Blaze The Cat: Dimensional Conundrum

Chapter1: Introducing..

It was January 1st in the kingdom of Nantosuelta, and Princess Blaze had been called to the throne room to speak to her parents on a private matter. The throne room was long, it had a long red carpet with golden lining going straight down towards the two thrones, it was like walking into a cathedral, every step made a echo, there was very expensive and exquisite art work on the ceiling. Standing by the left throne was Blaze's Father; King Sebastian, was a very tall broad shouldered man. He had a heart of gold but usually kept his feelings hidden. He was a brunette cat, with long curled light brown whiskers, his eyes were red and elegant as a rose. His hair was curled back and usually kept a strict look on his face but was more relaxed when around loved ones. Blaze's Mother; Queen Temperance, on the other hand was quite strict in media, public and with family, she's stubborn and straight out honest, she'll tell you if she doesn't like you and in great detail, however if your a close friend or a close member of immediate family then she can be extremely loyal. She has pure white fur, in fact she's Albino, her eyes were bright pink, and tries to avoid the sun frequently. She brought Blaze up in a self discipline manner, she was very strict on being 'lady like' and having proper manners, and dressing appropriately and despises those who do not, which could be the reason why Blaze is so self disciplined today. King Sebastian however is more protective of Blaze, as she's the future and is the only known heir of the throne, and if something was to happen to her the whole future of Solar would be at stake, so he becomes quite resentful at times when she always goes out of her way to protect the kingdom from Eggman Nega, even before letting the authorities deal with it, although her heart is in the right place, he sometimes finds it hard to handle, sometimes when she leaves the palace he ponders if he'll see her alive again, as he always thinks of the worst, suppose he's a pessimist in a way. The Queen however is more worried about Blaze's reputation, she believes that all the fighting and explosions are not a appropriate way for a princess to act, she taught Blaze to hide her flames in a cape and try to never show them in public, in case it scares the public which is why she is afraid whenever Blaze leaves the palace because she's worried of who's gonna see her abilities and is worried about the media's reaction, or in front of guests and visitors as they can appear to be unladylike and threatening, she would always avoid saying the real truth, that she was in fact afraid of the flames and found them embarrassing to explain to wealthy country leaders when they see her abilities by mistake. There is no record in the family tree of a relative having the same abilities or having lilac fur, but some how Blaze was born with these details, the jewel in her head also confuses her mother. With both parents worried about Blaze's life style they have a long convocation about what they could possibly do to stop Blaze fighting Eggman Nega and other enemies all the time, after they came to a solution they called Blaze to the throne room to have a word..