the engraving of her name across the smooth, dark leather. Afterwards, she turned round and walked in between the two trees and into the forest beyond. The smell of the woods around her cascaded down around her, a heady mix of some kind pine or spruce and wild, uncut grass mixed with the smell of fresh running water. That last thing had her completely confused. She was in the middle of a large lake, how could their be running water? Rachel wasn't sure, but she could hear it. Walking towards the sound, she slowly came upon, indeed, running water. A shallow creek lay in front of her, crossing perpendicular to where she stood. As she looked down, she could see a few fish swimming around in the water. The singer figured the slowly moving creek was no deeper than three feet. As she stood up from being knelt down, watching fish, Rachel heard a sound and looked over to her left, eyes widening when she saw a small white tail deer lean down to drink. The deer slowly lifted it's head from the fresh water, and, the liquid still dripping from it's lips, looked over and locked eyes with the brunette, watching her.

Rachel, surprised to say the least, found herself watching her as well. The deer turned it's head slightly, as curious about the girl's presence as she was about her's. After a few minutes, another deer walked into view, sipped from the creek, then nudged the deer with it's nose and walked away. Rachel's own whitetail turned, looked back at her, then walked from view. When the brunette snapped out of it and looked down at the grinning black duck on her wrist, she realized she'd been gone for almost forty-five minutes. There was something about this place, she realized. Unable to currently figure out what, Rachel sung along with the birds above her as she hopped across the creek on rocks. As she continued along she smelled something sweet in the air and walked towards it, finding a bush full of ripe blueberries. She smiled widely and popped a few in her mouth, enjoying the way the juice flooded over her tongue.


For the first time since she'd walked into the forest, she thought of Quinn. She had eaten her fill of sweet, delicious berries an hour or so ago, and had leaned against the base of a nearby tree for a rest. She'd checked the duck thirty seconds ago. Two hours, thirty five minutes is how long she'd been gone. Rachel stood up from her tree. She'd found it a straight shot from the rocks she'd used to cross the creek to the berries. She took the hair band out of her hair and put it on the end of a low branch newly graced with leaves before turning straight around and heading back to the creek. She noticed her deer again as she crossed and waved.

She walked straight for another twenty minutes before she noticed something on the ground in front of her. A water bottle. She remembered leaving that directly next to the gateway trees she'd walked right through. But she didn't see them now. It was still just as precariously balanced on the rock she'd layed it on. Without moving her feet, Rachel looked around. She could still hear the creek directly behind her. She wasn't lost. When she thought about it, she should have thought about how strange this place was when she found a creek in the middle of such a small island in the middle of a lake. Either she was asleep and dreaming, or something wasn't right with this place.