Disclaimer; I don't own Geography Club unfortunaly!

Character; Russel Middlebrook, Gunnar, Otto.

Warnings; Hinted Sex

I know it's short; I am working on a longer one based on Geography Club.

And yes I'm sure it's full of grammar mistakes, I know!

Russel sat on the ever changing rock looking over the lake, where he'd skinny dipped with Web and with Otto, where he'd watched Web and Min. He looked towards the moon. He had to go and meet Otto; he smiled and began to make his way to Otto's cabin, his boys where fast asleep as were Russel's, this group of boys where well behaved – even if they had their days, they where better behaved than the first lot, but Russel didn't want to do the Order with them, he felt that was to special to him, Otto and the burn survivors, he didn't want to ruin it.

"Russel?" Russel cursed in his head.

"What Gunnar?" he said turning quickly and trying to give his naive straight best friend to hurry up!

"Min and I are going to the campfire? Are you?" Russel looked at him with wide eyes.

"No I'm meeting Otto" Gunnar frowned "I'm meeting Otto" Gunnar titled his head slightly. Russel rolled his eyes "Gunnar I'm going to be busy with Otto tonight so I'm not going to the campfire" Gunnar nodded

"Alright, okay." Russel nodded

"Are you following me Gunnar?" Gunnar shrugged slightly

"You are going to meet Otto. I'm not stupid" Russel looked at him

"Do you want a bet" he murmured then shook his head "Alright whatever, have a good night, I've got to go" Gunnar nodded as Russel sidestepped around him, he began to walk towards Otto's cabin then heard Gunnar shout

"USE A CONDOM" Russel rolled his eyes then ran towards Otto's cabin. He went to knock on Otto's door but didn't even connect his fist with it, the door flew open and Otto appeared smiling.

Russel smiled as Otto checked his boys then left the cabin. They walked down the field getting farer away from the cabins and the campfire. They found a spot on the grass then lay down.

Otto put his hands behind his head as Russel played with some grass pulling it up and rolled it inbetween his hands. Otto brought his hands down slowly brushing against Russel's sending a spark of electricity between them. Russel took a sharp intake of breath then looked sideways at Otto as he lifted his head to meet Russel's eyes.

They smiled at each other then began laughing. Russel pulled Otto's chin up and kissed him sending a circuit of electricity between them. Feeling the roughness of Otto's scar against his cheek and smiled into the kiss, moving his hands to Otto's hair as Otto pulled Russel's hips towards him.

The kiss became hungry quickly making both boys buck their hips and pant heavily.

"Russel do you want this?" Otto asked breathlessly, Russel laughed and nodded quickly.

"I do indeed" Otto nodded softly and moved one of his hands into his back pocket. He then revealed a condom and grinned at Russel.

"Docious" Otto frowned as Russel shook his head laughing as Otto shrugged. He tugged on Russel's jeans making Russel buck his hips. "Otto take me now" Otto grinned and undone Russel's button, he slid his hand under Russel's shirt feeling the softness of his skin beneath his touch, Russel shivered softly, it was alien to him the feeling of someone touching him.

He closed his eyes as he felt Otto's hands run down towards his groin. He gasped sharply as Otto smiled.

"Are you sure?" Russel nodded.

"Take me"

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