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Dragon Ball Reborn

Background: After deciding to stay in the past with Bardock, he and Ryanna start a new life on Earth. With knowledge of the past, and friends in the future, Ryanna makes careful steps on making sure everything goes right for Goku and the rest of the Saiyan children. Unfortunately, the change in the time caused a much bigger and more concerning problem than anyone could have ever anticipated.

Chapter 1: A peaceful beginning

It was a time where Planet Vegeta rose up against Frieza, and the Saiyans were free, building a new society amongst themselves. It was a time of trade, training, peaceful negotiations, and planetary fighting tournaments.

It was all thanks to the time shift a third class Saiyan Bardock and his strange mate Ryanna had caused. No one knew exactly how Ryanna had come to be on their planet, but after the defeat of Frieza no one was willing or wanting to disagree with any of her suggestions of changes to their way of life.

The Saiyans could fight, and yet live amongst the rest of the galaxy as normal beings. The taste of being feared was nowhere near as sweet as being respected, as they were now. That's what Vegeta liked to believe anyway. He had been heading down the path of inner turmoil under Frieza's leash when Ryanna and Bardock had worked together to divulge the master plan that ended in Frieza's demise.

He owed the woman his life, and as such, he wanted to get to know her. He wanted to know more about this planet she called home, and how she had come to be. More importantly, he wanted to know her secret, how had she become the legend. How had she become a Super Saiyan?

Checking his readings again Vegeta looked at the arrival time set on his instruments. "Just one more day, and I shall arrive on Earth. Good." He wondered how Bardock's sons, Radditz and Kakarott were doing. Radditz had been a friend, someone he could talk to when the time arouse. Napa was loyal, but he was a fool when it came to feelings and emotions. Napa still lived in the time of tyranny, and there was no way Vegeta would head down that path again. He had finally come to terms with himself, not only as the strongest fighter among his people, but as a brilliant tactician, negotiator, and all around Prince. The only thing he lacked was a future queen.

~On Earth~

Goku hummed as he fished in the river. His tail dipped in swishing lightly to look like bait. When a large fish lodged on he quickly lifted and stroke out his fist banging it to the river bend. As a fitful young boy Goku was accustomed to the woods and all its pleasures. He made friends with the wildlife, lived off of fruit and fish alike, and swung from trees as limber as a monkey. No one would guess that he was the grandson of Gohan Son the great martial artist, and son of Bardock Son and Ryanna Son, masters of the martial arts themselves.

"I gotcha!" Laughing happily he lifted the fish overhead and ran down the path until he saw a tall teenager with as much thick black hair as body muscle. "Radditz! Radditz! Look what I caught!"

Radditz lifted his head from filling his canteen to eye his brother's fish. It felt strange, living on Earth like a peaceful Earthling. Part of him wondered if he would ever get used to it, while the other part had already started to decide when and how he wanted to build his own home in the neighboring forest. "Is that for me? Where's yours?"

"I haven't caught it yet. It sure is big though." Goku set the fish next to him and then took off his clothes to go diving this time. Radditz shook his head smiling. His little brother was a full blooded Saiyan, but had the heart of a little human boy. His purity astonished him, and often made him wonder what he would have been like if he had grown up on Planet Vegeta, rather than the green paradise they now called home.

Radditz had been born on Vegeta, raised on Vegeta, and had been on the path of destruction. Ryanna had been his and his father's angel of mercy, drifting them from the harsh adult life of a Saiyan warrior.

When Goku emerged again with yet another fish, even bigger than his previous catch, Radditz caught himself smiling. "Hey Kakarott, why don't you go on home with that, I'm sure Mom is hungry," considering she was feeding two. If there was any proof that his father and Ryanna's relation was going swimmingly, is was that every blessed night they were off on a romantic rendezvous or snuggling up at home. This resulted in their first conceiving, and Ryanna's swelling belly. He didn't know whether to be happy or sick to his stomach with all the lovey-dovey emotions.

Goku shouldered the fish and walked off humming happily to himself. Radditz took his time stripping before jumping into the river to finish the food gathering. It may be a different lifestyle than what he grew up with, but all in all, it wasn't half bad.

~Mt. Paos, Gohan's home~

"That's quite a load you got there Bardock." Gohan admired the Saiyan's amazing strength as he carried a large tree over his shoulder as if it was just a regular fire log.

"Thanks, Gohan," Bardock set the tree down and dusted off his hands. His face turned eager. "How's Ryanna, is she resting?"

"Oh, I got her to put her feet up, she's at least sitting down now." Gohan laughed. "That woman of yours is quite the firecracker. She's twice her normal size but has double the energy."

"She must be excited about Bulma arriving. According to her "calculations," the teenage genius is to arrive any day now," and with her a whole new beginning for his kids. Radditz had already agreed that if Ryanna convinced Goku to go with Bulma on her Dragon Ball journey, Radditz would accompany them so they stay on course she had planned out.

His ears twitched at the found of screeching tires and he smirked. It had begun.

~On the road~

Bulma couldn't believe her luck. She was giddy as a second grader with candy, and twice as hyper. She'd found her second dragon ball easily enough, and was on the verge of a third. With her trusty locater in hand she drove her car down the mountain path towards the secluded Mt. Paos area.

According to the shop keeper she had talked to, the only humans around were an old Martial Artist and his family. Unless the ball was stuck in a tree somewhere, this Gohan fellow was sure to have it. She wondered what he was like… according to her source he was old, and wise, but she wondered if he was friendly. At the very least she hoped he wasn't a letch, the last thing she needed was an old pervert hitting her up for a good time in exchange for a ball.

She let her eyes drift from the road just long enough to catch another glance at the beeper. "I'm getting closer… AH!" When her eyes turned to road she caught a flash of a large fish. Her car skidded and veered until she halted to a dramatic stop. Bulma panted and brushed away some scattered bangs. "I just saw a fifty foot fish!" Sticking her head out the window she looked around. The area was dismally quiet until a sudden thump on her hood had her screaming.

"Watch where you're going lady!" Goku slammed his foot on the hood. "If it had been anybody else they would've been squashed!"

Bulma blinked multiple times before she confirmed that she did indeed see a little boy atop her hood. Scampering out of the car she admired the boy, and his small and unusually well built body. Was this one of the martial artist's students? "I'm sorry, I didn't see you until last minute."

Goku eyed the girl up and down suspiciously, then remembered something his mother had told him. "You wouldn't happen to be Bulma would you?"

Bulma couldn't stop blinking, who was this kid? "Yes."

"Kakarott!" A shuddering boom of a voice made Bulma jump yet again and whirl to the rustling. Instead of blinking, she began to babble and ogle at the handsome half naked teenager who pulled himself out of the shrubbery.

"Wow… nice bod."

"Radditz, she's here!"

"Kakarott how many times do I have to tell you you're not supposed to tell anyone about THAT?"

"Oh, oops," Goku closed his hands over his mouth.

"So your name is Radditz, nice name." Completely mind blown Bulma skittered closer to admire the water dripping from Radditz's abs. "Do friends call you Rad?"

"No, and I apologize for my brother's lack of common sense."

"Brother," she snaps out of her daze to look at Goku. "Oh, yes I see the resemblance. You're both so cute." Goku wrinkled his nose at the saying and he jumped from the hood to shoulder his fish.

"Can we take her home now? We're late for dinner, and I'm HUNGRY!"

"Yeah," Radditz dropped his fish long enough to put the car back in its capsule. Though they lived in the wilderness, Ryanna had thoroughly instructed him and his father in the art of Capsules. "Come with us, you'll want to meet our family, and it's not safe for you to be out here alone."

"Anything you say Rad," Bulma stuck close to Radditz not at all disturbed by their unusual behavior.

~Gohan's house~

Ryanna nearly bounced for joy when she saw Radditz and Goku walk up with Bulma in tow. "She's here, she's here, oh gosh she looks so young and so pretty!"

Bardock settled his hands on his wife's shoulders and kissed the top of her head. "Settle down, Angel, she doesn't know your true existence yet."

"I know, but gosh it feels so good. I can't wait to befriend her."

"Mom!" Radditz called out hanging the fish up alongside his brother's on the line. "We brought you some company." He paused midstride when Goku tugged on his pant leg. Kneeling down he put his listening ear on as his brother whispered.

"Are we sure this is the right Bulma? Mom says she's supposed to be a genius, and she seems like a bubble brain to me."

"Even her shirt says she's Bulma, relax bro, mom will recognize her." He winced as a high pitch squeal rang in his ears. "Oh yeah, we got the right one."

Bulma too was shaking the squeal out of her ears as she exchanged handshakes with the enormous pregnant woman. "Wow, you must really like company."

"My wife doesn't get visitor's often, you'll have to forgive her." Bardock mediated pulling on Ryanna's shoulder's yet again. "Welcome to Mt. Paos, Bulma."

"I'm really glad I wore this shirt today. I'm meeting so many new people and it saves on introductions." Bulma giggled exchanging handshakes with Bardock then Gohan.

"You wouldn't happen to be Bulma Brief, daughter of the creator of Capsule Corps?" Ryanna inquires trying to sound offhand in her question.

"Actually I am, and since Rad here knew exactly how to capsule my car I'm guessing you've kept up to date with the outside world." Bulma took the offered seat at the table as well as the tea Gohan poured. "Thank you."

Ryanna was in blissful heaven. For two long hours she exchanged friendly words and backgrounds with her best friend. Tears captured her eyes and she caught herself wiping.

"Oh no, are you alright?" Bulma held up her hands. "I didn't say anything to offend you did I?"

"Oh no, not at all, just mood swings, I'm so happy you're here Bulma. I'd forgotten how lonely it can get up here with all the men."

"A little girl talk is good for the soul." Bulma laughed and gawked when she finally noticed the golden orange shimmer over Ryanna's shoulder. "Shut me up and hang me on the wall is that a Dragon Ball?"

"What, oh right, I forgot to mention that. You're in search of all seven aren't you?" Ryanna held up the ball smiling. "You may have it, on one condition."

"Anything!" Bulma tightened her hands in her lap resisiting the urge to snatch it away.

"My boys have been cooped up on this mountain too long. I want them to explore and see what it's really all about. Would you take them along?" She looked eager. "They're well trained, and can protect you in any harsh situation."

Bulma contemplated, though Goku she was still passing judgement on, Bulma could hardly pass up the opportunity to spend more time with the luscious radical Radditz. "I'd be happy to have them along, it's welcomed help."

"Perfect, it's settled then!" Ryanna resisted a temptation of her own by refusing to dance for joy. With her seed planted, Goku and Bulma would become acquainted and become friends, and Radditz will be welcomed into society as he should have. Everything was going well.

A vicious shake rocked the house and Ryanna held her belly and dropped the dragon ball in her shock. "What was that?"

"As a person who lives here I was hoping you'd tell me." Bulma shivered fearing a rock slide. Bardock zoomed in taking his wife's hand.

"Do you feel that energy?" He whispered to her. Ryanna took a moment to calm herself before she let her mind wander and she sucked up a harsh breath.


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