Chapter 1 - Sore Jaws and Lessons


I was having a good night. I had already cleared fifteen hundred dollars, since I'd started working at 9:00 p.m. I usually worked 'til two o'clock in the morning and brought in around twenty-five hundred dollars for the five hours of work I did. I had to do about ten hoovers at fifty bucks a pop in an hour to get that kind of pay, but my jaw muscles were well developed from my early days.

I was quick and had several repeat customers who would "tip" me. They would bring an extra ten, and I could hide it in my bra, because I didn't have any pockets. I had been saving up and had about five thousand dollars hidden away, between my tips and the cut James gave me. He only gave me a hundred dollars a night, but he also covered the cost of food and rent, and he paid all my bills and would often take me shopping for new work clothes. I wanted to think that he loved me, but he treated Candy and Crystal the same.

"I need to take a piss, James," I said, bouncing with my knees together. I was also freezing my tits off, but that never got me off the corner.

"Fine," he huffed, "but hurry the fuck up. There's money to be made."

I nodded and scurried across the street and into The Crow, a shitty little dive bar, where the owner would let us use the bathroom, as long as he got at least one free hoover a week. Thankfully, it was Candy's week. I think the guy only bathed for special occasions, and he looked like there hadn't been one recently.

The bathroom door was locked, so I was standing there in the hallway, waiting for my turn to use the only damn toilet, when I picked up on a conversation around the corner from me in the bar.

"Well, my bestest BFF and soon to be sister-in-law, it's my last night as a free woman!" a drunk girl giggled.

"I'll drink to that!" the other girl sitting with her toasted.

I stepped back in view of the window up front, glancing out to make sure James wasn't heading in here to drag me back to the corner. In doing so, I caught a glimpse of the girls who were talking. They looked like they were having a good time.

"I'm so glad you could come in to spend these last two weeks with me before my wedding, Rosalie," the first one said. "I just love that we're going to be sisters! I'm still a little sad you and Emmett live all the way across the country in San Diego, though."

"Me, too, Alice, but you know Emmett and I will come visit as often as we can," the girl, Rosalie, promised her friend, looking like she was about to cry. They both stared at each other, then cracked up, giggling hysterically.

"We've been bar hopping too long, and I think we've hopped one too many, because the floor seems wobbly," Alice snorted, but knocked back another drink. I figured I had about three more minutes to take a piss, before I had to get back outside without my absence being punished. The two girls continued their drunken rambling, their conversation turning to blowjobs.

"I swear, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but his dick just doesn't come unless it's inside me," Rosalie complained. Apparently, her husband, Emmett, had gotten an extended blowjob last night. "I don't think I was doing it for him. I mean, aren't guys supposed to like that?" she asked the man next to her, who was listening a little too closely to their conversation.

He just smiled widely and nodded yes like an eager puppy.

"I know you wanted me to give you some pointers, but I just don't have many. I mean, Emmett does most of it, I just go along with whatever he wants," Rosalie said pouting.

"Could we get another round?" Alice called to the bartender. They took their drinks to a table by the front window and sat there, people watching and chatting, getting louder as the alcohol dropped their filters.

"After these, we should stop with the booze and drink some water. I figure once the floor stops moving, we could head out again," Alice commented, glancing out the window. "Hey, look out there, I think we're in a really seedy neighborhood. There's a nasty-looking guy standing on that far corner with a couple of girls hanging out around him. They look kind of shady. I wonder what they're doing."

I could tell them exactly what they were doing.

Whoever was in the bathroom didn't seem to be coming outside anytime soon, and even though I was about to piss myself, I had to get back out on the corner, before James lost his shit on me again.

I rejoined James and the girls, bouncing against the cold and my full bladder. I would have to relieve myself in the damn alley again after the next john.

The girls were still watching us from the window, when some men exited the bar. James nodded at me, and I crossed the street with nothing less than a strut and a big smile on my face. I'd had a light coat on, but I had to take it off, James's orders, when he sent me after the guys. I was dressed in fishnets that only went to my thighs, and you could see the clips from my garter holding them up under the edge of my miniskirt. I had on a tight shirt that looked more like a bustier than anything else. Typical work attire for a hooker.

I took all three guys back into an alley to do "business." A lot of girls would have been there for a while, but I knew what I was doing. Not even ten minutes later, I sent all three of them stumbling out with big smiles.

I walked back over to James, who had been my pimp for years now, and he gave me my jacket back, after I dusted off my knees. I passed him the money and popped a mint into my mouth, and then I fixed my lipstick.

"Do I look alright?" I asked him, and he smiled at me and kissed my cheek, fluffing my hair. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn he really cared about me. I knew in my heart I was no one special to him, but one could only hope that one day he would decide he wanted me all to himself and let me stop working. I knew I was his favorite.

He had found me at fifteen, and I had been working for him for four years now. He had taught me everything I knew and took care of me. He had even covered my mom's bills while I had lived with her, but as soon as I turned eighteen, he set me up in my own place. He didn't like my mom's guy getting the goods for free. My mom's boyfriend-slash-drug dealer was an ass. My mom would beg me to let him do us both, just so she could have her latest hit, when she found out I was working the streets. I was glad to be out of that.

I saw the bar door open and realized another group of guys was heading out. I was hoping James would send one of the other girls, but they had all just taken off toward another group. He took my coat again, giving me a little shove in the guys' direction. This time, two of the guys went down the alley with me. James watched from the edge of the alley. I guess he didn't trust those guys. They did look kind of creepy. I didn't trust them, either, and wished I could get out of here.

The two drunk girls from The Crow had made their way out onto the sidewalk in front of the bar, and I could hear them from the alley, as I finished taking a piss behind a dumpster.

"Did you see that?" Rosalie squealed, loud enough to be heard for a damn city block. "That woman serviced three guys, and then she just took off with two more, and they're already coming out. They couldn't have been with her more than five minutes!"

"Well, she's a professional. She knows what she's doing. I mean the more guys she can get to in a night, the more money she can make, right?"

"We should buy her!" Rosalie said with excitement, eyeing me as I came out of the alley.

"What?" Alice asked, sounding confused. I didn't usually get requested by girls very often, but hey, whatever.

"Look, I know you don't understand, because you're all innocent and crap, but you're getting married, dearie, and we need pointers, or you're going to end up with a sore jaw, just like me."

A cab pulled up, and I recognized Marcus. He waved to me, as he got out to help the drunken girls over to his cab.

"We can hire her, right? I mean, I really want to," Rosalie whined loudly, as they stared and pointed at me.

Marcus looked over at me and smiled. "Ah, Izzy's very good. I don't know about with girls, but..." he shrugged, speaking with his thick Italian accent I just loved. He got them loaded into the cab and then pulled over by me, rolling his window down.

"Hey, Marcus, what can I do for you?" I said with a smile.

"Izzy, these ladies would like your company for the evening," he said with an eyebrow wiggle.

"Yeah, what's your rate?" Rosalie shouted out eagerly and obviously still very drunk.

I couldn't help but laugh. She was funny. "Let me talk to my man for a minute. I'll be back in a few."

I really hoped James would let me go with them. This night could prove to be very interesting, not to mention entertaining.

Chapter 2 – SEX 101


James wasn't happy at all that the girls had asked for me for the whole night.

"I'll charge them a thousand dollars, and that should cover the cost of me leaving for the rest of the night. I could use the break, James," I sighed. He just glared at me, but he begrudgingly let me go. He didn't like me being out of his sight, but I knew I was fairly safe with these broads. They seemed harmless.

Besides, Marcus was there, and I knew if things started to turn bad, he would take care of me. He was a sweetheart, and so was his wife, Janey. The pair were into some freaky stuff and loved to buy me for special occasions. I would work off-hours for them, though, so James couldn't complain about it. As long as I was back on the street and working by nine, he wouldn't bitch. He knew where Marcus lived and could easily track him down if he gave me crap.

Of course, I knew Marcus and Janey would never do anything that would hurt me. They saw me as family, and I did them as well. Okay, an incestuous family, but not as bad as fucking my mom's boyfriend in front of her. They were more into bondage and whips, and they liked when I would capture them both and force them to do depraved things together. It was actually kind of fun to be in charge like that.

"Okay, girls, I can go with you, but it'll be one thousand dollars. Can you handle that?"

"Yes!" Rosalie squealed.

"Are you nuts? You're not rich by any means, and I can't believe you're going to clean out your account for this," Alice gasped.

"It'll be fine, stop fussing so much," Rosalie whined.

"Rosalie, are you sure about this?" Alice asked. "Emmett is never going to let me hang out with you again."

"Yes, we got our tax return. We did good this year. Get in," Rosalie said, scooting over in the cab.

"Emmett's going to kill you."

"No, he won't. Once he finds out I spent the money on sex and blowjob lessons, he'll love it," Rosalie said, bouncing in her seat.

I smiled at Rosalie's enthusiasm. "Sex lessons, huh?"

"If you need a man to practice on, I'm free of charge," Marcus said from the front seat, causing me to laugh and Rosalie and Alice to scowl.

They had no idea what they had gotten themselves into.

"Why don't you take us to Aro's place, Marcus? It looks like these girls need some time to chill out, and I could clean up a little."

"Sure thing, honey, anything for you," he said with a big friendly smile.

"How's Janey? I haven't seen her in a while. Tell her I miss her tight little ass," I said, causing Marcus to laugh.

"We did have fun that night, didn't we? We have an anniversary coming up. Maybe I'll bring you home for her again."

"Sounds like fun. I'm sure that naughty girl could use a good spanking," I said with a wink, as we pulled up to the motel. "Hold up, okay?" I said to Marcus and went to the front desk, where old Aro looked downright giddy when I came in. I didn't doubt he would be listening through the door later. Asshole was going to be disappointed tonight.

He passed me a key eagerly, and I went back to get the girls. They were looking at me funny, as I was sure they hadn't seen me sign in or pay with anything. That would come later, or rather Aro would. He was thrilled to give me a room with the promise of a hoover at the end of the night. It was my standard form of payment. I never paid for anything in cash if sex would do.

I handed the key to the girls and turned to Marcus. "Hey, baby, can you get me some dinner? I'm starving," I said and turned to the girls. "You ladies mind if I eat while we chat?"

"No, that's fine," Alice said.

"You need to eat, girl. You're thin as a stick," Rosalie said, looking closer at me.

"Thanks, girls," I said sincerely. "Marcus, can you get me the biggest burger you can find?" I asked and started to take out money.

"Don't worry, honey, I've got you covered. I know they don't feed you, and Janey would have my head if I didn't bring you something good on the house."

"Thanks, Marcus," I said, as he kissed my hand. "We're in room three."

He nodded and pulled away.

"Alright, ladies, let's go," I said and led them to the motel room. I had to admit, it was nice to have a night off, just chatting with some normal girls.

I suddenly felt very tired, and I was sure I looked it, too, given that I heard Alice whisper to Rosalie, "I wonder when the last time that girl's had a break. She looked like she was freezing out there, too, poor thing."

They had no idea.

I let out a relieved sigh, as we stepped inside the warm room. I fell back into the chair and kicked off my "fuck me" boots. I wiggled my toes, glad they didn't mind that I had taken them off. My feet were fucking killing me, and when they finally thawed out, it felt so good. I was happy to be inside, even if it was just in Aro's trashy motel.

"So, what do you girls want to know?" I asked.

"My jaw is killing me!" Rosalie said.

I just started laughing. "Let me guess, bad blowjob?"

Rosalie nodded yes and sat cross-legged on the bed and dug out a notepad and pen from her purse. "How do I make it go faster?" she asked eagerly and then looked over at Alice. "You should take notes, too."

Alice begrudgingly took out a notepad and started to write down how to make a man come quickly. As I taught them, they were amazed at how many little tricks you could do with your hands, teeth and tongue. I explained that every guy was different, but if you went through all of the tricks, you would be able to tell which one they liked the most and stick with that one.

It was almost an hour later that Marcus knocked on our door with several bags of food and brought it to the table. "Oh, Marcus, you didn't have to get so much."

"Janey insisted, like I knew she would. I told her some nice ladies bought you a night off, and she wanted me to bring you all some of her cannoli's to thank you for giving our girl a break," he explained, as he set the bags down, "But you know she can never stop at just one dish," he said laughing. He pulled out bread and salad, some sort of sausage dish, and a few other things, and I got teary-eyed over it all.

"Thank you so much," I said sincerely, hugging Marcus. "Tell Janey thanks, and I love her. You guys really are the best."

"Anything for you, Izzy, you know that," he said, kissing my hair and then started for the door. "Give me a call when you need a ride back," he said and walked out.

I sat down and told the girls to pull up a seat to the table, promising them that they would never taste better Italian food in their lives.

"Oh, my god, you're right," Alice moaned around a mouthful of cannoli. "For a thousand dollars, we're really getting our money's worth. You've covered the cost of the motel, and now we've got dinner as well. Thank you, Izzy!"

Even though I was starving, I ate with the manners of a refined lady. I might have been a whore, but I wasn't an animal. As I took my first bite, I heard my mom's voice in my head, cursing at me and telling me to sit up straight and keep my elbows off the table. Before she had found drugs, she had been an abusive bitch. It was sad to say that my life had improved when she got hooked.

I didn't want the girls to think I was stupid, either, but I had a feeling they would never think that. I spoke as intelligently as I could, and I thought they had a decent impression of me.

I continued to talk to them about different techniques and how to get yours in sex, because men would not usually be able to give it to you on their own, and they would enjoy it even more if you could come as well. I talked about the subject easily, like a biology teacher teaching Sex ED, but the extended after-class version

They seemed to be amazed at the extent of my knowledge on the human body and how it worked during sex. It was my business, so I had better know my stuff. I even drew out a diagram and showed them a few "hot spots" as I called them that really would set off a man, and us. Talking this way made it feel more like a classroom that I had long since left, and it was very relaxing to be instructional via discussions and visual examples for a change, instead of hands on, or mouth on. I wished I could spend my evenings doing this instead of what I usually did.

I was sure I had taught the girls things that neither of them would have ever thought to do on their own, and they were eager to put their training to good use. By the end of the evening, they said they were satisfied that they had gotten their money's worth.

Chapter 3 - A Friend in the Business


After dinner, Alice's phone chimed with a text, and she growled when she saw who it was.

"Let me guess," Rosalie said smirking, "It's Edward, he doesn't have a date, and he's wondering how soon he can skip out."

"Yes! I swear, Rosalie, I don't know what to do with him. He's a sweet guy, but girls just can't see past his eye, and it's made him such a shy and awkward mess. It's just depressing. My heart aches for my brother. He was adopted into our family at the age of nine, and he's always been very shy. He's strikingly handsome, but he suffers from a bad case of amblyopia," she explained for my benefit.

"What's that?" I asked, having never heard of it.

"It's a condition where he has one bad eye that doesn't move in sync with the other. Some people call it a lazy eye. It's always made all the girls treat him as thought he was creepy looking, and the guys always picked on him."

I couldn't help but frown. How could people be so cruel? "That's awful. He sounds really nice," I said.

I looked up at Rosalie and Alice, and they were both smiling at me. "What are you doing tomorrow night?" they asked in unison, causing me to laugh.

"Same thing I do every night, Pinky," I answered, and they looked at me like I was nuts. "I'll be on my corner with James, why? What do you need?"

"Another night, Rosalie is paying for this one, but I'll pay for the next. I was saving up money for a shopping spree in Hawaii, but I hear there isn't much to buy there, anyway, so it'd do me good to see my brother happy, if only for a night."

"You want to hire me for your brother?"

"Yes, to be his date to my wedding. He can't know you're a hooker, though. Just flirt and give him some self-confidence. He really is a sweetheart."

"We can put her in Angie's dress!" Rosalie squealed suddenly.

Alice's eyes widened. "You're right! One of my bridesmaids broke out in chickenpox! Can you believe it? She's highly contagious to people who haven't had them, so she can't be in my wedding anymore."

"I've had them, so we're safe," I said with a shrug.

"Good, you can be one of my bridesmaids and maybe flirt with my brother. He'll be easy to pick out because of his eye. So, are you game? Can we buy you for another night?" Alice asked eagerly.

I walked over to the motel phone and called James.

"Hey, baby, the girls who bought me tonight want me for tomorrow night, too, and-"

"No fucking way! You're ass had better be back on the corner by nine, bitch!"

"Look, James, it'd be good for business. I mean this is high-class clientele we're talking here."

"I don't give a shit, your place is on this goddamn corner, not at some fucking country club. You've got regulars already looking for you, and you're losing me money!"

I was getting frustrated. I really wanted to do this job. "What if I work early, huh? I'll start in the afternoon at two o'clock and work 'til five. I should be able to clear a few thousand for you. Really, baby, you know I could use a vacation, and this is like a paid one."

He let out a pissed-off huff and some choice expletives. "I want the whole twenty-five hundred dollars you usually make," he demanded.

"I don't-"

"That's the goddamn price, they pay it, or you're on the fucking corner."

I sighed in frustration. I knew that wasn't in their price range. They had fought at the beginning of the evening about buying me for one thousand dollars as it was. I would have to work even harder before the wedding to pull in the extra money to make up the difference. I hoped that with their money, it would be enough to appease James.

"I'll have it for you," I promised, hoping I could deliver.

"You'd fucking better," he growled.

As I hung up, I had a feeling I was going to pay for this with more than just money.

"He wants fifteen hundred dollars for a full evening starting at 6:00 p.m. Is that okay?" I asked the girls.

"Yes, that's fine. We can have Marcus pick you up and bring you to the church, where the dress will be waiting," Alice said, excited now.

Rosalie pulled out a travel pack of makeup remover wipes and handed them to me. "Clean your face off on the way over. We'll do your hair and makeup when you get there. What size shoe are you?" she asked.

"Size seven," I said, starting to feel a little nervous.

"Perfect," Alice said, clapping her hands. "Angie was a seven, too. We'll have everything you need for the night."

Early the next day, I straightened my clothes and made my way out to my corner. I leaned against the wall and looked for a john to hit up. It wasn't safe to work like this. James was my security, but I knew he would be pissed if I bugged him too early. He wasn't happy about me pushing to take this job. When I had talked to him more in person last night, I had to do a lot more favors for him to get it cleared and not have him pissed at me. I really liked Rosalie and Alice. Going to a wedding and hanging out with them sounded like fun. I really wanted to give them a price break, because I knew they couldn't really afford me.

I started early, thinking I could catch the lunch rush, and I did get a few customers, but it was nothing like I needed. I was going to be shit out of luck if I didn't find a couple of big marks. There were a few rough-looking guys who approached me, eyeing me up and down, but I didn't try and hit them. Of course, that didn't stop them from approaching me.

"Hey, girl," one said, pinning me to the wall. I smiled to hide my fear. "What's your price?"

"It's fifty dollars for a hoover. Why, you need a group rate?" I asked with a teasing smile.

The guys laughed. "No, I was just curious to see how much you got?" he said, reaching for my bra. I only had one hundred fifty dollars on me, and he seemed disappointed. "Slow day?" he asked.

I didn't fight him or try and take the money back. I knew it would just upset him. If I played him right, though, I might get it back. "You could say that. I'm working off hours," I said with a shrug. "That's the only shit I could get off the lunch rush."

The guys laughed, and I was relieved when he shoved the money back in my bra. "So, here's the deal, you make us come, and the one who comes the fastest has to pay for all the jobs. Got it?" he asked not only me, but nodded to the five dudes with him.

I smiled widely. "Watch me work," I said with an eyebrow wiggle and started down the alley. He grabbed me playfully and kissed my neck, squeezing my breast painfully, but I was trained to always respond positively. I moaned and rubbed back against him. "Make sure I don't lose," he said and then told me the guy in the green-striped shirt had the most cash and was a pompous ass who needed putting in his place. I winked at him and got down on my knees for him. There was a ratty old blanket I kept back here I knelt on, so they wouldn't hurt so much, and I was thankful for it and the work I had just been given.

I worked the first guy over, and I did make him last longer than I usually did. He seemed a little upset that it still was fast, and the other guys were all teasing him. I leaned up and whispered not to worry, that I was just good, and the other guys didn't stand a chance at lasting longer.

I made sure the other guys all went quickly, and the guy with the green-striped shirt got my full treatment and came almost immediately. He was pissed and about to hit me, but the first guy grabbed his hand before it made contact, laughing his ass off. Once I was paid, the first guy introduced himself as Caius, and he said that if I charged a little more, he wouldn't mind helping me hustle some guys, if he could get a cut for bringing in customers. I told him that if he did that, James couldn't know about it. He was my pimp and would knock this guy off without a second thought.

He told me to let him worry about it, and that he would take care of it. Sure enough, he came back three hours later with a group of six guys, bragging that he had found the best whore in town, and that anyone who thought they had stamina was full of shit. The bets were made, and the price was set at one hundred dollars a blow. I didn't think the guys would do it, but with enough taunting from Caius, they gave in. He let me know the mark was the guy in the red shirt.

I did the same as before, and Caius collected the money for me. He gave me my three hundred fifty dollars and then another hundred and kissed my cheek, thanking me for the money. I smiled at him and thanked him back. That was the biggest tip I'd ever gotten. I was up to eight hundred fifty dollars, but knew I had some more work to do before I could call it a day and meet up with Alice and Rosalie.

"You got anymore friends?" I asked. "I need to make twenty-five hundred dollars for the day."

He smiled. "Let me see what I can do, honey," he said, nuzzling my neck.

"Thank you," I said, and he nodded and walked off.

He came back again another hour later, and we did the same thing again, but this time I cleared five hundred dollars. Caius said I could keep it all if I let him fuck me, so I quickly obliged. He wasn't bad, and he was surprisingly kind and gentle. It was a nice change from the rough bastards I usually dealt with. I actually orgasmed on my own and thanked him at the end. He kissed my cheek and told me he had to go, but he hoped he would see me around again sometime. My answer to him was, "Me, too." I really wouldn't mind seeing him again.

I checked my watch and saw I had another hour before I had to head for the wedding. I was able to clear three more jobs before it was time to leave. I was hoping to give the girls a price break if the guy was nice.

I flagged Marcus down and pulled my coat tightly around me. I was nervous about going to a church, but that was where my money would be. I took out the wipes Rosalie had given me and cleaned up my face. I leaned back and let out a sigh, happy to be able to relax, if only for a while.

Chapter 4 - Wedding and a New Profession


We pulled up in front of the church, and Marcus grabbed my door for me. The girls must have seen me arrive from the window, because they were suddenly running out toward the cab to greet me, all excited and bouncing. It was weird but nice to receive such a reception. They paid Marcus then rushed me inside, laughing as they led me into the back room.

"God, Izzy, you're really gorgeous without makeup. Edward is just going to love you!" Alice squealed.

"Maybe you should call me by something other than my street name," I suggested.

"Oh, right. What do you want to be called tonight?" Alice asked eagerly.

"How about I just go by Bella? That was what my family used to call me, when they were still around," I offered.

"Perfect," Rosalie squealed.

They got to dressing and making me up quickly. One would have thought I was the one getting married. Once they were done with me, they moved their attention to Alice, like it should have been, and quickly worked her over. They talked about how I was just to follow after Rosalie and stand next to her until it was over. Basically, I was supposed to follow Rosalie around and act like Alice's old college friend no one had ever met. Right. I could see this going wrong in so many ways.

I followed Rosalie when the music started. I had seen this shit in movies when I was younger, so I figured it wouldn't be too hard. I stood for what seemed to be forever, as Alice married a guy name Jasper. Jasper? Really? What the fuck were his parents thinking when they named him that?

Afterwards, several pictures were taken. I tried to slip out, but I couldn't get away. I didn't think Alice would want me in them, but she insisted, pulling me into a tight hug. Once the pictures of all the girls were taken, the whole wedding party stepped up for some more shots. That was the first time I noticed him. I had been so busy trying to walk just right behind Rosalie and stand still that I hadn't bothered to look past the couple to the other side and see the guys.

I picked out my mark fast. He was easy to spot and just looked like the sweetest thing ever. He was constantly being told to look up, as he was always looking down at the ground, and when he did look up, I could see he was breathtakingly gorgeous. He turned and looked at someone talking behind him, and that was when I noticed his eye for the first time. It was looking away to the side and down, not matching the movement of the other, but what I noticed more than that was his eyes were the most beautiful, striking green I had ever seen.

He must have felt my eyes on him, because he turned and looked at me and blushed a deep red, and then he looked at the floor again. He was quickly told to look up once more, just as they snapped another picture, and I felt myself being pushed forward. I turned to see Alice smiling. "Edward, this is Bella. She wanted to meet you."

He glanced up at me timidly and nodded, but quickly looked back down at the floor. I wanted to reach out and grab his face and make him look at me. I didn't want him to be scared of me.

"Will you save me a dance?" I asked, kicking myself because I sucked at dancing.

He looked up at me confused.

"Or a drink, I mean, whatever." I let out a huff, trying to collect myself. This usually wasn't part of my job description.

He was suddenly gone, and I wanted to beat my head on the wall for making a fool of myself. I turned to Alice, who was still beaming. "I'm sorry, I'm not used to actually talking to men," I said nervously, and she let out a chuckle and then winked at someone behind me.

I turned and saw a timid Edward offering me a glass of wine. I smiled at him, taking in his appearance. My whole chest warmed at the sight of this beautiful man. "Thank you, Edward. That was very sweet of you."

He just shrugged and shoved his hands into his pockets, looking down again. I stepped closer under his face and looked up and smiled at him. His eyes widened in surprise, and his breath caught. Maybe I had pushed him a little too far? "Hey, you want to get out of here for a while?" I asked.

He looked around, and I saw him spot Alice, who was giddy as she waved us off. He shrugged one shoulder, so I took it as a yes and pulled him out of the reception hall, down to where some classrooms were. I opened one at the far end of the hall and pushed him in. He looked scared to death for a moment, but he settled down when I stepped inside with him. Did he think I would lock him in here? My poor sweet boy. I set my glass of wine down on a little table and walked over to him. He started breathing heavily, like he was terrified.

"You okay?" I asked worriedly. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just thought we could get to know each other better if we were alone," I said, looking up into his eyes. I focused more on the one he seemed to have control over, and he just swallowed hard. "You have the most beautiful color of eyes I've ever seen. They're like Easter grass. I half expect to see the Easter Bunny in there," I said, leaning into him, pressing him back into the wall. He still stood stiffly, but he didn't say anything, as I made myself comfortable leaning on his chest. "Alice told me you were the strong silent type, and I'm finding that to be true," I said, as I traced the outline of his pec. I could hear him audibly swallow hard.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" I asked suddenly, realizing he was still keeping his hands tucked firmly into his pockets. I wanted to touch and explore him more, but I didn't feel like I should, unless he was touching me as well.

His mouth pressed into a painful grimace, and I stepped away. "I'm sorry. I guess it doesn't matter that I like you if you don't like me. I mean, it isn't likely that you're desperate for girls. I can't believe Alice did this," I shook my head. I didn't know why she had set me up with this shy handsome guy. If he wanted a girl, he could get one easily. He was hot. Maybe he was gay and just hadn't told his family yet.

"We can go back if you want. You don't have to stay with me," I offered sadly, wondering if I would still get paid. When I looked at his face, he looked panicked and shook his head no. "Do you want me to stay, or would you rather hang out here alone?" I asked.

He started pressing his hand hard into his pockets, and his face was turning red. I think I was upsetting him. "I'll just go, then," I said, heading for the door. He obviously needed a minute to collect himself after I had attacked him. Ironically, I felt like such a whore.

"NO!" he shouted and then covered his mouth with both hands, shocked he had spoken.

I turned around, surprised. "You want me to stay?" I asked. He nodded yes vigorously, and I let out a sigh of relief. "Really? Because I'd like to stay," I said, worried I was pushing him.

He pulled out a chair for me and sat down across from me. I could feel myself smiling, as I sat down with him. "I'm sorry I attacked you like that. I guess you get tired of pushing the girls off you. I mean, you're so handsome it should be illegal, and that hair," I said, my hands twitching. "I wish I could run my fingers through it." I looked at him and noticed he was looking down at his lap again. I pulled his chin up to look at me, and he was smiling softly. "Please, don't hide from me. You're too beautiful a man to hide." I ran my finger over his cheek and desperately wanted to get closer to him. I found myself scooting to the edge of my chair, and our knees bumped. I wanted to bump a lot more with him.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked, suddenly happy I had been able to brush, floss and rinse before the wedding. I didn't usually kiss my customers, because it was too intimate, but dear god, I wanted his lips right now.

He looked at my mouth with his good eye, and I licked my lips in anticipation. "Please say yes," I begged, and he nodded yes slightly. That was all I needed, and I was in his lap, kissing him like there was no tomorrow. I felt his hands gently touch my sides to hold me in place, as I kissed him thoroughly and played with his hair. The kiss was toe-curling. He took a moment to respond. I think he was not sure what to do, but I quickly showed him, and he got into it fast. I pulled back, and he rested his head on my shoulder. We were both breathing hard now. I leaned back with a wide smile. "Wow," was all I said, and he smiled.

I slipped off of his lap, not really wanting to, but I knew I needed to take things slow. I sat back in my seat and took a deep breath, trying to regulate my breathing.

"A…a…are you o…o…kay?" his timid, sweet voice spoke. That was the most he had said all evening.

I smiled and nodded yes eagerly. "More than okay," I giggled a little, sounding like a stupid schoolgirl. I didn't even know where that had come from.

Then the most beautiful thing happened. He smiled at me, a full-blow grin, with the most perfectly straight white teeth I had ever seen, and I was stunned with how truly strikingly handsome this man really was. My breath caught, and I could see a moment of uncertainty in his face, but I quickly dispelled it by climbing back into his lap and pulling his face to mine. "God, you're even more gorgeous when you smile. It makes my lady bits all giggly," I spoke, before I realized what I'd said. My eyes widened, and it was my turn to cover my mouth.

He pulled my hand down and leaned in tentatively, kissing me softly. I moaned in pleasure and thought I would definitely be giving the girls a discount. I quickly started attacking his neck and ear, and I heard him groan and suddenly buck up against me. I felt his body stiffen for a second, but I started to grind my hips down and moaned against his lips. He finally loosened up and pressed and bucked against me, too.

He surprised me, when he put me back in my chair and stood up suddenly. He cleared his throat and moved over by the window. He was breathing hard, and I felt bad for pushing him.

"Sorry," I mumbled, not used to being with someone who would push me away. Everyone always seemed eager to get to the main event. Edward was a little more than confusing. He looked over at me sadly and shook his head.

After a moment, he moved over to his seat again and sat down. "S…s…sorry," he whispered.

I pulled his chin up so he could look me in the face. "Hey, there's nothing to be sorry about. I was the one pushing you."

His cheeks lit up in the most adorable way. I leaned in, kissing them. "God, why are you so irresistible? You're just delicious. I just want you to take me home, so I can nibble on every piece of you," I whispered, nipping his earlobe.

He jumped a little when I bit him, so I figured I'd better reassure him I wasn't really a cannibal. "I was joking, kind of. I mean, I wouldn't eat you," I said, looking into his eyes, "but I'd really love for you to take me home."

He swallowed hard and nodded okay.