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Life at Hogwarts was changing drastically. Ever since Angelyka had become the Quidditch Captain, things had started going downhill. First, she had requested that Harry have private practice sessions together. Then she had changed the Gryffindor Quidditch robe colors to pink and lavender. Currently, Angelyka was petitioning for the school uniforms to be changed.

But the scariest part was this; people were actually going along with it. She already had a quarter of the school's signatures, as well as a few of the teachers. Students spent meals talking about how great the new uniforms were going to be. The other houses were trying to get the colors of their uniforms changed too.

Of course, there were a few people against the idea. And there were some who were a bit in between. Some of the boys were okay with the new house colors, but wanted the boys uniforms to be different colors. Angelyka had agreed to this, and was currently excused from all classes to spend time researching the colors that complemented pink and lavender exactly.

Harry was walking down the stairs on the way to the Great Hall, when he saw Angelyka flying towards him.

"Harry!" she exclaimed when she had reached him. "I just heard a horrible noise! It was yucky and slithery and said, 'I am coming up to kill someone'. Or something like that. What if it's a terrible monster that stays in a secret chamber until it's master who is the heir to the person who created the chamber orders it out to kill someone?"

"I'm pretty sure it's nothing, Angelyka. Now why don't you go somewhere far away preferably another continent where I'll never have to see you again?"

"Sorry, but Oliver and I have a date to go on!"

As she walked down the stairs, Angelyka glanced back to see Harry's reaction. What she saw was not jealousy or anger, but relief.

Authors Note: We're getting into the Chamber of Secrets part. The next chapter will be about Halloween. Why does something always happen on Halloween at Hogwarts?