Chapter 1: Seth Clearwater's point of view hope you like it. I tired to keep it close to Summer in the Winter

I always had bad luck when it came to love. It seemed like for the longest time that I wasn't meant to feel love…like I was supposed to be numb to the feeling that someone cares so much for you. Also that you care so much for one person…you see no one but that one person in your future. Those there my thoughts on love…till she came into my life.

"SETH DAVID LETS GO…YOUR GOING TO BE LATE!" my sisters annoying voice rang throughout the house. I hate being out late the night before school. I guess I should tell you, I'm Seth Clearwater and I'm a wolf. Well, I am part wolf…but to be honest I hate it. Every time I have to phase it's like I'm jumping into fire…bursting out of your skin isn't necessarily painful…it more of burns. You literally see the world through different eyes. "SETH ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU HAVE FIVE MINTUES!" there she goes again. I rolled out of bed, and right to my closet, I never really cared about what I wore. I picked some old jeans, La Push football shirt and Nikes, hair…didn't matter. Man I'm so glad I am not a girl.

La Push high school was about four blocks from my house, I liked walking. Well I have to considering our family friend, Jessica Michaels's fiancé; Ben Jones would take me and Leah. Once he started to be late picking us up and I almost got suspended because I had so many tardies, I decided to just walk. "SETH!" my friend Jared, waved at me from his locker, his girlfriend Kim standing next to him…reading, typical I thought shaking my head. "You ready for tryouts?" Jared asked, I almost forgot basketball tryouts were today, but of course Jared did that is like his sport. I miss football season, I have been trying since freshman year to get scouts to come out and see me. Since my dad past both my sister and mom have had to work just to support us, I do feel guilty, I have offered to get a job and support the family since I am the "man" of the house. My mom and sister said I needed to focus on school, Leah has even put off going to actually college (she goes online) just to help us out. Every time I see my mom passed out on the couch from working late at the hospital or my sister up till two in the morning working on school, I can't help but feel guilty. I feel like this is my duty and I'm watching them basically give up their lives and time while I sit back and watch.