Story - Our Games

Fandom - Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Pairing - Ciel x Sebastian

Warnings: Seme!Ciel, AU, Yaoi.

A/N: Well I couldn't keep my hands off this story so I gave it a little addition. I hope I did not ruin it. Enjoy.

Sitting in court with nothing to do but get bored to death was not what Ciel loved the most. The judge was shuffling through a large heap of folders and the juries were in another room deliberating on the case. Ciel hated cases like this one, Being the devil's lawyer was never fun, but what could he say? Sebastian was the one who decided which cases they took and which not. As he looked around his eyes settled on the other lawyer and his assistant. William Spears was as stiff as a wood board and Ciel suspected he had some sort of stick up his ass. What he could never understand was how could a person like Ronald Knox (who was so lively and fun and not boring) resist more than a few hours with the marble block that William T. Spears was. He knew he would hear it from the blond sooner or later. Looking around again Ciel saw how some women eyed the beautiful male who sat next to him. And Ciel didn't need to look to know that the Man was beautiful. Dark glossy hair brushed lightly over the white dress shirt collar and the charcoal suit was hugging his body so well, making everyone realise how young and good-looking the man was. And Ciel smirked at the thought. Sebastian was his and the privilege of removing that suit and feasting upon the pale body of his lover was only his. So in his mind Ciel cursed the lecherous looks the women gave Sebastian. He really whished he could pull the man down using his tie and kiss him for everyone to see who Sebastian belonged to.

Ciel instead sobered his thoughts a bit an let his hand rest on Sebastian's thigh, squeezing slightly as he trailed upwards and palmed the crotch of Sebastian's pants. The male looked at him unaffected and leaned down to whisper next to Ciel's ear.

"Not while we are here. When we get home you can do anything you want but at least while we're here let's make it look professional" Sebastian gently removed the hand but let it stay on his thigh, the weight comforting and reassuring. Ciel smiled sweetly and whispered back to Sebastian, the hushed tone sensual.

"Anything? Even sex in the car?" Sebastian tried to mask the shudder that came along with Ciel's words. The younger male kept pestering him about that but Sebastian did not feel like ruining his car. It would be a bitch to explain the cleaners how the car got that way.

"Well except that. I don't want to ruin the car. But anything in the house is ok." Ciel smiled evilly. He had had a plan for some time now but he never got to get through with it. So now was the time. He nodded to Sebastian in agreement and gave him a wink. And soon enough the juries entered the room and sat back to their places. The judge whose voice boomed in the room broke the silence.

"Have you reached a verdict?" The president of the jury raised and answered firmly.

"We have." The judge waited until the President opened the envelope and read.

"We find the defendant not guilty." The room was in uproar. Sebastian smirked smugly and Ciel followed his example his grin cocky and arrogant. He wasn't sure at first that they would win but...

When his blue eyes were met with shining green from behind glasses Ciel could feel the full weight of William's glare. He was such a sore loser. But he approached them nonetheless and spat a "Congratulations for winning the case." that sounded more like an insult than anything else. Ciel was tempted to answer with a "Thank you for losing It." but the look Sebastian gave him shut him up. That look promised any pleasure that Ciel could think about. And then an idea hit him.

"Mister Knox, may I have a word with you? In private?" He added for good measures since William looked just about to strangle him and do it with dignity. The look the blond gave him was enough to confirm that he wanted to have a word with Ciel as well.

"Wait for me in the car, ok?" Ciel nodded to Sebastian and he got the clue, stepping carefully through the mass of people, walking towards the parking lot where he cold have a smoke in silence.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about, Ciel?" Ronald asked grinning. He couldn't wait to get home and let Will indulge a little and relax. The male was really too stiff for his own good.

"Get William laid, he so stiff. Sometimes I wonder how you manage to work with him." Ciel's bluntness was one of the things that Ronald appreciated. After all they had been mates during college so they knew each other well enough.

"Well, I was on my way to doing it when you stopped me to chat, Ciel." Ciel grinned amusedly and with a small laugh he answered the blond.

"Well then I won't hold you anymore." Ronald thanked him and broke into running to get to the parking lot.

Ciel walked calmly to the sleek Nissan Sebastian was reclining on. The male was smoking with his eyes closed as if contemplating something or going over some facts in his head. Ciel stopped in front of him, and crimson eyes settled on him, filled with desire. With a smile Ciel slid in the passenger seat, discarding his coat and his briefcase on the backseat. The tie knot was loosened and the first three buttons of the shirt undone and he could finally breath deep and relax in the leather-cushioned seat. Ciel inhaled deeply the scent of Sebastian's cologne, sharp and spicy. Seconds later Sebastian slid behind the wheel and asked.

"Do you want to stop anywhere first before going home?" With an impatient huff he answered.

"Just drive home already." he pouted and switched the radio on, loud so the excited beating of his heart could not be heard. Looking out of the window Ciel said bored.

"You know, sometime I think I should try to blow you while you in a conference or when you're on the phone. It would be interesting." Sebastian looked at Ciel through the mirror, their eyes meeting briefly.

"Maybe I should do that to you. I love the way your breath hitches when I suck you. And the moans, they are simply delicious." Sebastian emphasized that with a lick of his lips, and he was pleased to realise that Ciel had been watching him from the corner of his eye. Now he was ready to get home as soon as possible and celebrate with Ciel their little victory.

The house was just like always, silent and dark. The lights from the lampposts outside did not reach so high. And Ciel was pleased to find the apartment chilly and not stifling hot as the elevator was. Or maybe it was that way because they were making out through the entire ride up to their apprtment? They were occasionally sneaking glances at the mirror only to see hair being mussed up, saliva trailing down over their chins and lips locking and grasping at each other, clothes being pulled and grabbed forcefully, that when they reached their floor the shirts were completely wrinkled and their lips red and swollen. Ciel wanted more, but now Sebastian was in the kitchen having a drink and he was waiting on the balcony, his eyes turned up towards the stars. The air was warm and humid and Ciel had already shed his shirt, the pale skin exposed to every touch of the warm breeze. Sooner than he had expected a hot body stood next to him and Ciel leaned on Sebastian, his head lolled on the hard chest, still looking up at the bright moon and stars.

Sbastian did not mind being used as a pillow and his hands circled around Ciel's waist holding him close. It was refreshing only to cuddle like this instead of going at it like rabbits. To him these moments when they offered simply their company and their heat were truly precious. Such a pity that they were so few. Ciel looked so innocent sitting like that, his head against Sebastian's chest, tilted back to watch the stars. A sudden urge to kiss those lips overcame Sebastian and one of his hands cupped Ciel's chin and he leaned closer, lips brushing slow and sensual, and blue eyes fluttered closed, Ciel leaning closer into the soft touch. The other hand rested on Ciel's neck, the fast pulse of the younger male pounding insistently against Sebastian's fingers. It had been so long since they kissed like this, sweetly and chastely, without the urgency and violence that always dominated them. When they parted, Ciel looked so confused that Sebastian found it cute. How his tormentor could be so confused when it came to simple and affectionate gestures like this one.

Ciel turned around in Sebastian's embrace, head resting on his shoulder, and looped his arms around Sebastian's waist with Sebastian doing the same, his head tilted back on the wall behind them. They took deep breaths, Ciel's exhales tickling the sensitive skin of Sebastian's neck, and he let kisses litter the side of the neck and Sebastian's shoulder. Ciel offered his lips and Sebastian took them without hesitation, his own pressing firmly on warm smiling ones. Ciel's thigh parted Sebastian's legs and the limb was pushed in between and ground against Sebastian. The latter sunk his teeth on the closest thing, which was Ciel's lips and groaned loudly.

"You had to ruin the moment..." Sebastian said, licking his lips of Ciel's blood. The younger male wasn't smiling anymore as his lip stung but he wouldn't let something like that stop him. He was dead set on fucking Sebastian tonight and nothing would stop him. His fingers clenched hard in Sebastian's shirt and he brought the older male down for another kiss. This one was demanding and leaving both of them breathless.

"Say, Sebastian, How is your balance?" The tone in Ciel's voice was dangerous and Sebastian eyed him carefully not knowing what to expect from his young and evil lover. His eyes narrowed slightly as he thought about what Ciel would want. Maybe sex against the wall? They haven't done that in a while... or maybe the little devil wanted to make him wear heels. He had seen a box of extremely high heels being hid inside of Ciel's closet. With a shrug Sebastian finally answered.

"It's good. Why? What are you planning, Ciel? Or should I start calling you master again?" Ciel smirked at the thought and fisted his hands even harder in Sebastian's shirt.

"If you do that then you'd better get on your knees and suck this," Ciel said while guiding a large hand to his hardening erection.

"Or maybe you prefer to prepare yourself while I fuck your mouth? I like it either way." Ciel's smirk turned devious and he pulled away from the embrace. He was satisfied when Sebastian followed him. His hand quickly shot out and grasping Sebastian's right wrist he forced it against his back making Sebastian bend over and his other hand to reach for the metal railing, to brace himself and to stop his body from tumbling over the edge of the balcony. Fear flitted through his eyes as he saw the distant lights and knowing his security was in Ciel's devious hands thrilled him. Breathe quickening, Sebastian wiggled slightly trying to get comfortable in the position he was, a hot body pressed on his from behind. His hand trembled slightly at the added weight but he dared not to move since his body was already halfway over the railing. A hand pressing insistently on his erection made him jump and his hand clenched even harder on the railing the knuckles turning white. A hand hovered over his stomach and the other palmed his cock through the fabric of his slacks. His right hand was trapped in between his back and Ciel's chest and Sebastian stilled, his breath quick and shallow. The fear made his body even more aware of all the touches, the adrenaline sharpening his senses. And he felt the cold pressure of the metal against his palm, and Ciel's heat against his back, slightly reassuring.

"Do you enjoy it, Sebastian? Knowing that if I give you a little shove you will find yourself hurling to the ground? A fall from up here is lethal." Ciel whispered sadistically and Sebastian trembled at the words. "It would be an interesting read tomorrow in the morning in all the newspapers. Sebastian Michaelis the well-known lawyer who just won the Druitt case found dead on the pavement in front of his apartment block. Suicide, murder or simply accident?" Ciel continued his morbid thoughts and Sebastian found them strangely appealing, and he was not a morbid individual. But with that his thoughts were thrown out the window. Ciel has used once again his silver tongue to distract Sebastian and now a finger was circling teasingly around the hole, while his other hand was massaging Sebastian's balls. Sebastian struggled to free his other hand, felling his knees give in. And he managed both of his hands clenching now around the metal bar. The finger was pushed inside followed by another and Ciel was roughly thrusting them, being careful to avoid that spot.

"We're having the day off tomorrow?" Ciel asked to be sure that he could indulge as much as possible tonight.

"Ahh, yes..." Sebastian moaned and thrusted back on the fingers and as soon as Sebastian did that, the fingers were removed. Sebastian groaned disappointed, and then the fingers returned with another one added, and Ciel moved them fast at first and then slow, teasing Sebastian and making him guess what came next. The fingers were once again removed and replace with something bigger and harder. Sebastian bit his hand to stifle the scream, and felt something liquid trailing over his skin. He was bleeding and that didn't make him feel uneasy. If anything it made him feel better, the passage slicker with the blood. And Ciel didn't even give him time to adjust, he just thrusted in dry and started pounding as hard as he could. Hands were delving in fleshy hips and nails broke skin, the pain heightening the feeling of pleasure and arousal. Sebastian arched against Ciel and the male thrusted even harder inside, tearing moan after pained moan from Sebastian. But all the pain became obsolete when those hands were wrapped tightly around his cock and started thrusting mercilessly, with full intent on bringing the other to the orgasm. And it did not take long, the pressure on his prostate as Ciel hit it with every thrust and the frantic pumping of the younger's hand did all the work throwing him over the edge screaming as loud as possible the name of his blue eyed lover. Cum shot forward to stain the wall and Ciel kept thrusting, the moans Sebastian released as his sensitive body was pounded into going straight to Ciel's groin, and soon enough he came all over Sebastian, white shirt and black slacks were painted with semen. Ciel fell on his knees, and Sebastian followed, his head resting against the wall, panting and cursing Ciel for the stunt he pulled. As the adrenaline subsided, he realised how dangerous that was. They were at the penthouse of a thirty-story block. But the smug look on Ciel's face told him he enjoyed the danger. And soon enough Sebastian realised he enjoyed it too.

After all what was a game without the thrill of danger?