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Chapter 1 - Sore Jaws and Lessons


It was my last night as a free woman. I was out with my best friend and soon to be sister in law, Rosalie. I just loved that she was going to be my sister! We were bar hopping and, well, I think we hopped one too many because the floor seemed wobbly.

"I swear, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but his dick just doesn't come unless it's in me," Rosalie complained. Apparently, her husband, Emmett, got an extended blow job last night. "I don't think I was doing it for him. I mean, aren't guys supposed to like that?" she asked the man next to her who was listening a little too closely to our conversation.

He just smiled widely and nodded yes like an eager puppy.

"I know you wanted me to give you some pointers, but I just don't have many. I mean, Emmett does most of it, I just go along with whatever he wants," she said pouting.

"Could we get some water?" I called to the bartender. We both needed to sober up a little. This bar had a menu and so I order us both some soft pretzels with cheese. I could indulge since my dress was a little loose at my afternoon fitting. I was ready for some carbs!

We took our pretzels to a table by the front window. I figured once the floor stopped moving, we could head out again. As I looked out the window, I realized we were in a really seedy neighborhood. There was a blonde man standing on the corner with a couple of girls hanging out around him. I wondered what they were doing. When some men exited the bar, the blonde nodded at one of the girls and she crossed the street in nothing less than a strut with a smile. She'd had a light coat on, but she had taken it off when she was sent after the guys. She was dressed in fishnets that only went to her thighs, and you could see the clips from her garter holding them up under the edge of her miniskirt. She had on a tight shirt that looked more like a bustier than anything else.

I watched the exchanged as she took all three guys back into an alley. I was sure she would be there for a while. I was surprised when not even ten minutes later all three of them came stumbling out with big smiles.

The girl walked over to her pimp and he gave her the jacket he'd held for her after she dusted off her knees. She passed him the money and popped a mint into her mouth, and then fixed her lipstick. She seemed to be asking if she looked alright and the pimp smiled at her and kissed her cheek, fluffing her hair. If I didn't know better, I would have thought they were just sweet lovers.

I felt the draft of the bar door open and realized another group of guys was heading out. I would have thought he would send another girl, but they were all busy. He took her coat again and she approached them. This time, two of the guys went with her down the alley. The pimp walked to the edge of the alley. I guess he didn't trust those guys. They did look kind of creepy. I decided we should call a cab and get out of here.

"Do you see that?" Rosalie pulled my attention from my phone, "That woman serviced three guys and she just took off with two more and they're already coming out. They couldn't have been in there more than five minutes."

"Well, she's a professional; she knows what she's doing. I mean the more guys she can get to in a night, the more money she can make, right?"

"We should buy her!" Rosalie said with excitement.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Look, I know you don't understand because you're all innocent and crap, but you're getting married, dearie, and we need pointers or you're going to end up with a sore jaw just like me."

Our cab had just pulled up. "That's our cab, come on."

"We can pick her up, right? I mean, I really want to," Rose whined as we walked outside.

I was going to say no, but Rose got into the cab first and told the cabby we wanted to pick up that girl, pointing out the woman as I slid in.

"Ah, Izzy's very good. I don't know about with girls, but..." he shrugged with a smile, speaking with a thick Italian accent. He pulled up next to the woman or Izzy as he called her, and rolled his window down.

"Hey, Marco, what can I do for you?" the girl said with a smile.

"Izzy, these ladies would like your company for the evening," he said with a smile and an eyebrow wiggle.

"Yeah, what's your rate?" Rose shouted out eagerly and obviously drunk.

The woman laughed lightly. "Let me talk to my man for a minute. I'll be back in a few."

She walked over to her 'man' as she called him and took her coat from him, talking with him. You could tell he wasn't happy about it, but he kissed her goodbye anyway. She walked over to Marco's window. "Okay, girls, I can go with you, but it'll be one thousand dollars. Can you handle that?"

"Yes!" Rosalie squealed and I looked at her like she was nuts. We were not rich by any means and I could not believe she was going to clean out their savings for this.

"Rose, are you sure about this?" I asked. Emmett was never going to let me hang out with her again.

"Yes, we got our tax return. We did good this year. Get in," she said scooting over in the cab.

"Emmett's going to kill you."

"No, he won't. Once he finds out I spent the money on sex and blow job lessons, he'll love it," Rose said bouncing in her seat.

I looked warily over at the woman we had picked up. She smiled at Rose's enthusiasm. "Sex lessons, huh?"

"If you need a man to practice on, I'm free of charge," Marco said from the front seat, causing Izzy to laugh and Rose to scowl.

What the hell had we gotten ourselves into?

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