Chapter 8

A/N Oooooohhh, Vegeta's in a struggle. Let's see what my genius brain will think of for this chapter.

Vegeta stared back and forth from the device in his hands to Bulma standing there with the knife in her hands to Goku's empty gaze and back to the device.

How can I do this with risking Bulma's life? Maybe I should just give it to them, then…NO! I will not allow them to win!

"Hurry up," Aya called out to Vegeta, "I don't think that you want the knife to drop from her hands and into her chest from tiredness, do you?"

He looked once more at Bulma and couldn't help but feel…upset.

I will get my revenge for treating her like a puppet… and for what I'm about to do.

Slowly, he handed the device to Goku.

"NOOO! VEGETA WHY"D YOU DO THAT?" Everyone in the corner of the room yelled at Vegeta, confused and angry that he just handed it over to the enemy.

Goku turned around and walked to Aya. He got down on one knee and handed the machine to the now happy vampire.

"Yes," Aya whispered, "it's finally mine. After all these years of trying to find ways, I can finally awaken my children and take over this pathetic world!" She laughed maniacally for a moment before regaining her maturity.

She turned her gaze to Vegeta. "A very smart choice you made Vegeta. Maybe when I take over you can be my vampire servant or my personal blood bank or something useful. How does that sound?" She smiled mockingly.

"I will do no such thing! Now release my wife!" Vegeta yelled.

Aya rolled her eyes." Fine, after all, I did promise I would." She turned and looked at Bulma. She whispered something in her ear.

Vegeta saw Bulma drop the knife from her hands. He sighed with relief…until he saw her dreamlike gaze was still there. Next thing he saw was Aya grabbing Bulma's arm and sending her towards Vegeta.

He caught her and saw her eyes closed and heard her breathing heavy. She was fast asleep.

"We no longer need your services. Maura, come."

Maura started walking toward his mate when he heard a voice yelling at them from across the room.

"WHAT ABOUT GOKU? IF YOU DON'T NEED US, WHY KEEP HIM?" Krillen yelled this, hoping that they would release his friend.

Aya chuckled. "Because, it will be so disappointing to see such valiant blood be wasted on protecting such pathetic humans like you. No, I plan to keep this one for a while."

They all looked at her with such anger that Krillen was about to yell something else when she started to speak again.

"Or for eternity."


No one believed what they heard the vile creature said but understood what she meant.

She was planning to turn Goku into a vampire.

"Yes," Aya continued, "he'll make a fine slave for me in my new empire. Oh, don't get upset, you'll see him again…when he returns to drain the life out of your puny bodies." She broke into hysterical laughter as she saw the faces of the Z fighters go pale with disgust and horror.

Vegeta stood there and growled softly. There was no way he was gonna let this filth turn Kakarot into one of them… if they did, he would lose his sparring partner and that angered the Prince of all Saiyans. (A/N: Like he would ever admit it )

Aya regained her composure and waved to Goku to come to her. He walked over dreamily and stood in front of Aya. No one saw what was happening nor heard anything for what seemed like hours.

Until they saw Goku fall to the ground, twitching on the floor.

"Well, we must depart. Have fun with him." Aya held onto Maura and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

No one moved and almost forgotten that Goku was still on the floor.

"We have to find them before that woman awakens her vampire offspring!" Vegeta yelled, still holding Bulma close to his chest.

"But where could they have gone?" Piccolo asked.

"It has to be somewhere where they can use the machine without having the sun killing them." Tien said.

"Um, are we forgetting someone?" Krillen asked as he ran to his friend.

Everyone else including Vegeta who put Bulma down gently on the floor then ran to where Goku was lying.

The first thing they saw was the small puddle of blood on the floor surrounding Goku.

The second thing they saw was the two bite marks on his throat.

"We've got a problem." Piccolo whispered softly.