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Chapter three

The Inner World

"Oh, my head…" Amanda groaned, rubbing her aching skull. "That was quite a fall…"

"You can say that again…" Tanya added, slowly getting up so she didn't lose her balance.

"That was quite the fall…"

"This place is making me dizzy…" a dazed Pricilla said, holding her head.

All three landed in the forest, its luscious blue grass and trees closing off any sight of the outside. The little light only made the woods seem more eerie than it actually was it shone through the leaves.

"Think we kicked the bucket?" Pricilla asked, shaking her head to get rid of the dizziness, but only succeeded in making it worse.

"No, Hell's supposed to be much more slippery and covered in orange goo…" Tanya answered.

"The blue merry-go-round looks like fun," Amanda said, getting up. "But it's going slower…"

As the pain slowly subsided and the forest came into focus, each girl had to blink several times to make sure what she was seeing was real. Pricilla stood up but was still slightly dizzy so she fell on her butt. Tanya helped Amanda up and the two looked at their surroundings.

"I must be crazy," Amanda said. "All I see are blue trees, blue grass and a…"

Amanda's mouth dropped as she shifted her gaze to the sky above her. An enormous ball of fire was above her and the sky itself was tinted in orange and purple.

"Where…are…we?" Tanya asked as she, too, saw the sky above.

Pricilla finally succeeded in standing up and looked up.

"I think…The Inner World…" Pricilla answered.

"The what?" the other two asked simultaneously, looking at their friend in shock.

"My father told me about a place deep within earth called The Inner World. Its sun is the ball overhead and the sky is different than ours. Everything here is different than on Earth," Pricilla continued, looking around. "But I never pictured it like this…"

Looking around, the three tried to take in all the things that were around them: the birds singing, the coloured plants, the sky above and even the air.

"Aahhhhhhhh!" Pricilla suddenly screamed, jumping back and slipping, ending on her bum again. "Spider!"

Tanya and Amanda quickly ran over to her side, wanting to know where it was. A small pink spider was sitting on the brown trunk of a large tree, its web made up of silver.

"That's a first…" Tanya said, looking at their visitor. "A pink spider that can shoot silver threads."

"Get rid of it! Get rid of it!" Pricilla screamed, etching away, her lime-green eyes showing more fear than usual.

"I think it's cute," Amanda said, leaning closer and tucking a stray black bang behind her ear. "Do you think it's poisonous?"

"Hey! Are you okay?"

The friends' attention was turned behind them as two people approached. Corona, a teenage girl with blonde hair tied into a ponytail and orange earrings, while the other was Hunter, a teenage boy with red hair in various directions and bangs to frame his face. On his head was a white band with four green orbs.

"We saw you falling and we came to see if you're okay," Corona said, sounding very worried.

"We're fine, thanks," Tanya said. "But I don't think Pricilla is…"

The two turned toward the girl on the ground, whose eyes were still on the pink spider. Following her gaze, Hunter found the spider.

"Oh please, it's just a spider…" Hunter said, walking past them to inspect it at a closer range.

"I'm Amanda, this is Tanya and that is Pricilla," Amanda introduced, motioning to each in turn.

"My name's Corona and that's Hunter," Corona said. "Where did you come from, anyway?"

"We fell through this hole in a cave we were exploring and ended up here," Amanda explained and Tanya nodded, Pricilla still gazing, paralysed, at the spider.

"You came from the surface?" Hunter asked, turning around. "So did I."


"Yeah. I was exploring a temple when a Manacle strapped itself to my arm and then the temple collapsed. All I remember after that was falling through this type of vortex and I ended up here."

"A what?" Tanya asked.

"Manacle," Corona answered and showed the red Manacle on her arm as Hunter showed his blue Manacle. "These are proof that we're Spider Riders."

"Spider Riders?"

"Yeah," Hunter said, walking up to them. "We're warriors that ride huge spiders to fight evil."

"H…huge…sp…spiders?" Pricilla finally voiced, but now she seemed even more frightened.

"Yeah, but don't worry. They're completely harmless,"

Pricilla gulped and pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them as she rocked back and forth.

"There's no such thing, there's no such thing…" she said to herself, tears slowly forming in her eyes as she closed them shut.

"Uh oh," Amanda voiced, slowly starting to panic. "Pricilla's gone into Panic Mode."

Corona and Hunter stared at Pricilla as she began to cry and constantly kept repeating that she didn't want to die, almost screaming it. Amanda ran to Pricilla and bent, trying to calm Pricilla down while Tanya's attention was focused on their visitors.

Hunter was dressed in brown shoes and white socks, blue trousers and a white shirt with a red sleeveless jacket. Corona was dressed in a white sleeveless top with an orange orb near her throat, black stockings and a pink skirt. Her shoes seemed to be part of the stockings with an orange orb on each foot.

"Are your clothing the norm down here?" Tanya asked. "It looks really cool."

"Thanks!" Hunter answered. "But mine's from Earth."

Tanya nodded and returned to Pricilla. Pricilla took a deep breath and calmed herself before finally opening her eyes.

"Sorry, I can't help it," she apologized shyly.

"It's alright," Corona comforted, "Anyway, why don't you all come back to Aracna?"

"Yeah! I bet the Lumen would love to meet you!" Hunter added excitedly.

"Sure," Amanda agreed, nodding her head. "As long as we get out of this place."

"Prince Lumen?" Pricilla asked, getting to her feet.

"Yeah… Hey! How'd you know Lumen's a prince?" Hunter asked and he eyed her with suspicion.

"Huh? I didn't say anything about anyone being a prince…" Pricilla quickly defended.

Pricilla shifted her gaze to the ground while Hunter and Corona continued to stare at her, even Amanda and Tanya stared in shock.

"Maybe it's the concussion talking." Amanda said, turning to Corona. "It makes sense…"

Corona gave a smile and a nod in agreement while Hunter continued to stare at her.

'How did she know?' was Hunter's last thought before Corona dragged him by his arm back to Aracna.


A black-hooded being was running through the dimly lit corridors to find his leader's room. This was an urgent matter that needed his immediate attention. Finding it, he knocked urgently.


The man burst through the room, his eyes wide.

"Sir, something has come up!" he shouted more than said. "Another spider rider has appeared!"

"Really?" the man replied, his back to his visitor as he sat in front of an altar.

The room was lit with crackling fires aligning the brown walls and the altar was the only furniture in the room. The man stood up, placed an orb on the altar and turned to his guest.

"Where is he now?"

"Sir, it's a female and she has been escorted to Aracna." The visitor answered.

"Good. Please send a message to Prince Lumen telling him that we will visit soon. We have important matters to discuss as the circle is finally complete."


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