The Heart Grow Fonder

by Elitemassacre6 aka Britt

Chapter 5: A Reunion Long Awaited

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The feeling is intoxicating, more than any Noah-made drink she's ever had. She inside Quinn, and every time she pulls out so she can thrust back in, the tight walls around her two fings try to hold her inside. There a soft popping sound as the stiff nipple that was in between her lips falls away and she kisses Quinn who has her eyes shut tight. Rachel reaches for the other nipple and rolls it between her thumb and forefinger, smiling as Quinn arches into.

"Mmm...mmore." is moaned from in between full pink lips and Rachel is ready to oblige.

When she pulls out, she slips in three fingers and the shuddered inhale that Quinn lets slip is her wage. Rachel'd teased Quinn for twenty minutes before actually being inside her, real words start to cease coming from that mouth she loves so much and all she can hear is heavy, stinted breathing.

She brings the pad of her thumb up to the swollen clit between pale thighs and rubs in tight circles while also curving her fingers up as she pulls them out before quickening her pace as she shoves them back inside of the pink haired girl. Her free hand is still rolling a pebbled nipple between her fingers and she pulls the other between her lips, nibbling on it with her teeth.

When the brunette feels Quinn tightening around her finger she slips her left hand into pink locks, pulling the girls head up to lock eyes with her.

"Open your eyes Quinn." She presses a soft kiss to her lips. When the eyes open and blown, darkened eyes are in her view she stares into them. "Look at me, Quinn. Look in my eyes baby."

As the former blonde falls over the edge she stares into near black eyes, breathing heavily before she falls limp on the bed beneath her.

"Rachel...god." She can hardly speak, so instead she settles for closing her eyes as she kisses the brunette, tasting herself on soft, swollen lips, the same for her the woman whose tongue is in her mouth.

After a few minutes Quinn can feel Rachel's lips on her pulse point, sucking, licking, and biting.

"Again?" she hears whispered in her ear. She laughs loudly, shaking her head.

"I couldn't go again if I was the energizer bunny. You wore me out, baby."

"I aim to please." Rachel responds as a few minutes. The brunette isn't as tired as she thought she was, and so, sneakily, she shifts her body, placing a muscular thigh at the apex of Quinn's and pressing up. The gasp that follows is music to her ears. The slick wetness that covers her thigh is also good. She kisses Quinn playfully on the forehead before switching her position again to put her head between creamy thighs. When she takes the swolen clit in front of her between her lips and sucks on it, she knows by the words that follow that she's won.

"I guess I could go again."


When Rachel wakes she sighs deeply, wiping all the sweat from her face. That dream again. She's been having it every night for two weeks. So for two weeks she woke up every morning sexually frustrated. Was she at home, or even back at the camp site she left behind six months ago, she'd fix the problem herself, but not out here. All evidence of the buck attack was gone but the memory of the shock and pain. She was constantly focused now, and though hard, her life was good here. The only thing missing was Quinn Fabray.

The thing that she found strangest of all about this forest was the fact that she'd been here six months, it should be winter. But it was still the same summer it had been when she had lucked upon finding this place. So she'd supposed if she ever got out, she'd remember it as the forest of endless summer. She'd read Brian's Winter, and the last thing she needed was more hardship than she thought she could handle. Her home had changed alot since she'd finally gotten the hang of braiding and weaving the basswood bark. She'd finally been able to put her shoestrings back in her shoes at the first oppurtunity. She now strang fish and held her water bottle on bark string.

She'd found a tree that'd fallen over and had these huge knots on it that she thought was interesting, so she'd used her hatchet to collect a few and carved them into bowls that she was now able to use for water.

Standing up from her bed, Rachel drank down her tea and grabbed her gear, putting it all in the right place. Her bow and quiver behind her left shoulder. Her spear in the sheath she'd made behind her right shoulder. Her hatchet which she'd named Lucy on her right hip and knife behind that. Hanging off her left hip was a bag for food and water she'd made from weaved together bark twine. Grabbing everything she needed, Rachel opened the door and stepped outside her home to the forest. She grabbed her bow from her shoulder and crouched down a minute, smelling the air and listening, watching for anything for any danger around her. Everything seemed clear, so she walked down her hill, heading towards deer creek and crossing the small wooden bridge she'd built there.

When she passed the blueberries, she ate a few before walking onwards to her bird trap. Her first month being here, she'd saw a fat chicken like bird and shot an arrow into it's breast. When she checked the area it'd just come from, Rachel found a few eggs. These days, she caught the birds in traps that didn't hurt them, but captured them, and kept them in the chicken coop-like mini building she'd built at home. She gathered seeds and insects for them, and they laid her eggs once in a while. When a heavy summer rain storm had come in and swept away the deer she'd hunted for the night before, she'd eaten that first bird. When she came upon the trap and found it empty, but sprung, she reset it and placed more food underneath, she'd check it again tomorrow.

She checked the last few traps, and carefully placed the birds in the bag on her hip before hurrying home to put them in the coop. Grabbing two eggs and a venison steak, she sat down in front of her cooking fire. The large, smooth, and flat river stone she'd found months ago heated up hot enough to cook both of them. She dropped a tab of rendered bird fat on the stone and watched it melt before she cracked her eggs and dropped the insides on the stone, doing the same with the steak. While breakfast cooked, Rachel went back inside the house to put everything but her hatchet and knife away. She took a large gulp juice she'd made by crushing blueberries through a weaved bark sieve and sat back. Yea. Her life was good. Sometimes, she thinks that if it weren't for the fact that Quinn was still in that outside world, she wouldn't want to ever leave.


376:01:32 / 00:25

She's so startled when she see's them. They look just a little bit older, slightly wider. And it's such a miniscule difference that Rachel is sure she wouldn'd have noticed it at all a year and eleven days ago. But she does now, as well as the four birds above her, and the white tail doe two hundred yards to the west. She wonders, if she sticks her head in between them will she see back to that lake and that sandy shore. Cautiously, she walks toward them, both her hands reaching out to touch them before she sticks her head between them. She only sees the forest beyond, so she walks through and suddenly, she's back.

The first thing that seems wrong is the rowboat off to her right side. Shouldn't it be old, dry, and broken by now? lying up on muddy shore for more than a year? But it isn't. The boat looks exactly the same as she left it. Walking towards the boat and setting down her water bottle, Rachel pushes it back into the water before starting to row her way back across the still placid waters. All of this is so familiar. Along with the same dreams of she and Quinn together making love, she's also been having dreams of her return to a land she no longer feels she belongs to.

When she pulls the boat back upon the sandy shore she left from so long ago, Rachel takes a look down at daffy duck. She's only been gone for fifty five minutes, and the magic of the place she calls home becomes so understandable now. It's only now that the brunette realizes that there's no spear on her shoulder, no bow and no arrows, no game bag. All that remains is her hatchet and her knife. When she checks her pockets everything is there again.

As the singer walks back towards the camp site, the first thing she see's and recognizes is bright pink hair, waving in fragrant wind. She walks closer to her and takes a seat beside her, pushing her hair out of her face with hands that haven't been this soft in a long time. When Quinn looks over at her, her eyes aren't cold and hard and it's all she's wanted, so she listens.

"I'm sorry for pushing you away, Rachel. You get so close to tearing down these walls, and there's something in me that's trying to protect the heart inside me and the one inside you too. I feel like I'm poison to a relationship. Especially ours. But I don't want to lose you to that. I don't want to lose you to anything. I need you, Rachel. I need you, and I want you, and it's because i'm so in love with you that I'm able to bite back the miniscule part of my that wants to run away and hide and pretend I never said these things." All the words that she's spoken are honest and in her eyes, so Rachel grabs her hand and squeezes it with a nod before starting to speak words she's held inside for a year.

"Hrg..." Rachel has to clear her throat, because even though she's back here now and everything is almost back to how it was, she hasn't actually spoken at all in a year. "I'm sorry for all the stupid things I did. Like forcing myself into your business with Sam, and telling Finn about Noah and everything. And about trying to run your life in my ridiculous micro-managing way. I'm sorry I ever let Finn anywhere near you after prom and I'm sorry I wasn't there to prove him wrong when he said you don't feel. I'm sorry I never told you why we broke up when you asked. I'm sorry I never told you that I love you before this moment. And I'm sorry I never kissed before this moment."

The brunette moved to the former blonde's chair and straddled her waist. Soon, Rachel's mouth was open again and against Quinn's. She kissed her softly, so softly. The passion she'd been harboring for so long could wait a little while.

"I love you Quinn Fabray. I've always loved you, and I should have told you. Okay?" She kissed the silent pink haired girl again, sucking her pink lower lip between her teeth and dragging them across it as she pulled away, enjoying the sound produced when she let it go.

"Okay." The smile that took over her features was just as wonderful as the forest of endless summer and Rachel couldn't help but beam at her as a result.

"You're beautiful when you smile like that. Though I'd love to sit in your lap and kiss you till you're ripping my clothes off, I've got to go talk to someone, then I'll come back, and we'll do that, okay, baby?"

"Yea. You hungry, want me to make you something?" Quinn asked, that smile on her lips and in her eyes.

Rachel thought about that. She'd eaten dinner right before she left home. But she was hungry. One more strange thing to add to the list. She nodded her head and pressed a quick kiss to the former blonde's lips.

"Yea. I'm really hungry. A steak and a salad would be great."

"A steak? Is this a joke, Rachel? A steak as in meat?" That beautiful eyebrow was raised and Rachel had to think back. Wait, she had been a vegan when she left, hadn't she. No more.

"Yea. I'll tell you about it later." The singer walked away as Quinn looked at her questionly. She walked into the large cabin and saw Santana at the kitchet table reading a book she didn't recognize.

"Hey, San, where's Brittany?" She asked, sitting down across from her and tilted her book up to read it's title. The Aenid. Rachel knew both Santana and Quinn were big readers but didn't know about Santana's interest in classical literature.

"That depends. Did you talk to Q already?" The latina said from behind her book, she continued to read as she spoke.

"I did." Rachel said, joy evident in her voice.

"Finally. You two are a little ridiculous. My baby's around the corner at that little beach."

"Okay, I'll let you enjoy your book, goodbye."

When Rachel found Brittany sitting at the shore off to the west of the cabin, she sat down beside her. The blonde had a fishing pole in her hand and seemed to be having trouble catching fish with a worm and a hook. She could smell her from thirty feet away and smiled when she recognized it. Comfort. Chamomile and lilac or something of the sort.

She grabbed the first straight sapling she found on the way from where she'd recognized he sent and sitting down. If Brittany was having trouble catching fish, Rachel would teach her the way. They sat the for thirty minutes while Rachel worked on the simple four pronged weapon, and when she was done, she stood over the pool of fish which seemed to be larger than those she was used to. She thought they'd probably be slower.

"What happened to you while you were gone? Where'd you go?" Were the first words to spill from the blonde's lips. And Rachel smiled. This was why she loved her. She saw just as well as the brunette did, just differently. Rachel could see, smell, hear, feel things. Brittany could just sense a change in people that no one else could.

"I saw a boat on the dock when i went out there to try and calm down. I just wanted to escape. To get away. I rowed across to that little island in the middle of the lake. There were these two trees, and they were so beautiful. When I walked in between them I found myself there, in that forest of eternal summer. I was so lost at first, but the first night I was so tired, and I went to sleep. My grandpa came to me in a dream. Told me that I'd been granted the escape I'd wished for. I made a home and created a life there. The only thing tying me here was her. She's what brought me back. I'd been gone for more than a year when i saw them again, those trees. When I walked back through I found that everything was the way I left it." Rachel said as she slowly lowered her spear into the water, testing the distance between vision and reality.

"More than a year? Are you the same person as when you left?" Brittany asked as the answer was directly in front of her, having speared a fish and stuck the blade of a knife into the fishes head. She caught three more before she answered.

"No, and yes. I'm still Rachel. I still love Quinn, you, San; everyone. But i'm not weak, i'm not afraid. I see better, hear, smell, feel. I feel more alive. But i'm afraid that I may want to go back home, Brittany. That place is my home now. If I didn't know the whole time I was there that she loved me, i would have stayed."

Brittany looked out and to that island. She didn't see the trees Rachel mentioned. She'd seen them before too, but had thought nothing of it. She watched as Rachel fetched a fith fish, cleaned them all, and then opened her hand for Brittany to hand her the stringer.

"It's okay though, that they aren't there anymore. I have her, and you and the rest of this family. I'll be okay." Rachel stood up after string up the fish and nodded her head towards the cabin for Brittany to follow her. As they walked, Rachel watched the island fade from her view. Soon, they were back at the cabin, and Rachel started the fire pit before laying her fish on the grill for Brittany, her spear in her hand. The muscular boy walked up behind her and she smelled his familiar scent before she heard him talking about rematches.

" that way!" She heard from behind her.

"Yes, it is, Michael." She grinned largely.

"It's a fish spear? You made a fish spear?" He leaned over her shoulder and onto the grill to see the five fish already cooking there. "No way, that's so awesome. When you'd make that? Wanna teach me?"

"Calm down, Mike. Yea, I'll teach you after we eat. I can teach you how to make a bow too. It's a little harder, but worth the work."

He furrowed he brow questionably. "When'd you have time to make a bow?"

She smile lopsidely. "I'll fill you in later. After dinner."

As she said the words, her girlfriend appeared next to her with a plate, a medium rare steak cut up for her and a beer in her hand. Rachel licked her lips appreciatively and stuck the fork in a large peice before slowly setting it in her mouth, her eyes closing at the taste.

"So good baby. Ugh... I love you for this. And other things..." She licked her lips clean before pressing them to Quinn's.

"Other things?" The former blonde said, her trademark eyebrow elegantly raised over her bright eyes. A wide smirk played across beautiful lips.

"Yep. Lots of other things. I think i'll have to explain them to you later tonight."

Once everyone was seated around the huge outdoor table, everyone started eating, the few people that had eyes, started to notice that strange food on Rachel's plate.

"Whoa, Rach, what's with the steak, and the fish?" David asked

"I was just going to ask you that, Rae. Something you wanna tell us? Santana chipped in.

Kurt just narrowed his eyes at her as he listened to the questions. She looked at him and nodded, another person to tell the truth to.

"Look, I'm only going to explain this once. I'm not a vegan anymore. Enough, okay."

"This morning you yelled at me for having bacon within thirty six inches of your fruit." Qunn said quietly, more confused that anyone.

"Yea... I was overreacting, and I'm sorry. Did I mention how much I love you for this steak?"

Quinn grinned, a silly happiness in her eyes. "And other things?"

"Yea, baby, and other things." Rachel whispered in her girls ear, her teeth on the girls earlobe. When she pulled back, she buried her hand in pink locks again, pressing a passionate kiss on also-pink lips.

"! How about you ladies let me get in on that act-" He was caught by a slap to the back of the head by Lauren

Though Rachel noticed the look on Finn's face, she ignored it. She had more to...not worry about, but enjoy. When dinner was done and Rachel was full, she went and helped Santana and Brittany finish the dishes, then went to find Quinn. She figured that she'd be by the bonfire or the chairs she'd found her by earlier. When she heard Finn's voice and Quinn's too mixing together at loud volume she took off in a run. She found Finn standing tall over the former blonde who was sitting in the same chair Rachel'd found her in.

"- fuck is wrong with you? She's not like you, she's not a stupid whore, a bitch like you! Do you really think you're good enough for her? You aren't, you fucking're nothing!" All of this had Rachel regretting her increased hearing. She was still more than twoo hundred yards away and could hear every word, even Quinn's hushed 'Finn...Stop.'

It was when she saw her girlfriend's chair tip over with her on it that she realized that she should be careful. Finn was in serious danger from her now, and Rachel knew that if he actually touched the woman she loved, the brunette would kill him. She saw Quinn's pale fist high in the air above Finn's head and knew he'd picked her up and was shaking her like a ragdoll from her wrist while he yelled at her. She'd never seen him like this, and she hoped never would again. She removed her hatchet from her sheath and struck him across his ribs with the back, blunt end of it. Catching the pink haired girl and laying her down gently in a chair afterwards, Rachel looked back to the hulking menace across from her as he reached towards her girl for half a second before she drobbed the hatchet and started throwing her fists, knees, and feet into his body in various places. She was going to kill him.


All of a sudden she was pulled away from the stupid ape by soft, beautiful arms and held for a few minutes as she caught her breath. She hissed as she felt knuckles, bruised and scraped. The...thing...she'd attacked lay unconscious on the ground a few feet from her. She heard her baby calling for help, and then suddenly her eyes were gazing into hazel. Worry, love, the inability to understand were all written in those eyes. She closed her own and when she opened them again she looked up at the sky. She could see all the stars now and it was strang. She was so used to her few stars that it was overwelming to have them all in her view now. When she looked down, bright blue eyes came into view came into view and she heard Santana telling Puck to lock Finn away in his room.

Brittany picked her up briday style and Rachel was embarassed, so she called for Quinn, who held her hand till they were all back in brittana's room. Rachel was sat down on the bed and Quinn curled in beside her while Santana and Brittany took a seat on the handcarved bench across from them.

After resting for a few minutes, Rachel opened her eyes and sat up, bringing her girl with her. If anything, Quinn should be the one who was carried in here, and she voiced that thought before being quiet again for several minutes.

"Enough of this bull shit! Quinn what the fuck happened? Why the hell did that god damn gorilla come at you like that?"

"I don't really know. I mean I do. He walked up to me and asked me what was going on with me and Rach, and I told him that it should be obvious, we weren't hiding anything. That we were together and that I love her." As the former blonde spoke, still in shock about the suddeness of the whole thing, Rachel held her hand and ran her fingers up and down her arm to calm her.

"Then he just started yelling and getting so so angry. He asked me what the fuck I did to her because she isn't gay, and isn't a stupid whore or bitch like me. That I'm not good enough for you..." Quinn said quietly when she turned and looked at the brunette who shook her head no furiously at those words.

"He said that I was nothing. Nothing but a-"

"I heard what he said. No, baby. He's so wrong. He's always been wrong. You aren't any of those things he said to you. You are literally everything to me, Quinn. Everything. I can deal with giving up with allmost all of this. My life, my family, my hopes and dreams. But I couldn't live without you. Because you deserve me like no one else ever will. Okay? I came back. For you." She kissed away salty tears and pressed her lips to pink lips, smiling hopefully.

"Came back from where?" that eyebrow that the brunette loves so much is raised high again and Rachel looks over at Brittany and Santana. She's never known the blonde to keep a secret from the latina and when they both nod, she sighs. This could easily be where she loses the former blonde. Because the story is a bi unothodox, and had i been anyone else telling Rachel, she's not sure she'd believe them either.

"So. When I left earlier-" She stops because she hears feet hitting wood in the next room over and she knows it's Finn, so she reaches for Santana's phone from the table next to her and dials Puck quickly.

"Yea...I can hear him, he's awake. I think he's trying to open the door. Hold on...I think he's opening it." Rachel stood up from the bed and opened the door, walking out and she saw the lumbering giant immediately.

"What the hell just happened? Where the fuck is that bitch Quinn? Who knocked me out...Rachel?" When he walked towards her, she backed up, locking her feet and hands into the frame of the door where the girls waited to keep him out.

"Is she in there? That bitch!" Rachel wasn't really sure what was going on. The boy didn't really look like himself at all and when he push the door open above her head and saw Quinn sitting there with the other two girls, the rage she'd seen earlier took over his face He pushed the brunette hard and she fell back until Brittany caught and righted her. Finn reached Quinn who kept backing up, fear in her eyes. Reaching for her hatcet again, she took the blunt end and smashed it into his knee until he fell.

When he did, she grabbed him by the collar and dragged him backwards till he was flat on the floor holding his leg. Rachel wrapped her hands tightly around his neck and pressed her knee into his sternum, pressing down with all her weight.

"If you ever...ever touch my Quinn again, you fucking ape, I'll kill you! Do you understand?" She decreased her hold on his neck and weighed down on his sternum a bit more.

"Do you understand?" He nodded yes as quickly as he could.

"I love her Finn. Don't you touch her." She said looking up and seeing Noah in the door, wet and with his shirt off. "Don't ever come near her again. I will kill you Finn Hudson." She spoke clearly as she was carried out by the jewish boy and David. Those still standing in the door watched her carefully, having never heard her voice like that. She sounded so honest about the promise.

"Why were you just treatening to kill my brother?" Kurt said, an eyebrow raised above a single blue eye.

"" She said, words dripping with acid. "Hurt the woman I love earlier. I knocked him out, and when he woke up, he came after her again. Tried to hurt my Quinn again."

She calmed down and held herself up by a hand on the wall.

"I didn't even recognize him, Kurt." The brunette boy walked away and went towards the room to watch over his unconscious brother.

When Brittany got up and shooed everyone away, closing the door, Rachel started to let herself relax again. When she felt arms around her, she smiled grimly at the hazel eyes that stared back at her.

"Rachel, your hands." The hazel-eyed girl wispered, kissing her girlfriend softly. "Come on, sit down, Tell me you were going to, and then we'll go to the room and I'll try and make it better."

"Did you learn how to kick ass like that while you were over there, Rae? Cuz that was some Navy Seal shit." Santana said, air boxing jokingly across from the two girls on the bed.

"What is she talking about, Rachel? Over there?"

"When you told me to go away earlier, I went down to the water to try and relax and get away. I saw the rowboat up there and the little island right across from the dock and decided I'd go and escape over there. So I went over and pulled the boat up and I walked between these two tall trees. And when I walked inside, I smell running water, and I was confused, so i kept walking and I found a creek. Needless to say, I was confused. That island is only around three hundred yards square. I kept walking until I found...

"A year? That's..." Quinn said, slowly kissing Rachel's sorely bruised knuckles as they lay in the singers bed together.

"A long time. Yea. It was home. But I wasn't happy. You weren't there. I missed this whole family, but I thought about you everyday."

"I'm sorry about the buck." Quinn wispered, pulling up the singer's shirt to press slow, lingering, kisses to the singer left side where the bruises had long since vanished.

"It wasn't your fault. I was just careless. I'm glad that when I think about you now, I know you're never too far for me to reach." She said, looking down at the hazel eyed beauty.

"You know what baby?" Quinn asked, bottom lip between her teeth. She was still kissing Rachel's abs intermittently while using her black-painted nails to scratch up and down her lower torser and Rachel arched her back as nimble fingers rolled her nipple betwen themselves.

"Wh- What?"

"Every dream you ever had in that forest came true. You dreamed about coming home, and you did. You dreamed of finding a place to make a home while you were there, and you did. You dreamed about the two of us doing this..."

She said as she stood on her knees, pulling off the diminutive girl's shorts and panties, she'd already stepped out her clothes and had rid the brunette of her shirt and bra a few moments before. When she layed her body over the singer's and kissed her passionately, hands buried in silky brown locks, she was just as naked. She buried two fingers deep into her Rachel and captured the moan in her mouth before she spoke again.

"And we are."

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