Story - Our Games

Fandom - Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Pairing - Ciel x Sebastian

Warnings: AU, Yaoi, Bondage, BDSM themes, SemeCiel X SubSebastian and inapropriate usese of ice.

A/N: I blame this on the discussion's on the CielXSeb FC back at forums, and too much schoolwork.

Sebastian Michaelis is a well-known and respected lawyer. Ciel Phantomhive is his handsome and always charming young assistant. Looking at them one wouldn't think these two males would have something going on. They acted as if they at least disliked each other yet they still worked together. But their words held so much hidden meaning, the only thing betraying them were their eyes, crimson eyes (so unusual yet so piercing and powerful) showed only to blue those feelings, and that hidden desire in them. The desire to be stripped of any authority, any choice to be taken from him, to be forced to his knees, to bow in front of one with the power and the firmness in the command. And that one person with the iron fist and the devious mind to devise intricate strategies was his assistant, Ciel. The one, the only one who managed to bring Sebastian to his knees, to break his pride and make him beg. And Ciel enjoyed the power he had over the other. It was like a drug, intoxicating and addictive. He could never have enough of the high and so did Sebastian.

Today was no different though. Ciel working in the same office with Sebastian had the advantage of being able to observe the man in every moment. And now he took great pleasure in the way Sebastian shifted uncomfortably in the chair. The reason was the pair of nipple clamp that he had put there in the morning. Them and a vibrating ring around Sebastian's cock. That blush had decorated Sebastian's face for all the time that object had been functional. Ciel's eyes flicked up to Sebastian as he gave a breathy moan. He could tell that under the desk Sebastian twisted and shifted his hips to alleviate the itch of that unbearable thing sending vibrations all over his body. Ciel chuckled and gave Sebastian that pitiful look as if saying 'you deserve it' and Sebastian did, But not only he deserved it, he craved it with such passion it was impossible to match.

He could never understand what was so pleasurable in dominating another . He was sick of it. He was doing it on a daily basis but he never got any pleasure from it. But being stripped off your control and thrust in the devious arms of another, being at his every whish and whim, struggling to please to be rewarded with some delicious pain and unbearably good pleasure, well that was really the reward Sebastian was after. And he could get it only on his hands and knees begging with his lips kissing the boots Ciel wore. Sebastian admitted that Ciel had some strange kinks himself and Sebastian had been subjected to enough of them not only once and he had loved every minute of it. But right now the pleasure was too much Sebastian panted and clenched his hands, the pen in his grasp snapping in two.

"Ciel, Could you, ahh, remove it? Please? It's...Uncomfortable..." Sebastian panted trying to be as coherent as possible. It did not help that he was completely turned on at the idea of someone coming in and finding him as he was, flushed and panting. Ciel laughed and giving Sebastian a cheeky smile he answered.

"No. I won't remove it. I like the view, and you should be grateful I did not put that vibrator or the butt plug in you. That would have hurt you more but you'd have enjoyed it better. You are such a slut Sebastian, aching to be filled with something, anything at all." Sebastian arched at the words coated with poisonous honey, the tone low and commanding, the same one Ciel used in the bedroom. And that was Sebastian's undoing.

"Ah, Master, I can't hold on too much." Sebastian's hands clenched on the edge of the desk, the chair creaking slightly at the movements of his hips. He so whished to be commanded to move to his knees, strip of his clothes and be forced on Ciel's awaiting cock, that was probably hard from all the teasing he had done to Sebastian. But Ciel didn't say anything and Sebastian wondered if he wanted him to be disobedient, to come when he had been told not to, so he would be punished later during the night. The lawyer entertained the idea of an intentional slip-up only to be punished.

"Sebastian you can come. But in the evening you will be chained to the foot of the bed, gagged and blindfolded, your hands tied, your feet spread wide apart and an immense phallus lodged in your ass, or you could be a good boy and resist another half an hour and I might let you ride me unbound and ungagged. So make your choice and fast, your control seems to be slipping." Sebastian looked almost torn between the pleasure from his master and the pleasure from an inanimate object only for Ciel to witness. But that was so degrading, to be tied up in a leash like a dog of sorts. It did not help that he hated dogs with a passion. So he made a choice.

"I'll try to hold on..."Loud moans left Sebastian and the younger male shook his head faking disappointment and mock pouting. This young man did not know how alluring he was with his sweet lips like that. Sebastian wanted to kiss that pout away.

"And here I thought you were going to chose the first. I was looking forward to seeing you like that watching you squirm and plead helplessly. But it seems I'll be getting a reward out of this." Ciel smirked deviously and stood from his chair, coming to stand behind Sebastian and brought his hand up to flick a nipple clamp through the red-eyed male's shirt. The moan that was given was deliciously pained and the sight that followed when Ciel undid Sebastian's slacks told Ciel that they were uncomfortable. Sebastian had to bite on his knuckles not to scream as loud as he could when those fingers scoped up a little bead of moisture and brought it to his own lips to taste.

"See for yourself how aroused you are. You would give anything to be bent over this desk and fucked hard until you cum over all of your paperwork. You would like that wouldn't you?" Sebastian moaned at the words, he was even more turned on by them, and felt his end nearing. Damn that stupid device and Ciel's willingness to do such a thing in the office in the middle of the day no less. Ciel tightened his hand around the length and gave it a few pumps making Sebastian even more aware of his fast approaching climax. Damn this little devil and his tricky ways to get what he wanted. Sebastian moaned as the younger man plucked the little nipple clamp. He was going to lose it. He leaned forward to rest his elbows on the desk and breathed through his nose to regain some control over his body. But all was lost when Ciel's hand sneaked around Sebastian's ass, two fingers slipping inside of him dry and hurting but it did not hinder the pleasure that ran all over his body. He was tempted to push his hips on the fingers, but he knew they would hit that bundle of nerves that would make him come. He had to resist another few minutes and hopefully his torture would be over. But Ciel started moving the hand around Sebastian's length fast and squeezing it as if to wring the very orgasm from him. And the pleasure was too much, the ecstasy engulfed him when the fingers pushed harshly at that spot and Ciel's other hand wrapped around the head to stop the liquid from staining all of their work. He wasn't that much of a masochist to ruin it and do it again.

"It looks like I win. So no riding me tonight. Sorry for you, Sebastian." Ciel smiled as if genuinely sorry. But Sebastian knew better than to trust that smile.

Evenings always seemed tense to Ciel. It was probably the heaviness of the air, anticipation for what new and entertaining ideas Ciel's mind had concocted. And Ciel was now thinking while Sebastian was upstairs taking a long bath. Ciel couldn't understand why the man needed a bath since they were going to get dirty again. He could make do with a shower. Taking another sip from the chilled whiskey, he set the glass down the ice cubes clinking merrily on the side of the glass. He was sitting in what Sebastian called 'unnatural position', his legs thrown over the armrest, his head resting on the other armrest, as he lazily brought the lit cigarette to his lips, drawing the spicy smoke in, and releasing it with a sight. His eyes were closed as he thought to what could he do to Sebastian tonight. He was far too tired for spanking and thrashing around, and he was definitely not in the mood for something as boring as vanilla sex. Something just in between was what he wanted, nothing too risky, after all he had to finish training Sebastian as a fully fledged slave. And that took time, he knew. He had been in Sebastian's place a few years ago. But his masters were not kind like he was to the red eyed male. Not even close. They were cruel and unrelenting but the firmness had made him want to break away from being a slave to transform into something more. They always say that the best slaves make the best masters. And he couldn't agree enough with the statement.

As Ciel was finishing his cigarette Sebastian walked in, with a towel wrapped around his waist and water running smoothly over muscular and sexy chest that Ciel enjoyed marking. His nipples were dark, still tender from those devilish clamps but he couldn't deny he had liked them. Ciel looked at him his head tossed back as he watched in awe the body that was his. His to mark and his to force open with strange devices that Sebastian didn't want to know where they came from. Ciel reached out and pulled at a corner of the towel, making it fall to the floor, leaving Sebastian exposed. The older male didn't even try to cover himself, knowing that he would be scolded for trying to hide from his master's curious and devious gaze. Ciel took a last drag from his cigarette and put it out on the ashtray, his eyes never once leaving Sebastian. Sebastian did not feel embarrassed, he was proud of his body and he found it arousing to be stared at like that, with the eyes a predator watches his prey, ravenous and lust filled.

Sebastian walked to the coffee table and bent over to retrieve his own smokes, giving Ciel an eyeful of his ass and thighs. He loved these little rituals before they started their games of master and slave. Or should he not name them games? It was hard to come and go like that from being a slave to being a master of the sorts in the real life, commanding and giving orders. But Ciel managed the shift from slave to master so he could do it too, despite his reluctance to do so. He walked back to the armchair Ciel sat in and he kneeled on the floor, leaning on the sideboard of the armchair, Ciel's head a few inches above his own. He lit smoke and took a first long drag from it, inhaling the smoke and letting it soothe his apprehensive mind. His free hand came to comb through slate grey locks, and Ciel purred happily like a cat indulging in a sweet caress. But before Sebastian could let the smoke leave his lungs, Ciel turned a little bit and claimed his lips in a demanding kiss. Sebastian closed his eyes and exhaled, the sweet moan Ciel gave made him realise how much Ciel enjoys this kind of sharing. He chuckled sensually and stored the information in his memory. He would love to try and dominate Ciel one day but now he was content with letting the other have complete control over his body. He looked at the younger male at how his neck was arched presenting the smooth pale skin like an offering for Sebastian to take, an untouched canvas of a sorts. But he did not attack that sweet skin, merely tracing it with knowing eyes, while smoking away at his cigarette.

Ciel watched Sebastian trail away with his thoughts, a dreamy look in his eyes as he almost absent-mindedly finished his smoke. He found it intriguing; this man had something about him, and Ciel could not put his finger on it. It was probably the fervour with which the man executed every one of his commands. Or maybe the strange thrill he could see in crimson eyes when Sebastian was ordered around by someone he could overpower easily? The curiosity, Ciel thought, might be better left unsatisfied. The lawyer would tell him when he felt ready. But now after Ciel had rested a little he was ready to give Sebastian his punishment for earlier that day. He shifted slightly and no his eyes grinned evilly at the dark haired male.

"Get on your hands and knees in front of the armchair and stay there. Keep your thighs parted." The authority in Ciel's voice was hard to deny so Sebastian did what he was told to and waited with baited breath the surprises Ciel had in store for him. A hand came to the back of Sebastian's head, taking a handful of hair, lifting it from Sebastian's nape to reveal smooth skin that had yet to be marred. With sure hands Ciel pulled a few hairpins out of his pocket and pulled the longer raven locks up, leaving Sebastian's long swan-like neck exposed to his greedy eyes and fingers. Ciel took another sip of the whiskey and sloshing the glass he spilled a few drops on Sebastian's back. He quickly went to lick them only to make a bulb go on in his head. He had now the best punishment possible, both painful and rewarding. Swinging his feet, he walked briskly to the bar to take the Chocolate liquor, the tick creamy one, and a large batch of ice cubes. Just perfect. Sebastian watched him with interest for the items Ciel had collected.

Ciel walked back to the armchair and after he sat down Sebastian lovingly kissed his knee, in a silent demand of 'what are all this for'. Ciel smirked and tipped Sebastian's head back to bring the glass of alcohol to his lips and tilted it, making the golden liquid touch the other's lips. Sebastian parted them and the liquid seared his senses as it rolled down his throat. Ciel watched with fascination those lips. He could tell he had quite the obsession with Sebastian's mouth, be it when it was about smoking, eating or doing questionable things with that sinfully good mouth. Because Sebastian was skilled with his mouth he had to give the red eyed male that. When the glass was empty Sebastian looked up towards blue eyes, expectant for a command. Ciel cocked an eyebrow and smirked. Sebastian was going to love this.

"Sit back on your heels and clasp your hands behind your neck." Ciel spoke lowly. Sebastian obeyed without a protest. He had done it before and it did not make him fell as exposed as it used to be. If anything it furthered his trust and his love for the younger. Ciel smirked at the way the muscles moved under the pale skin, the dim light in the room barely doing Sebastian justice. He looked so much better in natural light, be it sun of moon. It made his eyes shine and his skin look ivory just like a marble statue. Ciel smiled at his thoughts, who knew he could think like that? He himself couldn't. He leaned back in the armchair motioning for Sebastian to come closer. The man followed as if in a trance.

"Kiss me." Ciel said and Sebastian leaned forward until his lips were met with a pair of cool ones, Ciel's hand came up to press on Sebastian's neck, pulling him forward in between his parted legs. Cold fingers moved over Sebastian's nape, and the man sighted in Ciel's mouth his lips parting to deepen the kiss. Ciel was kissing with violence, his fingers now pressed hard in Sebastian's skin leaving behind redness and crescent little moons from his nails. Sebastian responded to the kiss with fervour enjoying every rough touch and every swipe of Ciel's tongue. When Ciel pushed him back, he could see Sebastian was slightly breathless and the ivory skin of his body started to come alive under his fingers, a soft pink tainting it, and heat spreading around like a warm blanket and Ciel was never hesitant to use Sebastian as his own personal blanket. Ciel's fingers traced the rim of the glass he had just drank from and dipping inside his fingers fished an ice cube and the smirk on Ciel's lips widened as a slight sliver of fear could be seen in crimson eyes. The ice cube was brought to Sebastian's nape and pressed there. Sebastian was taken back by the coldness and he shivered and moaned as the temperature of his skin was suddenly lowered. Goosebumps erupted all over his body, nipples hardening and Ciel chucked at the discovery; he had rarely seen Sebastian react this strongly to a stimulus. But he would definitely enjoy the alternation of cold and warm. The cube had melted soon and Ciel took another from the glass this time putting it in his mouth. He leaned down and claimed Sebastian's lip in an aggressive kiss, his hands pushing and pulling at raven locks, as the ice cube was passed in the other's mouth, cold water meeting Sebastian's lips and dizziness washing over him as the ice was pressed to his palate. He hated ice cream and ice because it gave him headaches and dizziness. His hands were pulled away from his neck and put on Ciel's shoulders. The younger relished in the hot touch, strong hands squeezing at the covered shoulders of the other. Ciel found it hard not to laugh at how desperately Sebastian kissed and held him, as if he would disappear. But he understood that the raven hared man was adamant to not let go of Ciel. A low sensual laugh and Sebastian was on his back on the floor sprawled on the soft carpet with Ciel straddling his hips. The younger male looked devilish, with that smile on his face, the smile that promised nothing but pleasure. Sebastian shivered at the sultry look that was sent his way and concentrated on the white ceiling. He jolted when a liquid sensation crawled over his chest, warmer than the ice yet colder than his skin. Ciel was liberally pouring chocolate liqueur over his skin painting it a dark brown. Nimble fingers ran over his skin as if writing a word. Sebastian was stunned to see the word painted on his skin.

"Slave! That is what you are. And I, Ciel Phantomhive am your master. You shall never disobey me. Or else there would be punishment far worse than you can even imagine." The words were emphasized with a few hard strokes delivered to Sebastian's cock and a harsh tug to a hard nipple. A long moan of approval spilled forth and Ciel smiled amusedly. This man was easily persuaded when pain and pleasure came into equation. Ciel leaned back and grasped the bowl with the quickly melting ice. He had to make things quick if he wanted to use them now. Moving lower Ciel sat on Sebastian's thighs and pressed flush to his body, mouthing the chest that was so deliciously painted. Tongue came to lap at the chocolate and a mixture of tastes invaded his mouth. Sweetness of the chocolate, slight bitterness of the alcohol and something that belonged only to Sebastian, his skin tasting of soap, and his hair spreading around the sharp aroma of herbs. Add in the spicy taste of the cigarettes they had smoked earlier and Ciel had a smug look on his face, like the one a cat has when it has just finished a bowl of milk.

Sebastian was torn between staying submissive and thrashing around to get on top of Ciel and ride him for all he was worth. But he decided that he would wait and indulge in the pleasurable teasing he was subjected to and later make a move to see if the younger male would let him take initiative. Something cold running around his nipple made him jump slightly and Sebastian fisted his hands in the carpet to stop himself from forcing Ciel to where he really wanted that delicious mouth to be, specifically around his cock. Sebastian smirked at the thought and his hands were brought up to press Ciel's lips closer to his skin, fingers trailing through slate grey hair. Blue eyes drifted closed before they were opened wide and Sebastian's hands were shook out of his hair.

"Don't touch me so freely." the tone was cold and Sebastian felt a thrill of arousal flash through him. His breath became harder when something cold was enclosed around his wrists. When had Ciel the time to find a pair of cuffs in the room? Unless he had them on him and was waiting for the moment to use them. Choked breath left Sebastian as Ciel kneeled on his chest, his face so close to Ciel's crotch. Sebastian tried to keep his tongue but his urge to tease the younger male was too strong.

"You're so hard from only a little teasing? You are a slut yourself, Master" Sebastian spoke breaking the silence that was imposed on him by his status as Ciel's erotic slave, reiterating the same words that Ciel had said to him earlier that day. He saw the blue turn darker with something he could not discern and at the cold yet searing pain that came from his entrance Sebastian screamed. Ciel grinned as the muscles gave way and the cube along with his fingers slipped in, he did not expect Sebastian to be this disrespectful; but it was the push Ciel needed to take it to the next level. Moving to the floor in between Sebastian's parted legs, he eyed the twitching little hole, as little drops of water seeped from it. Ciel licked his lips and attacked the head of Sebastian's cock, which stood proudly, angry red and dripping. A deviously teasing tongue lapped at the head and a hand pumped slowly, agonizingly so to the base. The body beneath Ciel's trembled and arched with every move of that tongue and Sebastian's hips thrusted against his fingers bringing them deeper inside until they bumped on that little spot, and Sebastian grunted. Ciel took advantage of the distraction his mouth and hand provided and slipped another three ice cubes inside of Sebastian, letting them melt inside. Sebastian was ready to give up any restraint and bury his hands in Ciel's hair and pull his head down on his cock. But he managed to control himself and instead brought his hands over his head to grip at the carpet and spread his legs wider to give Ciel more room to work with. And Ciel did. He forced even more of those annoying ice inside letting it melt slowly and the water drip out. He was aggravated and the only thing he had left was to beg Ciel to give him some sort of release.

"Please, Master Ciel, fuck me, anyway that you want just please ... stop teasing." And that was the kind of power Ciel had over him, to make him beg, to strip him of any inhibitions and semblance of morals. Ciel knew that once he had Sebastian in this state he would do anything to find pleasure. Ciel removed his mouth from Sebastian's cock but the fingers were left inside to prod and graze playfully at the prostate. Sebastian squirmed to escape the fingers but his body stiffened when a third digit was added to the other two, dry. He stopped moving his hips and let Ciel thrust his fingers in and out, stretching the muscles, using the water as lubricant. Another few thrusts and Ciel pulled the fingers out and gave his work a once over. Sebastian was flushed slightly, his lips parted, hands straining to grip the carpet, red angry marks both old and fresh littered the male's chest and neck, and that erection stood tall from between his legs. Ciel was very proud of his skills. He stood on his feet and silently padded out of the room.

Sebastian was completely awed by the action. Ciel had just walked out of the room and left him hot and bothered, cuffed, to deal with his problem? He couldn't believe the man. As he struggled with the cuffs an amused chuckle reached his ears and Sebastian opened his mouth to give Ciel a piece of his mind for leaving him like that. Only to be greeted with the sight of a naked Ciel, the erection standing tall as he advanced to where Sebastian was sprawled on the floor. It gave Ciel a sense of power to see the man look so ravishable, chained and defenceless. And he respected Sebastian for trusting him enough to let him do such things like binding him. A gentle kiss was pressed on a rounded ivory shoulder and Sebastian smiled. It was for moments like this one that he loved Ciel. How he could stop right in the middle of something cruel like their games and soothe Sebastian with little kisses. Sebastian waited until Ciel came closer and hooked his chained hands around Ciel's neck looking at him through lowered lashes.

"Say, Ciel, don't you think it's time for you to claim me?" Sebastian whispered sweetly right next to Ciel's ear, drawing a shudder from the blue-eyed male. But Ciel laughed at the proposal shaking his head.

"Aren't you already mine? If I recall correctly I claimed you as my own a long time ago." They both grinned fiercely at the other and Sebastian's lips were swept in a breathless kiss that they shared with such passion. When they pulled away Ciel's hands trailed down to find Sebastian's cock just as hard as he had left it and Ciel wrapped his fingers around it and gave it a good squeeze, A bead of moisture rolled over the side of it. Ciel was ready to take Sebastian but he had to prepare something first.

"Get on your hands and knees." Sebastian turned around only to gasp loudly as two slick fingers were pushed inside, and he threw his head back, raven locks teased his shoulders. Ciel smiled and guided his cock inside, a moan of relief falling from his lips. But the strange thing was that another one echoed in the room lower in timber yet just as lust filled. Ciel's hips were giving shallow thrusts to help Sebastian accommodate, but another's eager body met his movements halfway. Ciel groaned at the sensation and rolled his hips hard, slipping inside even deeper and making Sebastian moan.

Warmed hands teased the ivory skin of Sebastian's chest, tugging hard at the nipples and prodding at the leaking tip of Sebastian's length. The hands were wrapped around his waist and he was lifted until his back was met with a hard chest. Every breath Ciel took Sebastian felt against his cheek and shoulder, his chest puffing with breath. And after a short inhale of breath, Ciel snapped his hips to hit the little bundle of nerves that would make Sebastian writhe and scream his name. And the harsh rhythm Ciel started made it hard for Sebastian to meet his thrusts but he tried nonetheless. Two fingers were pushed past Sebastian's lips and he happily tasted and sampled the fingers, dipping his tongue in between them. Ciel pulled his fingers away, and Sebastian followed them until they were out of reach. The fingers slick with saliva were wrapped around an straining erection and Sebastian sighed and clenched around Ciel's cock, the muscles squeezed hard, almost drawing the orgasm out of Ciel. With a devilish smirk Ciel reached for Sebastian's hands and undid the cuffs. Giving him a seemingly innocent smile Ciel said.

"Touch yourself." the words had an authoritative edge and Sebastian did not hesitate to bring one of his hands to his length, to stroke hard and fast. His other tangled in Ciel's hair and lowered his head on his neck.

"Go on Ciel. Bite me...and mark me "The voice was cracking and Ciel knew Sebastian was close so he pressed hard on Sebastian's prostate, and bit on his neck knowing he loved it. Black hair was tossed back and Sebastian moaned Ciel's name in pure ecstasy. And it was enough for Ciel to bite once more to muffle his scream. White was splattered on Sebastian's hand and chest, and Ciel's come was dripping over pale thighs.

Ciel fell on his side completely exhausted and blew a strand of hair out of his face. Sebastian was on his back right next to him panting to get back his breath. After their heartbeats calmed down Ciel asked sweetly.

"Want to share a smoke?" Sebastian just smiled.

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