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Dragon Ball Reborn

Background: After deciding to stay in the past with Bardock, he and Ryanna start a new life on Earth. With knowledge of the past, and friends in the future, Ryanna makes careful steps on making sure everything goes right for Goku and the rest of the Saiyan children. Unfortunately, the change in the time caused a much bigger and more concerning problem than anyone could have ever anticipated.


Vegeta/Radditz/Bulma/Yamcha-24 years old

Goku- 18 years old

Krillen-19 years old

Mirai- 8 years old (physically 18)

As the story progresses I will state the age change so things don't get confusing.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is gonna be an especially long chapter. I didn't like splitting it in two because they'd be too short on their own. So here it is, the final chapter of Dragon Ball Reborn!

Chapter 33: The New Generation

Vegeta was shocked speechless. He slowly backed up from Goku unable to shake away the image in front of him which just had to be some sort of trick, or illusion. "How… How did you manage that? It's impossible! Do you know what I had to go through to ACHIEVE Super Saiyan status? How could you possibly just conjure it up with hardly an effort!?"

Goku gave a soft laugh his teal eyes like a bad horror film to Vegeta. "I wouldn't say it was hardly an effort Vegeta… This isn't the first time I've tried… but it is the first time I succeeded in becoming a super Saiyan."

He looked down at his hands smiling. "Mom was right… all I needed to achieve it... was a need instead of a desire."

"This is unacceptable, you've made an utter fool of my just now… and now I'm going to teach you what a true Saiyan can do. Prepare yourself… KAKAROTT!" Vegeta burst with light and power, the boiling mixtures of their aura's creating chaos in the skies above. The wind turned harsh like a hurricane and all but the Z fighters remained standing by the arena. The rest of the audience dispersed looking for shelter from the bitter weather.

Ryanna's hair whipped around her face and she desperately tried to push the skirt of her costume down. "I think maybe I should have changed after my defeat!" She called to Bardock over the spinning wind. He rhead shot up as thunderous sounds came from above, but instead of lightning and thunder, it was the fighters locked hand to hand in combat again.

"This is really getting out of control, do you think we should stop them!?"

"And ruin a good show?" Bardock smiled at her. "Where's your sense of adventure, Angel?" He shouted for her to hear.

"I think it left with the rest of the crowd!" She shouted back.

Above the fighting halted a moment, both fighters taking a moment to analyze each other's face and breathing. Both were giving soft pants of exertion but neither looked ready to back down. Sharing smiles both screamed and raised their power, golden light exploding and once again they locked in a fist fight. Back and forth, hit and block, kick and dodge. It seemed nearly endless as they went back and forth in power, seemingly even matched.

Goku landed a hard kick to Vegeta's stomach, which made him grin with satisfaction and go for another. Vegeta quickly dodged zipping out of range and appearing behind Goku. Goku gasped and turned he felt Vegeta's hands pressed in his back and the burning light of his Ki shooting straight into him making him flip through the air and land harshly into the ring.

"Goku!" Bulma shouted covering her mouth in shock. The fall had looked awfully painful.

"Relax, Bulma he's fine. It'll take more than that to make him give in." Radditz assured his mate with a stroke on her arm huddling her close and protecting her from the elements.

Vegeta stayed in the sky looking down at the stadium below. Goku's hole was in deep, so deep all he could see was the darkness. The announcer who had bravely stayed through the endeavor jumped up and peeked his head into the hole. "Oh my… ooh, wow if anyone can hear me, Goku's been thrown so far into the ground it's made a crater I can't even see the bottom to. Is he even still alive?"

"Start counting you blithering idiot! He's alive but you won't be if you don't start the count down!"

"Huh? Oh right.. .well uh, One! Two! Three! Four! Five!"

"Oh come on Goku, get your ass up!" Ryanna danced at her spot wriggling nervously. "Stop playing around."

"Six! Seven! Ei-AYYYYY!" The announcer ducked out of the way as a yellow beam shoots out of the darkness right at Vegeta. Vegeta countered it with his own and everyone can hear Goku's grunts and shouts as he fought against the force as he made his way up the seemingly core deep hole.

Ryanna cursed as she saw this… that type of movement could get dangerous. It was obvious to her now that Goku no longer saw the tournament boundaries, but was instead too enthralled in the fight to see the dangers he was putting everyone in. "Vegeta! Goku! No! Get out of there you're gonna blow up the arena if you keep this up!"

Neither man acknowledged her. Instead they kept pushing against each other's power. The skies darkened further and Ryanna cursed and looked to Radditz. "Radditz get everyone else out of here and take cover, it's too dangerous!


"I can't go anywhere I'm commentating the even! WAH!"

"You heard the lady let's go!" He put the announcer over his shoulder grabbed Bulma by the hand and led them and the others all out of harm's way. Mirai on the other hand was frozen in place staring at the display shaken up by the exploding powers.

Piccolo grabbed her ready to lift her out to safety but she struggled. "No! Let go of me, I need to stay!"

"If things go bad you're gonna get pulverized out here. We need to get to shelter!"

"It's not gonna go bad! Vegeta knows what he's doing! VEGETA!" Mirai shouted at the top of her lungs.

Vegeta's movements halted and his eyes shifted downward and he spotted Mirai struggling against the Namek's hold screaming up at him. "Hey! Namek! Let go of my mate! Grrrr… this is getting me nowhere." Thinking Quickly Vegeta rolled and phased the golden light dispersing into the sky and exploding like a firecracker. He came down ignoring Goku who called out to him.

"Namek, if you don't want my fist up your nose you let her go right this instant, do you hear me?!" He landed and strolled up to the two grunting and snarling ready for another fight.

"Excuse me but I was trying to get her out of harm's way since you and Goku seemed so adamant on making this a life and death match!"

"She was not in harm's way I would have saved her in time!"

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, really!"

"Hey Vegeta." Goku suddenly appeared floating up in the air still.

"What do you want Kakarott?"

"You do know you're out of bounds right?"

"What?" Vegeta looked down at what was left of the ring. The ki explosions had severed and left little to step on, but under Vegeta's feet was clearly a tuff of grass which indicated the outside. "No! Wait! That's not fair, I call interference!"

Goku laughed and slid out of super saiyan form. The skies cleared and the sunset appeared over the horizon. The announcer and the humans ran forward and when he got a look at what he saw he grinned and threw his hands in the air. "The winner of the tournament is Goku!"

"Woo Hoo! Yeah!"

"No! I call a rematch! That is not fair, the announcer wasn't even hear to make the call!" Vegeta stamped his foot into the ground and he looked to Ryanna who was chuckling and she shrugged holding out her arms.

"Hey that's the way it goes Vegeta. You stepped out of bounds, you lose."

"How stupid! How humiliating! Beaten by a pathetic stupid rule, it's insulting!" He crossed his arms going out of Super saiyan mode to turn his back on the others. Mirai gave a soft smile at this. She approached him putting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay Vegeta, it's just like mom says, it's how it goes. It's not your fault, yah know."

"No, No you're right Mirai it is not my fault," he turned his eyes on her. She smiled but that smile faltered when he pointed an accusing finger at her nose. "It's your fault! If you hadn't distracted me I would have won this stupid tournament! Why did you have to get in my way?"

"What!?" Now just as angry Mirai stepped toe to toe with him. "It's not my fault you got distracted! I was screaming to encourage you, you didn't HAVE to come down and be all macho and possessive, that fault is on you!"

"Just like a woman, no just like a child to avoid the blame!"

That hurt, and angered her all the more Mirai shoved him back. "Well excuse me for being a child!? Perhaps I should just go back to being eight years old! You obviously liked me better that way!"

"It'll probably be for the better! I should have never submitted to lining myself with someone of Kakarott's bloodline, you lot are nothing but trouble!"

Mirai punched him now, hard and she screamed at him. "Vegeta, you- you jerk! I HATE YOU!" She blasts off into the distance heading for home. Ryanna let out an uneasy breath and rubbed her forehead.

"Hoo-Boy, it's been a long day. I better go see if she's alright." She goes to chase after her daughter but Bardock's firm hand stops her.

"No, let her go angel, she needs some time alone." He smiled and rubbed her back. "Besides this is probably a good thing. It's the first step to things getting back to normal."

"True.. but hey what's normal anyway?" She smiled and looked around at their group. The majority of the lot were still congratulating Goku on his victory. Vegeta had taken off in the opposite direction of Mirai. Piccolo was taking his time making his way over to the group so as not to appear as though he was mingling.

She watched Goku take Chichi up in his arms and plant a kiss on her cheek making her flush and giggle happily. He then floated up and gave a salute. "Well guy's we're gonna go see the Ox King, I'll see you all later! Bye!"

They disappeared into the sunset, in her head Ryanna could hear wedding bells and laughing guests and she had to wipe away a happy tear.

Hours later Ryanna found her daughter at the edge of the river by their home. Her shoes kicked off and sunk in the water and she held the antidote in her hand. Not saying a word Ryanna kicked off her own shoes and slipped them into the river.

"You were right, mom."

"Hmm, about what, Mirai?"

"About Vegeta," she sighed and stroked the glass. "Everything."

"Not to beep my own horn, but I do have a tendency to be right… but I don't think I was completely right about Vegeta." She took the vial from her daughter's hand and cradled her under her arm letting her snuggle there. "He is a good man, Mirai, despite his quick temper and misguidance if you did end up mating he will treat you like a queen. It just so happens that being queen means you have to deal with his sharp temper, and name calling and arguments. It's just who he is, but it doesn't make him a bad person."

"I know, but it still hurts that he's blaming me for his loss."

"He's just acting like he's blaming you. Inside he's kicking himself for exposing his own weakness. He cares about you, he's protective of you, it's why he came to your rescue. It's also why he lost. What he did to me in order to win, carelessly it backfired on him. Goku didn't have to do anything, Vegeta was the one who made the mistake and he hates himself for it, so it's easier for him to just blame you."

Vega looked up with her big beautiful eyes, Ryanna's smile widening and she holds up the vial. "Goku won, so it's your decision. Do you want to stay like this, or go back to normal?"

She looked at the vial, and took it in her hand. With a small smile she downed the liquid. Before Ryanna's eyes the full grown woman shrunk to a young eight year old girl, her hair once again too much for her body, and her eyes too big for her face, but all the more beautiful to Ryanna. "There's my baby." She kissed her daughter's cheeks and pulled her up into her arms. "Come on; let's go get you some clothes."

Several days later the group gathered around the Son table once again as a sort of mixed late wedding reception for Goku and Chichi's wedding, and a goodbye Vegeta party. Everyone was dressed up in their Sunday best, except for Vegeta who was in his Saiyan armor, feasting, celebrating, and all around having a good time.

Mirai back as a kid sat next to Piccolo trying to feed him some Sushi which he makes a face at before sipping his water. She laughed and swallowed it happily herself. She looked around and her eyes caught Vegeta as they stared at her. She wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue which caused him to hide a grin behind his own cup of liquid.

"So you guy's are gonna live up in Mt. Paos. Huh?" This question came from Krillen to Goku who was currently in divulging in a heaping platter on his plate. Chichi, used to the table manners gave a firm and happy smile.

"Yep, it's a beautiful little cottage that my father built. It's absolutely perfect for starting a small family, isn't it Goku?"

With his mouth full Goku shot his head up and gave a nod before swallowing. "Oh yeah, it's the perfect size for the two of us and then some."

"Speaking of then some," Krillen chuckled. "How was your wedding night, did everything go… smoothly?"

The newlywed couple blushed and Goku laughed a little. "Uh erm, pass the salted pork will yah, Krillen?"

"So Vegeta, I hear you're taking Piccolo back to his home planet Namek on your way back home."

"That is the affirmative plan, after all we wanted to get that fight done and over with and I'd rather not have to fly all the way back here just to drop him off. It's far easier just to plop him with his own kind until I'm headed in this direction again." Vegeta chomped on a piece of chicken and then stuffed his face with Mashed Potatoes.

"Oh speaking of which, Angel. There's something I've been meaning to discuss with you." Bardock took her hand stroking it as if to stroke her ego.

"Yes," she said warily wondering what Bardock could have possibly done to merit this kind of behavior.

"I was thinking about us returning to planet Vegeta."

"Oh, wait, what!? For how long?"

"To stay," he winced when her hand whipped out of his grip and whacked him over the head.

"After all the trouble we went through to ensure Mirai is gonna stay on Earth you wanna move to Vegeta!?"

"I didn't say we had to take her with us- OW!" he got hit again. "Damn it woman stop hitting me! OW!"

"So you just want us to leave our eight year old daughter here alone fending for herself while you and I go traipsing off into space because you're a little home sick? Why don't we just boot up my time machine and go visit my world, it's far more complicated!"

"I didn't say we ha to leave her alone, listen to me angel, Vegeta needs someone to take over Nappa's responsibilities, and it's clear to me that Radditz and Kakarott aren't good for the job. They have roots here, they have human mates to look after. You and I are Saiyans, we should be with other Saiyans. They could really use you back at the science department to help repairs on the gravity machines, and Plenthor misses you."

"It sounds like a good idea Bardock, but what about Mirai?"

"She can stay with us!" Bulma piped up suddenly smiling. "With Radditz and I, I'd love to have her around. Besides it's not like you guys will be gone forever... You'll visit every chance you get right? Just like Vegeta?"

"We'll have the interplanetary communicators you made, mom." Radditz backed up Bulma and wrapped an arm around her. "You can poke your head in whenever you like."

Ryanna looked around at all the supportive faces and she frowned and glared down at Bardock. "You discussed this with all of them before you did with me, didn't you?"

Afraid to get hit again Bardock scooted his chair away before answering. "Yes, but only because I wanted to get their opinions. Ryanna, please, you loved my planet, it's where we first met, where we made love and became mates. I wanna go back, but I won't go back without you." He held out his hand for her. "What do you say, Angel?"

Ryanna gave a sigh, and she looked to Mirai who was smiling softly. "Are you sure you're okay with this Mirai?"

"I'll be fine mom, besides I have the strongest man in the world to take over my training!" She nodded her head to Goku, which made Vegeta grunt. "And besides… if you guys don't like it, you'll come back, right?"

"Right." Bardock nodded and put his hand near Ryanna's. She hesitated and then laughed a little before putting it in Bardock's.

"Oh what the hell, I did this much to the time line, Why not mess it up some more?"

"YES!" Bardock jumped and grabbed up his wife swinging her around. Tehre were applause around the table, some tears shared and a toast made. As the sun rose on the next day everyone gathered outside to see Vegeta, Piccolo, Bardock, and Ryanna off. Ryanna kissed Mirai and hugged her tight then went to her boys. She exchanged goodbyes see you later's and the like.

"Be safe in your trip, Ryanna, we'll miss you around here." Bulma hugged her friend tightly. "And don't you worry I'll take good care of Mirai til you guys get back."

"I know you will Bulma, and I didn't mention this before but in my time, you were a pretty awesome mom." She winked making Bulma blush and squeal and Radditz blush even more so than his mate. "You two take care of yourselves."

Mirai pouted and made circles in the sand with her toes as she watched the goodbyes. She psotted Vegeta who once again was looking at her. She frowned, determined to keep a grudge looked away turning up her nose.

"Hey, Girl!"

Vegeta's gruff call made her growl and whirl her head at him. "What.. oooh" Her cheeks flushed as she felt Vegeta's warm lips press against her forehead.

"Stay out of trouble, and don't let anyone push you around... That's my job." He turned his back. "Oh and one more thing." He pointed a finger at Goku. "As for you Kakarott I expect you to continue my mate's training, also I want a rematch the next time we meet! No rules, no regulations, just you and me and an all out battle!"

Goku laughed and gave a thumbs up. "You got it Vegeta!"

With a grunt Vegeta disappeared into the space ship. Bardock gave a wave and grabbed his wife's hand who was a little more reluctant to leave. "Bye everyone! See you all again, soon!" She called out as the door to the ship closes and the engines fire up. Above the roar everyone shouted their goodbyes waving their hands and arms in the air as the ship floats up, and then shoots out into space.

An hour later Mirai was still at the same spot, her hand on her forehead where Vegeta had kissed her and dried tears on her face where she'd let them fall. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked to her brother Goku with a sniffle.

"It's stupid to cry when they've only been gone for a little while, huh? I really am still a kid."

"Yeah, well, even adults can get emotional at times like this. Now's not the tiem to be sad, Mirai. We'll see them again. All of them." He let out a breath and stood up straight. "In the meantime we've got some training to do. You don't want Mom and Vegeta to come home and see you've been slacking do you?"

Mirai quickly wiped her tears and her face turned smiling and determined. "Heck no!"

"Good, last one to the river is a rotten egg!" Goku takes off laughing and Mirai gasps and runs after him.

"No fair you got a head start! Come back here, Kakarott! Kakarott! GOKU!"

And so the new generation's life on Earth begins anew…

To Be Continued…

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