Blaze The Cat: Dimensional Conundrum

CH3 Eggman Nega's Ship

Blaze was pulled up into what looked like a long tube made with a special type of glass. through the glass Blaze could see a large room with many mechanical machines and robots running around, Eggman Nega walked into the room laughing "Heh Heh Heh, if I knew I could catch you that easily I would've just dangled a leg of chicken on a string"

"yeah yeah, ha ha ha!, very funny.." Blaze exclaimed sarcastically as she sat with her legs crossed onto the floor of the tube. "Oh aren't you just the cat's pyjamas?" Eggman Nega snickered

"Shut up!... now what do you want Nega?" Blaze raged

"oh I think you know?" Teased Eggman Nega

"The Sol Emeralds?" Blaze asked as she leaned back against the tube with her palm to her face. "mmhm, just drop them on the floor of where your sitting and I'll let you go" Eggman Nega said deviously

Blaze thought about it for a bit and replied "and you'll stop attacking the city?" she asked

"of coarse, I'm a man of my word your highness" He smirked

Blaze didn't want to but felt like she had no choice 'I suppose I could always come back and steal them later.. but for now I'll hand them over' she thought to herself "ok, so, like this?" she asked as she put the emeralds down onto a little square on the floor of the tube, the little square opened up and dropped the emeralds below the floor. "Ok you can let me out now!" Blaze demanded while knocking on the glass, but she was ignored as Eggman Nega was fiddling around with some equipment, "Nega?

all of a sudden the ship began to tremble and shake as if going through a strong turbulence, it lasted only a couple of minutes and then the ship went steady again.

"what just happened?" Blaze wondered

no answer, Eggman Nega turned around and said with a smirk on his face "Good bye Blaze"

he pulled on what looked like a lever and then pushed a button and the top of the tube Blaze was trapped in opened and was sucking Blaze out of the tube, Blaze compressed each hand against the sides of the tube, trying to prevent herself from being sucked up "No Wait!" she yelled although her gripped failed as she flew out of the tube, leaving behind claw marks on the glass.

The tube connected to an extended plastic like tube that shot Blaze right out of the ship, she fell from a significant height into what seems to be a forest and fell head first into the ground and was knocked unconscious.

Blaze was slowly woken by a dripping leak in the ceiling, it appears someone has found Blaze and has taken her in, she sat up and looked around, she was lying on two crates with a blanket over her, she looked around and there was a strong smell of coffee in the air, and the room she was in was messy and cluttered, it looked like an old store room of some sort. As she heard voices coming from the outside of the room she quickly turned over an pretended to be sleeping as she didn't know what she was up against. a deep bellowing voice blasted through the room "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"

"I was only trying to do a good deed was all! I didn't see you helping?" said a rather small childish voice

"Because of you we lost our case to a larger agency!" yelled the bellowing voice

"guys will you calm down? we have an injured guest! she should come first!" said a calmer lower voice

the man with the bellowing voice went quiet "meh!" he shouted as he stormed out the room

"don't worry he's just stressed over the bills and financial troubles we're having, he cares really... I think?" said the man with the calmer voice

"I know.. still he doesn't have to be so selfish!" yelled the little child voice

"we should leave her to rest.." suggested the calm voice

"I can't wait until she wakes up! I have soooo many questions to ask her" the childish voice exclaimed

"well don't over whelm her, we don't even know who she is.." the calm voice suggested.