A Tale of Brothers

Title: A Tale of Brothers

Genre: Family/Adventure

Summary: 50 short stories of Mike and Leo Corbett before, during and after "Lost Galaxy".

Author: Sakura123 (weber_dubois22)

Rating: T

Characters: Mike and Leo Corbett; Galaxy Rangers; Magna Defender; Villains; Galactabeasts

Pairing(s): Implied Leo/Kendrix, Mike/Maya, however, it's not the focus of the tale.

Chapters: 50

Written: 7/18/2011

Completed: Undetermined

Disclaimer: Power Rangers/Lost Galaxy and all things related are property of Saban and Toei LTD (and some other guys I'm probably forgetting but can't care to remember).

TTL;DR Author's Note: As much as I love Power Rangers I've never felt compelled to write any Fanfiction for any particular season/series until recently when I learned Saban bought back the rights to their franchise and pretty much all of them were uploaded onto Netflix's Instant Watch. Zero commercials and a whopping number of 40 plus Episodes threw back into the days of my childhood when everything was awesome and nothing hurt (besides doing schoolwork). Lost Galaxy in particular (my favorite PR series ever, first to In Space and S.P.D.) is the one series that reignited my passion for PR both as a kid and a adult, is still as awesome as I remember it. One the things I loved about it was the relationship between the Corbett brothers, Mike and Leo. It's completely unlike the Andros and Karone relationship on a lot of levels, but still managed to create the same kind of rapport (that these two would do absolutely anything for each other, no questions asked). So, naturally, my first PR-Based Fanfiction has to be about their relationship in particular.

Another thing I should mention is the matter of their ages. As a kid, I assumed that they were well over 19/20, given the fact that their group looks the least like "Teenagers with Attitude" - both in stature, behavior and appearance. I just assumed this was the first group of "Adults with Attitude", a theme that was carried over in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and employed to greater affect given those Rangers' careers. Their ages are never explicitly stated anywhere with an official source except the draft scripts (and we all know draft scripts aren't canon). I think Danny Slavin was 26 in 1999, Russell Lawrence was 21, so I'm just using the actors actual DOBs for Leo and Mike in this tale for some kind of base work.

Title: Idle Hands

Summary: Its summer break and Mike is bored out of his mind. Leave it to Leo to remedy his malady with some old fashioned "fun".

Prompt: 1 "Sidewalk Chalk"

Word count: 564

Timeline: Pre-Galaxy; Mike is 10, Leo is 5

Mike could count himself among the strange, at least as far as his brother was concerned, for being the only person in his family who didn't like summer break. During the school year, he was busy with homework - or some activity on the side if he wasn't looking after his brother - but the summer left him almost with absolutely nothing to do for the most part.

The countless hours usually spent in school were used pondering on what to do with all of his free time. Leo, on the other hand, seemed contented to lounge around, eat junk food, watch TV or test the limits of his boundaries whenever he tried to sneak out of the house to run wild with the other kids in the neighborhood without permission.

Mike, for one, couldn't fathom how his kid brother managed to do so little (or cause so much trouble doing "nothing" as it was often his defense when he got into trouble) and never go crazy from the idleness. He tried studying Leo's method for "fun", but ended up falling asleep when Leo decided he would park himself in front of the television and watch his favorite cartoon marathon.

Plucking the rubber band around his wrist, Mike trudged toward the front door the house, paying no mind to the fact that it was halfway open. He merely assumed his mother was outside watering the flowers that accented the windows, otherwise, why would the door be open?

Halfway out the door, however, he spotted his brother crouched on the sidewalk, arms pumping furiously away at something on the ground. "Leo, what are you doing?" The sound of his voice startled his little brother to attention, mop top whipping around in the fashion of a dress billowing out in a wide circle. His hands stopped moving immediately, drawing Mike's attention in quick succession, moreso when he shrugged and put on a face didn't convey innocence in the least.

"Nothin'," He replied, jutting his jaw out in defiance.

"Ah, you're always doing nothing."

"I am not!"

"Are so," Mike rebuked without raising his voice. Leo huffed in objection; he wasn't always doing nothing. He did lots of things, more things than Mike could ever do! Narrowing his gaze in suspicion, he said, "What are you doing spying on me?"

Mike dismissed his brother's accusation with the click of his tongue and wave of his hand. "Get real! I'm not spyin' on you, I'm lookin' for mom," He replied. "Have you seen her?"

"She went out shopping for mulch or somethin'," Leo answered, simply, wiping his hands on his shorts. Mike sighed inwardly at the response given; he never seemed able to get a hold of their mother when she wasn't in the backyard. "Wanna play?" Mike shifted his gaze away from the goings-on across the street back to his brother, Leo held a piece of yellow sidewalk chalk up to him. "Please?" Mike's stern gaze softened in contemplation; drawing on the sidewalk with chalk wasn't something he'd been particularly keen on, especially in this kind of heat; it always baffled him how Leo seemed completely unaffected by it. "No thanks," He replied finally.

"Aw, c'mon, Mike, just for a little while?" Leo pleaded. "I promise not to draw on your side."