Digimon Adventure - Biting Monster

Warning - Strong Horror themes.

The forest around Taichi started to spin; exhaustion was affecting the boy badly. Leaning forward he tried catching his breath. But was too frightened to stop for long; once he felt the burning in his lungs ease a little he started running for his life again.

He ran a little longer before the exhaustion caused him to stop again. Falling to the ground he franticly gasped for air. It felt as if his heart and lounges were about to explode, clutching his chest Taichi took three deep breaths and then tired pushing himself out of the dirt. His arm gave way and he fell back down. The same noise that frightened him before, once again came from the trees. Crying he started to drag his body along the ground, trying desperately to escape the creature that followed him.

Slowly it emerged from behind a tree. He could finally see his pursuer in full. Standing on two feet it looked a lot like a tyrannosaurus; however the forearms almost reached the ground and had three long sharp claws on each. It stood still watching the boy, with a loud snort it started to slowly circle him.

Frightened by the monster he tried to screaming for help, but the only noise the boy made was a raspy cry. Stepping close it sniffed the boy's skin and then in an instant it nipped at his arm; ripping a small amount of flesh away. Using all his remaining strength Taichi jumped up holding his bleeding arm. Again he tried to run. His effort was in vain as the monster flung its whole body at the boy attaching its self with its claws to his back. The boy fell under the weight of the monster.

Franticly trying to push it off the creature bit him again. A horrified high pitched scream came from the boy. Crying for it to let him, Taichi rolled over in a useless effort to move the creature off him.

Reaching forward again it bit Taichi in the neck. The boy's screams were cut short as he felt something puncture his throat, he stopped beating the orange monster on the head and his arms fell to his sides in shock and awe. With a swift twist the monster ripped away his throat leaving a gaping hole; blood started spurting from the gap. Instinctively Taichi covered the area. His head started to spin again and all around him began to blur. Closing his eyes Taichi wished for it to end quickly.

Author Notes; The idea of this came to me while I was reading Jack Katcuhm's Offspring. I'm trying to develop my skills in writing detailed Horror. I hope this didn't offend anyone's senses.

Biting Monster is a translation of Agumon