The Darkness

A/N: Okay, I'm totally new at writing fanfics ,so, please be gentle with me. Otherwise I'd be an upset junior and no one likes to see a girl cry :[ Anyway, the story is about vampires, a powerful object, Goku and all his friends who I think should be put in! PLEASE review gently. Thank you.

Chapter 1


"Hold on, Goku! Jeez, it's almost done!"


At the Son house, ChiChi was cooking herself and her husband Goku's dinner. Goten was spending the night at Capsule Corp. and Gohan was on a date with Videl. Just as Goku was ready to pout again, ChiChi put out the fairly large plate of food in front of him.

"Wow, it looks delicious as usual, sweetie," Goku said as he leaned up to kiss ChiChi's cheek.

"Yeah," ChiChi said modestly and began eating herself.

They ate and acted like nothing was wrong, until Goku suddenly rose from his seat and looked out the window.

"What's wrong?" ChiChi asked.

"There's a strong power level heading straight towards West City. It feels like…it's…heading for Capsule Corp!"

"Goten's there! My baby!" ChiChi was starting to panic but Goku quickly went to her and said" Don't worry. I'm going to get him now and warn Vegeta. Stay here."

With that said, Goku went out the door and used his Instant Transmission to get to Capsule Corp where he hoped that the stranger hadn't gotten there yet.