A task

The cave was silent, the only sound coming from the crackling flames in the torches on the walls. The walls were illuminated just enough for one to make out what's right in front him, but couldn't see past his own hand when outstretched. A large red carpet was spread on the floor, an altar in the middle of the cold room. The altar was constructed from the stalagmites of the cave, spikes adorning the upper half of the altar, a glass orb resting on top containing a small white object. The object was floating and looked like a very advanced technological key. There was a small yellow circle in middle of the upper half and the rest had an hourglass shape, green circles where the sides were indented.

Footsteps could be heard now, the sounds echoing of the darkened walls. They were soft steps, heading to their destination at a snail's pace, their owners covered in black cloaks. Walking in a line, the strangers headed toward the altar, the leader walking in front with a purple cloak.

The man went on his knees, the others following his action, and stretched his hands to the orb. He then held one arm in the air, bent at the elbow, and the other outstretched to the side.

"Light brings knowledge, knowledge brings compassion." He began chanting.

The others copied his actions and the chant could be heard echoing off the cave walls. The key began to glow and fade in rhythm to the strangers' chants. There was a flash of white light and the cloaked figures stopped, all now gazing at the woman above the orb.

She was wearing a dress of the purest white, her long and turquoise hair shining. Her eyes were closed and her hands were in the same position as the leader's. From behind were eight long, almost mechanical, spider legs; four on each side. All of the figures bowed lower and the leader talked.

"Oh, Spirit Oracle, the enemy has recently gained an upper hand in our battle. What are we to do?"

The woman lowered her hands and pointed to a wall, the figures following her hand. Circle upon circle began to appear on the walls, each one a different colour, in the form of a bigger circle. From the centre formed another circle, connecting itself with the other eight circles and the image glowed. Below formed a new image: insects with spears and opposed to them were spiders with people on them. Both sides were now battling, neither side winning. Eight spiders attacked the insects that kept growing in numbers. The battle took place in another circle, embedded in red, and there was a circle outside of the battle, embedded in blue. Suddenly, a ninth spider came from the blue circle and attacked from the air, wiping out the entire army of insects.

The images vanished, the circle stopped glowing and the woman vanished. The figures were talking among themselves about what they had just witnessed and the leader turned back to the orb.

"What are we to do?" a woman asked from behind him.

The man said nothing and turned to face his followers.

"We carry out the Spirit Oracles orders." He answered. "We are to find the ninth Spider Rider."

Muttering broke out at the order and another questioned the leader.

"Where are we to search?"

"The Outer World." The leader answered.

Gasps followed.

"But… We have never left the Inner World."

"Then that is what we shall do." The leader went on. "We are to search the Outer World for the person who will save us from the Invected threat. We leave at dawn."

The leader gazed over his followers, waiting for any reaction from his orders.

"We leave at dawn." A man repeated.

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